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Today I published "The Limits of Code Deference"… Inspired by #theDao, #Dapps & #DAOs, this article explores whether #decentralizedventures can absolutely bind their users to their code’s execution. Not surprisingly, the answer is no. Why? A quick🧵:
These ventures use code to enable groups of people to act collectively to affect rights to #digital assets. We call these “decentralized ventures.” These decentralized ventures enable transactions among their participants in accordance w/rules created and enforced by their code;
human participants in these decentralized ventures interact with the venture, & sometimes with each other, using #smartcontracts. Smart contracts may break, or behave in unexpected ways. What happens when a smart contract defect /error harms a decentralized venture user?
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ALONZO UPDATE: We’re continuing to make good progress with the rollout program and this week we’ve started onboarding new SPOs and developers to join #AlonzoWhite. Here’s a thread to share how we're rolling!😀👍 #Cardano $ADA @Cardano 1/14
To recap, we're building out the remaining #Goguen #Smartcontracts capability via a series of color-coded testnets, supported by the #Cardano community. We're adding new community testers as we go, steadily adding new users as we add functionality, test, iterate & improve 2/14
On Monday, we asked our #AlonzoBlue community testing team to nominate and bring new members into the program (a mix of experienced SPOs and developers) ready for #AlonzoWhite. We’ve now also invited and started onboarding these new users 3/14
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#Flashbot: What are the Vulnerabilities?

Arbitrage bots front-running the transactions.

What? I tell the Ethereum network that I want to make a transaction. i.e. buying 100 ETH on #Uniswap. This action will take some time to confirm.

#smartcontracts #ethereumblockchain
During this period, it goes into this pool called Mempool. There, everyone can see that "hey, Lisa is going to buy 100 ETH. It is not executed yet."
The risk? Because this is public, bots can come in to pre-trade. They are called flashbots. The basically front-run your trade. They execute the trade before you.
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$AION @Aion_OAN's supply dynamics were confusing & frustrating for holders for years... until recently.

A thread: 1/10
Between its presale in 2017 until Nov 2018, ~18.3MM $AION entered the circulating supply *monthly* through token release schedules (TRS).

From Dec 2018 to Nov 2020, it was ~8.5MM *monthly* until the last TRS ended.

Since Dec 2020, however, the only $AION entering the circulating supply are ~4.5 AION per 10-second block, or ~1.2MM *monthly* (dubbed "the #Eighthing").

*Annual* circulating supply inflation rate went from >300% at inception to now only ~2.88%.

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Some fresh #Tezos $XTZ chain statistics, tz1dBU7YAkrviDyUvZN5aeTZJ9YrmtaDADMG account is a prolific user of most contracts in March:
Top balance recipients? Unsurprisingly, it's the exchanges.
Same with top balance senders.
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I'm excited to hear what Dom has to say today! In 5 minutes I will start "live tweeting" for your amusement.
And we're live! "The most awkward parts of a presentation are the beginning and the end." Even more awkward when you can't get the audience feedback. We're here for you Dom!
Big AMA today, and it might go long because there are many questions. Also have an exciting announcement: the Chrysalis network migration is set for April 21, and the network will go live April 28.
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Thank you @MikeThaInvestor for hosting @DanSimerman! Dan starts out with "IOTA has seen quite a transformation" "We have taken a step back and really wanted to focus, build, and deliver." "The sleeping giant is awakening!" People don't realize the scale and scope of our vision.
Anyone can copy #Bitcoin or #Ethereum and say they are unique, but #IOTA really is unique in a very literal sense. Mike comments on the Tangle, a DAG instead of a normal blockchain. Dan: in 2015 the #IOTA founders realized a new architecture was needed to break out of limits.
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@beeple 5000 Days Crypto Sold for $69M as NFT reach main stream art market at auction platform @ChristiesInc Interest in #NFT and #NFTartists have increase exponentially since Crypto Kitty of 2017. Let explore the NFT so investors can best gain an understanding the asset.
NFT or None Fungible Token is powered by #etherium #Blockchain. Fungible physical assets can be gold, money, or commodity while fungible digital assets are #BTC and other #Crypto. Mona Lisa is the non digital version of NFT, while NFT is a form of #digitalarts and #DigitalAssets
NFT popularity grew from @CryptoKitties. The rights and ownership of each unique kitties is identify to owners via #smartcontracts. The smartness of NFT enable by the block-chain encryption ensure contracts are tamper proof and efficient in the transactions of ownership.
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This bull market’s top-performing token? It’s @ZapProtocol -a @chainlink $LINK alternative that represents the most decentralized oracle proxy for smart contracts.


#Bitcoin #defi #crypto #eth #ERC20 #oracles #bondingcurves…
$zap is a multifunctional blockchain solution offering full liquidity for many #DeFi use-cases like data monetization, token creation, & creating various #DApps. $zap smart contract templates use #bondingcurves, algorithmic market makers that provide liquidity for the protocol.
In comparison w/ @chainlink, @ZapProtocol allows users to create #decentralized #oracles using #smartcontract templates, and to buy and sell the oracle tokens in an open fully-liquid marketplace.
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Ever noticed that nearly every #Blockchain project boasts about its cross-chain, cross platform, #smartcontracts interoperability?

They do this because this is their "product" talking to other blockchains has become their asset to sell to the public.

So if talking to another
#Blockchain is an asset & ppl spend money because of these "features', what is the end-game?

Do the holders of these coins/tokens realize that "growth" in a siloed industry requires new buyers in perpetuity for it to be still growing.

When something can't grow anymore what
usually happens is it becomes stagnant & ppl leave it to find something that is still able to grow.

In siloed industry with external adoption being the gauge of the growth ceiling height there will soon be many that just stop growing.

As an analogy what the exchanges & miners
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#IMF, winter, 2020: Shaping a #Data #Economy - by Murat Sonmez, Member of the Managing Board of World Economic Forum, Head of the Forum's Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, San Francisco.

"The world needs a new system of governance for the buying & selling of data"
"Tech was already speeding ahead when the global #pandemic began. Now it is in even higher gear. More than 80% of business executives are accelerating plans to digitalize work processes & deploy new tech. By 2025, employers will divide work equally between #humans & #machines."
"How can we ensure that all of society benefits, & not just the privileged few? ... #Data is the key to unlocking the potential of the #4IR. It fuels AI, precision medicine, robotics, & the IoTs"

Precision PH Summit, w/ White House & Gates Found., 2016:

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It's great to hear stories of #ranchi from @tripathyr If you are around follow @FLOblockchain and participate. If you have questions for @ranchimallFLO works on #blockchaintechnology Ask us.

@366PiTech is Happy to partner with @ranchimallFLO @bhartisushant @Sharma_Malavika
Join @tripathyr @JosephFiscella and the @FLOblockchain for the FLO podcast live on TWITCH TV: where we'll talk about @ranchimallflo and the software and business applications they're creating on FLO
#BlockchainContracts been discussed. @tripathyr responding to @JosephFiscella query on a) what Inc on Blockchain means and b) why plain text used for posting a message.

Blockchain contracts faciltates business activities. @ranchimallFLO
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1/n Short summary for the English world:
@BoschGlobal Research runs a project "Economy of Things" focusing on digital (decentralized) #marketplaces based on their experiences in
2⃣#MPC multi-party computing
3⃣decentralized identity management (#SSI)
4⃣digital marketplaces
2/n The principles for #platform's they have researched are very well suited for #GaiaX. That's the reason why they have been engaged in and support it heavily.
Their vision of a fair and neutral digital marketplace is based on criteria such as
- openness
- neutrality
- transparency
- souvereignty
- integrity
- coopetion
(which fully coincide with #GaiaX's vision of their #European #dataspace & #servicespace.
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For a virus that presents "few to no symptoms" for the majority, "U.S. Orders Up to 600 Million Doses of #Pfizer, BioNTech Covid #Vaccine" (Bloomberg).…

So let's take a look at Pfizer.
"Pfizer is a publicly-traded global pharma corp.headquartered in NYC. Its revenues reached $52.5 billion in 2017. #Pfizer makes Advil, Xanax, #DepoProvera, Neosporin, #Lyrica & Dimetapp. Pfizer manufacturers more than 350 different pharmaceuticals & operates in 180 countries.
Pfizer's Lyrica, the new vallium, linked to depression, anxiety & suicide, now top pain medication on PBS. #Pregabalin #Addiction. Addicts of #hydromorphone (#Opioid) (Pfizer) have found a new addiction w/ #Lyrica. Capsules are opened, crushed & snorted.…
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For those new to #Chainlink ...

Here's a original LINKPILL doc that's been sitting on my machine for almost 3 yrs! from the early days, its still very relevant - except the partnerships! we've now got 220 on 🔥

Enjoy! and give it a RETWEET.


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[Thread] Certifications

A non-comprehensive, non-linear summary of Dr. Craig Wright’s professional certifications.

National Security Training Academy
Security Industry Course and Firearm Certificate of Achievement - Granted in 1992

Brisbane YMCA Youth Club
Best Military Tactics - Granted in 1988

International Systems Security Professional Certification Scheme - Granted in 2005

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What can Arronax ( do with the #Tezos data?
It can describe the data you're looking at in plain (though still improving) language.…
Show governance statistics.…
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Metadaten können einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur Lokalisierung und Identifizierung von Krankheiten beitragen - sie bedeuten aber in der Regel die Preisgabe hochsensibler persönlicher Daten. Das muss nicht so sein. >> Thread #COVID19
In der Bevölkerung gibt es eine bemerkenswerte Zustimmung zur Freigabe von Profildaten, die es ermöglichen Infektionen wie die mit #COVID19 einfacher zu identifizieren. Wenn man bedenkt, was für Daten da potenziell geteilt werden ist das eine durchaus bedenkliche Stimmungslage:
Da (in Deutschland) eine tendenziell kritische Grundhaltung herrscht, was die Verwendung von Daten durch Dritte betrifft, lässt die rasche Zustimmung zu erheblichen Eingriffen in die Privatssphäre vermuten, dass diese Grundhaltung weniger auf Überzeugung denn auf Angst basiert.
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How does @Salesforce plan to use #blockchain #smartcontracts? Extending out of #CRM into supply chain management, product traceability & trading platforms.

Seem to be familiar with the oracle problem and possibly why @dappsuite integrated @chainlink.
October 2017 - Mulesoft (Salesforce company now) How to Connect Blockchains with APIs and Anypoint Platform…
February 2018 - Salesforce integrates Dapps which uses Hyperledger

13:56 mention of a “listener” (sounds like an oracle)

Well, Salesforce/Chainlink was written off but turns out Dapps integrates Chainlink in June 2019 😎…
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1/ 2019 has been a knockout year for the OpenLaw team 👊👊👊. We’ve been #BUDIL-ing and have some incredible partnerships and dev tools released. Check out the highlights below👇
2/ We’ve introduced Ethereum’s killer app, a smart contract stack for the ages: The #OLE Stack [OpenLaw, $link (@Chainlink) and @Ethereum]. 🔥🔥🔥…
@chainlink @ethereum 3/ Law firms are starting to see great value in leveraging #smartcontracts with real-world contracts. We’re starting to see law firms like @NLawGlobal, @BennettJonesLaw, @BlakesLaw, @_Davies_, @FaskenLaw and @StikemanElliott using OpenLaw to execute and M&A escrow agreement. 💡
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One of the common applications of Smart Contracts are financial derivatives, as this is particularly easy to implement, it requires a data feed to ensure price updates as a contract facilitator for the underlying asset 1/3

subject to the scrutiny of these external references on price tickers which are used as a trusted source to confirm the going rate of the pairs with respect to this smart contract that hedges on volatility of the cryptocurrencies towards a fiat based currency such as the 2/3
recording the value of the inputs with respect to USD from data feed in terms of after a certain time the parties are able to trigger the contract, allowing either one to do so/ enabling to send the worth of x cryptocurrency to either party based on the rules set in code.3
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Smart contracts are the engine that drive blockchain solutions, enabling a fundamental shift of power and project execution into a more secure and robust channel in the hands of the peers depended on each other to “unlock” this contract #smartcontracts 1/3
#Blockchain Enables smart contracts to rely on consensus mechanisms as contractual practices that validate the changes from the trusted parties and at the same time to prevent unauthorized changes in the ledger 2/3
Smart contracts are here not to replace the existing form of traditional contracts used to legally conduct an agreement between the involved parties, but to enhance this service through its ecosystem where individuals, institutions and computers can "contractually" interact. 3/3
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@TheFCA started the Digital Regulatory Reporting (DRR) in 2017. You can find more details here:…

Pilot Phase I participants:
Credit Suisse
Lloyds Banking Group
The Pilot 1 Report is a MUST read for those interested in #UK #blockchain and #smartcontracts.

All sections of the report are interesting, but I found section 5 and 6 to be most interesting. Here are a few things that stood out to me:
Directly translating regulation into machine executable code:
- expressing the logic of regulation in code written in a
general‑purpose programming language like Java, C++ or Python.
- A combination of subject matter experts and
engineers coded the logic of the regulation in JS.
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Connectivity 💾↔️⛓️
Privacy 🔒
Scalability 🌐

These are the three main roadblocks preventing #SmartContracts from reaching mass adoption today

#Chainlink $LINK will play a major role in bringing this space to the next level, making Web3.0 a reality

A thread ⏬
Connectivity is the main problem that Chainlink tackles

Smart Contracts cannot natively access data outside the blockchain, they need an off-chain Oracle to fetch the data and bring it back on-chain

More details about the connectivity problem below ⏬
The next major roadblock is Privacy, it is a deal-breaker requirement for any level of enterprise adoption of Smart Contracts

Large institutions cannot leave public breadcrumbs about their sensitive financial dealings on a public immutable ledger that can be observed by anyone
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