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FYI. I’m not at all bitter even if I may sound it. In my youth I studied the history of money and the federal reserve system. After ‘the light bulb went on’, I felt I had no choice but to teach myself to invest/trade (play) the inflation/deflation cycle ‘game’ that the fed plays
Money will always be created in ever growing quantities. The game is to invest now where you’re sure it will flow to next #uranium as a sector is that place. The entire sector has such a tiny market cap (sub $100b) even if you include government owned entities.
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Week 13 of our "What is Series"🧑‍🎓

What is a #Rugpull???🤔
A rug pull happens when developers suddenly abandon a project and disappear with the investors' funds. The name is derived from the expression "pull the rug out from under someone".

So how do they work???
Rug pulls typically happen when projects take advantage of their hype and sell the majority of their liquidity. With low liquidity, the price of the token plummets and investors are forced to sell theirs at a significant loss.
Types of Rug Pulls:

Hard Rug Pull

A hard rug pull is a deceptive scheme in which the creators of a project intentionally deplete their liquidity reserves in order to make a profit at the cost of the investors who backed the venture.
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Week 12 of our "What is Series"🧑‍🎓
What is a DAO???🤔

A #DAO or a Decentralized autonomous organization is governed by code to ensure it's transparent, democratic and not influenced by a central entity.

So how do they work???
DAOs are created using smart contracts, allowing members to vote on initiatives by simply owning tokens of the DAO.

As a result, decisions can be implemented from the ground up, making all transactions transparent and secure once it's broadcast to the blockchain.
So why use a #DAO?

1. Decentralization- Collective decision making
2. Participation - Anyone can join or create proposals
3. Publicity- All votes and transactions are public
4. Community- Working together for a common goal
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🚨 ALERTA ESTAFA #Criptomonedas

¿Has recibido algún mensaje como los de debajo?

Ojo que la avaricia puede ser tu perdición, os explico el nuevo método para recaudar dinero que usan los #cibercriminales #Crypto

➡️SPOILER: Esta historia tiene un final gracioso 🤣

✅Dentro hilo
Ante todo, agradecer a Sergio @Serchs3D el aviso y las capturas

➡️Las palabras que aparecen en las capturas son la "passphrase" o sea, una serie nemónica para generar la clave criptográfica privada que descrifra la wallet

o sea: si tienes las palabras,tienes acceso a la cartera
Lo primero que hay que tener en cuenta que en general, por internet y con desconocidos hay que desconfiar y sobre todo:


2 cuentas con mensajes parecidos, apenas sin actividad ni followers ¿estaba claro, no?
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A tale of Not So Stable BNB:

1) This is a thread about @stablebnb and the shady characters that surround it. I have followed them for 3 months and have figured out the scam.

#crypto #stablebnb #rugpull #scam #scamalert $BNB @binance
2) The contract address that was advertised on the website at was 0xfD53b1B4AF84D59B20bF2C20CA89a6BeeAa2c628. This had literally nothing to do with the contract or contracts people were depositing BNB into
3) 0x86530cadc1fcee6b61aa766ef70c0adbdca20a66 is the contract address that most people will be familiar with. When you deposit or stake in this contract you cannot withdraw. You can only take the interest earned which was 3% daily
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Remember my on-chain analysis thread, where I talk about looking for suspicious functions?

(Here it is in case you missed it: )

Well, with the Simian Nodes rug, I have a couple of thoughts...

First, we saw our favorite Rug Police Agent @0xLosingMoney do a post-mortem on what happened (here: )

In it he discovered the function in question: boostRewards.

Before this, it was likely that most non-devs wouldn't have known this was suspicious

One thing that sticks out to me though is that this was an OnlyOwner function.

So, I'd like to suggest to anyone looking at getting into a new protocol...consider looking at the contract and search for all of the "Only" functions.

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Thought on @AzukiOfficial: I’m one of the unlucky one that who bought back Azuki a few hours before the floor crashed & Zagabond-gate. Did some research on his previous projects and decided to take L & sold my Azuki.
Someone took a screenshot of my listing and made fun of me papering my Azuki, that’s just showing that so many toxic people in the NFT space. Don’t forget who are the victims here, it’s the people who believed in Azuki & Zagabond. If you minted your Azuki then you are fine.
But let’s don’t forget that there are Azuki holders that who bought at 20, 25, 30eth+. We all know NFT is very high risk and Azuki could goes to 0eth tomorrow. If you are the people that who pointed your finger and laughed at ex-Azuki holders paperhanding then shame on you.
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Is this a mega thread? Or a crazy rant? I'll let you decide. But I love the #fantom network and I want to go in-depth on why I think it is so undervalued, and what I believe can be done about it.

So here's a thread/rant/whatever about #FTM

Before I go into why I believe Fantom is so undervalued, I want to talk about what I think Fantom, it's representatives, and the @FantomFDN do right.

First, Fantom has one of the best communities....

Fantom has some of the smartest, eager to help, well-spoken people who outwardly represent the chain well.

It's one of their biggest assets.

Fantom also has fantastic representatives and influencers...

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Over the past three months we've been tracking and investigating a group of #NFT projects which were brought to our attention after collectively making over 40,000ETH from their communities, not including royalties, rinsing and repeating the strategy across multiple projects 🧵
2/This is the first part of our investigation, an extension of the work done by @RugBustersCO - For reference, and to learn more about the parties involved and Discord activity- please take a moment to read this medium article -…
3/When this piece dropped, over 10 of these projects reached out to claim that it was impossible that their project is connected to other projects. Let's dive in:
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#NFT 2.0蓄势待发,你准备好了吗?(NFT2.0 is coming, are u ready?)

带动的“元宇宙”概念股飙升、由 @BoredApeYC 带动的“NFT 1. 0”盛世,加之白名单机制等因素,@opensea 2021年交易量较2020年增长*646*倍,如果总结#Crypto 行业趋势,2021年,NFT大放异彩。
如果说 @cryptopunksnfts@BoredApeYC#NFT 领域的OG,在2021年下半年和2022年初的众多“蓝筹”则是毫无疑问的新秀,包括但不限于 @doodles @AzukiOfficial @sartoshi_nft, 而在 @yugalabs 估值40亿的映衬之下,曾经预防科学家包场的白名单制度和 @Twitter 裂变扩散的运营方法显得如此陈旧又苍白。
尤其是在经历疯狂小周期(2021.12~2022.1)之后,市场再无新叙事,#NFT 曾经引以为傲的“野蛮生长”和“自下而上”的精神与优势,早已在一次又一次的 #rugpull 中被稀释、被消耗、被磨灭。而加密领域的通病-安全问题,相比 #cryptocurrency 领域,有过之而无不及。
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A (long) thread of my opinions (as the greatest predictor in history) on two main possible outcomes for the recent "hack" of the Ronin Bridge. #AxieInfinity #Rugpull @Jihoz_Axie
(1) 75% chance - Inside Job/Rug Pull:

In this case, one or more of the Axie team members planned out this attack and executed it like this on purpose.
This one objectively makes the most sense because there were 4 compromised private keys, which are virtually impossible to "hack" unless you have physical access to them. Additionally, the Axie team ignored confrontation about the hack and took all of 6 days to make any response.
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1/ List of Upcoming #RugPullMafia Scams
World War 3 Apes : @WW3Apes - Active

Coming soon I guess ...
Imaginary Apes : @Imaginary_Apes
Imaginary Dog: @Imaginary_Dogs
Dinoape:Genesis: @Dino_Ape
Walking ape: @walking_ape
Imaginary Mutant: @ImaginaryMutant
2/ Walking Mutant: @Walking_Mutant
Bored Cats Yacht Club: @BoredCatsYC
The Other World: @NFTotherWorld
Doodle Ape Walkers: @DoodleApeWalker
Stay Safe out there. The space is full or Wolves.
Well @BoreCatsYC is now @CoolCatsYC, different name same scammers
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1/ Time to snooze. But before ... I just found out that the #RugPullMafia is set to release @WW3apes SOON. Website is already up and running under :
Collection is set to release on OS under contract: 0x7575c922cc33d4214cd639949da1d08d3aed0798
2/ Same new Registrar they have been using lately and contract created a few days ago and money came from the same wallet which gave us MANY other #RugPulls indcludiong #DoodleZuki
Wallet: 0x4240781a9ebdb2eb14a183466e8820978b7da4e2
3/ GN #NFTCommunity - And get ready for this one. Its coming faster than expected. Maybe in a couple of Hours or days ... Calling all #ASSES on that one @NFT_Awareness @nftscamtracker @Ammo9168 @SylvieAnnalea @ErrorZer0invest @NFTScrutiny @zerofucs123 - Something is coming
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An important part of vetting new projects is checking whether the liquidity pool is locked or not.

Many people are confused as to how to do this. So here's a thread on one way to check for yourself if a project's LP is locked.

First, it's important to understand WHY you want the liquidity pool to be locked.

If it's not, then the developers can literally cash in their LP tokens, leaving protocol tokens worthless.

There are two types of locks: time locks and multi-sig locks.

Multi-sig is good, but if all the actors on the multi-sig are bad actors, this doesn't do you much good.

The ideal scenario for a liquidity pool is a time lock. I think 12mo + is best, but many projects are starting to do 6mo.

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Το #DeFi ενέχει σοβαρούς κινδύνους απώλειας του κεφαλαίου που «δουλεύει» ειδικά όταν δεν διαχειριστούμε με σύνεση και επιμέλεια την αλληλεπίδραση μας με αποκεντρωμένα πρωτόκολλα. Παρακάτω, ακολουθεί 🧵όπου θα προσπαθήσω να καλύψω τα βασικά χαρακτηριστικά ασφάλειας του #Metamask
1/ Δύο είναι οι βασικοί τύποι έγκρισης στο Metamask
α. Οι Περιορισμένες / Προσαρμοσμένες εγκρίσεις
β. Οι Απεριόριστες εγκρίσεις
2.1/ Η περιορισμένη έγκριση δίνει την άδεια στο έξυπνο συμβόλαιο να πραγματοποιεί συναλλαγές για λογαριασμό μας με περιορισμένα/καθορισμένα ποσά. Αυτό σημαίνει ότι ο τελικός χρήστης θα πρέπει να εγκρίνει τις δαπάνες κάθε φορά που επαναχρησιμοποιεί ένα πρωτόκολλο.
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Selamlar! Nasılsınız? Umarım her şey yolundadır.

BscScan'den likidite takibi bir çok adımdan oluşuyor olabilir. Adımları biraz azaltabiliriz. Bir de bir kaç belirtmek istediğim nokta var. Henüz okumadıysanız bir önceki floodu okuyup buna öyle gelin.
Öncelikle token değerlemesinde likidite takibi, likidite kilidi ve süresi konulu flooduma gösterdiğiniz yoğun ilgi için teşekkürler. Gelen sorular üzerine ek yapmak istedim.

Bir örnek üzerinden gidelim: 0x85c53F11E9bd60a7A1D4de28FEdB9B8341c03eE4 (BSST Token)
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Yeni bir gem buldunuz ve scam olmadığından emin olmak istiyorsunuz. İlk bakacağımız yer likidite havuzudur.

Likidite kilitli mi? Kilitli ise ne kadar süreyle kilitli?

İlk flooduma buyrun. RT ve Beğenileriniz için şimdiden teşekkürler. 💜😊
Likidite: Token yaratılırken arz edilen token adeti ile birlikte bir miktar BNB veya BUSD (BSC Ağı için) PancakeSwapa eklenir. Bunun yapılmasının nedeni tokenı mevcut bir değer ile denkleştirmek ve alınıp satılabilmesini sağlamaktır.
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#CommunityAlert 🚨

#Arbix Finance has been identified as #rugpull. Privileged functionalities appear in the identified smart contracts.

The team is looking into it.

DO NOT interact with the project!
Incident Analysis👇

1. $ARBX contract has mint() with onlyOwner function

2. 10M $ARBX were minted to 8 addresses

3. ~4.5M ARBX were minted to: 0x161262d172699cf0a5e09b6cdfa5fee7f32c183d

4. The 4.5M ARBX were then dumped
The funds deposited by users ($10M) were directed to unverified pools via the depositor contract

The hacker drained all assets from the pools

Depositor address:

1 of the unverified pools:

Hacker address:
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$YEAR KilimÇekme özeti:

"Cüzdanı X sitesine bağla, geçtiğimiz yıl Ether ağında neler yapmışsın bak" buna oranla $YEAR ödül al tarzında bir site yapılıyor.

Kontrat "doğrulamasız" başlıyor, komünitenin ısrarı üzerine, olayı düzenleyen şahıs kontratı "doğruluyor"
Böylece herkes kontratın içeriğini görebiliyor. Birçok insan kontratı inceliyor fakat gözden kaçan masumane bir _burnMechanism fonksiyonu var.

Bir süre sonra "revokeOwnership" fonksiyonuyla kontratı UniSwap e devrediyor. Çok detaya girmeden, _BurnMechanism fonksiyonunun bağlı
olduğu başka bir şart, $YEAR in satılmasını engelliyor. Insanlar sadece alış yapabiliyor. Sürekli yeşil mum görenler FOMO ya kapılıp daha da alıyor. Bir süre sonra, projeyi yapan kişi Uniswap daki 30 ETH+ likidite havuzunu cepleyip gidiyor. Hızlıca 120k USD~
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[#Thread] Après une petite addiction aux #PlaytoEarn ces derniers jours, je vous propose un peu de culture #crypto.

Sujet du jour : La #DeFi en répondant à ces questions :

- Qu'est ce que c'est
- Ses cas d’utilisation
- Les avantages et inconvénients

Commençons la balade ⬇️
🔸 Définition

La #DeFi est l’abréviation de « Decentralized #Finance » qui se traduit par Finance Décentralisée.

Dans l’univers des #crypto, ce terme fait référence à des app financières décentralisées (DApp) qui sont construites sur différentes blockchains comme Ethereum.
Pour aller + loin, le terme #DeFi est utilisé pour définir un écosystème de services #financiers avec les spécificités suivantes :

🔹 Fonctionne sans autorité centrale
🔹 Sans autorisation & transparent
🔹 Généralement en Open Source
🔹 Permet de garder le contrôle de sa #crypto
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[Mini #Thread] Aujourd'hui, parlons d'un domaine souvent critiqué : l'#Affiliation

Pourquoi l'affiliation aujourd'hui est différente de celle qui avait lieu il y a 10 ans et pourquoi elle permet d'avoir du contenu #gratuit.

Nous allons essayé de faire court et concis ! ⬇️ Image
L'#affiliation, qu'est ce que c'est ?

L’affiliation sur internet est une technique de #webmarketing qui consiste pour un vendeur à promouvoir ses produits ou services grâce à un #partenaire qu’il rémunère par une commission en fonction des ventes effectuées. Image
L'#affiliation, vous pouvez vous en servir, par exemple, monter un business comme @asyncr0ne vous le partage au travers de ses thread et son expérience #SEO.

C'est un secteur qui touche tous les domaines, aussi bien le jardinage que l'hygiène pour bébé et la #crypto Image
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There's a lot of hype today around #DeFi 2.0

Can't expect degens to ignore 500,000+% #APY..

If you're considering investing in protocols like $OHM, $TIME, $KLIMA, $SPA, $HEC then read on for some #hopium, warnings and a #spreadsheet to help you make the most of it.. 🪡 👇
2/ These DeFi 2.0 protocols offer enormous APY (Sometimes in the millions of %). Here are the current APYs of some projects:

- $OHM - 6,982.4% ($ETH)
- $TIME - 78,325.2% ($AVAX)
- $KLIMA - 59,722% ($MATIC)
- $SPA - 239,674.5% ($FTM)
- $HEC - 320,713.2% ($FTM)

Sound juicy? 🧃 🤑
3/ Here's a great video by @WhiteboardCryp1:

And another by @finematics:

I won't get into the mechanics of these protocols here, but I want to share a spreadsheet I created to help you understand the upside / downside.
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