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I find it telling that people who make "these" claims are perfectly willing to stand corrected - IN A PUBLIC DEBATE.

Offering to have your evidence-based beliefs corrected in public is about as genuinely humble and vulnerable as one could be.

#PublicDebate is healthy!
Equally telling is when offering to debate, the response is to make false accusations, play the victim and personally attack others using derogatory labels like AntiVaxxer or Conspiracy Theorist w/o a shred of evidcence to support their claims. This exposes their lies in my view.
The reason none of them CAN debate is because theories on conspiracies have proven true, like the lab leak being confirmed yesterday. Like the lies about #HCQ and #IVM being exposed by DARPA. Like the vaccines working poorly evidenced by 5+ boosters
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For 3 years doctors did precisely what the AI analysis predicted. They focused on "science." A fatal mistake, at-scale, where people are still dying needlessly everyday.

Did not move the needle at all.

800K Drs, 111M #Unvaxxed supporters, but can't organize a #DigitalRevolution
And I mean no offense by stating these facts. #HCQ and #IVM should have never gine back through trials. That was a major defeat and like #FaucisDogs they went straight to the kibble. Interviews, podcasts, testimony, books, papers INDEPENDENTLY. When crime after crime was being
committed. They had years to organize and focus on multiple felony criminal act(s) and literally had to choose to prove they were right about an issue that DID NOT warrant proof. #HCQ #IVM were #ConfiscatedAndProhibited in direct violation of our anti-trust laws.

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🌞 Here Comes the Sun 🌞

This is a paper on the 1918 influenza pandemic and UVB light which has some interesting implications for COVID, SARS2 🦠 and COVID 💉.

The H1N1 virus allowed for bacterial colonization and pneumonia. (*bacteria + 😷🧵) > https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.go...
Fauci et al. conclude that most of the deaths in the Spanish Flu were from the secondary bacterial pneumonia. > Image
This is known as the "Sequential Infection Hypothesis" a better paper, and more detailed and elaborate explanation by Brundage and Shanks: >…
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Ils donnent crédit à une bande organisée de médecins corrompus dont les comptes devraient être épluchés par la justice pour avoir soutenu l'étude du Lancet, Remdesivir, Molnupiravir, Bamlanivimab...
Ou quand les essais randomisés sont une rampe de lancement pour la corruption
Ce @PIFOP semble faire partie du gang des épiciers de la médecine corrompus jusqu'à l'os, qui dès mars 2020 fustigeaient toutes autres stratégies thérapeutiques que celles proposées par #BigPharma
Ici, par exemple, ils inventent des morts dus à l'#HCQ dont on a jamais eu trace... Image
En allant voir de plus près ce que ce @PIFOP proposait, tout en dénigrant précocement (lol) tout ce qui ne venait pas de BigPharma car repositionné donc peu rentable...Et bien notre épicier ne soutenait que des traitements inefficaces et dangereux mais rentables pour #BigPharma Image
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Unhealthy Cheese 🧀🧀
#EMRgate 🧵

This is how it works.
Your hospital signs you up to an overseas EMR (health record) corporation.
They get your health data.
You get zip.

That data is used to generate artificial study data that promotes a drug, and Pharma makes $billions. ImageImageImage
Here's an example. @addenbrookes hospital - one of the biggest hospitals in the country and a massive #BigPharma advocate...

Gives your health data to @epic.
What, you didn't know?
It's written in the T&C. Right at the bottom of a 4,400 word disclaimer.
Can't you see it? https://mychart.addenbrooke...Image
Now comes the smart part.
Usually @NEJM or @TheLancet are involved.
A noob medic comes along with a first author paper from a massive collaboration of people who don't know each other.

The noob puts together an analysis of a 900,000+ patient cohort.
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@truthlovingdr it's b/c the 2parties are actually 1. They are interchangeable and have done this multiple times throughout history. It creates confusion.

Rs aren't going to save us anymore than Ds.

We are ruled by a #CorruptOnePartySystemOfGovernment until we respond as 1 ppl, Image
we will never overcome.

The FACT that "good" doctors fell for the trap of choosing sides and focusing on a one-sided NON-debate with a #CentralAuthority has cost us ALL 3+ years. @RWMaloneMD @RobertKennedyJr @PierreKory @stkirsch @DesmetMattias @DowdEdward may very well be well Image
intended, but to do the same thing over and over AND NOTHING ELSE for 3+ years is the very definition of insanity. It was predicted by AI Predictive Analysis years before 2020. It was an ANTICIPATED BEHAVIOR which is why we are losing. We're foolishly focused on the "Science," Image
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NO NO NO! YOU pretend @AOC these children with there whole lives ahead of them dying while staying active and playing sports because they trusted YOU, an accomplice in the worst #CrimesAgainstHumanity in our history. Their deaths are on your hands but you refuse to let them be on Image
your conscience because you are in denial of your own actions or inactions to research the fact-based medical evidence as others were taking blatantly corrupt actions that led to these deaths. IGNORANCE is no excuse and YOU serve us, these dead kids need you to answer to them and Image
apologize to each and every one of their parents. Because I told you three years ago and multiple times since. And you chose sides, you chose to ignore the data. Now one man dies with a mental illness and you exploit his death for headlines and political gain - SHAME ON YOU. Image
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Sadly, Joe, that fact should inform YOU of just how messed up it is to NOT accept we are ruled by a #CorruptOnePartySystemOfGovernment.

They lowered the bar so low that decades-old, kitchen table issues have never been addressed.

Anymore, if you point out the corruption of one
party people just assume you must support the other party. It's like saying, do you want your💩🥪 in a paper bag or a plastic bag.

#TooBigToFail: corrupt #CentralizedBanks under W. Bush, Hank Paulson comes out to the Rose Garden and reads a 3-page ransome note - gives us $750B
or else! Less than $1T <<< A historical and astronomical amount, shit not anymore. And this was after HW and his cocaine addicted son W were the cause of the 1986 crash with their corrupt Savings and Loans debacle.

All these crimes while we still have no healthcare. And THEY
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He's definitely a #ControlledAsset, #ControlledOpposition, who suffers from #InstitutionslIndoctrination and thus #ChronicMassFormationPsychosis as does the entire medical community. The lines are definitely blurred. BUT, the vaccines and the virus are both #BiologicalWeapons Image
being used to depopulate and sicken the entire world. If you support vaccines I'll be happy to debate you on that front.

Just because @RWMaloneMD is a coward who can't swallow a dose of his own medicine doesn't mean he's wrong about the vaccines.

He's sick and shows all the sig Image
ns of a delusional and broken man. When you can't face the truth you block it, or deny, avoid and ignore it, convincing yourself you are above it. That shit won't cut it anymore.

He is the epitome of #PavlovsDogs in human form as #FaucisHumans. He can't help who he became as he
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It it were up to me, then I'd have access to #HCQ a 70-year old drug and/or #IVM a 30-year old drug BOTH safer than Tylenol that is currently in a class action lawsuit.

"#YouLie" has never been more appropriate. We had access to them during 8 years of Obama, during Ebola, Zika
and the Swine flu for which all were a "pandemic" threat, but because we were allowed to do what we've always done and use our 4-Phase protocol where Phase 1&2 were Prevention and Early Treatment & all 3 were wiped out.

No money in that, so they had to install someone even more
corrupt that could be used as a willing accomplice, too stupid and corrupt to give a shit. ALL he cared about was becoming King even saying some of you will have to die and you will. Then on his watch let 500,000 get murdered by his incompetent corrupt administration. Ignorance
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You mean like provable #CauseAndEffect?

Like #HCQ a 70-yo drug, that IS #SafeAndEffective being #ConfiscatedAndProhibited from use, a historical first, CAUSED mistrust in our govt's National Health Advisor, Tony Fauci and the EFFECT led to countless unnecessary deaths. Image
Or maybe you mean, our govt classifying information that would save lives but expose the above #CauseAndEffect, forcing a legal FOIA request to expose, he was lying and KNEW that 1. people would dies and 2. it violates US #AntiTrustLaws to knowingly manipulate the market in order Image
to force the market to have no choice but to use a product you directly profit from?

So the first event; denying 333M Americans #HCQ, which was used successfully to ward off the #ZikaPandemic b/c of its' #AntiInflammatory and #AntiViral abilities for which it won a #NobelPrize Image
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Dr. Vladimir Zelenko : #Covid_19
Ils sont partis d'un virus naturel et ils en ont fait une chimère qui s'attaque au poumon.
En 1999 le Dr #Barrett a modifié un coronavirus de chauve souris et une protéine de surface, afin qu'il affecte les être humains.
Puis cette recherche est devenue illégale aux 🇺🇸, elle a été ensuite envoyé à #Wuhan par #Fauci où cette recherche s'est poursuivie. Puis ils ont réussi à modifier le virus afin de le rendre bcp + agressif pour les 🫁et causer des caillots.
#Zelenko #Malonne #Yeadon #Montagnier
La protéine #Spyke responsable des caillots sanguins, 1e cause des décès à court terme. La 💉des jeunes qui provoque des #Cardites. Les fausses couches avec + de 80% après la 1e💉. Puis la fertilité causée sur le long terme
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Als er behandelingen bestaan voor een ziekte, en artsen worden consequent tegengehouden om die behandelingen toe te passen, met de dood van grote aantallen mensen tot gevolg, hoe noem je dat dan?
Ivermectine: Een wondermiddel
Ivermectine: Een wondermiddel
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1/ Post-Elections View of the Pandemic

There are many effective treatments & prophylaxis for the Wuhan virus disease; some were known from the beginning of the pandemic (#HCQ, convalescent plasma), others appeared later: #Ivermectin, Povidone-Iodine, antibodies cocktails, etc.
2/ All of them have been rejected by the self-proclaimed C19 Treatment Guidelines Panel, propped-up by #BigTech & #MSM. They even went as far as effectively banning the use of any of these prophylaxis & treatments, intimidating hospitals & deplatforming practicing doctors.
3/ #Democrat state governors ordered repressive shutdowns & lockdowns, which prevented immunity acquisition in the summer. Mass lockdowns were enforced through #BigTech, while allowing #Antifa to riot & spread COVID-19, free of restrictions.…
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Oekraine #MH17 Joep Lange.………

Comfortale ongelukken voor #BigPharma. Het geld zit in hun 💉behandeling niet in jou herstel.
Bij toediening #HCQ als monotherapie bij juiste dagelijkse dosering over een periode van 25 dagen, vernietigt HCQ in één behandeling kankercellen.…

Het geld zit in hun 💉behandeling niet in jou herstel.
2005 - Chloroquine is een krachtige rem op de infectie en verspreiding van het SARS-coronavirus.………………

Het geld zit in hun 💉behandeling.
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Gekker dan gek...
Dommer dan dom...
Gevaarlijker dan gevaarlijk...
Achterlijker dan achterlijk...

#HCQ wordt voorgeschreven in Malawi voor malaria. Zie ook de volgende tweet.

#Ivermectine wordt daar voorgeschreven voor rivierblindheid.

@DanielTuijnman @muumi_tweets
Return of Chloroquine Antimalarial Efficacy in Malawi | NEJM…

Na een tijdelijke stop van het gebruik van #Chloroquine, het broertje van #HCQ, bleek dit opnieuw effectief te zijn. Zie de publicatie.…

Het doel van de behandeling met ivermectine is het uitroeien van onchocerciasis, de oorzaak van rivierblindheid.

Het doel is 80% van de GEHELE bevolking te behandelen.

Zie dit stuk van de WHO en de volgende tweet.
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¿Sabemos todo sobre los #antipalúdicos?
Dr. Román Ivorra
🧵🧪 #HCQ #SLE
Interacciones farmacológicas de los #antipalúdicos
Mecanismo fisiopatológico de los #antipalúdicos
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At the GRA gathering, @jyazdanymd gives an overview of what @rheum_covid has accomplished since March 2020

The theme is the power of global collaboration

@JYazdanyMD @rheum_covid We've seen this slide many times but this is the final tally: >30k cases reported to @rheum_covid including the @eular registry

@JYazdanyMD @rheum_covid @eular 4 Major Contributions to Inform Patient Care and Policy

arising from work done by @rheum_covid

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De schandalige manier waarop @MinVWS en de @IGJnl omgaan met artsen die off-label voorschrijven #HCQ mocht niet, remdesivir wel.

Het eerste is goedkoop en patentvrij, het tweede duur en onder patent.

Wie sprak hier eigenlijk? #BigPharma?
En dan te bedenken dat Remdesivir helemaal niet werkzaam is, en de bewijslast ervoor flinterdun is.

Nogmaals, ik zeg niet dat #HCQ werkzaam is. Daarvoor zit ik niet genoeg in de studies.

Maar dat het voorschrijven van Remdesivir zonder meer werd toegestaan...
...maar het voorschrijven van #ivermectine en #HCQ als consequentie had dat artsen hoge boetes en waarschuwingen kreeg is een meer dan grote schande!

Bureaucraten en ambtenaren die op de stoel van artsen gaan zitten. En vele artsen die het lieten gebeuren.
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Elke keer als je denkt: ‘Nu moeten ze het wel gaan snappen.’ wordt er weer een blik #wappies (trollen) opengetrokken. Amusant ware het niet dat ze alles herkauwen. Daarom een eerste hulp bij nieuwe wappen draad. Heb je in één keer 90 procent van het script behandeld 🧵#draadje
Laten we meteen met de deur in huis vallen… #Sarscov2 bestaat niet want het virus is helemaal niet #geïsoleerd. False! Dat gebeurde al in januari 2020. Stelletje sukkels! Lees dit:…
Dan de #PCR test. Die is “vaak” vals positief.. kijk naar wat er gebeurt als je er cola op giet (wie doet dit nou btw?) Ehm nee! Lees dit……
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1/ Un 🧶 sur cet #enfumage qu'est l'approche #OneHealth dans le contexte de la pandémie de #COVID19

Scientifiquement c'est léger et ça se résume à : "aimons nous tous entre êtres vivants"

Bref, faudrait rebaptiser ça #OneLove.

Qui serait contre ?

2/ En tant que #machin consensuel, cette niche a été repérée par des gens moins sympa que #BobMarley.

Un nid d'argent facile : pas besoin de justification scientifique poussée puisque l'intention est bonne.

Un des pontes du #OneHealth est @PeterDaszak.…
3/ Le cas de @PeterDaszak est très gratiné car tout en affichant son approche #OneLove/#OneHealth (surveillons la nature, tout ça), il semble être mêlé dans des expériences de gain de fonction en Chine... sur des coronavirus 🤐

(en anglais)…
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Coincidence of a series of coincidences ! This thread is for those who love 💘 #coincidences. A 🧵 ... 1/n
It is just a coincidence that the World Economic Forum (#WEF) and Bill Gates et al reviewed a meeting in 2019 and predicted about a possible future viral pandemic, just before the #COVID #pandemic. It must be another plain coincidence that a viral pandemic began exactly 2/n
.. in the place where there is a level-4 #virology laboratory (#Wuhan). It was a coincidence that, whole world followed China's #lockdown policy with ZERO #scientific and #economic basis. 3/n
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@libe fait le point sur les révélations d'essais non autorisés par journalistes

... et s'octroie celle de la question des autorisations pour les milliers de patients ayant reçu de l'#HCQ à l'IHU en mai

Non @libe, on a déjà dénoncé tout ça en mars 🤓…
Et même si certains ont raté le déballage que l'on a fait nombreux sur Twitter concernant ces essais HCQ à l'IHU, personne n'a raté la double annonce de la lanceuse d'alerte sur 2 canaux mainstream TV le 23 mars 2020
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🇧🇷 #Bolsonaro doit faire face aux accusations de meurtre et au bilan humain Covid
indique un projet de rapport du Sénat, dispo en ligne et que the @theguardian a consulté
▶️négligence incompétence
▶️déni de science
face à l'urgence de santé publique
"C'est mathématique: plus il y a d'infections, plus il y a de décès. Sans vaccins, la mortalité aurait été stratosphérique, comme cela s'est avéré être le cas..."
Le rapport conclut : "Nous n'oublierons jamais"

11 crimes cités incluant
▶️Crimes contre l'humanité
▶️Incitation au crime
▶️Charlatanisme pour sa promotion "obstinée" de remèdes inefficaces tels que #HCQ
#preventsenior a un chapitre dédié

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