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I agree , as a long time @BernieSanders supporter Ds have NOTHING.

What they had - HAD - was the worst #CrimesAgainstHumanity in history hung around #DonnieDimwit's neck for allowing 500,000 innocent Americans to die needlessly on his watch.

The man fired everyone BUT Fauci
and should have been arrested in the first 100 days of Biden's presidency for that alone.

All Biden had to do was to RESTORE the #BushObamaPandemicPlaybook, arrest Trump and Fauci and give unfettered access to #HCQ and #IVM and Rs would have never regained power again in our

Instead Biden a #CorruptCareerPolitician BROKE HIS PROMISE, hung tRump's crimes around his own neck and has destroyed what was left of this once great nation.

The ONLY thing that is worse news than all of this is that #RepublicanVoters are SO STUPID en masse, they are
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Elke keer als je denkt: ‘Nu moeten ze het wel gaan snappen.’ wordt er weer een blik #wappies (trollen) opengetrokken. Amusant ware het niet dat ze alles herkauwen. Daarom een eerste hulp bij nieuwe wappen draad. Heb je in één keer 90 procent van het script behandeld 🧵#draadje
Laten we meteen met de deur in huis vallen… #Sarscov2 bestaat niet want het virus is helemaal niet #geïsoleerd. False! Dat gebeurde al in januari 2020. Stelletje sukkels! Lees dit:…
Dan de #PCR test. Die is “vaak” vals positief.. kijk naar wat er gebeurt als je er cola op giet (wie doet dit nou btw?) Ehm nee! Lees dit……
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Nah, dumbass, she got it right.

She said the quiet part out loud.

They don't give a fuck if you know anymore.

Of course you're stuck on stupid so you want her to lie and blame #TheOther when in reality it is all of them.

Just like it was ALL OF THEM that stole $6 Trillion.
Show us all the tweets you have regarding this #CrimeOfTheCentury.

Were you even aware of it?

If so, what did you say or do?

Accuse your own party of being self-defeating for going along with it and not repealing or reversing it when they got nto power?

We should be wallowing
in cash and food and cheap #HCQ and #IVM and gas should be 0.99 cents a gallon.

And on and on, but NOPE we got idiots like you make sure that will never happen.

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This type of thinking is what maintains the #MassChronicSustainedPsychoticBreakFromReality

We don't need some massive #TitanicOrganization to be purchased we need someone like @elonmusk to find a handful of @PatrioticMills and Billionaires like @NickHanauer to simply pay for the
SOLUTIONS outside of and separate from these #CriminalOrganizations who can NEVER #SolveTheProblem or they would disappear - at least to their mind. THEY must maintain the facade, just like the "(X) #ForTheCure" bullshit we've allowed for decades regarding cancer which has been
"CURED!" multiple times since the 1940's.

But I digress.

All anyone has to do to eliminate 7 out of 10 babies from ever being aborted is make the pill available at no cost.

If there was a single person truly interested in stopping the suction of a football-sized human out of
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Exactly how many #SmokingGuns does one need #FFS.

Fauci was responsible for doing this same thing with #HIVAIDS, just watch #DallasBuyersClub And listen to #LucMontagnier before his untimely death as he explains how easy #HIVAIDS was/is to treat. Or listen to #KaryMullis before
his untimely death in August 2019.

Fauci should have been arrested for #MalfeasanceOfDuty in early 2020 for eliminating Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our 4 Phase system of health care.

And Biden should have kept his promise to restore the #BushObamaPandemicPlaybook and gone further by
making #HCQ and #IVM available OTC. as Republicans are about to do in TN to win the mid-terms and then they'll go nationwide to win in 2024.

We are a #CorruptOnePartySystemOfGovernment and we ALL need to get that fact.
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What's worse than Biden being a #CorruptCareerPolitician and a complete fucking idiot?

I'll tell you!

@TulsiGabbard @BetoORourke @AOC @SenSanders @BernieSanders @GunnelsWarren @PatrioticMills @NickHanauer and others DOING NOTHING TO #SeizeTheDay and make #HCQ and #IVM OTC as Rs
are about to do to GUARANTEE they regain power in the mid-terms.

If these people allow this to happen Democrats will lose and NEVER regain power again.

Period Full Stop.

@threadreaderapp unroll

So I have an I TOLD YOU SO!

Democrats are about to implode in 3... 2... 1
I am a long time Bernie Supporter and I will never vote for Democrats again based on how you fucked us over and promised to resotor the #BushObamaPandemicPlaybook and then BORK THAT PROMISE and went ALL-IN on vaccines you hypocritical criminals.

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@BetoORourke @TulsiGabbard @SenSanders @BernieSanders @GunnelsWarren if you let Rs steal this move, you will lose in a landslide.

They are doing this because of the mid-terms.

Are you so blind or is it corrupt that you cannot see this opportunity.

Whoever gives the people
drugs as safe as aspirin will WIN - WITHOUT QUESTION.

How Democrats let 500K die in year one and then REFUSED TO RESTORE the #BushObamaPandemicPlaybook that would have included BOTH #HCQ and #IVM freely and readily available is astoundingly ignorant or corrupt.

Either way, you
will hand the Rs power for good if you don't get on board with providing these drugs to ALL Americans.

We are tired of the lies and corruption and I for one cannot believe NONE OF YOU have stepped up on two drugs 70 and 30 years old respectively that are SAFE AND EFFECTIVE.
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You are a fucking idiot and when we have the Nuremberg Trial 2.0 you will be on the list of people who killed wilfully.

Ignorance is no excuse you piece of shit.

There is no vaccine in history safer than #HCQ or #IVM and yet youy have no problem with people vaccinating.
See Exhibit A dumbass.
Exhibit B
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Shame on you @BarackObama! We pull any drug that kills 150 people and this vaccine has irrefutably killed 10's of 1,000's in the US alone.

It is a violation of our anti-trust laws to remove a competitive drug from the market. #HCQ, which is safer than aspirin and 70 years old
AND part of the #BushObamaPandemicPlaybook should never have been illegally removed from the market.

It is jaw dropping to see such an intelligent man sell his soul and kill his own children with this #MedicalGenocide and these continued #CrimesAgainstHumanity.

I am a
@BernieSanders supporter saying this and you have screwed the pooch and proven you are a #ManchurianCandidate.

Karma is a bitch Barack and you will get yours pal. You can't be this stupid, but you could be this controlled.

There is no vaccine in history safer than #HCQ or #IVM
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Indications of trial manipulation in the #TOGETHER study.

The full data set needs to be released to the public for analysis (not behind a gatekeeper process). Now.

I can pretty much guarantee that #Kylesquared @K_Sheldrick won't be interested in this though. Just a hunch.
What do I mean by "gatekeeper process"?

The discredited @NEJM (of #Lancetgate infamy) does not impose their own rule on data availability. They allow authors to impose an "authorization process".

This means the authors can choose who analyses their data.
Here is the "data sharing statement" for the #TOGETHER trial.…
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They simply don't care anymore and have no reason to do so.

They're just trying to inject as many people as possible at this point.

#KillAtWill #NoHoldsBarred #InjectOnSight #CastrateTortureMaim it is all fair game.

Where's a #GoodDoctor when you need one?

Are these the faces of doctors attempting to stop #MedicalGenocide?

For decades they provided #SilentObedience to the #MedicalIndustrialComplex run by their Master, #TonyFauci.

And today they are nothing more than #FauciDogs providing a #ConditionedResponse just like chronic
sufferers of a #SustainedPsychoticBreakFromReality they so readily like to label the rest of us as being.

When in reality it is they who suffer more than anyone.

Just ask #RobertMalone as he continues to get people #AllButteredUp, saying Covid vaccines are here to stay!
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All anyone has to do is read my wall to know what I have done.

Without doctors I couldn't build the army of lead generators by the thousands.

I started with 100's of doctors and when I said they would all have to work BEHIND THE SCENES like true heros they all bolted!
and later removed me from their group because they ALL want to be center stage and be rewarded. That started 2 years ago when the @AAPSonline filed a lawsuit over #HCQ and @P_McCulloughMD invited me to a group of doctors. When I said studies weren't needed and he would have to
let the people be his pawns in this chess game he and the others said no thanks we know what we're doing.

Now that Asshat is being sued WHICH I TOLD HIM HE WOULD BE!

Lawsuits won't work either - they take YEARS and we don't have YEARS! We needed 100's of 1,000's of online lead
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@PierreKory How much time and how many substacks do you fucking psychos imagine the average person can read in a lifetime you attention whore.

We've got 3 hour videos of @BretWeinstein & @joerogan to watch too you know.

You fucking idiots have lost your minds.

And you're cowards to boot!
@PierreKory @BretWeinstein @joerogan I should note, Tess deserves a shit ton of credit for getting Andy Hill to admit his involvement in these #CrimesAgainstHumanity for which YOU @PierreKory can only address by defending #IVM which 111M know is 5XSaferThanAspirin.

So WTF are you ignoring 111M customers/recruits!
@PierreKory @BretWeinstein @joerogan At least Tess gets that this is about crimes NOT about whether a drug works or not.

She didn't debate effectiveness or stray from the #MedicalGenocide but to this day you and all other American "d"doctors, are publicity hounds not black market drug dealers.

We need to be able
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What @P_McCulloughMD FAILS MISERABLY at understanding is that WE never got access to the #InitialSafetyData and when WE did it NEVER looked good.

WE had #NoChoice but to rely on this #LYINGCRIMINAL who FOR A YEAR said there was #NoTreatment.

STOP being his accomplice Peter!
The man violated our #AntiTrustLaws by removing #HCQ from the market AND FAUCI ELIMINATED Phase 1 #Prevention and Phase 2 #EarlyTreatment.

There are #NoStudies NEEDED when the issue is one of #CriminalActs consisting of #MedicalMalpractice, #MassGenocide and a #MalfeasanceOfDuty Image
as he and his accomplices present a #ClearAndPresentDangerToSociety.

If you focus on ANYTHING other than his immediate arrest - YOU - are a #WillfullyIgnorant, #BlindlyStupid, #UsefulIdiot and that FACT is now 2 years old Peter!

READ: #RobertMalone's ADMISSION that he suffered Image
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Let's start with your question #DebateWhat?

1. Debate the need for another worthless study.

How many lives were saved by the hundreds of studies already done in the past 2+ years?


2. #HCQ vs #RunDeathIsNear do you honestly think your patients
give one fuck about the results of yet another study. You are NOT doing a study to #SaveLives, so what value do you offer to humans dying AT-SCALE?

Another question you won't answer.

3. 200.00 per year per patient - WTF am I even talking about? I'm talking about the cost of
"appointments" over the course of a year. I paid $115 for my #DigitalHealth appt. and that covered 1 Refill, so (2) 90 day RXs of #IVM b/c as you admit #HCQ is being blocked by pharmacists, something WE'VE ALL KNOWN since March 2020.

So I CAN ONLY make the assumption you get 30.
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Need proof of #MassPsychosis?

Think you aren't suffering?

Think again if you STILL think one or #TheOther is better.

Just look at people like @WalshFreedom his wife is dying from Cancer - there are multiple cures, but he's sold on the idea that for decades we couldn't figure
how to eliminate or manage something we are ALL born with.

When we say people are getting what they deserve - THIS - this is what we mean.

Joe Walsh doesn't want to hear options or alternatives to save his own wife - that would go against what SOME DOCTOR told him to think.
And yet, he could easily discover the facts if he cared AT ALL about saving her.

In 1945 Senator Pepper heard testimony from a Dr. Max Gerson. He then assigned 50 terminally ill cancer patients to Dr. Gerson to make him prove he could cure (by definition) Cancer.

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👩‍⚖️ I'm Condemned 👩‍⚖️

Keep copies.

Powerful, when the jurors are shown that HCQ and IVY are not just potent medicines for COVID but also for the vaxx-induced cancers they or their family members have acquired from the mandated COVID mRNA gene therapies.
😉From the NIH's National Cancer Institute:

"Drugs used in chemotherapy, such as HCQ, work in different ways to stop the growth of tumor cells, either by killing the cells, by stopping them from dividing, or by stopping them from spreading."
If this NIH evidence is censored, it will show who is colluding in the RICO scheme to hide effective off-patent medicines and to sell expensive new ones to the dupes they effectively poisoned. It'll also show who is shielding their advertising partners.
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@milehijules @MichaelPSenger

Jules if you look at this video in the context that Fauci DID THIS SAME THING IN 1985 and that HIV/AIDS was a crime he perpetrated against gay men out of hatred and a desire to catapult himself

in the corrupt vaccine industry, then it becomes clear that this is WHO HE IS and WHAT HE HAS DONE his entire career.

Just look at our children's vaccine schedule.

So ANYONE, Michael, I'm looking at you, who deflects the blame to China primarily is helping Fauci and the USA to
get away with #CrimesAgainstHumanity that the US and Fauci have been working on since 1985.

China going along in an effort to reduce OUR numbers and theirs has NOTHING to do with who is the kingpin in this shitshow.

Dr. Kary Mullis, was killed in August 2019 as Michael has said
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A couple of excellent points Carol.

#OffLabelDrugs LEGALLY do not and have not ever required any additional studies or authoritative approvals. Let's leave the #CriminalAbuseOfAuthority and the #MalfeasanceOfDuty performed with the #EUA self-granted authority. And just consider
#WhatWeKnow and what we have done for decades according to long-standing and well-established laws regarding #LicensedDoctors and how THEY are authorized to #PracticeMedicine. The FDA has no jurisdiction over them. No say whatsoever.

1. When Fauci said #NoTreatment #WeNowKnow
that a 3rd of the country 111M people called BULLSHIT! DAY ONE!

And a high percentage of the 50M who tuned into @joerogan when Robert Malone was getting him #AllButteredUp are very likely part of that 111M looking for CHEAP remedies. The cheaper the better. But as Robert stated
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1/ Un 🧶 sur cet #enfumage qu'est l'approche #OneHealth dans le contexte de la pandémie de #COVID19

Scientifiquement c'est léger et ça se résume à : "aimons nous tous entre êtres vivants"

Bref, faudrait rebaptiser ça #OneLove.

Qui serait contre ?

2/ En tant que #machin consensuel, cette niche a été repérée par des gens moins sympa que #BobMarley.

Un nid d'argent facile : pas besoin de justification scientifique poussée puisque l'intention est bonne.

Un des pontes du #OneHealth est @PeterDaszak.…
3/ Le cas de @PeterDaszak est très gratiné car tout en affichant son approche #OneLove/#OneHealth (surveillons la nature, tout ça), il semble être mêlé dans des expériences de gain de fonction en Chine... sur des coronavirus 🤐

(en anglais)…
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Of course it does.

But you won't find any "#GoodDoctors" promoting this, as it is synthetic drugs or nothing.

Captured agencies.

Captured doctors.

#ConformingNonConformists to a person.

They max out at around 5K RXs a year at $50+ per RX.

They are having their best years.
Instead of replicating their success and using a tip jar approach where I and other create lead-gen funnels for the entire network and the make certain the max out at an affordable price they just max out individually and call it a day.

That's not a scaled approach, that's a...
Selfish narrow-minded approach. They could have thousands of cannabis patients using safe &effective tinctures and other natural remedies IN ADDITION to their indoctrinated synthetic drugs, but they're not even open to that discussion.

They won't demand #HCQ and #IVM be made...
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#Pat is just chompin' at the bit to expose #TheOther, the #AntiVaxxers, #TheUnvaccinated, who he believes are sadistic for having no empathy for #TheVaccinated who have wished us dead for two years now.

Let's honor his request and agree to a #PublicDebate!
Maybe @Trevornoah @TheDailyShow could Host the debate for your team.

Trevor what say you?

It's been 2 years that we have offered an #OpenInvitation to ANYONE willing to have a #PublicDebate OR...

Expose themselves as #ComplicitCowards unwilling to defend their lies!

@billmaher @StephenAtHome @chrislhayes @maddow @KeithOlbermann @HowardStern @robreiner @Lawrence

If you refuse to have the courage to debate publicly in a free society, then you are cowards who destroyed our country and deserve being vaccinated with an #ExperimentalVaccine.
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The fact that tRump is not in jail just showsour failed system of govt and justice.

There is not one single "average" American who believes if they stole $6.2 Trillion! or funneled money illegally through fake charities or lied publicly while people died wouldnt be in jail.

The fact that Biden picked up right where Fauci, err, sorry tRump left off, would make him an accomplice and an average American would be rounded up and thrown in jail without bail as well.

Fellow Americans we can't have it both ways ANYMORE.
We're killing ourselves by allowing EITHER party to get away with these crimes.

It is time we all #StandUp and refuse to allow elections until they are ALL disqualified from running.

FUCK them. This is our time to demand #PublicService.

$6.2 TRILLION and look at the shithole
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Your corrupt government and owned by a corrupt #MedicalIndustryComplex has now managed to kick the can down the road for 2 years to the point that they are normalizing #ForcedVaccinations 2X a year.

5 mos/6 mos doesn't matter - it is still 2X a year you are now taking a drug...
that for 2 years 133M people have CHOSEN not to take because they were FREE to choose to use 70 and 30 year old drugs that have proven over these 2 years to be BOTH #SafeAndEffective.

You don't see daily news of deaths and serious injuries from #HCQ and #IVM.


No you don't.

And Fauci does not argue against these drugs anymore b/c he doesn't have to - he just ignores the idiot doctors who refuse to act outside of his authority and create a new system that distributes millions of doses so that we can turn the tide and prove to Americans
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