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Hi tweeps! Remember back in March, I made a mega-thread of amazing #WomenInSTEM that you should follow, especially for #IWD2018? If not, here's the 'moment' I made from it…
Well, today (19 Nov) is #InternationalMensDay #IMD2018, and I wanted to mark the occasion. So here are SIXTY men working in STEM who also happen to be some of my favourite tweeps. This is by no means an exhaustive list - please don't be offended if you're not on it!
PS: I have some actual (paid) work to do today, so I'll update the list when I can, in between all my other commitments. Please be patient 😊
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We've seen a number of Irish journalists wondering if Cambridge Analytica style tactics could be part of #repeal referendum. In fact they already are and have been for over a year - let us demonstrate that
But first its useful to understand that Cambridge Analytica is not just a for profit company but also an ideological tool for the hard right and far right. It's owned by billionaire Mercer family who also funded Breitbart.
Journalists already understand that Murdoch buys newspapers for influence over elections as much as to make profit - Cambridge Analytica and similar are the same sort of duel investment but in social media world
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Fell into a 90s/00s #suicide anthem music loop this afternoon and it reminded me of how depressed I have been in the past and how depressed I am now, again, and how much we still don't discuss #depression in this society.
I wrote this a couple years ago.
It's a good piece on writers & suicide, with an emphasis on #LGBT suicides because we kill ourselves more (thanks #homophobia/#transphobia)than str8 people.

Society still romanticizes #depression instead of treating it.
Theme song for cutters everywhere.
Raise you hand if you thought you were the only one with razor blades in your pocket for...years.

#TheFray - How to Save a Life
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We asked @lerustix, our Head of Corporate Communications, what advice she would give entry-level women at the beginning of their career.

What she had to say:

“Be sure of what you want, be good at it and go for it”
#WomensHistoryMonth #IWD2018 #WomenWithWings #HumansOfOando Image
@lerustix 1. Be sure of what you want: In the first two years of your career, you should focus on answering the question, “Where would I like to see myself in 5-10 years?” #WomensHistoryMonth #IWD2018 #WomenWithWings #HumansOfOando
@lerustix 2. Strive to be the best at what you do: Continue to improve yourself. Update your knowledge through courses and certifications and put in the extra hours until you can do your job in your sleep. #WomensHistoryMonth #IWD2018 #WomenWithWings #HumansOfOando
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I know this is a downer but... for #IWD2018 I am thinking about violence against women. About how violence is enabled & perpetuated. About how gender inequality intersects with other forms of social injustice, like class, race and wealth. About recognition, stories and change.
I am thinking today, as often, about the slave women in the Odyssey, the ones who sleep with the suitors, who have been claimed by the wrong owners, who have the wrong memories. For Odysseus to claim back all power over his household, they need to be eliminated.
O. instructs his son Telemachus to hack the life of them with long swords. Telemachus adjusts the weapon: he insists they are too metaphorically dirty to touch with his sword (sic), so he hangs them instead.
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It's #IWD2018, so we thought we should highlight some of the incredible #WomeninSTEM we've written about recently.

First up, Melanie @SanfordLab –gardener & gymnast with a treadmill desk:… 1/10
Next, Lesley Yellowlees, former president of @RoySocChem, whose favourite place to think is the shower, loves Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and says a @TakeThat gig was 'the most uplifting thing I’d ever seen'

#IWD2018… 2/10
Geri Richmond, former president of @AAAS, enjoys urban farming and track & field, and is a big fan of @PinkMartiniBand

#IWD2018… 3/10
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I love that on #InternationalWomensDay we take the time to celebrate women, it's brilliant. What would be even more brilliant is if we did this every day. For the next 365 days, I am going to add a Tweet a day in celebration of women from around the world 🌍 Let's get started 👇
Day 1: @drpriaero is an Aerospace Engineer / Senior Research Associate at @UniofOxford's Department of Engineering Science, researching fluid dynamics & thermodynamics of jet engines 🚀 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 2: @monicasarbu created @packetbeat, an open source data shipper, before joining forces with @elastic to lead the Beats team. She's a mum while at it too 💪 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
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As Director of Cybersecurity at @EFF, @evacide's work focuses on providing privacy and security for vulnerable populations around the world. #WWWomen #IWD2018
Eva's latest research uncovered a malware espionage campaign that's infected thousands of people worldwide.…"
"This is a very large, global campaign, focused on mobile devices. Mobile is the future of spying because phones are full of so much data about a person’s day-to-day life.”
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“My ultimate aim is to be able to give my kids what my parents have given me and more.
My biggest fear is to not achieve this. Image
From the sleepless nights at school in order to get the best results possible, to sacrificing my time in putting in extra work, to actively seeking for opportunities,are all intentional steps in fulfilling my goal.
I will not use my feminine attributes as an excuse for failure.
All in all, I’m aware that only the grace of God can get me there.” - Emike Etu, Governance Assistance shares what inspires her to #PressForProgress. #InternationalWomensDay #IWD #IWD2018 #WomenWithWings #HumansOfOando
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For #InternationalWomensDay I want to highlight some fantastic female scientists I’ve worked with on the two YouTube series I’ve made w @AXA’s @AXAResearchFund.

(These are not sponsored tweets, I just wanted to use today to mention these brilliant #WomenInSTEM again)

First up is Esther Delbourg @EDelbourg a water economist & communicator who introduced me to the water footprint of food

#doyouknow that 1 🥑 takes 1000L of water to grow?!

Discover more in this film:

#IWD2018 #WomenInSTEM @AXA @AXAResearchFund #notspon
Astrophysicist and “solar storm chaser” 🌞 Miho Janvier @MihoJnvr told me the effect a solar flare (CME) could have on our planet:

& check out her @Ted talk:

#IWD2018 #WomenInSTEM @AXA @AXAResearchFund #notspon
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“This chartered accountant you see today almost didn’t happen.
I got pregnant out of wedlock at the age of 18 and birth a child with cerebral palsy due to delivery complications.
Life may have ended for many after going through experiences similar to mine. Image
Ideally, life ends when we die - but for many, life has already ended even before death. You must remember that many great lives didn’t end when they died – because their great work outlived them.
We call it 'sadaqatu Jariya' in Islam (good deeds of charity that outlive us), a category that I wish to fall into.
I #PressForProgress and remind young women that when they encounter a stumbling block, it doesn’t translate to the end of the road. You can change the narrative.
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For #IWD2018 a look at why Prime Minister Modi's #BetiBachaoBetiPadhao (Educate girls to Save them) program will not stop India's mass #femicide until these issues are addressed. Link & THREAD.…
1/ Prime Minister Modi’s ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padao’ (Save the Girl, Educate the Girl) programme, launched in January 2015, was the first time since India's independence in 1947 that the Indian government had raised the issue of female genocide in a public campaign.
2/ British census data in the 18th century had attributed India’s skewed #sexratio to female #infanticide and other forms of #femicide, such as sati, but after independence subsequent governments remained bizarrely indifferent to the issue even as it reached epidemic proportions.
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Put together a list of super smart & interesting Pakistani women for #IWD2018 to show their work. List also includes women of Pak origin or dual nationals. If you have any suggestions of names not on my list @ me. #InternationalWomensDay #PressforProgress
1 @TubaSiddiqi #education rights advocate, also my sister. For years T has been working w/ communities & grassroots activists through @TCFPak & now w/ @AlifAilaan across Pak. She helped TCF raise funds & grow their volunteer network. #IWD2018 #Pakbrilliance #PressforProgress
2 @AymanBucha activist and lecturer, teaches Anthropology, Political & Feminist Theory at BNU. Bucha's write-up on #AsmaJahangir with whom Aimen worked at AGHS.… #IWD2018 #Pakbrilliance
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In Delhi a 11 month old girl died because the hospital refused to treat her without an #Aadhaar card.

In Chandigarh, a woman was refused #abortion because she did not have an Aadhaar. She sought a back alley abortion and suffered extreme bleeding and complications.




3/n. HIV+ women in India have stopped their treatment as hospitals demand the biometric Aadhaar. The women fear loss of anonymity & social stigma on them and their families.…

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