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Fascinated by how clunky - & essentially stupid - smug takes like this are.

What continuity Remain seem not to notice is that they actually need Labour voters.

Not convinced "join us in stopping Brexit, you easily fooled dimwits" is the best approach here
Another personal favourite attack line is that glassy-eyed intoning of 'Corbyn cult' by people who define their entire identity by a single word on a ballot from 30 months ago.
Actually, let's call out this galaxy brain stuff for what it is. Ignorant, disrespectful & pathetic.

I know what it's like on the inside of the Remain cult. Before they expelled me from their DM groups I saw what a strange echo chamber it was becoming.
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#FBPE is on the same side as:
Unite, GMB & Community Unions
Labour NW & West Midland MPs
Majority of Labour MP's
Majority of UK population
UK public
Majority of Labour members
Green Party
On: #CustomsUnion #SingleMarket & #PeoplesVote
The transport union, TSSA:
"The left should unite now and come together to stop this Tory act of war against our class...

Supporting Tory/UKIP Brexit is unacceptable class collaboration.
Full stop.

I like this. This is fighting talk


#StopBrexit !!
TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes:

"Our focus is our people, their rights and those of their families, which includes retaining their ability to move across EU borders freely”.

TSSA was and is in favour of remaining in the EU.…

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1) Mike, it honestly pains me to write this but I don't know what good you are doing now in this Anti-brexit fight, in fact I'm starting to think your position is comprised in some way.

I appreciate you gave up on staying in the EU almost 18 months ago but this is getting weird
2) in the last few weeks you've attacked the #FBPE initiative, the LDs (calling them austerity enablers) & the remainer movement in general.
You've also now pivoted to saying "the only possible path is Corbyn's Labour" & you're even now getting behind Owen Jones
3) these may be positions independently arrived at, nonetheless they also line up exactly with the aims & approach of Labour momentum (who, for example, constantly follow the anti LD position & who hate #FBPE ). If it quacks like a duck & all that

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