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Today is the last day of @FFsake_ as we know it.

Two years ago, @AmandaCC92, @Jason_Arthur & @Just_RichardB met in a pub.

None of them could've dreamed the heights that #FFS scaled from it's humble beginnings.
Our mission was simple - to mobilise the talents and passions of young people from all backgrounds, across the UK - to hold the Government to account and deliver a #FinalSay Referendum.

Ultimately, we weren't successful - but we're so proud of everything our activists achieved:
🔥 Mobilising thousands of young people to take political action.

📺Getting hundreds of diverse & under-represented voices heard in our media.

📢 Influencing every opposition political party and leading politicians to support a #FinalSay
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Yes! This is exactly right. We will overtake the false&threatening MSM lies in this country. MSM=right arm of the D party, aiding&abetting in an attempted overthrow of the Gov't. Sedition!
WE are the news now&we are taking our country back.🇺🇸
#QAnon #UnitedNotDivided #WWG1WGA
Q Nov 24, 2017
Important to understand.
When this breaks many won't swallow.
MSM not trusted.
We are here to help guide.
Future proves past.
You are the calm before and during the storm.
The media is complicit in #Treason
You are the news now. Handle with care. Beware off #FFs.
Obama sought to close #GITMO. Trump added on to it.
Q 3538
We have plenty of room now.
Q 3690
212-397-2255 (CF)
Operators are standing by.
Q 3493
MSM lied re: What's inside #Epstein temple. MSM=ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. Complicit #Treason
#QAnon #TheStorm
@StormIsUponUs @BeThePlan
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#FTR: For the millionth time, the Supreme Court has NO ROLE in impeachment in the House.

The courts CANNOT block impeachment, as the Framers intended.
#FFS: He really, really, REALLY needs to read the Constitution...

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#FTR: This news was announced on a Friday night to bury they can continue to allege criminality without evidence.
#REMEMBER: As many as 130 OFFICIALS were questioned by Trump's State Dept. in their newest probe of Hillary Clinton's emails.

Numerous investigations and wasted tax dollars later...once again, NO DELIBERATE mishandling of classified information was found.…
#FFS: And sadly, the media is playing right into Trump and the GOP's hands.

It was not covered on ANY of the 5 major Sunday shows...despite the fact that Hillary Clinton's name was mentioned on 4 of them.

And...Sec. of State Pompeo even appeared on one.

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.@dccc must immediately return those donations and put out an apology. #FFS
Large 2019 donation to @dccc from Russian oligarch Blavatnik. via @Pamacious and @OpenSecretsDC
Although Blavatnik has dual citizenship (ie, he’s a US citizen), COME ON. This is NOT okay. 1/…
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#FTR: Trump is suggesting that Puerto Rico is a burden on the United States...because it finds itself in the path of another storm.

It's also worth noting that Dorian will likely side-swipe Puerto Rico, and directly hit Florida...which he interestingly doesn't see as a burden.
#FACTCHECK: Yet again, Trump claims Puerto Rico has received over $90 Billion in disaster aid.

That's a LIE.

That's the estimated total they'll need to fully recover.

Congress has allocated $42.5 Billion.

ONLY $14 Billion has actually been distributed.…
#PREVIOUSLY: Trump has a long history opposing disaster aid to Puerto Rico.

Then taking credit when he had to give in...

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Just disgusting.

Trump is trying to suggest that the protestors in Hong Kong who are fighting for Democracy...are protesting b/c of the economic impacts of his Trade War.

The President of the United States should be championing Democracy.

But he makes everything about himself.

The President of the United States should warn China AGAINST taking military acton in Hong Kong.

He should champion Democracy, condemn human rights abuses, and immediately convene the U.N. National Security Council, etc.

But instead, Trump says: "be calm and safe!"
#FFS: Trump just passively retweets a video showing DOZENS of Military Vehicles lined-up just across the Hong Kong border.

China is about to invade Hong Kong. It might go further than simply quiet dissent. It may seize Hong Kong permanently.

Trump acts like a passive spectator.
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Those out of the loop. I can't say if any of this is 100% true, use ur head, make ur own decision. @Option_Snipper was allegedly outed as a teacher. Not a pro XX year trader as claimed. He shutdown his service the same day for "health issues". Vanishing w/ allegedly +++250k.
Now we have an account @Option_sizzle which is suspiciously similar to @option_snipper and started a few days after @option_snipper left for "health reasons". Weird that he had to go for health issues but is still posting just as much, if that is him.
For a long time he claimed HUGE GAINS and continually nailed the top and bottom of each trade. I posted a few times that it was literally impossible based on how many contracts he was trading. There wasn't enough volume there. Example below.
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1. #Spoilersahead: As much as I love the potential for #minorityandfemalerepresentation in future #MarvelCinematicUniverse films, I still think the way that #Falcon (@AnthonyMackie) got the #CaptainAmericashield is a #copout by @Marvel /@MarvelStudios, since its previous
2. representations of him (including #EndGame) have been less than ideal (a secondary character who got knocked out of fights all the time, paving the way for the observation / reservation that this #passingofthetorch was not earned). And the fact that #SteveRogers (@ChrisEvans)
3. only gave up his shield for his love (#PeggyCarter / #HayleyAtwell), though a nice sentiment in itself, leaves room for his return in the future. Thus, giving @Marvel / @MarvelStudios the option to #swaywiththepoliticalwinds. While #TonyStarks (@RobertDowneyJr) sacrifice was a
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#REDFLAG: The case to KILL the #ACA by the Trump Administration and 20 Republican AGs will proceed on 7/9.

Oral arguments will be heard by a panel in the 5th Circuit.

In Dec, a judge in TX ruled that the ACA is now unconstitutional (b/c the GOP repealed the individual mandate).
#REDFLAG: The Trump DOJ is now arguing that Congress and Dem State AGs CAN'T DEFEND the #ACA in court.

After refusing to defend the #ACA as 20 Republican AGs try to kill it...the Trump Administration is trying to block Democrats from defending it instead.
#FFS: One on the arguments Trump's DOJ is using to block Dem State AGs from defending the ACA... by claiming that even if it's struck down in the red states suing, doesn't mean that it'd be struck down nationwide.

That's not how FEDERAL laws work.
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#PASTBLAST: The conflict with Iran is entirely of Trump's own making.

War with Iran has always been the end goal.
#PASTBLAST: I warned over a year ago that pulling out of the #IranNuclearDeal would be the WORST mistake made by the Trump Administration.

I said it would "set off a chain of events that we'll be dealing with FOR DECADES TO COME."

I still stand by it.

#PASTBLAST: John Bolton's solution to preventing Iran from building a nuclear bomb... not a diplomatic agreement, like the Iran Nuclear Deal...

It's to "BOMB IRAN."

In his own words...

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I have reached a whole new level of #PISSEDOFF.

I didnt think such a #dark and #scary state, or level, could be reached. It may top 12-14-17's causation. It's. That. Bad. So, I've prepared a statement...…

#PascoSheriff #HaveYouAllNoShame @CigarCityBeer
Dear @FBI,
I must implore you ask your colleauges in @FBITampa to help research this new level of #PISSEDOFFNESS. As locals, they may offer a special indepth knowledge of this new level I have reached. This is not fair & law enforcement must #investigate. No one deserves this.
This is my #apogee of #Pissedoffness.
If #motherfuckers & #tears werent a noticable level.
If #HUSH or #INTIMIDATION tactics being deployed didnt strike a chord.
If #EVIDENCE, PROOF, or 30k Bonds didnt #WOW YOU.
If posting mom with no shred of investigatable value wasnt enough...
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Hey, #PascSheriff, @PascoSheriff, was this doctored? I hear you guys have a guy over there.

@PascoSheriff I also here they're rather good with subpoena handeling and good at calling in cold cases. 12-14-17 @fbi @fbitampa @realDonaldTrump @GovRonDeSantis
@PascoSheriff @FBI @FBITampa @realDonaldTrump @GovRonDeSantis Oh, my bad, I was supposed to be #intimidated into being #hushedup. Gosh. Forgot about that, despite CLEAR INSTRUCTION FROM PETERGORN AND MARKPORRELLO. #ThisisPasco #LivePd.
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Hey QB!

Nunes Announces New Clinton Evidence, Burns Entire Swamp To The Ground…
Patterns and tactics.
Case handeling. Roadblocks. Witness interviews and authentication. These same patterns and tactics remind of something from way back too. Everything is a complete mirror. Including pinning hacks and cover ups.
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Cool story.
10+ emails asking for jail calls.
Roadblock after roadblock.
Then, BOOM!
Why roadblock?
Why lie under a subpoena?
Why hide hundreds of calls?
What else happened that day?
Why hush afterwards?

I'm not real happy about 12-14-17
Im not sure a CA in totality is enough. Especially after 12-14-17. I'm not trying to rake over coals, but this day hurt. The truth was known before this too. This wasn't honest in any way. This day hurt. Bad. Kind of a dick move. Really was.
1-24-19 and what Mark and everyone did, was little dick stuff. Like, creepy, sick, unhinged. Yet, Im somehow still the bad guy. No. Im not cool with things. Im not being a dick either. You people went really, REALLY, LOW.
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Cycling in London, a thread:
So this morning cycling to class I had one person undertake the main traffic to come into the bus lane where I was cycling, drive about an inch from me at 40mph to turn left in front of me. BMW driver, you sir, are a ******.
I had at least two white van drivers drive close to me, when they didn’t need to, at speed simply to intimidate me.
I had numerous cars driving dangerously and erratically, trying to overtake me on island crossings, closing space when I need to cycle around parked cars and generally being aggressive and impatient.
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Hi everyone,

As well as PM voting against Welsh Assembly in 97 (after a ref passed to create one with slim majority), and was part of Shadow Cab which argued putting it to another vote in 2005 Con Manifesto, we thought you'd like to know what Brexiters said during debate...
. @OwenPaterson said during those debates:

"...the referendum was a fiddle. It is outrageous that a move that will irrevocably alter the United Kingdom's constitution should be pushed through without consulting 85 per cent. of the population."
Whilst @bernardjenkin accused the Government (who were enacting results of a slim majority referendum) that they were:

"Using the sort of democratic logic of which Saddam Hussein would be proud, the right hon. Gentleman would cheerfully claim a yet bigger mandate for his plans"
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Hi #CPC18, I’ve got a few thoughts for you.
All this shenaniganary about the border in NI is a wee tad confusing, so let’s chat.
As the Conservative *& Unionist* Party, you must understand the damage your doing to the Union with Brexit.

No form of Brexit is good for the NI situation. Brexit, in every form, puts the Union at risk. #CPC18
But then again, not much was thought of those outside Britain, was there? That’s why you called it British-Exit, instead of UK-Exit. (NI is part of the UK, but not a part of Britain.)
Basically words matter, & the semantics of this tell us you don’t care. But I digress.
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Umm, is that a threat?

"Anybody needing that much time when they know there is no Russian Collusion is just someone...looking for trouble."

Obstructing an investigation...even one that may not result in criminal still Obstruction of Justice.

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Unite Members:

57% backed #PeoplesVote
24% leave voters backed #PeoplesVote

West Midlands car workers:
“Only now have voters started to see through the initial referendum campaigns and truly understand the implications & costs of leaving the EU."…
Unite union:

"open to the possibility of a vote on any deal the Tories come back with"

"members fears that the Tories' in-fighting and destructive red lines will bring ruin to their jobs and communities"

Unite Statement:…

Great speech by Julie Ward MEP on why she marched with #WomenForEurope for a #PeoplesVote

Women and the young will be the most affected by #Brexit

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It seems #NeverAgainIsNow hit a nerve & lots of people share my fury. So my question is #WhatsNext

What can we do to make a difference? 1/
I have some suggestions but if you have others, please add to this thread.

#NeverAgain means we need to stop this, together /2
If you’re in the USA or have an American bank account, donate time or money to these organisations…
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#FBPE is on the same side as:
Unite, GMB & Community Unions
Labour NW & West Midland MPs
Majority of Labour MP's
Majority of UK population
UK public
Majority of Labour members
Green Party
On: #CustomsUnion #SingleMarket & #PeoplesVote
The transport union, TSSA:
"The left should unite now and come together to stop this Tory act of war against our class...

Supporting Tory/UKIP Brexit is unacceptable class collaboration.
Full stop.

I like this. This is fighting talk


#StopBrexit !!
TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes:

"Our focus is our people, their rights and those of their families, which includes retaining their ability to move across EU borders freely”.

TSSA was and is in favour of remaining in the EU.…

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Some Gladbach fans were in the news in Germany for chanting that referee Bibiana Steinhaus is a “whore.”

We need to talk about sexism in German football, as unfortunately, reality showed that it could have devastating consequences. (Thread)
First of all, numbers. My partner joined me to football in a few countries & it's always the same question: Why aren’t there as many women at the ground as in DE?

She’s not wrong. Per @DLF, 35% of stadium-goers in Germany are women. In the Premier League, for instance, it’s 25%.
More than one million football club members in Germany are women. Which is a lot. And that could mean a change in how women fans are being perceived by their male counterparts and clubs alike.
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