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Here’s why it’s a big deal: An image of the classic green portal from Rick and Morty, on
You may remember my Christmas series of tweets about how Solar Opposites was union made! Though animation staff was paid union wages, animation PRODUCTION was not:
Production positions such as PAs, showrunners, etc DO NOT MAKE UNION WAGES! They work ungodly amounts of unpaid overtime and are constantly running around, trying to make sure us artists have everything we need. THEY ARE THE BACKBONE OF EVERY SINGLE SHOW
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I'm thrilled that @bedforda1 and my edited collection is finally finding its way around the world. This has been a long road, a labour of love of pop culture, and nerding out about theory. This is our happy place and it's so nice to see it in the world 🧵 Image
We discuss in the first chapter our focus. Both of us are English teachers who teach children to read, but we noticed that there wasn't much on how adults learn to read. Because we all do keep learning by pushing ourselves. So this is essentially a book about how to read theory
It's also a book about how to write theory and what roles theorists, authors, editors, technology and popular culture take in the production of texts. We decided to embrace Deleuze's concept on minor fiction and celebrate the "low brow" in academic theorising.
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@quidd is the largest digital collectible marketplace with 7 million collectors holdings assets in over 325 world famous brands including #Marvel , #rickAndMorty and #Naruto and today has unlocked real monetary value and #playtoearn to all its users!
Quidd was visionary in that @mbram and the team believed that digital collectibles would be the future of collecting 6 years ago and is how it amassed this incredible collection of 325 brands.…
.@nbatopshot took the market by storm and proved that digital collectibles has incredible potential once real value is delivered and we are proud to be early supporters and investors @rohamg @Mik_Naayem… #NFTs
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Jim is starting his morning. He's going to upload a few things and make announcements. Also a promo thread and a few other things. Most excited for the Like I Give A BLEEP #GMless and #solorpg. It was too much fun to playtest.
My solo test runs were more or less #BackToTheFuture with #RickAndMorty time cops, #DrMephisto (from #SouthPark) in #Heinlein's #NumberOfTheBeast, and #DoctorWho as written by @ChuckTingle. My group run was #DoomPatrol set in a @TimRobbins1 universe written by #AnaisNin. #TTRPG
The solo runs were especially benefited by a rule that says fill in whatever later. Character creation can be done during play. Which is good because there's a lot of bits for a lite system. Plus making things up on the fly to fill in the blanks boosted the mad scientist theme.
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El estreno de #StrangerThings es la noticia más importante en @NetflixLAT y @laubf te cuenta todo lo que dejó el post estreno. @Late931Oficial @lolibelotti Image
Un estudio de @truthinitiative indicó series de #Netflix que hacen un uso exclusivo del tabaco. @Late931Oficial @lolibelotti #Series…
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I feel like this is an episode of #RickandMorty, but we have to do a sequel to first #TwitterStorm now with 280 characters. I will be going through this #GOPRiot where they loot middle-America. So the thread begins here. 1/?
Not that the #GOP cares about #DACA or #undocumented families. But they use #SEC11022 to not allow undocumented parents to receive a tax credit for their children. These is cruel unjust and unAmerican. 2/?
#Sec11023 With the language to repeal the #JohnsonAmendment contained in the house amendment they have allowed an increase of cash contributions to #Charity as a means to funnel the money to #GOP candidates in a tax free fashion. This is not what Jesus would do or want. 3/\?
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