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Иногда, когда у меня есть свободное время, я рисую всратые Paint-style (нарисованные мышкой в Photoshop) комиксы\мемы. Парочка из них даже разошлась на мемы.

Так как я давно не рисовал, то решил сделать тред со всеми своими шизоидными рисунками перед релизом нового. ImageImage
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Henry Cavill is exiting #TheWitcher and Liam Hemsworth will take over the role of Geralt of Rivia for season four of the Netflix epic:
“My journey as Geralt of Rivia has been filled with both monsters and adventures, and alas, I will be laying down my medallion and my swords for Season 4,” Henry Cavill said in a statement
“Henry Cavill has been an incredible Geralt, and I’m honored that he’s handing me the reins and allowing me to take up the White Wolf’s blades for the next chapter of his adventure,” said Liam Hemsworth
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Henry Cavill wore the #Superman suit from #ManofSteel for #BlackAdam:

“I chose that one in particular because of the nostalgia attached to the suit...It was incredibly important to me to be standing there and enjoying that moment" Image
Zack Snyder sent a video to Henry Cavill asking him to reflect on the early flying scenes in #ManofSteel and noted: "I can't wait to work with you again" Image
Henry Cavill responded to Zack Snyder's video by saying, “He’s a lovely man, and I am enormously appreciative for everything he’s done for me" Image
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Over the 2010s, fantasy series transformed to a major cultural force, driving viewership & winning awards. But there’s something different about the new premieres, including #TheSandman, #HouseOfTheDragon, #TheRingsOfPower & #InterviewWithTheVampire. 🧵
With competition for subscribers growing fiercer, media companies have increasingly turned to well-known genre franchises, including #TheWitcher and #TheLegendOfVoxMachina, in a hungry grab for IP that they hope comes with a built-in fan base.
Launching a franchise that perpetuates for years needs time to grow, but some platforms have chosen to jump-start the process, greenlighting a show’s second season well in advance. Amazon has publicly committed to produce 50 hours of “The Rings of Power.”
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Posada Doublet Tutorial
Hello all, so I have been asked to show how I am currently making Jaskier's posada doublet. I will try to keep it as simple as possible but please feel free to ask questions.

The fabric I use it a medium weight cotton canvas 1/?
Some steps, I had to search for resources for you to use as some things I just know how to do from experience/making other doublets. I have tried to keep it as easy as possible. 2/?

These are the pictures I am using as reference : Image
I picked my fabric with a slight yellowish tone because netflix uses a yellow filter on many of the scenes (I also preferred that color personally) so you will notice my fabric doesn't match the reference pictures for that reason. Here's the color with the yellow filter 3/? Image
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It’s #YorkshireDay & I’m appropriately here to see members for the first day of my @Heritage_NGOs #NorthernProgress Over the Saddleworth Moors we spotted a Triumph Herald Convertible for the mobile gang & a tower built as part of the nuclear early warning comms from Cold War era.
Heading 1st to @nationaltrust @fountainsabbey. Re-reading inspiring Fountains Abbey & Skell Valley project to address climate change & flooding in the valley while improving access. In @HistEnvForum #HeritageResponds report #NorthernProgress #YorkshireDay
Great to wander this morning round @fountainsabbey with @JustinScullyNT & talk about the site. Studley Royal Water Gardens is a #WorldHeritageSite - an important 18thC surviving landscape (for a time it wasn’t invested in & made fashionable so it survived in original state 😮‍💨)
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[🖤🗡] #thread: персонажи ведьмака как анекдоты про штирлица

#thewitcher #thewitcher3 Image
у геральта было два арбалета, он стрелял из них по очереди. очередь возмущалась и редела.
лютик упал с балкона и чудом зацепился за другой балкон. чудо потом распухло и мешало ходить...
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We hebben een heleboel updates voor je verzameld over de nieuwste series en films. Wat is gloednieuw, wat zijn we *nu* aan het maken, wat komt er terug op Netflix? Let op: dit is lang niet alles! (een 🧵)
FERRY DE SERIE: Ok, ok, veel kunnen we niet zeggen. Sorry. Maar we kunnen wel beloven dat Ferry de serie eraan komt. Hedde gullie er zin in of wa?
THE CROWN: Een nieuw seizoen, een nieuwe cast en een nieuwe koningin. Imelda Staunton heeft de touwtjes in handen terwijl de The Crown de jaren negentig in dendert. Seizoen 5 is vanaf november 2022 te zien.
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🧵 US vs Global Streaming Viewership Thread (As Told Through #AllOfUsAreDead ratings) 🧵
How much value should we be attaching to US vs global when it comes to streaming viewership? The US is the biggest streaming market, but has reached a relative subscriber saturation point & a rough ceiling of ~80M subs overall (see: Netflix). Overseas has more growth potential.
So should streamers be servicing their biggest regional audience (U.S.) or their relative untapped markets (international territories)? Is there a way to do both?
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A Thread For List of series I have ever watched(Part 1)
Series 1-100
#TvSeries #Kdrama #Anime
Some of my fav's👇 Image
1. #TheFlash (133epi - 6S - Currently Watching)
My First Ever series.
Started watching On - 07.11.2017
First Few seasons are great but after that becomes very average..

S01 - 4.75
S02 - 4.25/5
S03 - 4/5
S04-S05 - 3.25
S06 - 2.75/5

#Shows2blue #CW #DC Image
2. #StrangerThings (25epi - 3S)
Started Watching On - 12.12.2017
Great One

S01,S02 - 4.5/5
S03 - 4.25/5

#Shows2blue # Image
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Take a look at the concept art that helped bring the terrifying Wild Hunt to life in Season 2. #TheWitcher
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J'ai fini de regarder la saison 2 de #TheWitcher


Je crois que j'étais pas le cœur de cible

Sans rien spoilers, la saison 2 c'est :

- une forêt filmée en long en large en travers, d'en haut, de 3/4, d'en dessous. Avec une fougère. Givrée
- une forteresse immmmmmmense, plein de sorceleurs. Enfin immense...disons que c'est un anti-Tardis. Dehors c'est grand et dedans t'as trois pièces. D'ailleurs ils sont obligés de manger dans l'entrée.
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Today marks 1 month since #Cyberpunk2077 release 🥂

Some already beat the game, plenty are still playing, nobody yet uncovered everything we have prepared. It took years for #TheWitcher 3, so it will take quite long for this game too. I love observing this process.
No other game in my career took so much heart and dedication. Past 30 days I have been reading comments, watching videos, and learning.

I know there is always something that can be done better. And if not better, you can do more of what was received well by an audience. Always.
But I want you to know that you are being heard -- patches released so far prove it. Have in mind that not everything can be addressed instantly.

I have received thousands of messages - you are killing the battery on my phone. But I read all of it, even when it hurts.
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[Mini thread interprétation de costume au ciné] Un abonné m'a retrouvé l'inspiration historique de l'armure d'Adam Driver dans le prochain Ridley Scott. Il s'agit de la tombe de Robert Hiltons, datée de 1363, que l'on trouve dans le Yorkshire en Angleterre. 1/7
Pour moi, c'est un exemple de plus d'un phénomène terrible dans le cinéma historique : prendre un costumier qui ne connait pas le sujet, et ne fait que singer les quelques inspirations qu'il voit. Quand on ne connaît pas, on peut se dire logiquement que c'est une cuirasse. 2/7
Quand on connaît, on voit tout de suite que c'est probablement une cote de plaques typique de cette période, en cuir ou en tissu avec des plaquettes métalliques à l'intérieur, et une cotte de mailles en dessous. 3/7
(croquis de cuirasses Wisby)
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*crawls out from under your bed as you sleep* anyway another cool thing about #TheWitcher is how they weren't worried about subversion or deconstruction. A lot of the characters lean on tropes and let the relationships between them explore the depth of those tropes.
*disappears as you wake up in a cold sweat* it's a cool thing to observe in this day and age. Stories, especially long-running nerd stories, tend to get catalogued, codified, arranged, so that subversion is the only joy left. #TheWitcher avoids this by being unconcerned with it.
*crawls across your ceiling as you try to fall back asleep* it's worth noting, since as our more prominent media starts to rely on subversion, a subtle pressure is exerted and writers begin to think ALL stories need this, when that isn't true. Subversion is fun, but not necessary
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🌟 a thread of podcast episodes from 2020, listen to them right now thank you 🌟
After playing Witcher 3 and reading all dem books, I had a LOT of feelings about #TheWitcher. @sweeneysays and I are joined by true delights @stdennard and @okidoki_boki who help us decide if this was any good.…
In Up, Up and Away Disney gives us a delightful family of black superheroes and teaches us a lesson about saving the day when you are boring and powerless. Something like that. Join the @DCOMsquad as we talk about this movie and other fave superheroes…
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*collapses through the ceiling into your bedroom* anyway, another thing I really like about #TheWitcher is how it was totally fearless about not tying up conflicts. They frequently ended messily or ambiguously resolved and in doing so made the consequences much heavier.
*chases you as you run screaming out of the room* The show always recognizes that the characters are what's important, not the lore. The events, the history, all of it is more important as a spark to set things in motion, framework to squeeze the characters.
*pounds on the closet door you're hiding behind* But in this confidence there is also trust. A trust for the audience to be able to deal with a layer of reality we don't see often, even in Game of Thrones: sometimes, things just...end messily. Not good, not bad, just complicated.
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Volvemos a la carga con el 2º Intento: voy a contaros por qué #TheWitcherNetflix Witcher, la serie de @NetflixES, es bastante mala, desde mi punto de vista: descafeinada, confusa, artificiosa y maluja, maluja. Haters, come with papa.
Antes de seguir, quiero dejar claro que no soy un crítico de cine, ni tampoco literario, y lo que voy a contar es una mera opinión. Eso sí, voy a argumentarla, porque opino con cierto fundamento y razonamiento, claro.
Lo primero es lo primero, para los que todavía no saben qué es la saga de Geralt de Rivia: es una serie de libros (8) escritos por el autor Andrzej Sapkowski. No es la primera serie que se hace (ver la de 2001 si os atrevéis)…
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It's that time again: Old Crone Rebecca's yearly thread of her BEST BOOKS OF 2019!

As always, each book will have a blurb, a cover image, buy links from @justonemorepage if possible, and a @librofm link if I particularly enjoyed the audiobook!
@justonemorepage @librofm Just a rundown of how this is all gonna work:

I'm going through all of my fave 2019 releases, probably taking a snack break, and then going through all my fave books I read that did NOT come out in 2019!

Also I will inevitably be interrupted, so have patience, friends!
@justonemorepage @librofm THE RECKLESS OATH WE MADE by @bryngreenwood: My favorite book of the year. Utterly unique, impossible to describe, absolutely gorgeous. Gritty Kansas noir meets a medieval fairy tale, and when I was done I wanted to start it over again immediately.

📚: Image
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#TheWitcher was a hit-and-miss, but still very enjoyable.

The original work flies too close to traditional fantasy tropes to offer much innovation. Yet at the same time, the Slavic tilt, commendable attempts at progressiveness & clear risks taken make it a decent watch.
Also, "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher" is a bop, idk idk. Such a catchy song, I can't believe they used it in only one episode. That shit needs to go up on Spotify, stat.

There's a term for people like Jaskier and it's not "bard". It's "hypeman". #TheWitcher
Another things I also liked (this one is for the #WritingCommunity): The magic is not explicitly explained. I didn't grow up on D&D-esque hard magic systems, so I consider magic as more mystery than science, and that's how it's treated. For a medieval-Europe-based fantasy? Bold.
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I finished #TheWitcher, and while we will have a @Snark_Squad Pod episode dedicated to it, I have some initial feelings! Primarily that I really enjoyed this as an adaptation.
There are some things to pick apart about the portrayal of women and power and that is brought over from the books and even from its video game iteration. It also goes HAM on its messages about destiny. If you want to be real drunk, just take a shot every time they say destiny.
Also, even having the background knowledge of the entire series, I felt the show started slow. It takes a couple of episodes to really take off and reveal all of the stories its weaving together. It does truly come together and take off, though. #TheWitcher
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.@laubf te cuenta los estrenos de series para este fin de semana en @Late931Oficial con @lolibelotti:
2) #QueerEye
3) #NadaEsPrivado ImageImageImage
En la #ComicCon de #SanDiego se estrenó el trailer de #TheWitcher basados en las obras de Andrzej Sapkowski. Image
Las series con mas nominaciones para los #Emmys fueron:
1) #GameOfThrones
2) #LaMarallovisaSraMaisel
3) #Barry ImageImageImage
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Asking what I love most about #TheWitcher is like asking me which of my kids I love most. (For the record, I have one who fights for the Resistance and one who is clearly on the Dark Side, and they're both fascinating). There's so much that drew me to the work. For instance --
I think fantasy, in current tv, lacks a strong female POV. I've said it before and will say it again, I'm not looking to inject a strident feminist perspective on the source material. What I want is for female viewers to be able to recognize themselves in this genre they love.
So when I read Sapkowski's books, I was so thrilled. He's done the heavy lifting for me. These women are strong and troubled and complex and scared and brave and real and sexual and funny and dark as hell. They are every woman I know. Which leads me to the monsters --
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