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Here’s what I’ll be talking about on Friday at @PassmoreEdwards as part of the Pen & Ink #comics & book art festival (tickets here… - it’s “pay what you can” for most sessions):🧵 Talk by Myfanwy Tristram- h...
First, the @DrawLineComics story. How 100+ artists from around the world came together because of a single frustrated Facebook post I made. Hardback copies of Draw the...
How we managed that project and got the books out, not only without spending money, but in fact making a profit that went to charity!
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I usually don't post my drawings here, but this one is special, so I've decided to share.

It's about one of the things Ukraine has lost following the Russian invasion - salt.

Full story in the thread below 👇 Image
I made this drawing because I participate in #Inktober challenge - I have to make one drawing a day throughout October based on a predetermined prompt word. The prompt for 17 October was "salty", so that's why I drew a package of salt.
Prior to the invasion these packages were in every household. Most affordable brand of salt, produced in the town of Soledar in eastern Ukraine.
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Немного запоздало начинаем #inktober2021
В прошлый раз я выдержала только 11 дней) Надеюсь, что в этом году не сойду с дистанции так быстро Image
#inktober2021 #inktober2021day2
Поздравляю всех причастных с началом выхода #amphibiaseason3 #AmphibiaMarcy Image
Сегодня меньше времени и сил
#inktober2021 #inktober2021day3 Image
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October 2021, Day 1: Ghosty

"We are the places that made us" 🪦

#Drawing #OCtober #SpookySeason #OC #IronRoads Image
A different #October

It's a difficult time for me right now: my mom's fighting cancer and I'm her only child. When I'm not taking her to the doctor/treatments I'm 100% focused on work. I won't do #inktober this year but I wanted to do something because I love all spooky stuff 🎃
Even though I'm 100% focused on work, time is never enough. All personal projects are paused and I feel overwhelmed more often than not. I wasn't feeling up to any challenge this month but then I saw this idea and I thought "yes, this might be nice":
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We made another ghibli-themed #inktober prompt list for 2021! #ghiblitober 🍃⭐ ImageImage
Here's a square version for IG! You can tag us if you want, so we can see them! #ghiblitober Image
If you'd prefer to work on last year's prompt list! #ghiblitober
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Hilo 🧶 de los comienzos viñeteros hacia el #AcosoALasFeministas Todo empezó con el ladrillo que COGAM le tiraba a @LaEtxebarria y que @IgualdadGob e @IreneMontero aplaudían 🔥 ser crítica con las leyes “Trans” y el peligro que conllevan no gusta al patriarcado neoliberal Image
El ladrillo boomerang despertó a las mujeres por el #AcosoALasFeministas que llevaban rato alentando. El 19 diciembre de 2020, premios triángulo de esta organización COGAM, pro explotación reproductiva y pro explotación y violencia sexual hacia la mujer, se coronaba. Image
Un personaje daba un mensaje desde FELGTB “Alex, madre de cuatro hijes” no se supo más de aquel oportunismo hecho discursillo. El hastag #AlexAlaTele tuvo movimiento, pero nadie se quiso hacer eco de este SHOW. En cuento milenio tampoco, y ya es raro #AcosoALasFeministas Image
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Here it is!

#Inktober2020 day 1 in my #PathogenPortraits series. After years of studying this in cow bums, it had to be #EcoliO157

It causes bloody diarrhoea & if that wasn't bad enough, sometimes kidney failure & death. More info @…
#sciart #microbiology Inktober2020 E. coli O157 c...
#Inktober2020 day 2 in my #PathogenPortraits series. 'The Clap' (Neisseria gonorrhoeae) b/c who doesn't 💚 green purulent discharge?

It's sexually transmitted but also from mother->newborn during birth to cause blindness.
More info:…

#sciart #microbiology Image
#Inktober2020 day 3 in my #PathogenPortraits series. The very 💛golden💛 #MRSA.

Minds it's own business on your skin, but if it gets inside, methicillin won't do a thing to stop it.

More info at #sciart #microbiology Methicillin resistant staph...
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Mi Cosa de la Pandemia™ (estrechamente vinculada con Cosas Que No Le Interesan A Nadie Más™) ha sido retomar el shodo. Voy a aprovechar el #inktober2020 para subir el kanji de cada palabra, cada día. O a intentarlo.
#inktober2020 Day 1: Fish. Image
#inktober2020 Day 2: Wisp. Image
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So I'm intending to do a post/pick a day of art I've bought or commissioned from an artist hopefully along with @chiefy2shoes & @seddonism
Day 1 is #hellboy by the great @duncanfegredo This started a theme of characters eating ice cream, I've not got too many in this theme though Image
Day #2 of sketches/commissions posts of art that I've got over the years. Continuing the theme of characters with #icecream here is #thegoon by the amazing Eric Powell @goonguy done at @ThoughtBubbleUK in Leeds. #ComicCon #commissions #comics #goon @chiefy2shoes @seddonism Image
Day #3 of art/commissions bought over the years. Baroness eating an ice cream by @RachaelAtWork. Think this was my final "character eating an ice cream" so not many in that theme, need to do more @chiefy2shoes @seddonism @Talking_Joe @TheFullForce #GIJoe #Baroness #comicart Image
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#Inktober catch up 31/31 #Cuckoo #inktoberredlist I had to finish off with the cuckoo, as they symbolise for me what has been called 'shifting baseline' syndrome. My 'nature' base line of growing up the UK in the 70's was full of insects, and birds.
Huge flocks of sparrows, starlings and lapwing. So many flies and insects that we needed a fly screen on the back door. Thunderbugs and ladybird swarms. The car bonnet covered in insects after a short journey. The sound of cuckoo's every Spring. Dead hedgehogs on the roads!
That was my 'normal'. For most of my children's generation that has changed, to the point where they don't even know the names of everyday birds, because they've never seen one. @robgmacfarlane and @JackieMorrisArt writing a book, The Lost Words, to help children 'rediscover' and
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In late September, my cat & best friend, Uno, died.

Losing a pet is never easy; we miss them, but we also cherish their memory.

I thought it would be nice to remember her with an #Inktober style celebration of life.

So I give you Day 1 of #UNOvember

#CatsOfTwitter #cats illustration of cat
I guess people normally post the drawing prompts for the month, so here's the list for #UNOvember

I made it to help me figure out how to tell Uno's story. But you're welcome to use the list for your own drawing challenge, if you want to.
#UNOvember Day 2 - Bench

We first saw Uno sitting on a stone bench at a void deck (an open space on the 1st floor of Singapore public apartment blocks).
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From the Middle Awash of Ethiopia, BOU-VP 16/1 is one of three skulls from the Herto area. The best estimate of its age is 165,000 years old, and its describers called it Homo sapiens idaltu. #inktober twenty-ninth BOU-VP 16/1 skull from Hert...
It’s pretty common for anthropologists to call this Herto specimen “anatomically modern”, or “early modern”, or “near modern.” These terms reflect assumptions about the process of evolution.
How does the skull fit in? There is no direct archaeological association. Nearby stone tools from around the same time include some of the latest Acheulean handaxes. A child’s skull from nearby has a polished surface, as if it were kept and handled often.
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by Robert Herrick, 1648

The hag is astride
This night for to ride,
The devil and she together ;
Through thick and through thin,
Now out and then in,
Though ne'er so foul be the weather.
A thorn or a burr
She takes for a spur,
With a lash of a bramble she rides now ;
Through brakes and through briars,
O'er ditches and mires,
She follows the spirit that guides now.
No beast for his food
Dare now range the wood,
But hush'd in his lair he lies lurking ;
While mischiefs, by these,
On land and on seas,
At noon of night are a-working.
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I'm officially beginning my #flashflctober thread. I'll be posting a line from each story I write in this thread. For more info on #flashfictober, check out @jcalyst's blog post:…
For this challenge, I'm using a combination of the official #inktober prompts and some of the prompts from #AIinktober - which you can find here:
My first #flashfictober piece was written on 10/4, using prompts from 10/1. Here's one line:

Alec found it hard to believe that the ringing noise was coming from the skeleton in front of him, the one he was supposed to be examining, not staring at with his mouth hanging open.
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So excited to announce the people from #AInktober week 1 who will be getting an advance copy of my book You Look Like a Thing and I Love You! People interpreted the neural net prompts in so many fantastic ways that it was hard to choose!

In no particular order:
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Today’s #Inktober prompt is “Demons” and what could be more fitting than the state of the Chinese government? They censor and ban everything from photos of Tank Man during the Tiananmen massacre, to silly memes of Winnie the Pooh. Image
And they have disappeared people for posting these memes. What kind of dystopian nightmare of a country has my birthland become?

There is no freedom in China and that’s exactly why the people of Hong Kong have been protesting so hard for their freedom. Image
Their bravery is so inspiring, like that of Tank Man who stood up to the tanks that slaughtered countless pro democracy students in 1989. Even if China censors everything within their firewalls, we in the free world will remember and spread the truth. Image
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Day 2. DNA. Deoxyribonucleic acid carries the genetic information of all organisms. My favorite experiments in history are the Hershey-Chase experiment that demonstrated that DNA carried the genetic material of phage T2 and Photo 51: X-ray diffraction image by Rosalind Franklin
If you have suggestions for prompts for #scitober #inktober let me know!
Thanks to the people who noticed my DNA was left handed! 😅Here’s an updated version of B-DNA, see major and minor grooves included but not accurate.
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Alors moi je fais inktober mais j'appelle ça Striptober et j'ai un jour de retard. Mais sinon ça va bien, merci.
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#FreetoberHK2019 #Inktober #Intober2019

Day 2 - 1st October

I have drafted for anti-totalitarianism, but yesterday was simply too shocking for me not to draw it
#FreetoberHK2019 #Inktober #Intober2019

Day 3- Tear Gas Extinguisher of the Smoky City

The similarity of Hong Kong and Chinese cities are we all have some smoky weather, but we still have the right to wear gas masks, for now.
#FreetoberHK2019 #Inktober #Intober2019

Day 4 - Carrinocchio - The Tyrant Mother

Caption: I am your mother, I can do whatever I want.
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A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Or drawing. Inktober Day 1: Ring #inktober2019 #LOTR #lineasketch
Inktober Day 2: Mindless #InkTober #LineaSketch
Just thought up an idea for today’s Inktober ‘Bait’. Heeee.
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#Inktober2019 Day 1: Ring. Spirosoma linguale is a non-pathogenic microbe that forms beautiful ring-like or horseshoe shaped cells. To me, they resemble microscopic curly fries.
#Inktober2019 Day 2: Mindless. Your reminder that the amazing microbial diversity we observe is due to the mindless march of evolution. Evolution has no agenda. It is random variation and fitness-based selection, and microbes are fantastic at developing new ways to be fit.
#Inktober2019 Day 3: Bait. One theory for why some bacteria glow is to attract predators like zooplankton, allowing the bacteria access to all the great nutrients in the predator’s gut.
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#Inktober2019 Day1: Ring
7 minute drawing sped up. #Inktober
#Inktober2019 Day 2: Mindless
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ahhh it's day 1 of #Inktober and people are actually drawing the weird AI-generated prompts! #AInktober
"tiny cod flames rise" is not a prompt i thought people would be able to draw, but wow
everything changed when the cod nation attacked
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