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People seek our advice bc of our large #playtesting pool. Real #IndieGameDev talk? It was PURE LUCK. We have no special advice. Me (Liv) and Jim went to school in the States. One of our classmates knew the Rev from LGBT and adult sex ed presentations. #TTRPG #indie #TRPG (1/4)
We three ran a #LARP Rev Casey wrote. He ran a game in his home city. 2 other cities ran LARPs too. Plus a gaggle of "LARPletops". By the end, we had over 200 people who played the game. The Dallas and Boston ppl especially stuck around, *starting* us with 60+ ppl. #TTRPG (2/4)
The Rev is... prolific. Non-stop idea machine. Endless notes & brainstorms. Piles of material, from fragmentary concept notes to full drafts. 1/2 the original testers (around 30) stuck around and built tables. Jim and I kept at it as #playtest leads. #TTRPG #indiedev #RPGs (3/4)
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In my head, I think of this as a "Lavos Bits" approach to botnet regeneration.
#ChronoTrigger #itsAVideoGameReference #snes #rpgs
For the non-90s nintendo nerds in the audience- Lavos is the primary villain's name in one of the most revered single-player video games of all time.
To defeat Lavos's Core, the floating "Bit" device to the left must first be eliminated (a less important 2nd Bit is on right).
The left Bit will regularly heal itself, the other Bit, and the Core pod until the player can inflict lethal damage to it between waves of heals.
This becomes worrisome when combined with the Lavos Core pod's ability to resurrect the Bit devices at will.
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This is a thread about why gatekeeping #ttrpgs is stupid and makes you an asshole, and my thoughts on creating an inclusive, fun environment. Me: Playing RPGs since 1982. Boring old white dude.

#rpgs #inclusivity #tabletop #5e #DnD
1 - Do not go on about systems. Systems are, by and large, irrelevant. Do not say, "That system has too much math." There is literally no system where you can't hide the number crunching. Do not say, "That system is too simplistic."
There is no system you can't houserule to any level of complexity you like. Do not go on about systems. Systems don't matter.
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