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1/ Proud and humbled to announce @animocabrands raising US$358,888,888 in a round led by @LCVentures with investors kingsway @tyler @cameron @Gemini @georgesoros @sequoia @paraficapital @smilegroup_in and many more #openmetaverse frens for details a 🧵👇…
2/ Our vision is to help build and construct the #openmetaverse based on important concepts such as openness, equity, digital property rights, and a nonzero-sum approach where users become citizens with actual ownership and rights #NFTs #blockchain…
3/ The threat to building a #metaverse that is owned by a majority interest comes from those that want to build a closed metaverse who already have control of all our data and are monetizing off the data that we gave up for free…
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#Rewards and Incentives
Advantages of online slots are innumerable, one of them being the ability to enjoy extra value from rewards and bonuses. It is a strategy adopted by networked casinos, to attract #gamers to their site.… On the contrary, gamers easily give in to it intentionally, as their objective is to earn additional amount. Here, generous amounts are offered as sign up extras. However, bonuses are not only limited to sign up incentives but also revolve around gaming frequency or the regularity of a gamer in an online casino. All of these are presented in the form of free spins, direct cash rewards, and additional chips to motivate them further.
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[Mini #Thread] Pour les amateurs de @genopets, voici un récap des infos au sujet du #mint qui va avoir lieu du 29/11 au 06/12.

Rappel : N'investissez que de l'argent que vous pouvez vous permettre de perdre. La #crypto ne pardonne pas.

Passons aux choses sérieuses ⬇️
Un peu d'histoire

Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas ce projet #crypto sur @solana, un #thread est disponible juste en dessous avec les bases.

C'est un projet qui fût découvert par la communauté @TheDiggers_io / @CryptoRusk0f que j'ai présenté ensuite.

Pour faire simple et concis, c'est un #MovetoEarn : le mélange d'un #PlaytoPlay et #MovetoPlay

Un jeu dans lequel vous devrez avoir une activité physique pour faire évoluer une créature avec un gameplay style Pokemon afin d'être récompensé en #crypto.…
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[Thread] Autour du projet @GodsUnchained, la "petite" révolution autour des cartes à collectionner, du #freetoplay et des #NFTs.

Installez-vous confortablement au fond du canapé, sortez la couette et la tisane... Nous allons démarrer la visite en douceur !
Petite intro en règle,

@GodsUnchained est un jeu de cartes à collectionner #freetoplay qui va utiliser l'écosystème des #NFTs en leur donnant une réelle utilité.

Dans ce #jeu, vous affronterez les autres joueurs dans des duels de carte (comme dans Magic The gathering).
C'est un #jeu qui est orienté sur la compétition, ce qui signifie que vous devrez faire preuve d'imagination et de stratégie pour battre vos adversaires.

Et tout cet écosystème se passe sur la blockchain #Ethereum et plus précisément sur son layer 2 @Immutable X.
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[#THREAD] J’espère qu’il vous reste du jus pour cette fin de semaine car nous allons parler #NFTs !

De la définition, en passant par l’utilité ainsi que les pièges à éviter pour l’achat d’un #NFT.

Vous saurez tout, ou presque, au sujet de cette révolution numérique.

Let’s go ! Image
Un peu d’histoire

Les #NFTs ne datent pas d’hier et c’est le défunt #HalFinney, membre des #cypherpunks, ayant reçu la 1ère transaction #Bitcoin qui y pense en 1993.

Ce n’est qu’en 2012 que le premier projet émerge sous le nom de Colored Coins, puis en 2014 avec Counterparty. Image
Les projets précédents étant peu connu, c’est en 2017 et grâce à Dieter Shirley que les #NFTs tel qu’on les connait vont faire leur apparition.

Inventeur du standard ERC-721 sur #ETH, il va créer les premiers tokens pour qu’ils servent de monnaie d’échange sur #cryptokitties. Image
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🪅Too weird to not be believed😵‍💫

@Roblox the Massive Online Gaming Platform Rife W/ Scams & Abuse, & uses children as free labor 🎮😵… #roblox #RTC #gaming @SophNar0747 @Grummz @YellowFlashGuy @TheQuartering @RealClownfishTV @neontaster @InsideRoblox
Thanks go to People Make Games who first did the legwork on this story & it was their report that inspired me to cover this story

Great channel that is very informative & interesting

@chrisbratt @anni_sayers @Quinns108

#gaming #gamers #peoplemakegames
Roblox is Yuge,

Arguably most popular video game on earth,
40 million players login in daily to play 50 million different games (experiences)

The size of 7 Ubisoft's,
Next closet competitor is Nintendo
#gaming #gamer #gamedev #roblox #YouTube #twitch #streamer #robux #kids
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I've asked you about the best ways you know to market your game. Here are your answers:
#indiedev #indiegame #indiegames #IndieGameDev #gamedev #gamedevs #GameDeveloper #gamedevelopment #videogame #videogames #gamers #gaming #indiegaming
Leading Answer: Build a community organically. You can do this by doing two things

First off, stay active and consistent in posting progress about your project. Gifs and Videos are best. Post even if you feel like you have nothing to show
Secondly, engage with other creators - help them when possible, be social, try to grow THEIR project. What goes around comes around
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$VRA Deep Dive, just my research and general thoughts on the project. There is quite literally so much to this that I anticipate not being able to cover everything.

This will be enough to get you to DYOR on #Verasity.
First above all else...Data.

Gaming Site:
White Paper:…

Proof of View (Patent Allowed 16/023,354) - Protocol Layer
Max Supply: 10,356,466,695 $VRA
Circulating Supply: 4.15B $VRA
Current $VRA Price: $0.01961

Staking Features:
Program status: Active
Current APY: 25.55%
Staking end: March 31, 2022
Staking pool
Total capacity: 2,500,000,000 $VRA
Available capacity: 14,788,354 $VRA
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At 6pm tonight, @ShriyaSrinivas3 (@MIT neural engineer) @Mike_Federle (@Forbes CEO) talk about Invention & Reinvention🔬 with @johnkwerner @alison_sander cc @thevonwong @lizheller @KunalSood. Turning the “what if” into “what next.” @imaginationxyz
Musical artist Hayley Reardon kicking things off with some tunes
After @ColbyCollege , @Mike_Federle got his start doing reviews at Kayaking Magazine, then Ziff Davis. The transition from the editorial side to the business side happened quickly. The beginning of reinventing a media brand @Forbes today.
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Voici un thread avec la plupart des logo pour des personnes ou des marque que j'ai faite 👇🏼

Je suis aussi disponible pour toute commande ou question en DM ☺️

#graphiste #GraphicDesign #logo Image
J'étais ravi de travailler avec le site qui vont bientôt ouvrir leur site.

On a travaillé avec leur équipe sur ce #logo, Après plusieurs test on a conclu sur une typo des lettres EG avec une intégration subtile de visages qui se parlent 🗣

#graphiste Image
Il y'a plus de 2 ans, j'avais démarché @TechnoidFR pour créer une nouvelle identité visuelle a petit prix, aujourd'hui il a un peu modernisé ça et c'est très réussi ! 🥰

On a aussi bossé ensemble sur ces miniatures et bannières 👨🏻‍💻

Ravi d'avoir bossé avec toi ! 😄

#graphiste Image
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For Xmas, I made a meal for all the Gamers out there. Gamer Ramen. Doritos Noodles, Baja Blast tori shio broth, Mountain Dew marinated egg, Mountain Dew braised pork, and Mountain Dew pickled daikon. All made from scratch, and it was pretty delicious. #gamers #ramen #bajablast ImageImageImageImage
Noodles were made with cheese powder, cumin, onion powder. Made a dashi by soaking kombu in Baja Blast overnight. I call it "mountain dewshi." ImageImage
Shio Tare was Ivan Orkin's shio sofrito tare mixed with the dewshi. Added it to a chintan broth made with chicken, apples, ginger, and onion.
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My next books will be late.

I am devoting time to designing & fabricating new PPE & #3Dprinting medical devices.

If you can do #cosplay, #props, etc., please make masks, PPE gowns, face shields & esp. PAPR.

PAPR can be fabbed w/PC fans, phone rechargers & shower caps.
Look up "homemade papr" & there are many videos. Also check .stl sites for masks.

Please focus reusability & comfort. Bad PPE can mangle a caregiver's face, making them open to infections.

Just as valuable, make QoL things for them, too. Get kids to make them thank-you notes.
Nextly, as the hertasi say, "Style Always Counts." The saying is b/c if something is designed & made well, it can be inherently pleasing.

Add bits of trim that say "I Care" or "I'm Here To Help." If you want #gamers to wear your masks, make'm nerdy.
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Buenas tardes!!!!

Vamos a usar este Gabinete Mca. Yeyian con buena relación calidad / modelo / costo.

Va a llevar este pequeño pero poderoso corazón

#gamers #Mexico #trading #Traders #TradingView #trademark #Geek #amd #SSD #stocks
@SpartanBlackGe1 #amd #ryzen @YeYian_Gaming ImageImageImage
Algo muy importante es la fuente, quieres poder calidad y costo esta es una buena opción queda batalla y te lleva al siguiente nivel
#gamers #Mexico #trading #Traders #TradingView #trademark #Geek #amd #pcgaming #stocks
@SpartanBlackGe1 #amd #ryzen @YeYian_Gaming ImageImageImage
¿Saben cual es a parte mas lenta de una PC, que nos genera cuello de botella?. Exacto es el Almacenamiento o disco duro#gamers #Mexico #trading #Traders #TradingView #trademark #Geek #amd #pcgaming #stocks
@SpartanBlackGe1 #amd #ryzen @YeYian_Gaming ImageImage
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#selfpromosaturday for my late night #TTRPG, #PodernFamily, #artists, and #writing lovelies! Drop your hype and links! Share your lovely stuff with us! Like, rt, follow, comment to each other, be excellent. #SelfPromotionSaturday #TRPG #RPG #gamers #fantasy #horror
#Motif Story Engine seamlessly enables #solorpg, #GMless, and #noprep play. Use it with your favorite #TTRPGs, like #DnD or #SavageWorlds. Simple 3d6 system with rich results. Includes patches for twists & turns and running mysteries. #TTRPG #IndieGameDev…
No Angels Live Here, an occult detective agency #TTRPG supporting everything from single player #solorpg mode to classic #GM tables. Player facing system without NPC rolls. Explore a supernatural world and join the fight against the Dark! #IndieGame #Motif…
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1. #gamers
@Microsoft @Xbox @XboxGamePass
Digital content is not stable nor guaranteed. How are streaming subscriptions "better" when you can just take our money, use our info, and give us nothing?
"We may disable access to content associated with your account for any reason."
2. #gamers If you move, you don't "own" your digital content.
"If you change your account or device to another region, you may not be able to re-download content or applications or re-stream certain content that you purchased; you may need to re-purchase content or applications"
3. #gamers Big tech has no obligation to replace what you bought in digital format. Pay again!
"Except to the extent required by applicable law, we have no obligation to provide a re-download or replacement of any content or application you purchase."
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We have been added to @giantbomb, the largest video game database online!

Why does this matter?

@Twitch uses GiantBomb to list all of their games available for streaming! This was the first step to get us listed on #Twitch so users can start tagging the game. Image
& we will start showing up in the Twitch lists and categories!

We have already submitted new box art to be displayed on Twitch which should start showing up as soon as tomorrow!

Now begins the process of targeting mid/top tier Twitch streamers to get them to play & live stream
Super Crypto Kart!!!

Get ready for mainstream #gaming to enter into #crypto, Chain Games, and Super Crypto Kart!…

#gamer #gamers #videogames #supercryptokart #ethereum #eth #chaingang #web3 #blockchain #blockchaingames #blockchaingaming
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Allow me to share a bit of my bemusement with a subset of the #gaming community suddenly getting upset that #games are “getting political”. I speak as a very casual gamer but a very serious #policy pro (i.e. I take my job seriously) - super happy to chat. LONG THREAD.
During #BlackLivesMatter protests & the #games companies quite rightly speaking out against #racism and discrimination, there have been #gamers - and some of them quite popular commentators - upset that politics is “injected” into #gaming, which they deem 2 be their “safe space"
These are not only ridiculous people - see angry man claiming the left wants to castrate him or some such nonsense. These r people who have built a career on #gaming & their attack of “politicisation” sounds legit: “It’s my safe space, no politics”. Sounds simple eh?
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1/ The "story" of #BattlefieldV is complex. While it is obvious #EA & #DICE no longer see significant long term profit potential (vs opportunity cost) for #BFV, how we got to today is worth revisiting. My experience tells me this...
2/ From the beginning, it *appears* the long term goal of #BattlefieldV was to follow the "beats" of the war, from the early European conflict zones to the end, and at the same time, make #BFV something more personal & "customizable" that previous titles.
3/ It's not hard to pull this from the structure we got, and it makes sense for a long running service title. #WW2 is a near perfect scenario (it's a war for God's sake) environment for a #Battlefield title that need updated over a 3-5 year period.
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Este es el señor @elonmusk , billonario💰, diseñador industrial🤓, fundador de Tesla y Space X. Y lo vamos a analizar junto a @VirCid pues en lo que a #TheGame y #ctxmedios2020 compete, es un millenial “híbrido” en comunicación digital en el contexto mediático cc @LadyAAmado Image
No tiene FB. Se expresa mayormente por TW.
Sus números en performance/social currency son impresionantes:
Se unió a TW en junio 2009 (early adopter)
A hoy supera los 10.500 tweets originales👨‍💻
Tiene 33.1 millones de followers (dentro de las 50 personas más seguidas del mundo)🤯 Image
En el último mes tuvo un promedio de 1 tuit original por día y 1 RT cada dos días. Pero si vamos a su columna de replies, la actividad más intensa está ahí.
Se engancha en conversaciones pero no a todas les echa luz en su timeline. Es un cuidadoso curador de su perfil tuitero.💅
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30 years ago today the Berlin Wall fell. But in East Germany in the 1980s the authorities had a different concern: could Western computer games subvert the masses?

And the Stasi had it in for one computer above all: the Commodore 64! #BerlinWall30
If you wanted a home computer behind the Iron Curtain you had two choices: buy a locally produced clone of a Western one...
...or navigate your way around import controls and try to get a Western one. It was tricky, but It was possible.
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So after the @UKGamesExpo The Game Shop: Aldershot took a few of our pre-release kits off our hands and we said goodbye to our Iconic Pink bag as it went off to find new adventures. Clearly we need a new demo piece so I thought I’d do a Tweet along...…
The D20 I’m going to build today is one of our ‘Unicorn Blood’ kits. This colour is still currently locked on the #Kickstarter but when we get to 1500% or £15k this high spectrum glitter effect will be available in the pledge manager at the end.
#rainbow #unicorn #glitter #diy
So to start off I’ve laid out my pieces in the same pattern as the diagram in the kit, if you have a kit with numbers having a D20 to hand can help you put everything in the right places. Then I’ve got one eyelet piece and one other and tied a standard knot.
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📣 HILO sobre cómo puedes ganar en dólares desde casa (sin necesidad de cuenta gringa). Recomiendo leer desde la PC porque es más cómodo abrir los hilos, links y demás material que encontré. 📚 Sirve si estás dentro o fuera de 🇻🇪. Espero te sirva. 🙏
Ten algo claro: TODO el mundo puede trabajar por internet. No hay que tener una Macbook o dos postdoctorados. Puedes ser adicto a LoL o vender nudes. Allá tú. 🤷 Pero de eso no sé, así que les contaré sobre trabajos tradicionales, como redactar o diseñar.
No es el QUÉ hagas, sino el CÓMO. 💡 Así no seas profesional, te recomiendo prepararte con cursos o talleres (hay MUCHOS gratis online). Por nombrar algunos (ver imagen):
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