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1) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial in our series of educational programs on #hypertrophic #cardiomyopathy #HCM. Previous programs, still available for 🆓CE/#CME, are at
Now you can earn another 0.75hr credit by following this 🧵!
2) Our expert author is JA Linderbaum MS, ARNP, FACC, FPCNA @jlinderbaum, Associate Professor of Medicine, @MayoClinic, CV #NursePractitioner, Assoc. Medical Editor #AskMayoExpert.
#FOAMed #MedEd @MedTweetorials #CardioTwitter @transformingHC @TNPJ_Journal #cardiology
3) This program is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Bristol Myers-Squibb. Statement of accreditation and faculty disclosures at Credit for #physicians #nursepractitioners #physicianassociates #nurses #pharmacists from @academiccme.
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A young woman who would repeatedly experience the smell of burning incense (when in reality none burnt)
1. It was nearing the end of a busy OPD, when 27-year-old Radha was brought for consultation, accompanied by her husband and mother-in-law. They all looked anxious.
2. Radha married Raj a year ago. All went well until three months after marriage and the family was very happy.
One day at 11 PM, Radha started complaining that someone is burning incense at home, when all were actually sleeping. They considered it a dream & asked her to sleep.
3. These episodes increased in frequency and occurred 3-4 times every week. She would complain of burning incense smell at different times of day or night, and these symptoms would last only a few minutes.
Her family thought it's a God's message to her to pray with more devotion
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1) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial on #Bronchiectasis (#NCFB or #bronchiectasis) & its management, by Christina Thornton MD (@Cthornton32), respirologist & clinician scientist in Calgary 🇨🇦. Follow along and earn 0.75h CE/#CME #physicians #nurses #NPs #PAs #pharmacists!
2) I am very excited to be among the founding faculty in this initiative! FOLLOW US for awesome expert-led education #pulmtwitter!
👍@BronchiectasisR @COPDFoundation @EMBARCnetwork @ELF @profJDchalmers @sunjayMD @DrHollyKeir @becleartoday @ephesians_1_7 @NTMinfo @AlibertiStefano
3) This program is supported by an educational grant from Insmed & is intended for healthcare professionals. Statement of accreditation and faculty disclosures at CE/#CME credit from @academiccme.
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As part of the @ILCOR_org Pediatric life support taskforce we reviewed evidence for accuracy of tests for predicting GOOD neurological outcome following #Cardiacarrest in children
🧵of key DRAFT recommendations.

#Pedsicu #NeuroPICU
#Prediction of good neurological outcome is a key role for #PedsICU clinicians in #postarrestcare phase of #chainofsurvival.
Improving prognostic #uncertainty may help clinicians choose treatments, counsel families, and answer accurately, "Will my child be OK?“
The #PLS taskforce conducted a #systematicreview of literature reporting prognostic tests used in children after cardiac arrest.
Four types of tests were evaluated:
*Clinical examination
*Blood biomarkers
*Brain Imaging
#PedsICU #NeuroPICU #CPR
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Young woman who would lose eyesight in left eye each time she took hot water bath

1. 25-yr old woman consulted me with complaints of losing #vision in left eye after hot water bath. This had occurred 8 times in the past one month. Vision would get restored in a few hours on own.
2. Short-duration loss of #eye sight had occurred last Winter too, but she ignored them.
Last week, she was taken for an #ophthalmological examination after one such episode, and no abnormality was detected.
Her family members thought she was making up her symptoms.
3. She requested her husband to take her for further expert medical opinion, which he refused.
But the woman was convinced that her symptoms were for real, as she had definite loss of vision in left eye after hot water bath.
So, here she was in my OPD, against her family's wish
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1/Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a radiologist like the question,“Is it safe to do an MRI on this pt w/an implanted device?”

Never fear again! Here’s a #tweetorial on how to navigate implanted devices & #MRI
#medtwitter #meded #radtwitter #radres #neurotwitter #neurorad
2/MRI & CT are like nuclear & coal power, respectively. Everyone knows CT is worse for you & usually MRI is very safe & better for your body

But like nuclear power, when things go bad in MRI, they can go horribly wrong. Flying chairs into the magnet wrong. So, people are afraid
3/The trouble is from the magnetic attractive forces. There are 3 ways these attractions can wreak havoc. First is translation. Magnet literally pulls an object, like a chair, towards itself. This is the strongest attraction—like two lovers who literally can’t stay apart.
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Case of a man who shaved only on right side of face
1. 70-year-old man was brought to OPD three months ago by his son, with a complaint that he had stopped shaving on left side of face for one week. He was also not using his left hand even though he had no weakness in that hand.
2. This abnormal "behavior" started all of a sudden.
When his family members pointed this oddity, he retorted by saying, the left side of face did not belong to him.
Even when he was presented with water or tea from left side, he would stretch his right hand to receive them.
3. Family members were taken aback by his "odd behavior" and decided to seek medical opinion.
His BP was 170/110 mmHg and blood sugar was normal.
He had no known medical illness. #MedTwitter #neurotwitter
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Idiopathic intracranial hypertension: MRI features.

#Neurology #Neurotwitter #MRI #educational #Tweetorial


1⃣ Empty sella turcica (🏹)

🚨Flattened appearance of the pituitary gland against the floor of the sella turcica (🔼)

2⃣ Enlarged Meckel caves bilaterally, filled with CSF (🏹)

Related to Temporal Lobe Epilepsy? Maybe

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Synthesizing medical images is now easy to do with deep learning and good datasets, but what is it good for? I've viewed this with a lot of skepticism, but have now started to accumulate some potential use cases, specifically for synthetic #PET in #PETMR
Maybe I'll start with what I think it is probably NOT good for - diagnosis!

Fundamentally, the information content in synthetic medical images is derived from the distribution and patterns in the data that the model was trained on.

For an individual patient, this means that any synthetic images created will just contain the information already in their individual (non-synthetic) images combined with population-level distributions and patterns from the training data.

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#RSNA2022 #RSNA22 diaries
Conversations between UL & MP re studies w & w/o contrast
UL: Hey doc! We have a new probe (7.5 MHz), & he keeps bugging me about studies w & w/o contrast with #CT & #MRI

MP: That’s easy girl. Why are you having difficulty explaining.

UL: You don’t know doc; this probe thinks he is high frequency & don’t seem to agree on what I say. Just tell me how I can explain in simple terms.

MP: I will try by two images I took at RSNA. Consider 1st photo without contrast & then 2nd photo as study with contrast
MP: See the differrence

UL: Not bad doc, I will try explaining to him as you said. BTW, the #RSNA cutout looks good, please don’t mistake me, that is better than the one with contrast (2nd w you)

MP: Girl, you always pull my leg. I should stop talking w you.
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Calcium supplements increase the risk of dementia inn older people

1. #Calcium tablets are commonly prescribed to older people to lower the risk of #osteoporosis and #fractures. However, calcium tablets may increase the risk of #Dementia.
#neurotwitter #MedTwitter
2. Women (aged 70 or more) taking calcium supplements had a higher risk of all type dementia, vascular and mixed dementia at 5-year follow up.
The risk of dementia was higher in women with previous history of #stroke and those with white matter lesions (WML) on #MRI brain.
3. In another study, higher serum calcium status (even if not hypercalcemia) was associated with increased risk of #Alzheimers disease in elders. Serum calcium is a useful biomarker in predicting clinical progression in nondemented elders.
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Clinical Case for Junior Doctors and residents
1. 20-yr old was brought with history of non-progressive difficulty in walking and poor cognitive functions since childhood. Motor and language milestones were delayed. Perinatal history was unavailable.
#NeuroTwitter #MedTwitter
2. Patient's gait is shown. What is the gait abnormality?
3. MRI of brain is shown. What are the abnormalities? Image
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1/They say form follows function! Brain #MRI anatomy is best understood in terms of both form & function

A #tweetorial on how to remember important functional #brain #anatomy

#meded #medtwitter #neurosurgery #neurology #neurorad #FOAMed #FOAMrad #radiology #medstudent #radres
2/Let’s start at the top. At the vertex is the superior frontal gyrus. This is easy to remember, bc it’s at the top—and being at the top is superior. It’s like the superior king at the top of the vertex.
3/It is also easy to recognize on imaging. It looks like a big thumb pointing straight up out of the brain. I always look for that thumbs up when I am looking for the superior frontal gyrus (SFG)
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Are there any changes in #brain #structure during the first year following #trauma #exposure? Is there a difference between individuals who develop #chronic #PTSD and those who #recover? A quick thread about our work published today in @molpsychiatry📜🧠🧵…
Reduced #hippocampus and #amygdala volumes have been repeatedly documented in #PTSD patients. But do they reflect a #pretrauma vulnerability trait or #postexposure stress-induced atrophy?
To answer this question, we examined the association between #longitudinal #volumetric #changes of the hippocampus and the amygdala, as well as their #key #subregions, and #PTSD #symptom #trajectories during the first #14months following #trauma exposure. Image
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1a) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial on a very challenging topic: managing #ICH in a patient taking anti-FXa #DOACs! Your expert authors are both #neurointensivists: Richard Choi, DO @rkchoi @christianacare and Casey Albin, MD @caseyalbin @EmoryNeuroCrit ImageImage
1b) #Physicians #Nurses #Pharmacists #physicianassociate #NPs earn 0.5h CE/#CME from @academiccme for following this 🧵 Image
2) This program is supported by an educational grant from AstraZeneca and is intended for #HCPs. Accreditation statement and faculty disclosures at Prior (& future) programs in this space, available for 🆓CE/#CME credit, at….
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1/Ready for some heavy lifting? My second #tweetorial on the BRACHIAL PLEXUS! This time we cover how the #brachialplexus looks on #MRI.

#medtwitter #meded #neurosurgery #orthotwitter #orthopedics #neurorad #radres #medstudent #FOAMed #FOAMrad #spine #radiology #neurotwitter Image
2/Brachial plexus is how the cervical nerves reach the arm. In the coronal plane, it looks like a slide, guiding nerves downward. Bc nerves are traveling laterally, sagittal MRI plane is our plane of choice to cut the nerves in cross section & see down the barrel of the nerves Image
3/But it’s more than a slide, it’s a complex highway, w/nerves joining & dividing—like highway off ramps & on ramps. If you want to know more about this intrinsic anatomy, see my first brachial plexus tweetorial here: Image
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SEMINAL ARTICLE re: #ICD11 Chapter 08 - Diseases of the #NervousSystem 🧠

Study Title: The #leptomeninges as a critical organ for normal #CNS development and function: first patient and public involved systematic review of #arachnoiditis (chronic #meningitis). @PLOSONE

#CES- #CaudaEquina Syndrome
#DLM – Diseases of the #Leptomeninges
#ESI- #Epidural Steroid Injection
LM - #Leptomeninges
#LMF- #Leptomeningeal #Fibrosis
#NAA- #neuraxialanesthesia
PSR- PRISMA Systematic Review
#SAH- #Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
#SAS- #Subarachnoid Space

Key Findings:

1. A varyingly described, and poorly characterized #CNS disease called #arachnoiditis (aka #adhesivearachnoiditis) was exhaustively systematically-reviewed for the first time.
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"Las RM cardíacas en serie realizadas en personas previamente sanas con una enfermedad inicial leve de #COVID-19 sugieren que los síntomas cardíacos persistentes pueden explicarse, al menos en parte, por una inflamación cardíaca leve en curso"
Métodos para valorar la afectación miocárdica difusa
•Mapeo T1 nativo
medida inespecífica de miocardio anormal
•Mapeo T2 nativo
mide contenido en agua indicativo de edema inflamatorio
•Realce tardío con Gd
visualizar expansión del espacio extracelular
•Derrame pericárdico
"73% de los participantes informaron síntomas cardíacos en la evaluación inicial
57% de los participantes continuaron experimentando síntomas cardíacos en el seguimiento (n=346)"

"Signos de compromiso cardíaco inflamatorio que persistieron varios meses después de COVID-19 agudo"
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1/Feeling lucky? Or feeling evidence based?
A #tweetorial about how to read a #pituitary #MRI using data and know if there’s cavernous sinus invasion w/the Knosp score.
#medtwitter #FOAMed #radres #neurorad #FOAMrad #neurosurgery #medicalstudent #meded #USMLE #endocrinology Image
2/The hardest part of a pituitary MRI is deciding if there is cavernous sinus invasion. It makes sense that the more lateral a tumor goes on MRI, the more likely it has invaded the sinus—bc it is going the direction of the sinus. But how far is far enough? Image
3/This is important bc each time a radiologist makes a call on imaging, they make a bet & they are betting their credibility. And unlike other bets, there is only 1 wager—all in! So it is important to not call it when you might be wrong, bc overcalls destroy credibility. Image
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1a) Welcome to one of our favorite events on the @academiccme #accredited #tweetorial feeds: a takeover of our programming from @GoggleDocs! The focus of this tweetorial is data from #ADA2022 on #SGLT2i beyond cardiac disease. Our expert author is @GoggleDocs' @drpatrickholmes. Image
1b) Check out our other #ADA2022 recap #tweetorial by new @GoggleDocs family member @Ines_VFonseca who focused on the cardiac data presented:
2) This program is #accredited for CE/#CME #physicians #physicianassociates #nurses #pharmacists #nursepractitioners & is supported by an educational grant from the Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc and Eli Lilly Company. It is intended for healthcare professionals.
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Excited to see our paper in @CircAHA online ahead of 🖨️!

Multimodal approach including #PVloops and #MRI shows differences in physiology between #HFpEF pts w/ ⬆️ vs. ⬇️ LVEF ! - implications for therapy?!

🔑messages in the 🧵 below...…

2/7 Problem:

💊responses attenuated in #HFpEF pts w/ ⬆️ versus ⬇️ LVEF.

Differential pathophysiologic considerations elusive.
3/7 Approach:

#HFpEF pts w/ LVEF 50-60% (n=21) and LVEF≥60% (n=35)

Multimodal characterization including #MRI, #PVloops (rest/preload⬇️/🏋️), EBM (in subset).
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Dear #hr in #niin #ksom #usc, I know you are busy,but could you spend 8 mins on my emails pls? I sent 6 emails from April to June, and called you every day this week, but I didn’t get any reply. #neuroscience EAD will be expired at 07/10😩@USC @KeckMedUSC @KECKSchool_USC @USCNIIN ImageImageImageImage
Thanks,friends in #twitter in #niin,#ksom, #usc, in #neuroscience, #neuroimaging, #neuroradiology. I really appreciate your support. I got the email this afternoon. It’s my fault. Even leave, leave with pride, grace, and gratitude, no regret. The 4 yrs will be the best memory in Image
my life, although it is also the hardest 4 yrs. Hope other colleagues could take my lessons, and prepare everything earlier in the future.
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1) As an intern, GP or a gen med resident, you are constantly exposed to MR imaging of the brain. This is a complicated imaging modality that requires a radiologist for optimum analysis and reporting. But you must know the basic sequences and how to identify them.
2) The five most common sequence that we use in internal medicine are the T1 (with or without contrast), T2, FLAIR, DWI and ADC sequences. SWI/GRE sequences are also used in certain cases.
3) First check whether the soft tissue of the scalp and the skull (black) are visible or not --> if yes, you are dealing with T1,T2 or FLAIR.
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It is nice when you see a brain #MRI and instantly jump to a unique diagnosis in your mind.
A #tweetorial about #CLIPPERS Chronic Lymphocytic Inflammation with Pontine Perivascular enhancement Responsive to Steroids. #Neurology #NeurologyRF #NeuroRad #MedEd #NeuroTwitter ImageImage
CLIPPERS is a #rare #disease being increasingly recognized. We saw a case here @UHhospitals @cwru @CwruNeuro
(The coronal brain MRIs in this tweetorial are from a published case report other than but similar to our patient- I chose to use here instead given better quality)
Middle age patient presenting with emotional liability, subacute bilateral lower extremity weakness/numbness/spasms, ataxia and pan-sphinctric dysfunction over 4 months #NeuroRad ImageImageImage
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