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(again) about Finnish volunteer who fights against #Russia`ns in #Ukraine

This time Riku Arima.

#Turpo #Säkpol #Finland
Arima is ex #icehockey player in @JarvenpaaHaukat which play on 3rd highest level in #Finland in Suomi-sarja (Finnish series). Image
@JarvenpaaHaukat Arima became famous after appearing in #LoveIsland #Finland TV-series.
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Ville Nurmi is an exception among Finnish volunteers. He was asked by Ukrainians come to #Ukraine & fight against #Russia`ns. He didn't think for long, looked online what to take with him & bought them. He also got 2 of his friends along for trip.

#Turpo #Säkpol
Nurmi bought protective vest, helmet, active hearing protection, clothes, equipment bag, daypack, sleeping bag & pad, rain clothes, tourniquets 4 per fighter, pressure bandages normal & hemostatic. Burn gel, nitrile gloves, normal bandages, nasopharyngeal tube, space blankets. Image
They had loaded car with their own & also with first aid supplies to donate to others

They drove to #Ukraine. Contact person at border so it was easy to get through it. Ukrainians were grateful that group would come as far as from #Finland just to fight against #Russia`ns Image
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#Russian propaganda says that it´s savior of whites & west against #LGBT #Immigration etc. Now we can see that guide of #Fennomatkat (travel company that is part of #Fennomaa project of Russian intelligence service against #Finland) is in gayclub with 3 blacks

#Turpo Image
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Days 218-219 📌 Putin illegally proclaims annexation of four Ukrainian oblasts. On September 30, the signing ceremony of the so-called ‘agreements’ on the accession to Russia of the occupied territories was conducted. Read more:… Image
On September 28, Ukraine convened an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council in connection with Russia’s holding of pseudo-referendums in the occupied territories. Most member countries of the UN Security Council strongly condemned the so-called referendums.
@ZelenskyyUa says Ukraine will apply for NATO membership under the expedited procedure 🙏 Also, he responded to Putin's call for negotiations after proclaimed annexation of 4 🇺🇦 oblasts: “Ukraine is ready to hold negotiations with Russia, but only with a new Russian president.”
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#Finland is "closing" it´s border to #Russia at midnight 30.9.2022. If we look at the list of exceptions. We can see that border will be open also tomorrow. "Closing" is just political hoax.

#Turpo #Säkpol #Ukraine… Image

1. Family members of citizens of #Finland & citizens of 3rd countries permanently residing in Finland
2. Family members of citizens of member state of #EU member state of #EEA or #Swiss Confederation
3. Work
4.Logistics & transport industry personnel in their duties

5. Business travelers
6. Students
7. Those arriving in Finland for treatment
8. Owners of apartment or real estate
9. Staff of diplomatic & consular missions
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Thursday 29 September
Day 218 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine and the start of another daily thread.

Quite a lot of late news yesterday. To catch up on what you missed, click and scroll through yesterday's 🧵

Some breaking news to start with and #Sweden says it has found a 4th leak on the Nord Stream pipeline.

Previously 3 leaks were found on the gas link from #Russia to #Germany, caused by sabotage.

#StopRussia #SaveUkraine
More threats on neighbours by #Russia

This time the leader of the "A Just Russia.." party targets #Kazakhstan.

Sergey Mironov threatens (military) intervention after "seeing manifestations of #Russophobia..
The persecution of Russian-speaking citizens will inevitably begin"🤡
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Welcome to Wednesday's daily🧵covering all the news from #Russia's war of choice.

The Kremlin hopes to mobilise 1m "soldiers" to fight the losing battle. To defend their homeland, #Ukraine troops need winter gear. Please help us reach £10k target…
Today is Day 217.
Yesterday saw the "results" of the fixed and illegal referenda, blank voting papers, stolen toilets, empty passenger jets heading into #Russia and much more.

Missed it? No problem - scroll though from here:
#StopRussia #SaveUkraine

One of the most important pieces of news came late last night and that is #Italy's confirmed commitment to #Ukraine despite the change of government.

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia #RussiaIsATerroristState

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It seems I need to make few clarifications to my original warning "raise some cash, and keep it".

In a banking crisis, you need a collection of small-denominated bills (5, 10,20) and coins, because there will be a shortage of cash.

It will take time for you to collect this. 1/4
Moreover, at least in #Finland, you cannot raise the amount of your choosing from your bank account currently (conflicting reports on how large that limit is).

Thus, as the original warning went, start to raise some cash, but I add that obtain small-denominated bills. 2/
The reason for all this is that in a financial crisis, the digital payment infrastructure usually seizes to function.

This means that cards will not work and there can be hindrances in money transfers between banks and also to other institutions. 3/…
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Got my ticket to see @stavridisj at @BrevardCollege. He’s discussing #Ukraine #Russia. Will livetweet on this thread. Starts at 6:30 PM Eastern US time. #ncpol #wncpol #wnc @granthaver @ccotnoir @djrothkopf @brooks_rosa Image
“21 Century Geopolitics and Leadership, Admiral Jim Stavridis” @stavridisj @BrevardCollege Image
Sizable turnout at @BrevardCollege’s Porter Center to see @stavridisj Image
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About "referendums" in #Ukraine. Many have asked, why #Russia even makes the effort to stage "#referendums", which look so fake to any Western country. But let's go back a bit and look at the #Baltic states under Soviet occupation.(1/x) 🧵
- In Baltic states we know this "referendum"-play very well: the USSR occupied Baltic states through performances that bears similarities to these "referendums". (2/x)
- As a result in my textbooks in #Finland there was no word about occupation, but I was told how Balts "joined" happily to the family of Soviet republics. This is what Finnish curriculum taught at school a decade after decade.(3/x)
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It's seven months ago today that #Russia started its illegal full invasion of #Ukraine.

The "short special military operation" started in winter, and is now in its fourth season. The killing continues.

Here's the daily news thread for Saturday 24 Sept

Let's start Day 213 with #Russia's total losses after 7 months. On average 264 soldiers are being killed every day. The ratio between deaths and injured/disabled means if #Ukraine's estimates are correct likely 200,000 have been lost to the military

#StopRussia #StandWithUkraine
the morning update from the #UK's intelligence concentrates on #Russia's dambuster tactics!

#StopRussiaNOW #SaveUkraine
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#Finland`s foreign minister @Haavisto:

"All those (#Russia`ns) who cross the border on the basis of tourism are prevented from entering the country."

#Turpo #Säkpol #Ukraine Image
@Haavisto #BREAKING

#Finland`s foreign minister @Haavisto: "Validity of existing visas (#Russia`n) will be reconsidered."

"Refusal of military service or to participate in a mobilization is not a basis for obtaining asylum or a visa."

#Turpo #Säkpol #Ukraine
@Haavisto #BREAKING

#Finland`s foreign minister @Haavisto: "Loopholes created through (#Russia`n) property ownership will be closed"

#Turpo #Säkpol #Ukraine
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#Finland's🇫🇮 and #Estonia's🇪🇪 respective declarations of intervention are now available on the #ICJ's website:……
Observations🪡 #Ukraine #Russia 1/19
Both 🇫🇮🇪🇪 invoke their right of intervention under art 63 and the nature of obligations enshrined in Genocide Convention. 🇪🇪 also invokes J Cançado Trindade's opinion in Whaling case underlying importance of intervention for treaties where collective interests are concerned. 2/ ImageImageImageImage
🇫🇮🇪🇪 also consider capacity to intervene on jurisdictional issues, noting art 63 does not distinguish between different phases. They refer both to Judge Schwebel's opinion in the Nicaragua case and to leading treatises on the subject to justify intervention on such issues. 3/ ImageImageImage
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One reason why I'm not at all concerned about the #mobilization in #Russia is that even if the Russian "logistics" doesn't incapacitate the reservists via starvation and exposure, human wave attacks are obsolete.

For example, witness the GMLRS-AW. 1/

These can be fired from #HIMARS and MLRS systems, such as those used by #Ukraine and #Finland among others. Each carries ~160 000 tungsten fragments that kill a man easily and even penetrate light armor. They can be fired from over 70 kilometers away and detonate above ground. 2/
They are accurately guided and can be fired in salvoes that cover the target area very efficiently and detonate almost simultaneously, leaving the victims no time to take cover. (Simple trenches or foxholes are insufficient anyway because the fragments come from above.) 3/
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Almost the weekend, this is Friday's daily thread with all the news, views + analysis as #Russia attacks #Ukraine

It's Day 212 of the war

There's an update to the Ukraine fundraiser. We hope to get one of these alongside the winter clothing. If you can help, see my pinned tweet Image
As usual a link to yesterday's thread as a few of you tell me you like to check up on the news in one place.

Another fairly quiet day in terms of attacks and missiles, although just before Thursday ended, #Zaporizhzhia suffered a bad attack:

#Mobilization is still the big talking point in #Russia

This is a scene from #Makhachkala in the republic of #Dagestan. A big convoy of fresh convicts, sorry conscripts.

Woman can be heard wailing, knowing they may never see loved ones again.

#RussiansGoHome #StandWithUkraine
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Welcome to Thursday's daily thread on #Russia's war.
It's Day 211 of non stop shelling and killing.

#Ukraine needs your help, if you can spare anything, please consider donating to our Fundraiser as we're falling behind the target…
Wednesday was remarkable.

From pathetic Putin's ramblings/partial mobilisation, to the street protests in #Russia, to the prisoner swap deal which saw all 5 Britons released, ending with Zelenskyy's focused and powerful, history-making speech at the #UN

Last night there were big queues at #Russia's southern border with #Georgia.

Presumably men trying to flee before they receive the dreaded call-up to fight in #Ukraine.

Yesterday there were reportedly long queues at the Finnish border and flight tickets selling out.
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Some spread #fakenews that large number of #Russia`ns are moving to #Finland. This isn`t true, normal passport control points aren`t even open at #Vaalimaa border station due to the small amount of traffic.…

#Turpo #Säkpol #Ukraine #mobilization Image
Russians are also required to have visa to Finland. "Only" 100 000 have it.

Others can´t move to even to the border area.
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25 years old Finnish machine gunner Joni Björkbacka in #Ukraine fighting against #Russia`ns.

#Turpo #Säkpol #Finland Image
Joni have studied information & communication technologies & have his own company. He has been also elected as city councilor to #Rovaniemi (16th largest city in Finland) in 2021. His party was @persut. City is best known about #Santapark & #Santaclaus

#Turpo #Säkpol Image
@persut "Reasons for my departure were humanitarian. Killing of civilians & bystander casualties angered me, I wanted to go to support of weaker side fighting against an enemy that seemed superior in size. I wanted to put the training I received in Finnish army into practice." Image
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Thread about Finnish volunteer "Roni" who have been in #Ukraine not for helping them but #Finland (#Russia is the only threat)

Trigger warning to everyone who does not know how to accept the criticism by Finnish volunteers against Ukraine & Ukrainian army
#Turpo #Säkpol Image
"Roni" went to #Ukraine at the beginning of war & was in #Yavoriv garrison when #Russia launched missile strike there in early March.

Many other volunteers then went home.

#Turpo #Säkpol Image
Most of the Finns wanted to go fight #Russia`ns but #Ukraine army made sure with paper war that Finns stayed in #Kiev area to train Ukrainians.

#Turpo #Säkpol Image
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Thread: 19 September 2022: Day 208 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: "#Russia has highly likely lost at least four combat jets in #Ukraine within the last 10 days", a total of 55 since the invasion began. A "realistic possibility" this is because Moscow has stepped up airstrikes, and still lacks air dominance. Image
The "refusenik" problem within the #Russian Army is clearly at an operationally significant level.
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I have become rather convinced that #WarInUkraine is not going as presented by the western media (Ukrainian propaganda essentially).

This creates massively perplexing and dangerous situation for #Europe and the Nordics.

How to fix it? Thread. 1/7…
If my assessment and scenario are correct, we have walked into a 'trap' with with two outcomes:

1. Impaired Europe.
2. Somewhat weakened #Russia with a strategic upper-hand.

Currently, #Europe is heading into an economic and political self-annihilation. 2/
The current policy stance is leading #Europe to de-industrialization, mass unemployment, political chaos and (possibly) destruction of the societal cohesion across the continent.

A very dangerous and fool-hearted path. 🤦3/…
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#Ministerivastuu #demarit
@anttirinneexpj - Maksatko Antti, osamaksulla +korot, vai mitataanko omaisuus.
€8 miljardia mahtuu tiukkaan pakattuina satasina, kahdeksaan rekka-autoon.
@anttirinneexpj #IS kävi läpi #hallitus­ -neuvotteluiden ennätysmäiset kulut – irtokarkeilla ja suklaalla herkuteltiin
yli 3000 euron edestä | 31.10.2019
- #Loppulasku oli 595396 euroa, kun eduskunta oli budjetoinut hallitusneuvotteluihin 180000 euroa.…
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Sunday 18 September, daily thread number 207 covering the news and analysis of #Russia's illegal invasion.

The fundraising to help #Ukraine's army with specific items for winter stands at £900 / €1000 after 2 days which is amazing - please see the pinned tweet if you can help!
A late start today to the thread, but it's been largely quiet in #Ukraine so far this Sunday.

For all yesterday's stories check through yesterday's thread right here:

#SlavaUkraini #StandWithUkraine

In #Kramatorsk a hotel was destroyed by shelling.

#Russians will doubtless claim it was housing #Ukraine soldiers, no way to prove either way in the fog of war, but there are no reported civilian casualties in the city near the frontline in #Donetsk region.

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