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If report CT chest, this is an important entity to know about. This is a very good example of it. Not quite middle-aged male with chest pain and fever, no other medical history.
What is your diagnosis?

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@JeffreyKanneMD @CsFuss
Here are the lung windows, showing pretty typical right lower lobe pneumonia. Does this change your thinking about the first image? Note that there is no interstitial edema in the RLL or pleural effusion.
This is the coronal MIP image. Notice how there is decreased pulmonary vascularity in the right lung vs left lung. Remembering pulmonary physiology? There is increased pulmonary arterial resistance in areas with low alveolar oxygen levels, to shunt blood away from low V/Q.
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Here is a gorgeous case of CTD-ILD. I found this whole entity very confusing at first. I’ll show images at presentation, 7 days, 2 months, and 6 months. I’ll also share PFTs, BAL, serology, and path report. Please comment on these if you like. #FOAMed #FOAMrad #radres 1/
The patient is a 45 yo male. Acute kidney injury and ? Pneumonia. The first image was at presentation. There is peribronchial consolidation with a nice perilobular appearance peripherally. Looks like organising pna. Cause could be infection, vaping, drug reaction, CTD...
Here is a similar level, 7 days later. Consolidation has progressed. OP is really just a type of lung injury. If the lung injury gets worse, we could get into ARDS/AIP territory. But, no septal lines and no effusion. So just bad OP. ANA is elevated.
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#FOAMrad #neurorad #radres
Anatomic compartments of the spinal canal
Drawings illustrate the anatomic compartments of the spinal canal and their typical imaging appearances in the presence of a space-occupying lesion.
Normal axial anatomy of the spinal cord
Axial appearances of the spinal cord when a mass is localized to the epidural (B), intradural extramedullary (C), and intramedullary.

RadioGraphics 2019; 39:1862–1880…
Algorithmic approach to evaluating T2 spinal cord hyperintensity at MRI.

RadioGraphics 2019; 39:1824–1839…
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Acute allergic-like reactions to intravascular iodinated contrast: Who's at risk and how do you reduce the risk?

A #TWEETORIAL for #radres and referring clinicians alike

Inspired by a recent paper in @Radiology_RSNA by Cha MJ, Kang DY, et al.… 1/40ish
@radiology_rsna First some background:

Which of the following is most likely to represent an allergic-like contrast reaction?
@radiology_rsna Not all acute adverse reactions to contrast are allergic-like. Allergic-like reactions include hives, pruritus, nasal congestion, wheezing, anaphylaxis. Reactions are subcategorized by severity.
Mild: self-limited
Moderate: commonly requiring treatment
Severe: life-threatening
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#FOAMrad #radres #neurorad
Cerebral Edema
Is an excess accumulation of water in the intracellular and/or extracellular spaces of the brain
Is a common response to various forms of brain injury, and the causes can be categorized as cytotoxic, vasogenic, interstitial, or combined
Cytotoxic edema
• Is cell swelling caused by damaged molecular sodium–potassium ATPase ion pumps. It can affect both gray and white matter.
• Is caused by cell death, most commonly due to infarct or excitotoxic (secondary to excessive neurotransmitter stimulation) brain injury.
Vasogenic edema
• Is interstitial edema caused by increased capillary permeability, by breakdown of the tight endothelial junctions comprising the BBB, secondary to either physical disruption or release of vasoactive compounds
• It is seen primarily in the white matter
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