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#India's right-wing #sanghi #whatsapp groups are seeing this message to day.
This series on the State run (i.e. RSS and BJP controlled) TV Channel will allegedly set the record straight on India's freedom movement.
here is a promotional video of the kind of stories that the 75-episode series will tell Indian citizens about

It is introduced by the Prof Heerman Tiwari.
In the opening scene in what looks like a Roman Catholic Seminary a man with a cross
around his neck is heard telling his men in stylised Hindi as spoken by the firangi, "India bahut hi prosperous hai, Unke saath trade karo, Hamara King ka yeh order hai, ki jo bhi tumhara ius mahaan yatra par hurdel kare, usko punish kiya jaye" The video then cuts to
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My #Sanghi-infested #WhatsApp groups are sharing a story in an obscure California based online magazine (see pic).
Q. Why Now? the last election was in 2019 and the next is not till 2024.
A. To bury the shameful story of the shameful release of #BilkisBano's rapists. Image
The sad and depressing fact is that women have been involved in the unseemly jubilation and public felicitation of the 11 murderers and rapists who have been released.…
"Why do women support Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi?" asks the article in

You might equally ask, Whe do you battered women stand by their tormentors?
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By listening in on @MuslimSpaces one thing is clear. The primary responsibility for standing up to, and speaking out against, Hindutva #Sanghi outfits that persecute ordinary Muslim citizens, falls to the majority Hindu community and its leaders, representatives and influencers
Not only is this the morally right thing to do, it is is also a matter of self-interest. Hindutva outfits are effectively non-state actors deciding State policy on the hoof, growing ever bolder and becoming ever more brazen in their acts of tyrannical oppression of Muslims
They grow only because they
-are unchecked by the forces of law and order,
- feel emboldened by the silence of the political leadership
- feel immune from action by the institutions of a civilised State.
This cannot be good for the idea of #India as a "Nation of Laws"
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Ramanujan must be laughing at the likes of Ashok Swain, saying, "Choosing to study Humanities wasn't your choice but a compulsion."

Hate for Hindus is immense & the mocking of the Hindu Interns at #NASA has exposed it big time.
Then the likes of @ashoswai could have called #NielsBohr a Sanghi Associate for he said:

"I go into the Upanishads to ask questions."
But those murky people like Swain, would only chose narratives peddled by likes of Zakir Naiks for whom believing in #HinduDivinities is #Haram & they will go gaga around fake stories of Islam given Algebra and other BS.
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Ram Madhav tries his hand at Mansplaining. "The Act is not an Act", he says. "It is an amendment to the original Act". Duh! It looks like he has read just the Title of the Citizenship Amendment Act #CAA - and assumes that qualifies him to expound on it. Typical #Sanghi.
Let me - a non-lawyer explian the #CAA to @Rammadhav. I promise I wont touch on the NCR - that really shows up the true intent oif the CAA. For now I'll focus solely on the Act.
1. It is not the Citizenship Amendment Act. It is to be pedantic, the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.
The Citizenship Act of 1955 now stands amended. Most importantly, section 2, sub-section (1), clause (b) of the 1955 Act now has this additional proviso inserted:
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@amishra77 @virsanghvi This was the strategy of the outliers for a long time:
1) Moghuls became Indians and Indians became Kafirs
2) Nehru-Khan-Maino became Gandhi and Indians became fools
3)Muslims became Kashmiris and #KashmiriPandits became refugees

@amishra77 @virsanghvi @indiantweeter 4) Bangladeshis became #Bengalis and Bengalis couldn't celebrate #DurgaPuja in soon to be #WestBangladesh
5) Those who are intolerant of #Hindus became #Secular and the real seculars became #Sanghi terrorists
@amishra77 @virsanghvi @indiantweeter 6) The #Maoists and #UrbanNaxals became Intellectuals and the Intellectuals became #Bakhts
7) Terrorists became 'poor-sons-of-headmasters' who killed/beheaded army men and the army became human rights violators who used pellet guns on these peaceful terrorists. @adgpi
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