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Some say corrupt billionaires are the problem. Some say the corrupt #government is the root of all problems. Iโ€™d say corrupt billionaires are literally running the corrupt government.

If you are wealthy, you can do no wrong. You are a ruler without any rulesโ€ฆ a ๐Ÿงต for awarenessโ€ฆโ€ฆ Image
PNC Bank seem biased to me, if the reasons it gave donโ€™t hold merit. Image
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Rupert Murdoch's News Corp has NEVER been about news. It's about hate, division, manipulation, & doing whatever it takes to protect Murdoch's interests from democracy & prevent the countries in which it operates from dragging themselves into the twenty-first century.
Just three companiesโ€”Harmsworth's DMG Media, Murdoch's News UK, & Reachโ€”dominate 90% of the national newspaper market. And just 3 tax-avoiding billionaires own the Mail, Sun, Telegraph, Times, Metro, i, Spectator, Talk Radio, Talk TV, & Times Radio.

#divideandrule #dontbuythesun
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Taken from @Wonkhe, "the home of HE policy, bringing the sector together through expert analysis, debate and insight. A community of diverse voices, providing platforms to drive the policy conversation forward."
"Has higher education become the ultimate wedge issue? Casual observers of the news would be forgiven for thinking that universities have become chilly places where debate is stifled and the original purposes of higher education have been corrupted by sinister woke forces."
"Such is the nature of the Westminster governmentโ€™s culture war that while its own political fortunes wane, itโ€™s able to prosecute that war with ever-increasing ferocity and effect."
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New report from the @Global__Future independent think tank, claiming that despite elite's systematic attempts to divide Britain - not least with constant 'anti-woke' 'culture war' rhetoric - a tolerant, open, & nuanced majority still prevails.โ€ฆ
@YouGov polls show that while a healthy diversity of thought exists, there is strong consensus amongst the British public on many issues broadly perceived as divisive, including race, gender, British history & the monarchy.โ€ฆ
While a strong majority of us (77%) believe that Britain has done good in the world, 67% also accept that it has also done damage. How can an Empire not inflict damage?

The data also suggests almost two in three of us believe that change is needed to make society fairer.
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Yes it is really true! @UCU are ready to vote on whether to harass members for their legally protected beliefs (that there are two sexes and sexism is a problem) #WORIAD Any UCU member thinking of legal action for belief discrimination has just been provided with strong evidence.
@ucu In case the legal team remove it, here is EQ7
And similarly B13, ordered onto the agenda for UCUCongress2022. Both motions propose campaigning against feminists who think #SexMatters smeared in the text as 'transphobes'. #Solidarity to those targeted @CEFA_Women @OU_GCN @LabWomenDec @UCLwomenslib @WomensTUF @legalfeminist
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Color-coded map reveals where #Americans need to wear #masks again, and where you can go #maskless, outside of schools | 8 hours ago
- The #CDC is now recommending that #FullyVaccinated people put their masks back on when indoors in public,โ€ฆ
#CDC: Fully #vaccinated Americans should wear #masks indoors in areas with high transmission | Jul 27
- The new guidance is a direct response to the growing number of Delta variant cases across the country, specifically among #unvaccinated individuals.โ€ฆ
#CDC: #DivideAndRule - a strategy that breaks up existing power structures.
- Also, #mRNAvaccines do not prevent the spread of the #DeltaVariant, but why are the (damaging) #unvaccinated undeservedly released from #mask use.โ€ฆ Image
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#Bharat #เคญเคพเคฐเคค the Civilisation already had a well formed #Democracy

State was accountable to the civil society.
Election also was on merits. Minimum voting was 2 state based on issues raised by the civil society and expert opinion.
@SadhguruJV @RSSorg @HinduEcosystem Image
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@SadhguruJV @RSSorg @SriSri
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1/4 Today I was attacked in Parliament by #LizTruss. Tho she can read a script, she misrepresents the point of my Guardian interview. Specifically, I argue that this Gov is intentionally driving a wedge between White working class & BAME working class. It's classic #DivideAndRule
2/4 Faced with the Gov's Divide & Rule tactics, I argue for working class #solidarity. Revealingly, Truss resorts to her dogwhistle politics & suggests instead that I stand for some kind of BAME #exceptionalism - a unilateral claim by Black people on the right to be oppressed!
3/4 The constant rhetoric from Truss, her suggestion this Gov is a friend of the working class generally & the White working class specifically, is utterly crass. We only need to look at #FSM policies for a true idea of the extent of this Gov's respect for the whole working class
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Let's discuss point by point. How many of u learned of the detailed account of how much was looted during #BritishRaj ? Look how #Hindus were made to suffer. From a surplus country with all the riches in the world to the daily average per capita income of 5pices/2 1/2 cents...1/n Image
#ConversionMafia propagates, "if British didn't rule India, then there's no India at all." #SleepingHindus fall for such false information and become an easy prey, as they don't know what actually happened.

If the levied tax on land is 65% more than the produce, how Image
will farmers survive?
Our #Hindu rulers used to provide almost free education to all the people in their Kingdoms. Look at how much #Britishers spent on Indians education. They never cared about our sanitation, but all they cared was our army, spent whooping 330 millions Image
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@amishra77 @virsanghvi This was the strategy of the outliers for a long time:
1) Moghuls became Indians and Indians became Kafirs
2) Nehru-Khan-Maino became Gandhi and Indians became fools
3)Muslims became Kashmiris and #KashmiriPandits became refugees

@amishra77 @virsanghvi @indiantweeter 4) Bangladeshis became #Bengalis and Bengalis couldn't celebrate #DurgaPuja in soon to be #WestBangladesh
5) Those who are intolerant of #Hindus became #Secular and the real seculars became #Sanghi terrorists
@amishra77 @virsanghvi @indiantweeter 6) The #Maoists and #UrbanNaxals became Intellectuals and the Intellectuals became #Bakhts
7) Terrorists became 'poor-sons-of-headmasters' who killed/beheaded army men and the army became human rights violators who used pellet guns on these peaceful terrorists. @adgpi
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I've talked before about Russian #disinformation, and how the goal is to exploit existing divisive issues to weaken the enemy. 1 #InformationWarfare #WednesdayWisdom #CambridgeAnalytica #Russie #Putin #deza
Bernie v. Hillary, Benghazi & the "email scandal" were perfect targets. There was already tension & division on those topics, so they were easy to exploit. 2
Russia also targeted #peopleofcolor (specifically black voters) to sow distrust of Hillary & the political process, which helped Trump's campaign. 3โ€ฆ
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