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Low testosterone is destroying an entire generation of men & nobody is talking about it. In the last 2 decades, levels have fallen over 50%.

We live in the most estrogenic environment in history and because of that everybody has hormonal issues. Image
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䷐ Iron Fish Incentivized testnet

⎘ “ @ironfishcrypto launched it’s Phase 3 Testnet on January 18, 2023. Participants will be able to earn points that can be converted to $IRON on the mainnet”

Run Node free | confirm Airdrop 🧵🪂
• What is Iron Fish

⎘ “Iron Fish is a novel cryptocurrency focused on privacy and accessibility. Iron Fish is a Layer 1 blockchain that provides the strongest privacy guarantees on every single transaction.”
Iron Fish has raised a total of $32M in seed and Series A funding from a diverse group of investors, including @a16z, @sequoia, @ElectricCapital, @balajis and Slow Ventures among others.
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䷐ Aleo incentivized testnet

⎘ “Zero-knowledge technology was developed as a addressing of privacy related issues”

Everything you need to now🧵👇
• What is Aleo ?

@AleoHQ, a Layer1 project, is also actively working on implementing and utilizing zero-knowledge technology.
Aleo is a platform that offers fully private applications by leveraging decentralized systems and zero-knowledge technology to provide both privacy and programmability
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Altcoinist #ALPHA pick: $KAS

@KaspaCurrency, a new era of Layer 1-s, the unique consensus layer, GhostDAG, that might solve the blockchain trilemma.

- 8 years of research
- Open-source, Community-driven project
- Fair launch, No ICO, No pre-mine
- BTC (Nakamoto) consensus
@KaspaCurrency GhostDAG is a scalable generalization of the Nakamoto Consensus, allowing for high block rates while maintaining the security of traditional proof-of-work environments.

By implementing RUST language, $KAS goal is to increase block/sec to be viable for smart contracts and #DeFi
@KaspaCurrency Founder: Yonatan Sompolinski
🟢 Postdoc CS Harvard
2013 paper on Ghost protocol cited in the
@ethereum Whitepaper!!!

Michael Sutton - Core Developer
🟢 CS Masters Distributed Systems Researcher & Developer

Shai Wyborski
🟢 PhD Candidate Quantum & Cryptography Research
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🐂 #bitcoin sfonda i 23k nonostante il #chapter11 di #genesis ⛅️

In onore della "bull flag" dell'impeccabile @MMCrypto mi libererò di inutili manuali per urlare un bel:

Bull Market is back! 🎉🍾

2/📈 Chapter 11 #Genesis.

Dopo i timori per #Bitzlato, finalmente una news bullish:

Bancarotta del crypto lender che lo scorso anno ha erogato $ 130,6B di prestiti e scambiato $ 116,5B di asset.

$MANA non dovrebbe volare ma, fa come il calabrone: non lo sa e vola in alto🔥
3/⛏️ Miners in profitto🤑

Sinceramente preoccupato per loro, mi fa piacere sapere che le finanze tornano in 🟢 in casa miners.

Adesso che sono tornati in profitto non saranno tanto infami da dumparci in faccia i loro profitti, no? 😅

Fonte: @ChartMind

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Timing the #crypto narrative cycle.
Which #alts I bought, and when to accumulate again?

Narratives, #alpha & charts for my favorite #altcoins.

The final stage of the #BearMarket is where you build the foundation for future #wealth.

1/ 🧵


#bitcoin $BTCUSD Image
#AI narrative

The parabolic move already played out, we are in the final stage before major correction.

$FET, $AIRI (degen play)

2/ Image
#LSD narrative

The parabolic move already played out, a second wave will start with $ETH Restaking @eigenlayer

$FRX, $SD (degen play)

3/ ImageImage
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Altcoinist #ALPHA pick: $RSR

@reserveprotocol 's vision is to create a better, decentralized financial system with asset-backed currencies!

The future of money backed by:

- Tokenized #RWA-s
- Tokenized #ETF-s
- Tokenized #Bond-s
- Tokenized #DeFi strategies
- Tokenized #SP500
@reserveprotocol $RSR will be the backbone of the @reserveprotocol with two main utilities:
- Collateral Backstop
- Decentralized Governance

Soon, staking will be available on their Mainnet letting stakers earn Real-Yield.

First #Rtoken will be $eUSD by @mobilecoin !
@reserveprotocol @mobilecoin @mobilecoin has partnership with @signalapp , @signalapp has 50m + users!

I'd also mention a few big names $RSR ecosystem will have ties with through Rtoken backings:

@CurveFinance $CRV @fraxfinance $FXS @OlympusDAO @LidoFinance @ConvexFinance $CVX
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䷐ We Early on @AllsparkFinance

⎘ "The First Omniliquidity Aggregation Protocol for NFTs"

Confirm Airdrop 🪂

#Allspark Image
🗒 From Docs :

What is Allspark?

Allspark is the first NFT omniliquidity aggregation protocol. Traders can purchase NFTs from all chains in one. There is no need to prepare new wallets and gas token. 🧐
It shows the possibility of omniliquidity for NFTs on the omnichain, and there will be no barriers of the public chain to hinder the trading opportunities for NFTs.
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A thread on the recent rise of "Alpha" groups/DAOs

Many groups/communities deem themselves as "Alpha" seekers or hunters when its actually just a cash grab of founders recycling the same calls/analysis/research and spitting them out into the multiple groups they are in.

People believe in these groups where some actually pay for them (NFT/Token gated communities) that they are able to extract information which leads to profit generating results, be it flipping NFTs, trading, strategies etc.

Won't comment much on the #NFT scene as I'm more #Defi-focused, but I've been in my share of groups both public and private and a ton of them die off after 2-4 weeks due to the same regurgitative garbage shared everywhere, inactive communities, ineffective tools/bots.
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In today's edition of the bi-weekly selection of the best threads, we'll have:

▪️ 10 lessons to take from the FTX collapse
▪️ A deep dive on MultiversX (Elrond)
▪️ A presentation of Web3 companies that could take a share of the cake from Web2 companies

And much more!
The #FTX collapse was probably the biggest event of 2022 for crypto.

Lessons must be learned, a thread by @milesdeutscher

If you follow this space closely, you probably know already that #Elrond rebranded to #MultiversX.

Along with this new name comes new products and new narratives.

A deep dive in MultiversX, by @TheDeFinvestor

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👀it’s out! The llatest 2023 @GOLD_COPD guidance has been released...

🌟There are BIG changes this year. Here are my first thoughts… but lots to digest:

1. Revised #COPD defn
2. Etiotypes
3. ABCD is out, ABE is in
4. Farewell ICS-LABA
5. New exacerbation defn

1. Definition of COPD now *includes* emphysema…

'heterogeneous lung condition characterized by chronic respiratory symptoms due to abnormalities of the airways (bronchitis, bronchiolitis) and/or alveoli (emphysema) that cause persistent, often progressive, airflow obstruction’
An alphabet soup from COPD-A (asthma), through 'C (cigarette smoking), 'D (abnormal lung development) and 'G (genetic #alpha-1), to 'I (infections), 'P (pollution) and U (unknown).

What do you make of this? A similar approach has helped in pulmonary hypertension!
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We dived into the project to see if they could do 10x TVL. Here we found something that will surprise you. Enjoy a 🧵 below 👇
1/27 Recently @AuraFinance joined @DefiLlama top20 TVL, and this is a real #alpha! Image
2/27 @AuraFinance is a ve-token aggregator for $BAL. It’s much like @ConvexFinance for @CurveFinance. In fact, Aura is a loose Convex fork used to aggregate yields from @balancerlabs
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*Exits Stage Left*

2 Minutes 2 Midnights.

HOLY #TRUCK !!!!!!!

Championship Belt Of Truth !!

Easy As 123 !
A Masterpiece ..
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🚨 Shardeum L1 Blockchain Airdrop Confirmed

Shardeum is a Layer 1 Blockchain that's been around for a while and they got really big ambitions, in this thread we learn what Shardeum is all about and how to be eligible for the confirmed coming airdrop 🤩🚀 LFG

#Alpha 🧵🕵️‍♂️⚡️🪂 Image
Whats Shardeum?

Shardeum is an EVM-based, linearly scalable smart contract platform that provides low gas fees forever while maintaining true decentralization and solid security through dynamic state sharding. 🤩
Watch below:
▶️… Image
according to the Shardeum roadmap Mainnet launch
and $SHM token generation will happen in Q1 2023

in this thread, I will cover everything about Shardeum and how to add the network, Request test tokens, and test the products that are built on it which can lead to #SHM airdrop Image
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Wo sind eigentlich die #alpha-, #beta- und die #Deltavariante des #coronavirus hinverschwunden? Wann habt ihr das letzte Mal gehört, dass jemand #Delta hatte? Warum gibt es kaum mehr Fälle dieses ersten Abstammungszweiges? Diese Zweige wurden "verdrängt" sagt man...
Wie genau muss ich mir diese Verdrängung vorstellen? So wie im Mafia-Film? Da kommt @realB11529 breitbeinig mit Baseballschläger und sagt Delta: "alles südlich der Canalstreet ist jetzt mein Gebiet"
oder wie läuft das?
Oder hat es vielleicht etwas damit zu tun, dass die #Impfstoffe gegen die Virusvarianten gegen die sie entwickelt wurden vielleicht doch die weitere Ausbreitung des Virus recht effektiv verhindert haben?
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👀How to discover #alpha before anyone else? is your go-to place to find valuable #NFTs and what whales🐳are minting NOW.⚡️

🔹REAL-TIME analytics, updated by the second
🔹Exclusive mint indicators
🔹Customized mint tracker

Let's check them out! 🧵👇 Image
1/ Top Mints & Whales Mint Optimization🎈

To help our users make the best decisions, we've developed new mint metrics, including Mint Price, Mint Trend, and Total Mints to show the mint progress!

Our Suspicious Mint Filter can help detect fraudulent mints.⚠️ ImageImage
2/ Create Your Personal Mint Dashboard

You can now customize your Top Mints & Whales Mint charts based on your needs by selecting from a range of metrics, e.g. Mint Price, Gas fee, Sales, etc.

Your setting will be saved and available on your next visit! Image
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- When I say zero cost it means the amount of money you still need to pay for the fees is less than 1% of the #airdrop you might get

- You probably have done these tasks before but its still gd idea to be a repeat user
#Alpha 🧵🕵️‍♂️⚡️🪂 Image
- I strongly recommend not going for airdrop #farming and staying a genuine user, you don't wanna lose #airdrops for being flagged as a #hunter
- I suggest doing at least 2-3 #transactions on each product and keeping it +1K dollars, repeat the steps till you reach that amount
- Most tasks are #Swaps and #Bridges so always changes the #network and even the #tokens you swap or bridge / The more network you do #transactions the better

- You can go from A to B then B to C .. C to D to the end OR A to C - C to F - F to B .... do it in random order✅
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🚨 ETH Merge AND Potential Airdrops🪂

"The #Merge" is an upgrade to Ethereum that swaps out the current proof-of-work (#PoW) consensus mechanism with a more eco-friendly, efficient, and secure proof-of-stake (#PoS) consensus mechanism.

#Airdrop #Alpha 🚨🚀🍻 🧵⚡️ Image
When the merge occurs the current #PoW consensus mechanism will be fully deprecated and all blocks on Ethereum will be produced via #PoS.

If all goes smoothly, #Ethereum developers expect the merge to take place during the week of September 15, 2022 Image
Now that the #merge is actually happening and people seem to be super excited about it, obviously, some people didn't like that idea and decided to do their own #fork out of #Ethereum. The good news here is we can win something out of this once happens.🪂🍻 Image
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Let’s see what’s @oz_dao working on and going to do…

At this moment, the OzDAO Pass (total 175 items, 173 owners) floor price has reached 25 ETH, worth an ‘alpha’ price

🧙‍♀️ OZ #DAO

· for expert researchers and investors

· oz team builds tools to serve the member, receives feedback, and improves the products

· vision: track early projects; make on-chian insight, then make the right investment.

· Function: discover new #alpha projects and gain real-time insight

· Tech: power by AI, built on a large CT label corpus

· Usage: for DAO members now, outside subscribers later
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