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1/6 - Its Important For Everyone To Understand That The #lgbTQia #TransQueer #Gender #Rainbow #Cult Does NOT Represent #Gay Men or Women At All!
2/6 -Gays & #Lesbians Are Coming Away From The Rainbow Cult Quickly, Publicly & Sincerely. Many Are Ashamed That They Once Fell Victim To, and Were Deceived By, This Cult and It's Diabolical Agenda To Target, Desensitize, Groom, Sexualize & Victimize Others, Especially Children!
3/6 - Please Do Not Write Off All Gays & Lesbians As #Groomers, #Pedos, #Deviants or #Recruiters As We Do NOT Agree With The lgbTQia TransQueer Gender Rainbow Cult or It's #Political #Agenda At All!
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Pretty wild accusations against madonna:

Child trafficking and sexual abuse.

I’d caution to wait and verify this is indeed true and not fake news before taking it as fact, but its not looking too good at all

#MinorAtttractedperson #groomers #pedo…
Wow, unfortunately looks like it might be legit…
Multiple outlets reporting this, not a one off accusation…
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This is why you get a LAWYER to notify the school that your child is NOT to have ANY mental health therapies or "counseling" with ANYONE without parent permission. And if your student is questioned, interrogated, or otherwise molested by a govt agent you will SUE.
I can help you notify the school that you will put your boot right up their asses (as my dad would say) if they try it with your kid. These people claim to respect parental rights. But you have to make them.…
You should also go to and you will find templates for letters there and other help and print-outs to take to your child's school. We have rights. It's time to flex them.
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Did you know: There's one book that #Groomers have used for 2,000 years to justify incest, rape and child rape—even homosexual child rape.

It's called The Bible.

Let me tell you a story about Billy James Hargis.
I learned about this story via @Cajsa's list of #RepublicanSexualPredators, which you can find here:…

I'm going to tell the story using quotes from this 2013 article by @whitstrub...…
Some background: Billy James Hargis was a popular radio and TV evangelist in the 1950s and 1960s.

He used the fame of his "Christian Crusade" ministry to start the American Christian College in Tulsa in 1971.

Sounds almost Trumpian, right?
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That awkward moment when the "Christians" warning you about Sodom and Gomorrah are the same "Christians" getting arrested for child porn and soliciting minors online #RepublicanSexualPredators #Groomers #Pedophiles…
Part of Luke Bowen’s job at @TXRightToLife was to defend Texas’ controversial SB8 law that argues rapists and incest perpetrators should be allowed to choose the mothers of their children.

He was arrested & charged with soliciting sex from a minor online.
The judge gave former #Idaho GOP state representative Aaron von Ehlinger 20 years because he "failed to show empathy or remorse" after brutally raping a teenage intern.… #RepublicanSexualPredators
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"Every individual" includes children. "STERILIZATION" is right there in the language. #Prop3 is going to make it a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT for kids to transition or get abortions without parental knowledge or consent. Image
This will also make it perfectly legal for a rapist who is 25 to take a 10-year-old victim for an abortion in Michigan and not be penalized for the rape. It erases the age of consent which was always what the #Groomers wanted, btw. Image
There's a reason why "accepted clinical standards of practice and evidence-based medicine" is written here. That's not about abortion. It's about "trans affirming" theology. As long as the medical people say it's fine, you MUST LET YOUR KID DO IT Image
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Día denso:

Esta mañana se hizo muy famosa una cuenta de IG de una niña (menor de 12 años, yo diría que 10) que publicó un vídeo con una amiga bailando una coreografía muy sexualizada y sin pantalones.

Usuario y vídeo siguen activos 😞 acosados por un ejército de #groomers
Los movimientos y el ánimo de enseñar por su parte es tan explícito, que ni siquiera veo oportuno mostrar una versión censurada del vídeo.

No lo creyeron así algunos usuarios de TW, que, en un intento de denunciar la situación, publicaron capturas y/o copias del vídeo 🤦‍♂️
Es cierto que, a pesar de los reportes, IG no retiraba el vídeo original, así que algunos decidieron movilizar masas mostrando el material y los comentarios que estaba recibiendo.

Para indignación de muchos, las publicaciones y las cuentas de los activistas… han sido borradas.
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Ya ha pasado un año desde el verano del #CasoDeInformáticaForense que os voy a contar hoy.
Es de esos que, como perito judicial, te encuentras de rebote mientras estás estudiando otro que era tu verdadero encargo.
Uno que demuestra, una vez más, que #TikTokNoEsParaNiños.
Pero antes:
@CiberProtecter es la iniciativa de atención pericial gratuita a familias con menores acosados en entornos digitales y/o escolares.
Su fondo está casi a 0 y le siguen llegando solicitudes.
Si quieres ayudar o necesitas ayuda, entra en su perfil y el tuit fijado.
No suelo pedirlo tan claramente como hoy… pero de verdad que la iniciativa necesita apoyo 😞

A nivel #grooming, el verano está siendo muy intenso.
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This is Donald Trump posing with his close friend George Nader who sold access to the Trump White House and is now serving 10 years in federal prison for transporting a 14-year-old to America for sex. #Groomers #GangOfPedophiles Image
This is Donald Trump posing with GOP operative Anton Lazzaro of Minneapolis, who in August 2021 was arrested and indicted on federal sex trafficking charges for allegedly recruiting six minor victims to engage in commercial sex acts. He is currently awaiting trial. Image
This is former Trump campaign aide Ruben Verastigui who bragged about his access to the Trump White House on social media while telling his online child porn group: “I can’t stop thinking about touching, raping, and killing a newborn baby, been hard all morning.” Image
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Drag queen story hour 🧵

På hvilken måte er dette ok som underholdning for barn, om formålet ikke er grooming?? Image
"Little girls are also kinky"
#Groomers ImageImageImage
"Drag queen Story Hour (...) gives kids glamorous, positive and unabashedly queer role models" ImageImageImage
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It's national news that the AZ Department of Education is directing LGBTQ youth to a site that is facilitated by who knows who without parental consent to a chat about sexuality as seen here:…

Here are questions asked when joining:
As you can see 👇, chatting on this site is confidential, meaning without parents' knowledge. It's secretive, also evidenced by the green bar at the bottom of the pages that says,"Tap here for a quick escape" in case parents happen by.

A great place for #Groomers & Predators.
And of course Q Chat Space collaborates with Planned Parenthood, which sadly provides trans kids with hormone therapy.
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When two of your first authors are a former Trump intel chief from the Pentagon and a former Navy intel officer—both of whom are insurrectionists known for spreading Kremlin disinformation to try to destroy America—look in the mirror: you’re the #Groomers.
His site says—I’m not kidding—that “[Brave Books CEO] Trent [Talbot] is arming himself and other conservative parents with children’s books to enthrall their children...” When you’re hiring intel agents to weaponize books to “enthrall” kids with disinformation, you’re a #Groomer.
The books “equip [children] to fight” against “villainous ideologies” in the real world—which include basic ideas long associated with civil rights, trans rights, not publicly being a giant turd to other people, and more. I worry that the kids who read these books will be doomed.
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America’s real #Groomers
When you teach your kids to be obsessed with guns, grievance and bigotry, they grow up armed, bitter and violent. Republicans know this; they see examples of it daily, as far-right domestic terrorism continues to be the dominant stateside terrorism; but they won’t stop #grooming.
The GOP also mainstreamed child pageants—which sexualize kids in horrifying ways—lowered marriage ages, and empowered sex pests Trump, Moore, Gaetz, Nader, Verastigui, Hastert, and countless others, so in fact they’re America’s chief #groomers even in the way *they* use the term.
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🧵Let me introduce everyone to Oklahoma House Candidate Kate Bierman.

Kate Bierman wants to enforce the notion that teachers should actively make students pay for the sins of their ancestors in the classroom - sins for which they played no part and had nothing to do with - …
2/ - based on nothing more than than the color of their skin or their “gender identity” and sexual preferences.

This is the basis of Marxist Identitarianism and creates the incentive for children to choose to identify as something other than normal (Queer Theory)…
3/ in order to obsolve themselves of the required discomfort imposed on them by their teachers for their “historically oppressive” status. …
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This is Jack Posobiec’s friend, Milo Yiannopoulos, defending sex between “sexually mature” 13 year old boys & older men. Posobiec’s messaging about “grooming” is a PSYOP; he does not care; he has no morals. #GangOfPedophiles 1/
2/ As I show here, Milo’s remarks defending sex between “sexually mature” 13 year old boys & older men cost him a book deal. Jack Posobiec, Roger Stone, Ali Alexander & others attended Milo’s big attempted “come back party” AFTER Milo lost the book deal.
Posobiec, Posobiec’s wife, & Milo, who defended sex between “sexually mature” 13 year old boys & older men. #Groomers 3/ Image
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Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, etc didn’t just start trying to groom your children with movies like Turning Red.

They have been #Groomers for decades by using some of your most beloved movies/TV shows that you thought were wholesome.

Here’s how 🧵:
Children’s media has been trying to subconsciously teach your children 2 things:

1. Monsters are sad misunderstood creatures that just need to be treated with love and compassion.

2. Monsters are actually safe and friendly and their monstrous side is just a defense mechanism. Image
The reoccurring trope that these movies try to push on kids is that we ought to make friends and fall in love with monsters and beasts and even become more like them in the process. ImageImage
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In 2017, @RepMattGaetz “cast the only vote against a human trafficking bill.” He is now “under investigation on suspicion of violating federal sex-trafficking laws [involving a minor].” #GangOfPedophiles #Groomers #flapol 1/…
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This is Donald Trump posing with his close friend George Nader who sold access to the Trump White House and is now serving 10 years in federal prison for transporting a 14-year-old to America for sex. #Groomers #GangOfPedophiles Image
It's true that there are predators on both sides.

But after chronicling more than 700 #RepublicanSexualPredators, @Cajsa says: "I see more pedophiles on the right... the worst predators are drawn to... authoritarian ideology... rules and rigidity."…
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