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@Harri_EST and the team here at #UkraineAidOps are stoked and overwhelmed with the huge amount of support our important mission has attracted.

To date we’ve received donations from literally thousands of people like you who want to help Ukraine!
Let's check-in, a thread 🧵1/16
Managing donations is very challenging. Firstly, #Paypal blocked a portion of funds in one of our accounts, and our volunteers are constantly battling to keep things liquid. This is for those that were marked goods & services instead of gift. Gift clears much faster! 2/16
We’re told that portion was be unblocked today, but didn’t happen. We may need your help in ringing Paypal if it doesn’t happen tomorrow. Not yet though, pls stay tuned on that…. 3/16
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Even players who do not have a sweet tooth cannot resist tasty lollipops that #PayPal up to 500x total bet and trigger the free spins bonus that, naturally, starts with 16 sugary rounds. #sweettoothtwt 16 also features the same-named symbol, which is a grouped wild on reels… One more attraction is the combination of morphing symbols and Morph Magic multiplier that grows with every successive win and can reach 10x and 20x in the base game and free spins respectively.… Released in March 2015, this ghostly story is still popular today, which comes as no surprise given its impressive extra features. Besides two randomly triggered progressive jackpots, it offers an advantageous free spins bonus, during which wild
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@umairh Raises great points.

But Medium is NO substitute for the egalitarian public platform Twitter has provided!

Medium’s paywall—and its requirement that posts be long form and “professional-caliber”—preclude its being a good communication or political organizing tool for us peons.
@umairh Can just anyone post a 280-character comment or a 25-comment thread on Medium—for free?
Can everyone who wants to do so on a given day or in a given hour do so?
Can everyone who might want to read such things do so—for free?

If not “yes” to all three, then no dice.
@umairh And also, any platform that doesn’t provide free space—to an unlimited number of users every day—for promoting business startups or the work of aspiring creatives or crowdfunding appeals or mutual aid or advice…
is no substitute for the #Twitter we know and love.
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Dites stop aux frais exorbitants des transferts bancaire comme #PayPal #WesternUnion #RiaMoney ainsi que leurs politiques restrictives grâce a #monero : une monnaie numérique vraiment anonyme avec des frais de 0.001$ fixe par envoi et des virements en 10 min ! Image
Comment acheter des #monero ?
Y'a 3 moyens:
-Achetes en sur une plateforme de confiance (…) et retire les sur ton porte-feuille grâce a ton adresse.
-Mines en avec ton ordinateur.
-Vends des biens ou réalise des services pour des monero !
Comment envoyer des #monero sur son compte ou a quelqu'un ?
-Installe @monerujowallet, crée ton porte-feuille et génère une adresse.
-Dépose tes coins avec ton adresse.
-Demande l'adresse monero a la personne a qui tu souhaite envoyer les fonds et envoies lui
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Para los interesados en saber sobre el #bitcoin desde su inicio, acá les dejo un resumen con los eventos más importantes, ¿por qué ha tenido tanto éxito, pero todavía muchos los rechazan? ¿Cuáles son sus bondades?
Cuando termines de leer, seguro querrás saber más. Hilo 🧵👇
18/08/2008: Es registrado a nombre de AnonymousSpeechLLC el dominio, se cree que el pagó fue en efectivo o a través de E-Gold para evitar rastreo, al parecer funcionó porque Satoshi Nakamoto sigue anónimo y públicamente no se sabe con precisión quien pagó.
31/10/2008: El nacimiento de #bitcoin, el libro blanco (whitepaper) es publicado por el hasta ahora desconocido #SatoshiNakamoto en la página de distribución de correos electrónicos de criptografia #Metzdowd, sitio donde todavía sigue disponible el email:…
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$HPNN will be expounding on this thread throughout the day but the note on the Doty acquisition/compensation is very relevant. There was much criticism when this relationship was started/announced about how he was being paid, where was the money coming from, etc. While this 1/x
doesn't show day-to-day comp-it gives a rather clear pic of the motivation/potential Doty had with $HPNN & success. 75MM shares & 0.001% of ad REVENUE generated thru Vertuoso. While this has not been further explained how ad rev will be generated-it 2/x
does show the LT potential reward Doty is getting w/ involvement. #contentcreation & #Influencer on will have ability to gen ad rev for themselves thru their content which some will pass thru to $HPNN. This is materially diff than the site relying on 3/x
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Not A Paid Ad: In honor of #BettyWhite's 100th Birthday, small Arkansas Rescue: #ShoalBayAnimalRescue, 2 badass, powerful, mighty women work FT jobs & Rescue FT! Ask the Critters! @Dodo could spend a year on their #RescueStories
They partner with PetSmart and other Rescues to get pets adopted, fed, and sterilized. There are few animal abuse laws in Arkansas, and it is obvious when you see the before and after of their rescues, they have lost so few, #miraculously
Small rural spot, their own house is tiny, they are building a true Haven/Safety Net for hundreds of animals. Their main page, stories, and pictures are on Facebook, there is no telling what their vet bills are, they have partnerships with some fantastic veterinarians in
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Cansado de las restricciones de Paypal en Argentina ❓

Seguime con este 🧵 que te cuento una forma de "saltarte" las limitaciones del BCRA que rigen desde 2019 para cuentas argentinas de #paypal
Desde el 2019 y por DNU 609/2019 NO podes:

❌ Cargar saldo con una tarjeta de crédito ni a través de transferencias bancarias
❌ Retirar USD a tu cuenta bancaria en dolares
❌ Dejar mucho tiempo los USD en la cuenta sin riesgos
de bloqueos/limitaciones por parte de paypal
💡Recordemos que acá Paypal es muy utilizado tanto por freelancers argentinos que venden sus servicios afuera y cobran en USD o empleadores argentinos de mano de obra extranjera.

✅ Por lo cual, hasta ahora teniamos 2 alternativas
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I've been meaning to say my peace about Moc Belts (@belts_moc or @MocBelts) For a while now and I've been putting it off but since they blocked me finally I got to get this out there for anyone who is going to be interested in their black Friday "sales" like I was.
Don't believe it. Fahad is always putting these 30 or 40 percent discounts on the site across the year because it makes it seem like you're getting a great deal. You're going to get baited. Just like I did over a year ago. And boy, did this journey suck.
I thought nothing of it. You know, it was 2020. The pandemic was still in high gear and I figured I wouldn't see my belt for a few months, 4 at most. But then I started getting curious when I saw the email come in saying he was going to take orders in for the TNT championship
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#PayTmIPO – Long Thread:
There is a new game in town. The rules are “well laid out” by VCs – Report just 3 yr financials, blame flat sales since 2019 on covid, pick consultants to project fancy story, price IPO at 45 times sales, create scarcity of “limited offer” of 12% shares”
12% stake sale ~matches the “principal investment” by VCs. Oh, by the way, get some tranches of funding just before IPO that values your company closer to issue price. It’s like you buying your own house again for 2x price. May not work for you but somehow seems to work for VCs.
Now rope in mutual funds with 75% of this scarce offering (SIP money will go somewhere after all) & leave retail scrambling for 2.5% stake of a brand that is now a “household name”. Get brokerage firms & YouTube advisors to keep pumping story with same broken records from DRHP.
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Today week 20/22 of my training so in 3 weeks time it will be FOR REAL the #LondonMarathonVirtual 2021.
If you have a spare £1 to #donate please pop it in the #PayPal, if you have a spare £5 drop it in the #GoFundMe details below. These amazing #volunteer groups rely on us
#Followers #Friends #followback #help with #RT needed and shares to anyone you think might help with a #donations my anxiety is high I so want with your help to reach my target for all these amazing volunteer groups helping the #missing #stolen #found #rescue animals in the #uk
My live #Video from today’s training walk take a look see what it’s all about #RT #LondonMarathonVirtual…
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Delhi High Court to hear plea by PayPal challenging a Financial Intelligence Unit order imposing a penalty of Rs 96 lakh on it for not registering itself as a “reporting entity” under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002.

#delhihighcourt #paypal @PayPal
Senior Advocate Mukul Rohatgi appears for PayPal

#delhihighcourt #paypal
RBI has not filed counter. Advocate Ramesh Babu requests for three weeks to file counter.

Order was passed on February 26: Court

#delhihighcourt #paypal
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Saludos a todos, les comparto un hilo sobre una situación sobre un #ciberdelincuente que se encarga de robar activos de cuentas #PayPal detectado a través de un grupo de #Facebook. #cibercrimen (Tweet 1 de 11) Image
(Tweet 2 de 11) Image
(Tweet 3 de 11) Image
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PayPal Holdings, Inc. ( $PYPL)

$1 trillion Company by 2028


• Alternative Payment Method
• Earnings are Increasing
• Rise in online Activities
• Reinvests Capital
• Cashless Society
• Constant growth
• User growth
• Scalable
• Crypto

(Thread) 👇🏽 Image

#PayPal is an American company that operates an online payments system. It’s widely accepted across the globe and supports money transfers.

It serves as an electronic payment system which is an alternative to the traditional paper method.

Currently, 4 US Companies enjoy the trillion $ valuation, in a few years $PYPL will too.

Market Cap: $340bill

It’s a 3x company in my eyes.I see double digit growth over the next decade as digital payments become ubiquitous.

Let’s look at their financials👇🏽 Image
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Como todos sabemos el parásito bueno para nada de Palacio Nacional ha estado saliendo con espuma en el hocico en sus últimas marraneras después de perder la CDMX y ha estado atacando a la clase media de forma desmedida y majadera.

-Abro hilo-
Seamos claros, TODOS SOMOS MEXICANOS, olvidemos los calificativos y adjetivos que este engendro ha dictado desde hace años con la finalidad de dividir y polarizar. Repito, TODOS SOMOS MEXICANOS, hagamos un solo país.
Estoy seguro que muchos seguidores de López no están de acuerdo con sus últimos ataques hacia los que buscamos un mejor futuro, no caigamos en su juego político de SEGUIR DIVIDIENDO A LOS MEXICANOS,
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تشکر رضا جان بابت این سوال عالی ...
۱- دو مدل معروف برای تخمین این ارزش واقعی #بیتکوین از بازار‌های مالی دیگر وجود دارد.
مدل اول، #S2F که مبنای محاسباتش، ذات #بیتکوین در ذخیره ارزش است؛شبیه طلا. این مدل ارزش حال بیتکوین را ۱۰۰ هزار دلار می‌داند.…
۲- مدل دوم، ارزش #بیتکوین را از روی حجمی دلاری که بر بستر شبکه آن منتقل می‌کنند، محاسبه می‌کند. مشابه شرکت #paypal یا #Visa !
این مدل، #NVT، قیمت واقعی یا ارزش #بیتکوین را ۵۵ هزار دلار تخمین می‌زند.

حال این انتخاب شماست که مدل‌های ریاضی را مبنا قرار بدهید یا صرفا «حس» شخصی.
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Que les parece está perla!!!!
La red eléctrica de pagos definitiva
En una era de “todo lo digital”, las monedas siguen desactualizadas. Actualmente, es más barato pagar en efectivo que usar bancos, #paypal, #Alipay y similares.
#COTI es la primera plataforma #fintech de nivel empresarial que permite a las organizaciones crear su propia solución de pago y digitalizar cualquier moneda para ahorrar tiempo y dinero.
#COTI proporciona los 7 elementos necesarios para una perfecta infraestructura de pago:
- Escalabilidad
- Sencillez
- Protecciones comprador-vendedor
- Rentabilidad
- Estabilidad de precios
- Instantaneidad
- Seguridad
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$PYPL 💳 #PayPal’s Revenue Surges in Strong Finish to Blockbuster Year…

Now just replace that with $TSNP soon to be $HMBL #HUMBL and you'll get a taste of our EOY P.R‼

#Perspective : PayPal IPO was for 5.4 million shares at a share price of $13 (determined the previous evening by Salomon Smith Barney, their investment bank), for a total of $70 million. The valuation of the company was about $800 million @ the time.
$TSNP #HUMBL #perspective
It took from july 1999 product launch to june 2011, "10yrs" for PayPal to reach its first 100 million users, how long will #HUMBL take😎 ?in the same 10yr span PayPal reported 315mil in payments per day, how long will #HUMBL take😎?
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I have an emergency that I would like my Twitter Family's #Help with.

I am worried about my friend Jenn and her co workers that run @HarvestHillsYYC.

They have run themselves ragged and need help.

There's a reason why Jenn and the team have not posted or shared a lot lately on their social media accounts.

She is probably going to kill me for doing this (RIP @Hell_Berta)......but I need to do something for them. I can't sit back and watch them burn themselves out.
As everyone knows, Jenn was in a car accident in Dec. and she was hurt pretty bad. I am talking grade 3 concussion bad and really really bad whiplash and other injuries.

She is at home recovering and her fellow board members and dedicated volunteers have picked up and helped.
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This evening at 4:45pm we got a call from a social worker that works with seniors. She called us in a frenzy asking us for immediate help.

She told us of an emergency so extreme that her voice shook with concern over one of her clients.

#YYC #Calgary #CalgarySeniors #hope
This is what she said:

"Hello Jen, I was hoping I would be able to contact you before I left my work for the day in regards to a rather important situation that came across my desk this afternoon. I hope you have the time to chat?"

I said "Yes of course, how can we help?" #care
She said "We have a senior lady that is struggling so much that she has been going door to door asking for food from others in her complex."

I was quiet and honestly speechless.

I said "Of course we can and we will help. What is it that you need." #FEEDYYC #FoodHamper #helping
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2020 was an unprecedented year for the world and for crypto.
Before we fully plunge into 2021, let me share a brief recap of the major industry events of the past year and the lessons learned.

Thread below 👉
1/ Bitcoin's Big Year: 2020 was a rollercoaster year for #Bitcoin. We experienced halving, extreme lows on Black Thursday, followed by a robust recovery📈that led us to a parabolic rally and high volatility still going on today.
2/ DeFi Summer: This year was an insane frenzy of action for #DeFi as new protocols and yield farming initiatives were announced seemingly every week. By end 2020, TVL (total value locked) in DeFi grew more than 23-fold from under $700M to $15B.
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按照 #比特币 目前价格超过3.3万美元计算

搞评:只要比特币存在于世,定价权在中国(政府+权贵+矿主)手上 ImageImageImage
#比特币 #Bitcoin 去年3月最低跌破5千,美国总统选举11月3日1.4万,大选争议中却暴涨,21年1月3日最高价达3.4万,2个月翻一倍还多,只要告知买入,即能合法赚大钱且匿名隐蔽,是最佳跨国行贿手段
1月6日前更是决定美国总统胜负关键,若没结果,还有1月20,结果若定,疯牛行情就没必要了 ImageImage
经历过2015及2020年,如果你还不明白“政治才是一切的主宰”,那么也没必要再琢磨了。 Image
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Vamos a ver aquí como comprar en @MediaMarkt_es es quedarse con el culo torcido de su falta de profesionalidad a la hora de vender.

El pasado 21/11/2020 encuentro una oferta para comprar lavadora nueva.…
Bueno, me decido a comprar esta que dices, bueno, está muy bien y tengo el dinero. Pues le damos a comprar.

El envío era inmediato, pero también dejaba la opción de programar un día para su entrega.

Bien, pues vamos a programar el día para la entrega.
Por temas de trabajo, decido programar la entrega para el día 26/11/2020. Así que digo, bueno, una cosa menos.

Casi al instante me llega el mail de confirmación.

El pedido será entregado el 26.11.2020 entre las 10:00 y las 20:00.
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