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Dear @AnheuserBusch,

This isn't a post by me, it's a post TO ME about YOU.

#WeThePeople are finished with your bullshit. Having surgery on his face does NOT, and never will, make Dylan Mulvaney a woman. He is a CARICATURE, he's putting on an OFFENSIVE, DISGUSTING SHOW and... Image
2/# people have some idiot, woke, GenXer in Marketing who thought this would be an EXCELLENT IDEA, and all the Boomers on the Board, what? Abandoned common sense because they're enamored with a dude who identifies as a 6-year-old girl. Can you guess WHY he identifies...

...with little girls? Of course not. Neither do I, but have enough sense to do research on what this means. You know what? I can't even post it here, because it's THAT gross, disturbing, and perverted. But, HEY!
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🧵2022 :
La ligne éditoriale malodorante de #ValeursActuelles se crispe sur ses 2 fondamentaux : les immigrés et le wokisme.
Les annonceurs avaient déjà déserté l'édition papier depuis longtemps et il ne reste presque plus rien sur le site (les pubs pourries rapportent peu)
1/8 Publicités pourries sur VA
Le soutien appuyé de l’hebdo à la campagne présidentielle de #Zemmour avait déjà relégué #ValeursActuelles encore plus à la marge et fait évaporer le peu de crédibilité qui pouvait lui rester.
2/8 20 couvertures de VA sur Zemmour
Iskandar Safa, le proprio, veut déradicaliser #ValeursActuelles et tente de virer le rédac-chef qui s'accroche, appuyé par ses troupes.
Une opération de la dernière chance est lancée : trouver 15000 abonnés avant la fin de l'année ou disparaître
3/8… Capture du titre de l'article en lien
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"Crypto Billionaires’ Vast Fortunes Are Destroyed in Weeks" - colour me #Schadenfreude! They got rich pumping a technology that has consumed vast material and human resources, and produced no services of value to humanity so far other than entertainment.…
Re entertainment: if you see #crypto as mainly a branch of the gambling industry, it all makes sense. Remember the vast poker craze a few years back? People like to gamble - and if they can tell themselves they are changing the world at the same time, expect a big bubble.
Who puts their life savings in a crypto coin? Who borrows from the bank to fund #crypto investments? There are answers I can think of: shrewd investors with bad timing; victims of a scam; gambling addicts; or complete idiots. What do you think?
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And now, we present the #WholeMegillah... @JewishTweets style!
Book of Esther, Chapter 1: Achashverosh hosts massive party. EVERYONE is invited. #WholeMegillah #Purim
Queen Vashti denies the king. Oooo she's in trouble. A new queen is sought. #WholeMegillah #Purim
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Long thread: but please read, retweet, and go vote. We will be celebrating shortly!
Analysis: the @gop’s stupid decisions placed themselves up Shit’s Creek without a paddle. They have a historically unpopular incumbent at the top of the ticket that has energized the left base this election cycle. The left is likely to have a clean sweep of the
White House, Senate, and House of Representatives (GO VOTE). In addition, the energized left base is likely to over preform on several “down ticket races” and blow the GOP out of the water in state and local elections.
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There is a coin.

With Envy/Insecurity/Resentment on one side, the other being Schadenfreude.
Neuroimaging studies show a fascinating connection between Envy & Schadenfreude. Envy registers as activation in some of the limbic & cortical regions linked to pain perception.Whereas happiness at the misery of the person one is envious towards triggers the dopaminergic pathways
Studies show [Hidehiko Takahashi, Motoichiro Kato et al] that higher the activation of #Envy circuits in a person, the higher is the dopaminergic activity when the person one is envious of is "punished" or suffers misery, i.e., #Schadenfreude
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Softbank's investments - Uber, Doordash, Wework, etc - are cons. They launder Saudi oil billions with "businesses" that lose titanic amount of money for many years, while also preying on real businesses and their own workforce.

Then, Softbank exits with an IPO that offloads the money-losing company on suckers who think its longevity means there must be a "path to profitability." Softbank cleans up, but workers' lives and real businesses are destroyed, and the suckers get cleaned out.

A little microcosm of this is yesterday's viral tale of a pizzeria that found itself on the receiving end of a bungled short-con by Doordash and turned the tables on the company. It's a petty revenge, but so satisfying.…

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I'm in the Speccie today, writing on the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
I remember 10 years ago, around the 20th anniversary, I also gave a talk on the subject. It was almost exclusively backward-looking. I didn't relate it to anything happening in Britain at the time, because it didn't seem relevant.
This time is a bit different, because:
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📣 THREAD: Oral arguments on the insane #TexasFoldEm #ACA case will happen on Tuesday before a 3-judge panel for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.
One judge is a Jimmy Carter appointee.
One is a George W. Bush appointee.
One is a Donald Trump appointee.
As @mattbc just noted, while a HUGE social media presence to #SaveTheACA is expected (as well as real world protests/rallies, etc), the sad truth is that there's very little which can be done to influence the 5th Circuit panels' decision. They're lifetime judicial appointees. 2/
As he also pointed out, while the *hearing* will happen on Tuesday, they likely won't announce their *decision* on the case for several weeks or even months...and the odds are that their decision will then be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court regardless of how they rule. 3/
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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4378: William Barr questioned regarding The Mueller Report • #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #WilliamBarr #NitaLowey #MuellerReport #RobertMueller #DonaldTrump #Schadenfreude
1/ On Tuesday, 9 April 2019, Attorney General William Barr testified before the US House Appropriations subcommittee. The hearing was intended to address the Justice Department budget.
2/ Democrats, however, took the opportunity to ask questions regarding other topics - including special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US election.
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And now, we present the #WholeMegillah... @JewishTweets style!
Book of Esther, Chapter 1: Achashverosh hosts massive party. EVERYONE is invited. #WholeMegillah #Purim
Queen Vashti denies the king. Oooo she's in trouble. A new queen is sought. #WholeMegillah #Purim
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