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Was #Shivajis leadership Anti-Muslim? Lets use facts to answer the question in this thread.

Many anti-Muslim historians of India have portrayed him as an anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic, and this concept was used by some politicians of India, especially from #Maharashtra ... Image
for their anti-Muslim propaganda. Haji Mateen Bagban, President of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Muslim Brigade said that he was a secular Maratha king. He never hurt Muslims or tried to defame Islam…in fact, nearly 30% of his soldiers including 11 personal bodyguards were Muslims.
Some faction of Hindu society championed him as an “important part of #Hindu nationalist ideology”, but the truth is that his relationship with Islam and #Muslims is not so black and white. Image
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While a lot is known about Shivaji Maharaj’s military conquests and battles, I feel not much focus has been laid on his administration and the way he built up the military. This thread looks at this aspect.
#ShivajiMaharaj #shivajijayanti
Shivaji has rightly been regarded as one of the finest warriors, a great general, a brilliant strategist and a renowned exponent of guerrilla warfare. His role in raising a dynasty and and independent kingdom, during the reign of the Mughals has been legendary.
For some one who spent the better time of his life, fighting to build and preserve his empire, and who really had not much formal education, Shivaji built in quite a robust administration and taxation system.
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Swami-ji in a sitting at a disciple’s home was reciting Kaviraj Bhushan’s famous composition with fervour:

“Just like agni destroys the forest trees, and
The leopard hunts deer

As a Lion kills an elephant, and
The Sun destroys Darkness
As Krṣñna slayed the evil Kaṁsa
So does the lion Śivaji destroy the mlećchas”

Najund Rao (famous doctor of Chennai) who had limited knowledge on Maharaj Shivaji was surprised and expressed it to Swami-ji.
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#Thread 🧵

#शिवजन्मोत्सव 🧡🚩

गडावर एका सुरक्षित खोलींत बाळंतपणाची सर्व व्यवस्था करण्यात आली होती. त्या खोलीला आंतून पांढरा चुनकळीचा रंग देण्यांत आला होता. भिंतीवर कुंकवाने ठिकठिकाणी स्वस्तिके व शुभचिन्हे रेखण्यात आली होती.

@the_mahrattas @ShefVaidya @MulaMutha

दाराला व झरोक्यांना पडदे लावण्यांत आले होते. दाराच्या दोन्ही बाजूंना मंगल देवतांची चित्रे काढण्यांत आली होती.

खोलीत सतत तेवते दीप ठेवण्यात आले होते. पाण्याने भरलेले कलश आणि इतर जरूर त्या त्या वस्तूंचा व औषधांचा संच तयार ठेवलेला होता.

खोलीत पांढऱ्या मोहऱ्या टाकण्यात आल्या होत्या.

आता दाटली होती उत्कंठा!

फाल्गुन वद्य तृतीयेची पहाट झाली. आकाशांतल्या चांदण्या हळूहळू विरघळू लागल्या. प्रभेचे तीक्ष्ण बाण सोडीत व अंधाराचा विध्वंस उडवीत उषा आणि प्रत्युषा क्षितिजावर आल्या.

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Many a times I hear statements like “#Shivaji has nothing to do with Mumbai”... so is he really from a far away place? @mumbaiheritage #ShivajiMaharaj #ShivJayanti 1/n
#BelieveItOrNot #Shivneri Fort, his birthplace is less than 100 kms from #Mumbai as the crow flies! 2/n
Raigad, his capital and the site of his cremation, is also less than 100kms from #Mumbai!
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Shivaji is not just a "Maratha" icon but a pan-Indian symbol of resistance to foreign rule. Little known fact that 20th century Bengali revolutionaries fighting British occupation drew direct inspiration from him 1/n
This is why Aurobindo & Barin Ghosh had originally planned to headquarter their movement in a Bhawani temple on the banks of the Narmada (secretly supported by the Gaekwars) 2/n
This plan was bypassed by the turn of events, particularly the division of Bengal & Swadeshi movement 1905. My limited purpose is counter the myth that Bengalis have traditionally been against Shivaji - this is utter nonsense. He is widely revered at the original rebel 3/n
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