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It's odd, had a business and it collapsed on me. I made a few errors, was a valuble learning experience. Anyhow as a result money has been uber tight for a year. One meal a day, romin noodle type shit. I'm sattled with tax leins and have struggled. This is a full fridge
I need no sympathy and am in no way asking for hand outs.
I would like to provide prospective to the #ShutdownStories propaganda on this prolonged #shutdown.
I have no back pay coming. In fact, now I need to come up with $20k to pay off tax liens. I can barely feed myself or gas my car. Since September been teedering on losing my house... But I'm told to feel so sorry for some people that have to wait on a check that will come.
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Last February, USCGC Diligence, aided in seizing over $190 Million dollars in pure cocaine. Not bad for a ship nearly 60 years old.
This January, the USCGC Dauntless, who responded to the 1986 Challenger disaster, now just over 50 years old, interdicted a 20 foot boat with 11 Dominican migrants attempting to illegally reach the shores of Puerto Rico.
Last week, a Station Barber’s Point MH-65 Dolphin Helicopter (built in 1980, new engine in 2004) rescued a 37 year old fisherman off of Kaui.

Coast Guard Small Boat Station Hoboken, New Jersey, rescued five duck-hunters using a 24-foot Special Purpose Craft (2008)
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Thank you to all for attending today. Your stories were heartbreaking. We must reopen the government. I want to share a few #shutdownstories here /1
First, we all owe a huge thanks to federal employees. They are not getting paid, often still working - but were at pains to emphasize the costs borne by others who depend on them. You are heroes, and deserve better. /2
A furloughed EPA employee was dispatched to assist with the CA Campfire clean up days before the shutdown. Was then sent home, but can’t get reimbursed for his out of pocket travel costs. #shutdownstories /3
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If I was a federal employee, I would have minimal 4 months of bills in reserves. Period. It's call PLANNING.
Seeing how this happened 19 prior times since 1976, stands to reason yes?
Then, once I get my back pay, replace the depleted funds.
Don't expect me to get all upset for people that fail to plan for obvious potential issues.
Only excuse is a newer hire that didn't have the opportunity just yet to tuck away the funds.
Save the "but the contractors". These federal contracts are some freaking windfalls. VERY GENEROUS. Why do you think so many dream of landing a governments contact? They pay $500 for hammers!
They'll be just fine.

If I'm fine... They're better than fine. Trust me. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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Now I want to share something more personal, one my own #ShutdownStories . As many of you know I was raised in Foster Care. My family, as is common, struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. A disease that has ravaged Native communities.
My older sister has struggled and fought with addiction for over two thirds of my life, 18 years. This sickness has caused the same issues for her children as it did for us. Her addiction made it so she was unable to care for them. Just like our mother couldn't care for us.
It is not a simple choice with addiction. So for better her children have been in family placement since their birth. Meanwhile my sister has struggled with homelessness, drug addiction, and depression. She has had her ups and her downs.
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Let's talk #ShutdownStories in Indian Country. There are over 573 federally recognized tribes. All which interface with the US Federal Government. All whose members are citizens of the United States. Approximately 109 of these tribes receive Direct Services from the Fed. Govt.
109 tribes with direct services are not having roads plowed, members are not receiving health services, or family services. Or the providers of these services are not being paid.
9000 Indian Health Service workers are currently serving native communities without pay. Tribes are being forced to furlough employees to stretch funds to keep their clinics open. Clinics that provide key medical treatment to a very underserved population.
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.@NYTimes says the typical federal worker has missed $5,000 in pay so far due to the #TrumpShutdown. Good analysis.

But let’s discuss the long-term impact & how this disruption will hurt the personal finances of our fellow Americans for YEARS to come. /1
An economic shock, like the sudden loss of a paycheck, usually has very long-term negative effects. It’s not just a blip.

Even if people get their back pay, or land another job, this #TrumpShutdown will burn folks in many ways for months or years after it’s officially over. /2
A study from @pewtrusts found that when people face a major financial shock, including a significant reduction in income, by six months later, 50% of those impacted by the financial shock still hadn’t recovered. /3
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Last week, I gave my first speech on the House floor and told the stories of #CA45 families that have been hurt by the #TrumpShutdown. It’s time the President stop playing politics with their lives and get these folks their paychecks. (thread)
Aubrey’s family has filed paperwork to borrow against their 401(k). Borrowing against her 401(k) will come with large tax penalties, but she’s part of a single-income household living on a federal government wage. #ShutdownStories
Melinda has been working for a government agency for over 30 years. She’s debating taking out a loan and researching whether she can file for unemployment. She just paid the tuition for one of her kids at college, so she doesn’t have the means to go without a paycheck.
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So much great reporting and commentary about how the #shutdown is affecting science within and well beyond federal agencies! A thread (1/many):
EPA has furloughed inspectors who detect illegal levels of contaminants in air and water, @CoralMDavenport reports. Eric Schaeffer of @EnviroInegrity recalls damaging impact of 1995-6 shutdown on inspections & enforcement.… #ScienceNotShutdown 2/
With FDA surveillance of drugs & pharmacies down to a "bare minimum," workers in agency labs are concerned about slow responses if problems arise, @vyurkevich & @jechristensen report. #ScienceNotShutdown #ScienceShutdown #ShutdownStories… 3/
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This #archaeology thread explains how historically, walls have never worked and are simply symbols of overcompensation and division

Even the magical wall in @GameOfThrones melted like a glacier in a warming world
Sure, don’t get me wrong, walls can be important elements in a larger structure (e.g., a house), providing insulation against the natural elements or demarcating how space is used

But I’m hard pressed to find even one wall in history effective at stopping people
Most walls really are overcompensating for something. Usually, they’re overcompensating for the fact that a territory is simply too large. The Great Wall of China, one of the first public works of the new Chinese empire is a good example of such ineffective overcompensation
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“My family’s future is dangling on the hope that a bunch of rich people who have no idea what it’s like to live so close to the bone will somehow understand or feel empathy for us. I won’t be holding my breath.” #ShutdownStories 👇🏽…
“My son has to have his meds. My husband has to have his meds. These things aren’t optional & prescriptions just went up, as did the cost of what we pay for the same plan we had last year. Again – thanks to this Administration.” #ShutdownStories 👇🏽…
“We’ve seen other shutdowns. We’ve called creditors. Guess what: creditors don’t care. They want their money. Your lights, water, cable will be shut off if you don’t pay & regardless of a note from the Office of Personnel Management.” #ShutdownStories 👇🏽…
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Many people don't realize just how much work goes into running a national park and how much of an impact @NatlParkService has on local communities. Park rangers are sharing a few of the things that aren't happening because of the #TrumpShutdown
a thread 👇👇👇
Adding metadata to park archives and making photographs ADA compliant
Distance learning programs for students all over the world
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1/ I am in the Eastern Shore of MD, caring for my dad. In the grocery store a man whipped by me, moving way too fast with his cart. Asshole, I think. A minute later I hear him talk to a neighbor...
2/ “you ok?” She asks.
He is red faced, looks like he’s about to scream or maybe sob. He says something about not being able to pay for something important (I can’t hear what.) “and it’s not just the 800K of us, it’s all the contractors we work with, it’s all the restaurants...
3/ “’s all the people in the stores! There’s NO ONE THERE. And all the people we’re supposed to work for!

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” she says. “It’s terrible. I’m so sorry.” And she hugs him, showing more empathy in one chance moment than Trump in 18 days. #shutdownstories
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Right now, some 1,500 janitors, cafeteria workers and security guards are out of work because of the #TrumpShutdown. They don’t know when they’ll get paid again. And unless we do something, many will never make up their lost wages, because they’re employed by private contractors.
Talked with some of these workers yesterday, at an emergency meeting of their union @unitehere. Throughout the day, we'll share their stories on Twitter with the hashtag #ShutdownStories. Follow along.
“Personally, I have to pay rent, I have other bills, I have a college student in his second semester and he needs help with his books and stuff. President Trump, I’m asking you: would you please open the government?” – Jackie, a food services contract worker #ShutdownStories
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Criminal prosecution of Cambridge Analytica (SCL Elections Ltd) begins in UK tomorrow. It’s a crime to defy an order from the Information Commissioner’s Office. They refuse to disclose a complete US voter file despite a legal order from their regulator.…
Meanwhile in the USA, our closest counterpart is the FTC and it is shutdown. Its Facebook Cambridge Analytica investigation is delayed. The FTC vs D-Link trial is now also delayed to the summer. #ShutdownStories
For the record, I won’t be attending the trial tomorrow, but I will share news as it comes in. I’m not the plaintiff/complainant here. This is the ICO vs SCL, the UK regulator simply upholding the Data Protection Act of 1998. Not sure if we’ll see Nix or Wheatland cross-examined.
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I had a conversation with my sister about the #Shutdown today. I'm recalling this as best I can. I called to tell her about a news alert regarding food stamps. Thanks to the government shutdown, stores can't process any SNAP benefits until it's over.
My sister, who is blind and has a severe mental illness, will be at risk of going without food but she supports Trump and stated that he needs the wall to keep people from taking benefits away from us.

The people who have been laid off are the ones who help stores process SNAP payments. Keeping American citizens fed is a nonessential service. THINK ABOUT THAT. If this shutdown goes any longer, people like her could be in danger of losing her health and food benefits.
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Trump is continuing to hit on
federal workers AND innumerable contract workers - many of which live pay check to pay check and cannot afford to lose a day's pay never mind 3 weeks. Why though? And why NOW? And why has the 'wall's suddenly become a 'fence' /1
or 'barrier'?
Trump has had two whole years of house AND Senate control so why didn't he get this done as his number ONE priority straight off the running blocks?
Why wait til Christmas to drop his bombshell that HE was going to be 'proud' to shudown - knowing full /2
well hundreds of thousands of his citizens were going to suffer badly.
This could get really bad for some: losing the ability to travel to work because they cannot afford fuel, unable to provide food, pay Bill's, meet financial commitments. It could lead to debt, broken /3
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It’s #shutdownstory time!

I have over 30 yrs with the government, 22+ yrs with the US Coast Guard. My husband is retired military and a DOD employee. We’re comfortable, paying cash for our son’s community college, 4 cars, fun vacations.
The lead-up to the shutdown, my boss tells me to pull back my use/lose annual leave. No, it’s okay! The govt won’t shut down!

Yeah, joke’s on me.

Week 1 feels normal since I was on leave. However, we tell our son that his Christmas present is his community college tuition.
Week 2: Feelings of dread start kicking in. My 16 year-old New Beetle is rear ended. I tell my hair guru no cut today, just color. Pay $350 for college text books (used & rentals).
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.@realdonaldtrump Talk to some real federal workers, Mr. President. Not the ones you just made up in your head at a press conference. These are real people who are struggling because of your shutdown.
I got a call today from a federal worker in Centreville, VA who doesn’t know how she’ll buy groceries for her kids and sick husband.
I received a letter today from a government contractor in Arlington, VA who’s about to shut down his small business because he can’t make payroll.
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