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I’ve taken #coronavirus seriously from Day 1. Today marks 8 weeks since I pushed the CDC to brief Congress on the threat posed by #COVID_19. Since then, I’ve been working around the clock to address this crisis. Here’s some of what I’ve been up to: (THREAD)
When Orange County had one of the first confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States, I immediately sent a letter to the CDC. At the time, I was one of a few federal officials calling for us to prepare for this now-pandemic. (2/?)
One of my top responsibilities as a Congressmember is to keep #CA45 residents informed about the facts. That’s why I produced a FAQ on the coronavirus outbreak and have been updating it regularly since January. (3/?)
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🗳️ It's #SuperTuesday. Here’s a rundown of the top races you need to watch today 👇
Alabama #ALSen 👇

@jeffsessions faces competition for his former seat from @TTuberville. Sessions and fellow competitor @RepByrne have run ads portraying Tuberville as weak on illegal immigration.

If no one receives a majority, a runoff between the top two will be held March 31
@jeffsessions @TTuberville @RepByrne Democrat @SenDougJones, who has minor primary opposition in the #ALSen race, is the most politically vulnerable senator in either party.
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We must remember down-ballot candidates.

This is a list of progressive/leftist congressional candidates endorsed by at least one of these groups:


Please remember:


Double check your registration at least 1 MONTH 🗓 before any election you plant to vote in.

Also, endorsements are an ongoing process
Some races have 2 different candidates endorsed by different groups, so they’re both listed.

📖➡️ platform/issues link
💵➡️ donation link

If the pinned tweet is related to their campaign, I included it.

Now, onto the (long) list.
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Trumpublican #Irvine Mayor Shea @SHEAonIrvine, showed her true Trump-affiliated colors, opposing and voting no on the following resolutions at Annual United States Conference of Mayors in June of 2019. #CA45

Anti-Climate Change Action:

Against: Support of a National Price on Carbon Emissions

#Irvine Mayor Shea @SHEAonIrvine was one of only 7 no votes out of 226 mayors #ClimateCrisis #priceoncarbon #CA45

Anti-Climate Change Action:

Against: Supporting a #GreenNewDeal

#Irvine Mayor Shea @SHEAonIrvine was one of only 7 no votes out of 226 mayors #CA45 #ClimateChange

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At a hearing in April, I asked @jpmorgan CEO Jamie Dimon how a single parent working full-time at his bank in #CA45 could make ends meet. He said he'd "have to think about it."

Over two months later, I still haven't received any follow up from him.
So I sent Mr. Dimon a letter today to continue to conversation we started in April. As I write in the letter, "it is patently unfair to force employees to bear layoffs and stagnant wages in hard times and not lift them up in good times."
For a refresher on the conversation I had with Mr. Dimon, watch me recap with @Lawrence.
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#116th New Congress convenes soon!
43 HOUSE SEATS FLIPPED BLUE! 🌊🌊🌊 #BlueWave2018
(*Net of 40) 64 New Democratic Members in the HOUSE!
with @TeamPelosi leading the way
What do they stand for?
⤵️THREAD of ALL New Blue Congressfolk⤵️
w/ graphic, campaign website links & Twitter
Arizona #AZ02 #116thCongress
Representative Ann Kirkpatrick

"Proud lifelong Arizonan, former prosecutor & congresswoman, independent voice for working Arizona families."

Arizona #AZ09 #AZ9 #116thCongress
Representative Greg Stanton
Former Phoenix Mayor, Former Phoenix City Councilman & Attorney

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And now, a quick thread illustrating just how thoroughly California Republicans were obliterated in the post-election day counts.
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IMPORTANT: #CA45 & #CA39 don't be disheartened if the next couple batches of ballots counted skew GOP.

Spent most of my weekend observing the vote count in OC and LA. In OC the GOP is challenging the signature on every Dem ballot so lots of our ballots are getting pulled out.
The GOP is challenging the signature on #CA45 & #CA39 Dem ballot sat every tier when officials say they're a match.

So our ballots are there & will ve counted after extra inspections. This is not only slowing down the count, but will also produce batches w/less Dem ballots.
To be clear, I believe both #CA39 & #CA45 are going to flip. The OC Registrar is fair and ethical and isn't going to uphold frivolous challenges. These Dem ballots will be counted. It's just you might see some batches where there are less Dem ballots & then eventually, Dem ones.
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🚨MY MASTER THREAD of #Midterm2018 results analysis, including an array of data dives. Will the country chose to repudiate president Trump? Health care instead of the wall? RT & strap in, folks, tonight could be a wild ride. We get the first batch of results at around 6 PM ET.
Turnout has looked unprecedented for weeks now. Indications today that it could even beat these lofty expectations. At this point I think I’d buy for pickups in Tossup sub/urban seats like #TX07 #TX32 and #TX26, but sell in more rural districts that have looked like reaches.
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We've traveled 1000s of miles on a mission to meet the voters who could matter the most tomorrow.

Many feel alienated and want to be heard -- everything from climate change to an economy they say is struggling *no matter what Trump says.*

Watch more:
Some of our stops:

#ME2: Mars Hill, Millenocket, Bangor, Stonington
#NY11: Staten Island, Bensonhurst
#FL26: Miami, Homestead, the Keys
#TX23: San Antonio, Crystal City, Eagle Pass, El Paso, Tornillo
#CA48, #CA45, #CA39: Newport, Irvine, Yorba Linda
#CO6: Aurora, Centennial
It's not over yet -- not even close.

@SavannahGuthrie is spot-on.

We really have no clue what's gonna happen.

It'll come down to who shows up, and it's looking like a *huge* wave of voters -- and real change -- could be coming.

Watch more:
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Why the slight shift? Let me try to explain what we've observed move post-Labor Day. There are basically 3 large buckets of House races we're watching...
1) Vulnerable Rs in upscale, suburban, Clinton-won "Whole Foods" districts like #VA10 Comstock, #KS03 Yoder, #CO06 Coffman, #MN03 Paulsen, #CA45 Walters, #NJ07 Lance, etc. These Rs are mostly trailing & their numbers haven't gotten any better recently.
2) Competitive races in redder, working-class districts that Trump won by double digits in '16, such as #IL12 Bost, #MN08 OPEN, #NY22 Tenney, #WV03 OPEN, etc. Overall, things have slightly improved in "Trump zones" for Rs, w/ notable exceptions in districts like #KS02 & #ME02.
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The path to a #BlueWave runs through the Golden State. Meet the candidates in key flippable California districts. #CApol (1/9) NXTGN.US/fii
#CA10: “He’s a newb, but a smart one.” Josh Harder supports the #DreamAct, #MedicareForAll, and debt relief for college students. NXTGN.US/fic
#CA21: TJ Cox has helped bring $40 million worth of investments and over 700 jobs to the district and wants to develop improved clean water infrastructure in the Central Valley. NXTGN.US/fid
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Watch what happened when I asked a bus stop full of CA students if they'd vote in their *key* midterm district.


While Trump's latest fire drill is underway, here's something else to think about: why young Americans don't vote.

Strong reactions, so here's more of our "What Matters?" series.

Keep hearing how DC and us in news don't get real life.

No wonder many don't trust politics.

TX 1/2:
TX 2/2:
Almost a month after I was first here and got those blank stares, looks like turnout is high at @UCIrvine in #CA45 after all.
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📢 NEW LA Times Poll (1/2) 📢

#CA10: @joshua_harder (D) 50% vs. Denham (R) 45%
#CA22: @JanzforCongress (D) 45% vs. Nunes (R) 53%
#CA25: @KatieHill4CA (D) 50% vs. Knight (R) 46%
#CA39: @GilCisnerosCA (D) 49% vs. Kim (R) 48%

cc: @BlueWaveCS🌊
📢 NEW LA Times Poll (2/2) 📢

#CA45 @katieporteroc (D) 52% vs Walters (R) 45%
#CA48 @HarleyRouda (D) 48% vs Rohrabacher (R) 48%
#CA49 @MikeLevinCA (D) 55% vs.Harkey (R) 41%
#CA50 @ACampaNajjar (D) 47% Hunter (R) 49%

cc: @BlueWaveCS🌊
Not really that stoked about these Senate ratings changed by @CookPolitical:

🔥THREE Senate seats shift red:

#MTSen: Lean Dem ->Toss Up
#NESen: Likely Rep ->Solid Rep
#NJSen: Likely Dem ->Lean Dem
#OHSen: Lean Dem ->Likely Dem

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As Green Day once sang: “Do You Know Your Enemy?”

If not, we need to have a talk about the Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPac).

THEY ARE THE ENEMY of the 2018 Midterm Elections and they WILL cost us seats IF we let them.
The CLF is a right-wing SuperPAC spearheaded by Paul Ryan. It’s goal is to lie about and smear as many Democratic candidates as possible.

They have raised more than $100Million from billionaires looking to keep the GOP in power.…
Back in May, Paul Ryan personally solicited billionaire Sheldon Adelson for $30Million for the CLF. He made the pitch and then walked out of the room so that someone else could make the actual “ask”, in order to avoid campaign finance violations.…
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Q2 Fundraising is over, and Democrats did a great job!

But I was chatting with @ybbkaren and an interesting question came up:

With SO MANY great candidates, how do we decide who needs donations the most? Many are worthy, but our personal funds are not unlimited.
So I came up with an idea for my own list of Dems who need $$$ based upon the following criteria:

*They have won their primary
*They are trying to flip “swing” GOP-held seats (per @CookPolitical ratings)
*They are behind their GOP opponents in “Cash on Hand” (per @OpenSecretsDC)
That’s not to say that other Democrats in swing districts are not worthy. They are. But the following, from a strategic $$$ perspective, might be the best place to donate *for now*.

This is the list of those House candidates, and their donation links, based on that criteria:
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As Orange County, CA finished counting its primary ballots last week, we're going to be looking the House race in #CA45. This Congressional District is entirely in Orange County; it starts north in Anaheim, takes Irvine in the middle, and ends near Mission Viejo.
In 2016, Rep. Mimi Walters (R) won her second term by 17%. The district, which went to Romney in 2012, flipped to Clinton by almost 6%. Walters actually won more Clinton precincts than her Dem opponent, Ron Varasteh, did. #ca45
#CA45, like Orange County in general, has traditionally voted Republican. In fact, Clinton was the only recent statewide Democrat to carry it; even Obama and Feinstein lost it by double-digits. Still, the trend meant that Dems consider this seat a good pickup opportunity.
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Thanks to reporting from various sources, we now know that at least 14 GOP lawmakers (nine senators, three governors, and two congressmen, both from CA) are tied up in various segments of Bob Mueller's probe into election interference in 2016.
Six are tied in due to money they got from Russian oligarchs Viktor Vekselberg and Len Blavatnik. They are Sens. Mitch McConnell (MS), Marco Rubio (FL), Lindsey Graham (SC), and John McCain (AZ), along with Govs. John Kasich (OH) and Scott Walker (WI).…
Four more are tied to Cambridge Analytica, all of whom are senators. Those senators are Ted Cruz (TX), Thom Tillis (NC), Tom Cotton (AR), and Roy Blunt (MO).
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The GOP's silence about ripping children from their parents is deafening.

Guess who *is* stating a clear moral position on this...Your 2018 Democratic swing district nominees. I've threaded their positions below. Please RT and follow all. #FlipEverything. Save America's soul.
Katie Porter - #CA45 @katieporteroc
Kathleen Williams - #MTAL @WilliamsForMT
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It's Super Tuesday, & my cheat sheet has ballooned to include 33 important elections:…

So here's a quick thread highlighting some (lower-profile) races you should absolutely be paying attention to today!
You know the big ones:
—Will Dems be shut-out in any of the 3 crowded Orange Co districts (#CA39, #CA48, #CA49)?
—Will the GOP be shut out in one/both of California's Senate & Gov race?
What else?
In New Mexico, state Rep. Debbie Rodella is facing a primary challenger in the Democratic primary (Susan Herrera). Rodella has killed progressive legislation, such as automatic voting registration. See:…
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Here's the deal: We have to #FlipItBlue in November. We have to elect @DaveMinCA. Here's why. In #CA45 (Orange County, California), we have a fighting chance to knock out Rep. Mimi Walters, a do-nothing Republican Trump follower, & replace her with an amazing Democrat. THREAD 1/
The top Democratic candidates for #CA45 are @DaveMinCA and @KatiePorterOC. Just by being Democrats with a conscience, they are both infinitely better than Mimi Walters. But the best #CA45 Democratic candidate, by far, is @DaveMinCA. 2/
has amazing people skills, real plans for all the important issues, & broad support from grassroots Democratic organizations on the ground in Orange County. Dave easily won more votes than all the other candidates combined in the local straw polls among local Dems. 3/
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Well guys, tonight on #ElectionTwitter, we're gonna be looking at Orange County. It's California's third most populous county and will be critical for the 2018 midterms.
Why is Orange County so interesting? Well, to start, it was one the relatively few Romney -> Clinton counties. She won it by almost 9%, becoming the first Democrat to carry it since FDR in 1936.
Despite the county flipping to Clinton, a quartet of districts there (or at least partially contained within OC) reelected R incumbents to Congress: #CA39, #CA45, #CA48, and #CA49.
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