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"Je ne pense pas personnellement que le #GrandReset soit inévitable
Nous aurons un long et dur combat contre le récit qui est poussé
Mais il y a bcp d'obstacles face au #WEF et aux #globalistes
Et on a vu, avec le Covid et sa réponse, que ce genre ⬇️
2 - ... de choses vit ou meurt avec l'obéissance du public
Et la chose la + importante que nous pouvons tous faire c'est de continuer à en parler, résister contre ces mesures, horribles, draconiennes et autoritaires dont le WEF est si friand
A la fin ils ne peuvent ⬇️
3 - ... l'implémenter que si le public l'accepte, sans l'adhésion du public, le GreatReset est mort
Les cadres opérationnels qui vont être nécessaires pour le #CBDC, l'#identité numérique, le #crédit #social à grande échelle, tout cela prendra des années
Alors nous avons ⬇️
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🧵 Is the American Dream dead? - a tweetstorm

This is a brain dump of .@RaoulGMI's 30+ years of knowledge, how the world works, and how his macro framework fits into it all ⤵️
1/ There's no denying that we're in a mess!

By the Law of Unintended Consequences, every time we try to fix A, we create problems B, C, D, E, etc.

We hardly understand these new problems unless there's hindsight to connect the dots...

So, how the hell did we get here?

Let's start by looking at the peak of the #British Empire:

It was the world's largest realm. But as with every empire, trying to control so many people across the globe has its price & #debt weakened its structure...
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1/n So many people try to think so hard whether a #Fed #pivot is coming and when, so they could "buy the bottom" while Fed is pivoting. When in reality, the #market (both #StockMarket and #credit) are so much more complicated and unpredicatble then that.
2/N Even though I cannot claim I can predict what the Fed will do, I think they'll most likely going to behave in waves, similar to the 70's. By that I mean waves of rising ->falling->rising IR.
3/N The reason for that is this is the most likely scenerio for inflation itself. The different components of inflation moving in different tempo (time frames). For example, shulter prices definently affected by IR, but it takes some time to affect... Image
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Brits will be #paid to run tumble dryers at quieter times to save UK from #blackouts
National Grid ESO is working on plans to be rolled out in autumn, people will be 'incentivised' to stop using energy-gobbling appliances at peak times… #CostOfLivingCrisis
/2 National Grid ESO (Electricity System Operator) is drawing up plans for customers to get money back off soaring bills if they switch to off-peak use.
People with #smartmeters would have their historic usage compared, and be rewarded if they cut it at busy times.
/3 That could be paid directly or given as #credit on their account as bills spiral past £4,000 a year.
Sources confirmed National Grid ESO is planning to launch an industry consultation shortly, and hopes the policy could begin in October or November.
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🚨 Check out this @TwitterSpaces on credit insights hosted by @profplum99 (Mike Green) with @Volatilysmile

Esp timely with iTraxx hitting 2 day tightening next to Covid levels when Fed started Corporate Asset purchase peogram.

#credit #swaps #bonds #defaults #CDS
🔥 iTraxx ramp

Real possibility of idiosyncratic risk for specific cos exposed to specific factors 👇

#credit #swaps #bonds #defaults #CDS #leveredloans #hedgefunds #pods #creditfunds
I received bunch of DMs about iTraxx.

For understanding the same, please check out this link:…

iTraxx indices are a family of European, Asian and emerging market tradable credit default swap indices.

#credit #swaps #bonds #defaults #CDS #leveredloans
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We are short $Sinch, a swedish telecommunications company. In our opinion, the company misstated its financial statements by billions, read the full report:…
As a tech company #Sinch expensed ZERO R&D costs in 2021. All while #Twilio expensed 28% of revenue in the same time, #Sinch self proclaims being profitable for years while growing its business, read the full report:…
At first glance, we found material misstatements of net profit and EBIT within #Sinch financial statements. Profit is misstated by SEK 34m and EBIT by SEK 22m, read the full report:…
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Des messages sur Twitter se gaussent de l'idée qu'un État puisse dépenser plus sans forcément s'endetter, ou augmenter le taux d'imposition. C'est pourtant possible par le mécanisme du #multiplicateur keynésien. Essayons de voir cela, en simplifiant bien sur. #Thread
Le principe du multiplicateur a été posé par Richard Kahn, à partir d'intuitions de Nicholas Johannsen, et cela à convaincu #Keynes de corriger son Traité de la monnaie (1931) pour écrire la #Théorie Générale (1936). 2/23 Image
Ce principe #macroéconomique est aujourd'hui utilisé en pratique et admis dans tous les modèles des grandes institutions (FMI, Banque Mondiale, banques centrales, gouvernements…), mais cette pratique se fait avec réticence, en raison de ses implications théoriques. 3/23
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We are LIVE tweeting the panel discussion with @doctorsumitseth @RVlahutin @sharads @aurora_ravi @Hiroakitanikkei and @erinwatsonlynn

Stay tuned for updates!

Join us using this link:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue
.@doctorsumitseth: e–KYC, e-signatures are an outcome of #digital transformation, where the last man standing has also benefited. This is the silent revolution that has transcended in India; from the #MissedCall economy to #4G penetration

.@sharads: #Internet committed the original sin: It became an advertising-supported web. It created an ecosystem where the big three companies have information about us on the internet.

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Good discussion.
I’ve invested in different types of #credit/lending startups.
Credit is VERY hard but looks ‘easy.’
But I’ve asserted for years that it’s bigger (& more lucrative) than payments. Yet hugely underserved.
That may be a reason for the interest.
Access to cheap debt?
That’s just one variable in the credit equation.
No-file/thin-file credit histories reaffirm but complicate the opportunity.
Ability to pay & willingness to pay are not coterminous.
Consequences of default aren’t well understood across geos.
Better sightline infra is still a WIP.
Underwriting at scale is much harder than it looks. Truly automating this is holy grailish. Many startups are doing this w/ vibes, winks & inshallah. Excel gymnastics won’t save them.

There is a huge gap in the timing AND breadth of products offered vs those demanded or needed.
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What is Swix DAO? an introduction to crypto natives.
A 🧵

1/21 The #crypto markets are a great place for people and teams to innovate, to push the boundaries of previously accepted limits.
2/21 That is why I love this space and have committed my time and effort to learn more & more each day, both to find #money making opportunities, and to just see the satisfying growth of this community full of over achievers, idealists, geniuses, & curious people.
3/ That's why today I want to share with all of you the interesting project that we are building at Swix DAO, because I think that if you are anything like me, you would #love to find about this project.
Swix DAO is, as stated in its name, a Decentralized autonomous organization,
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Lot of #AMCs come up with different ideas, themes, sectors.

These are demands from #Investors as they have done well in recent past.

AMCs are manufacturers & will offer what is in demand.

Final choice to say YES or NO lies entirely with Investors based on their #NEEDs
What should investors choose and what should they ignore. A point by point guide on where and why to invest in certain #themes, #MarketCap bias, #Sectors, #AssetClasses etc.

What should be criteria for these selections and what should guide them to resist from Investing?
Lets start with #Debt:

Keep enough money as 1 year of your expenses as #EmergencyFunds in #LiquidSchemes

You already have enough exposure to debt as:

1. #PPF
2. #TaxFreeBonds
3. #FDs

No need for separate debt allocation if you are investing thru #AssetAllocation (AA) or #DAAF
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Limiting monthly losses is indeed one thing that casinos can do to protect consumers, but they are not obligated to do so in every jurisdiction.

Give Online Gambling Websites #credit
After all the negatives and potential dangers we have touched upon,… it’s time to give casinos a bit of a credit where such is due. While online gambling venues are certainly far from ideal and invite risks, dismissing them all together would be unfair. As explained earlier, these websites use many tools that allow… them to track data in real-time. That data can then be used to reliably enforce safeguards that will prevent gamblers from coming in harm’s way. Automated tools, checks, and partnerships with AML and KYC companies mean that online casinos can achieve a
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With @StateBank_Pak releasing dissaggregated #trade data for December, we have a picture of the full 2021, which, despite #supply #chain disruptions worldwide, was 'good' for #Pakistan. Short thread below:
1\ #exports grew by 30.1% in 2021 w.r.t. 2020, with a strong pick up in merchandise, but also substantive in services.

#trade #Pakistan
2\ To be sure, in #real terms, #Pakistan's #exports remain below its local max in 2011. So, no 'record exports' if we talk real terms and not values.
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What is #XRP? How might it affect #globaleconomics? Let us tell you everything you need to know about XRP at the Feb. 3rd @linqtoinc Learn:
The cross-border #payments we know today are slow, expensive, and opaque. It goes through the 600-year-old correspondent #bankingsystem facilitated by #SWIFT. In short, this takes a while.
#XRPpayments are nearly instant removing #credit and #liquidity #risk from the process, lowering bank costs considerably. The network finds the best price for exchange and liquidity, and customers are no longer locked in, eliminating the settlement risk.
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DoubleLine founder and CEO Jeffrey Gundlach presents:

Just Markets 2022 - I Feel Young Again

Today at 1:15pm PT, register here:…

#macro #markets #stocks #FX #bonds #commodities #rates #inflation #Fed #QE #bitcoin

Live recap thread⬇️
Jeffrey Gundlach: 2021 might end up running 7% year on the CPI

#inflation #QE #Powell #fed #hikes #rates
Jeffrey Gundlach: Low interest rates coupled with inflation generating negative interest rate.

#JustMarkets2022 #CPI #QE #Fed
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Banking Sector!

A Thread.

#Banks #PublicBanks #PrivateBanks

Performance of Bank credit in last decade. Affected due to slowdown in industrial credit towards the second half of the decade.
#Bank #Credit #GDP

(2/7) Image
A triple blow!

1. A commercial credit downcycle due to capital downcycle.

(3/7) Image
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It was 73 degrees and sunny in #JacksonHole, Wyoming, today; a perfect day for all those who were there….
Yet, there were no #monetary policy officials present at the traditional location of the @KansasCityFed’s late-summer #economic policy symposium, since they were conducting a “virtual symposium.”
That symposium provided #ChairPowell the opportunity to lay out a reasonably sunny perspective on the U.S. #economy, but also one that was not out of the woods yet, in terms of Covid variant risk and a maximum #employment target still to be achieved.
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How #credit cards were born.

A thread.
In the 1950s, a businessman in New York, Frank McNamara forgot his wallet while dining out, and had to call his wife to save him from washing the dishes.
This embarrassing episode led to the birth of the revolutionary Diners’ Club card- technically a charge card that requires full repayment at the end of each month.
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Thanks to @steve_sedgwick & @cnbcKaren for having me on #CNBC #SquawkBox this AM.

What did we discuss? Well, #inflation of course!

I prepared some slides for the show which I'm happy to present in this thread.
#macro #Fed #Yellen #JeromePowell #bankofengland #QE
Are people in denial or is the #centralbank money flood just drowning all the signals?
#Commodities, #freight, #carbon - and a whole lot besides - sure do cost a lot more, these days.
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Top-Down Vs. Bottom-Up Style of Investment Analysis: Risk Versus Research Desk Perspectives
@GARP_Risk @CFAinstitute @CQFInstitute
In the field of Investment Risk and Research Analyses, the research/risk analyst has to make a choice between two asset selection and/or allocation approaches.
The first approach is referred to as the “Top-Down Analysis” and the second is its opposite, the “Bottom-Up Analysis”.
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I am compiling a basic reading list on the areas of modern #money & #credit, where mainstream #macro is poor & misunderstandings are common.

This is work in progress and I will add to the thread as I come across more.

Additions to the list most welcome!

First port of call, the @bankofengland's "Money Creation in the Modern Economy," which kills (still widely held, sadly) views of banks as intermediaries, money multiplier etc…

Second, an old classic, still relevant today for understanding cross border financial flows and thinking carefully via T-accounts, Milton Friedman's "The Euro-dollar Market,"…

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A thread on what is #creditscore and why is it important?
#credit #creditcard
I'm sure you must have done at some point too! 😛
Which range do you fall in? When did you check your #creditscore last?
#banks #CIBIL
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What are new graduates doing to be attractive to banks entry-level analyst programs?
@ABABankers @TheBanker @CIOonline @RiskDotNet @FT
Interesting question.
Banking sector MTO - Management Trainee Officers Program vary from country to country.
In my country Bank Staff Colleges train young graduates to become bankers.
The hired graduates have to undergo an intensive training course by attending several In-house boot camps or lecture hall workshops before they are moved into the formal workplace.
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