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A week before my entire household contracted #COVID-19, I asked in a departmental leadership mtg why we weren’t talking about #burnout at all - the agenda was dominated by stressful topics & I kept muting to silence my kids screaming in the background...…
I was thinking about the fact that my 1st grader has been out of physical school for almost a year, my twin babies have barely been outside our yard, “me time” and date nights are nonexistent, and even as 24/7 work has invaded our home, I feel less and less able to be #productive
At this mtg—filled with discussion of budget cuts, grant funding drying up, pandemic-imposed challenges w/ data collection, the political assault on science, lack of diversity & inclusiveness on our campus—the weight of it all just sank me. But I was nervous to use the B word.
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Let's talk cybersecurity.

News of COVID19 vaccines' side effects are so wild that rumors are spreading of how many #SickDays you'll burn to get both (repeat: "both") shots.

So let's compare it to the history of #computer antivirus vaccine use...
Historically, users gleefully installed #computer vaccines when they were released (typically a few days) after a deadly global virus outbreak "that cost millions of computers' lives and billions of dollars in damages."

But then users came to a rumored realization...
They said "you'll pay a severe penalty for #antivirus vaccines."

Users rumored it made their computers sluggish; that it constantly wasted their time to install vaccine updates every {month | week | day}; that it interfered with important company processes; blah blah blah
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This is the part that made me tear up. Please read this thread and know this is happening across the province.

What's happening in Ontario isn't working, and the plans in place will make it worse.
With full-size classes, every time there's COVID-19 in a classroom that's an 10-15 *more* families & their communities instantly impacted than we'd have with classes capped at 15. That's more people at risk, more people in these lines, less ability to test & trace. #onted #onpoli
Parents are asked to keep kids home even with mild symptoms, but the government hasn't sufficiently expanded #sickdays to enable to do that. Parents will send sick kids to school because staying home could mean missing groceries or rent, or losing a job.
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SickKids told @fordnation that smaller class sizes were a priority.

He keeps referencing his four daughters, and how nervous he'd be. But my kids are in school now and they're not doing enough to make classrooms safe.

Smaller class sizes.

#UnsafeSeptemberON #onted #onpoli
"We're doing everything in our powers through the medical advice." -@fordnation

Classes are still too big.
HVAC isn't happening.
No mandatory masking for K-3.
Insufficient #sickdays to enable parents to keep sick kids home.

It's not good enough.

#UnsafeSeptember #onted #onpoli
"I'm always going to listen to the doctors, I'm not going to listen to the unions."

Doctors are telling you we need smaller class sizes. Why aren't we doing this?
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For kids in school, illness prevention will be vital. In ~one month we need everyone to be ready and able to do what's necessary.

Masks as required/able
Practice handwashing, covering coughs/sneezes
Flu shots for whole family
Sufficient #sickdays for all

#onted #onpoli

We all know how quickly illness circulates at school. One sick kid in a classroom quickly becomes a class full of sick kids, who all take it home. As we live with #COVID19, it's more important than ever that we keep fevers and flu-like symptoms home. 2/7
Practice now. Plan now. If your kids are returning to school, help them get into routines that will reduce chances of contracting/spreading illness, and get yourself in the habit, too. This takes all of us doing our part. Everyone who gets #COVID19 gets it from someone else. 3/7
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Today I joined @YourMorning to talk about Ontario's plan to reopen our schools in September. We talked about masks, prevention measures in schools, #sickdays, and how we're all feeling about going back. This is hard for everyone right now. #onpoli #onted…
Thank you to @AnneMarieAMK and Eleanor Pinney for this fantastic conversation this morning, and thanks always to @YourMorning for the opportunity to talk about public health and how we can do our best to protect ourselves and everyone we come in contact with. #forjudeforeveryone Image
Apparently the video in the link above has stopped working, but the video can also be found here.…
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The ON government is asking people to stay home if they or their children have any symptoms at all. This government gives you (unpaid) 3 days for personal illness and 3 for family responsibility. Many families with kids will already have used these. #sickdays are vital. #onpoli Image
Illness prevention measures only work if people can do them. Too many in ON can't. #sickdays are not affordable or accessible for many parents.

What are these parents supposed to do?

Kids need to learn *and* eat.

This happens all the time because parents have no choice. Image
Do you know your rights? We've broken down #sickdays by province/territory. Everyone who gets #COVID19 (and the flu!) gets it from someone else, and illness spreads quickly in classrooms and workplaces. We all need everyone to have the sick days they need.…
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#PaidSickLeaveSavesLives and it's needed urgently while we deal with #COVID19, but we need paid #sickdays permanently to protect our health and lives every year. One sick person in an office or classroom quickly passes on illness, putting us all at risk. 1/4 #forjudeforeveryone
Do you know what you're legally entitled to in your region? If your employer has a more generous plan than what's mandated, you may not think about it, but when people in our community are forced to work sick, we're all affected.2/4 #PaidSickDaysSaveLives…
This is what illness in the classroom did to my family. Not during a pandemic, but a normal year when ~3500 🇨🇦s die from flu, ~12,200 are hospitalized, and many suffer. It doesn't just happen. Everyone who gets the flu & #COVID19 gets it from someone else.

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I was speaking with a teacher today about a common problem in schools every year that we need a solution for before September.

What happens when a child is sick at school? What happens when a child is sick at school during a pandemic?

#COVID19 #onted #onpoli #publichealth
In normal times, many parents aren't clear on sick day policies, or are unable* to observe them. Sometimes kids are fine in the morning and develop symptoms during the day. In both circumstances, kids can't be in the classroom.

What happens next?

The school will call home and ask for the sick kiddo to be picked up. We've all been there. We're fortunate. I work from home and can get to school quickly in an emergency. But what happens if someone can't? If parents work farther away? *If parents are out of #sickdays?

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Four years ago we lost our son because of illness in the classroom. Living through a pandemic after losing so much to infectious disease is a special kind of hell, but we're able to minimize our risk in all but one place:


During these last four years we've been advocating for better illness prevention in our schools and throughout our communities. We talk about flu shots in particular and vaccination in general, staying home sick, covering coughs and sneezes, handwashing and cleaning surfaces.2/11
The flu, like #COVID19, can spread from up to 6' in conversation, and while it might not be serious for one person, it could cost the life of the person they pass it on to. And while the flu is serious and claims a lot of lives, COVID-19 is a greater immediate threat. 3/11
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.@fordnation recently claimed there's nothing he cares more about than our children's safety.

Four years ago one sick kid in a classroom became a classroom full of sick kids who all took it home. Days after it came to us our son died. #sickdays save lives and health resources. Image
People need affordable and accessible #sickdays so they can stay home when they're sick to recover, and don't spread illness to others. Jude is dead because someone came to school sick. What if that child's parents were out of sick days, or couldn't afford to take one? Image
What day of work did we pay for with Jude's life?

#forjudeforeveryone Image
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NS Premier @StephenMcNeil reluctant to consider federal offer of paid #sickdays. Sick days are least affordable & accessible to low-income workers, who are more likely to have to face difficult choice b/t going to work sick or staying home and not being able to buy groceries. 1/4
One sick person in a workplace can quickly become a workplace full of sick people. One sick kid in a classroom cost us our child. When people are unable to stay home sick, they're forced to go out and risk spreading illness, risking the health and lives of others. 2/4 ImageImageImageImage
Premier, please consider this situation further. As a young widow my mom was often in a difficult position when my brother or I were sick. As a poor student earning min. wage (retail), I had to make hard choices if I got sick but rent was due. This affects everyone. 3/4
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Preventable illness creates a great burden on healthcare systems across Canada and costs far too many lives. Making #sickdays affordable/accessible reduces illness, saving health resources and lives. I hope provinces will be open to this discussion. @fordnation @francoislegault
Insufficient policies on #sickdays have affected me throughout my life, and affect millions of Canadians. Illness in workplaces and classrooms are costing us our health, lives, and loved ones, and this impacts all of us. This is #publichealth.

We don't need guaranteed #sickdays for ourselves now. Craig has flexibility at work and I work from home.

But another family's illness in a classroom cost us our son. We need policies that enable people to be home when they or their kids are sick. Please be open to this. ImageImageImageImage
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.@theJagmeetSingh calling for 10 paid #sickdays for all Canadians.

4 years ago today we lost our son to a flu outbreak in our community. A cough or fever for 1 person can cost the next their life or loved one. Affordable/accessible sick days save lives.

In November 2018 I was part of the #Bill47 deputations at Queen's Park, speaking about how sick days had impacted my life as a child of a young widow, a poor student, and now, a bereaved parent. Bill 47 passed, endangering #publichealth. @jamiewestndp

Mr. Singh, I'm interested in hearing more about what you're proposing from the federal level. Every year ~3500 Canadians die from the flu, and ~12,200 are hospitalized. That's only from flu, and there are many other preventable illnesses and now #COVID19. We have to do better.
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4 years ago today. This is the last picture I ever took of Jude (left). Later that day the school called to tell me Isla had spiked a fever, and I first learned of the 'nasty bug' that had already affected almost everyone in class. Some kids out for weeks, 1 in the hospital. 1/10
For her it was mild, better in a day, home for a few. 4 days later when Jude woke up with a low-grade fever we had no idea he'd die that afternoon.

One sick kid in a classroom quickly became a classroom full of sick kids who all took it home to their families. Someone died. 2/10
Here, then gone. Laughing, then still.

The autopsy report later conclusively determined influenza B as the sole cause of death. The flu.

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