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* Update *
Been just over a week since I tweeted.
* Still around.
* Dealing with communication breakdown offline.
* Working on my own and with speech therapist
* Typing quite a bit!
* Two zoom event meetings :) QLD Writers Centre & Autism CRC

More / specifics in next tweet.
Communication specifics
* Working out together mutual understandings
* Writing expectations
* Writing my reactions helps my processing!
* Coming to grips with how little I acknowledge things people write to me
* Stick to one topic per message/text/ email
* How anticipating a person's reaction (trying to be understanding and forward thinking) and pre-emptively 'responding' doesn't quite allow for a natural flow
* One topic per message/text/ email includes "Hi" - and send!
* Allow days for other people to process our conversation
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Setting up goals.

Open this thread for more details.🧵
Setting a goal to walk at least 5000 steps in a day.
5k is small, but maintaining the streak is difficult.

Challenge yourself with this hashtag.
Streak period - 21 days. ( sounds easy right? ).

Let's walk 🚶
Front-end is easy. Learning it is fun.
So, I will be sharing frontend content every day.
Let's set up some short-term goals.
1. Learning HTML.
2. Understanding CSS.
3. Mastering Javascript.

Long-term Goal: Building Responsive Websites.
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A week before my entire household contracted #COVID-19, I asked in a departmental leadership mtg why we weren’t talking about #burnout at all - the agenda was dominated by stressful topics & I kept muting to silence my kids screaming in the background...…
I was thinking about the fact that my 1st grader has been out of physical school for almost a year, my twin babies have barely been outside our yard, “me time” and date nights are nonexistent, and even as 24/7 work has invaded our home, I feel less and less able to be #productive
At this mtg—filled with discussion of budget cuts, grant funding drying up, pandemic-imposed challenges w/ data collection, the political assault on science, lack of diversity & inclusiveness on our campus—the weight of it all just sank me. But I was nervous to use the B word.
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In light of the recent events involving the owners of #Cannoli and their manager,
we at the Centre for Labour Research (CLR), in the interest of protecting the
fundamental human #right to #dignity, condemn any and all forms of #harassment.
The viral video in which the owners of Cannoli are seen singling out and
humiliating their manager due to his inability to speak the colonisers language for
their entertainment depicts a form of #workplaceharassment. Such behaviour is
It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that each and every employee,
regardless of their #employment status, the sector of employment, or their
occupation feel safe, respected and included at the workplace.
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Thx to lots of people some good #QI #lean #improvement work going on in #Brilliantburnley using 1 of the most inclusive & quick #safety improvement tools around, called ‘5S’ (or ‘6S’)

Following thread tweeted as separate tweets earlier by the fab @AdeleMarkland @NWAmb_QI

Wld improving in storerooms help? What’s the big improvement aim? Do you want to help staff free up time for #QI and remove everyday frustrations helping #Joyinwork?
5S often used in organisations as an ‘entry’ #improvement tool, as easy to learn & engaging #lean
2nd do you know how long it takes to find stuff in storerooms? Does stuff go out of date and need to be thrown away? How much important staff time is wasted ‘looking for stuff?’
How ‘much’ frustration is there?
How do you know?
let’s time a few people searching #QI #lean
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@FutureWorkforce puts out some great information regarding Work From Home after Covid-19

56% of the U.S. workforce holds a job that is compatible (at least partially) with remote work

#WFH #remotework #telework #WorkFromHome #productivity…
@FutureWorkforce prediction is the longer people are required to work at home, the greater the adoption we will see when the dust settles

Make it secure & productive with TickStream.WFH

#WFH #RemoteWork #Telework #Productivity
@FutureWorkforce best estimate is that we will see 25-30% of the workforce working at home on a multiple-days-a-week basis by the end of 2021
Help fight #ClimateChange by transitioning to #RemoteWork
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#productive and hard at work on incoming commissions
but always need a min or two to goof off!
been trying to incorporate sketching on paper more as part of warm ups and/or studies before turning on the surfacepro Image
still sketching Image
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6 Lists To Make Yourself #Productive (Thread) ☀

◾ Daily to-do list
◾ An Outsource list
◾ Long-term goals list
◾ Pros & Cons List
◾ Project list
◾ A Talking Points list
A specific daily to-do list✅:

1) You should put things on a to-do list that you have the time and resources to achieve⏳

2) Big goals & Projects should be broken down into actionable tasks 🕺

3) If something doesn't get done, reevaluate the task at the end of the day✏
An #Outsource List ✅:

1) Look at everything on your to-do list and ask yourself 'Am I the only person who can do this?'

2) Anything that can be given to someone else should be put on a outsource list.

3) Outsourcing will save time which can be used to focus on other things.
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1/ Conventional wisdom says you need to reduce friction whenever possible. But does that mean you should remove it entirely? 🤔

When you roll out a new workflow, having your team put in a little extra work will increase future productivity. I call it the digital IKEA effect. 🧠
2/ The IKEA effect is a principle of consumer psychology that tells us why we assign more value to products we had a hand in creating, like your first KALLAX shelf. 🧰

Basically, it says that when you spend the time and effort to make something yourself, you get more out of it.
3/ We can apply this cognitive bias to software tools and #workflow management as well.

By encouraging the active customization of important company processes, you’re giving your team the ability to build more #productive habits for themselves. 👩‍💻
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My most productive time in the day is the morning. And morning is the time I end up wasting very often, because I have the whole day to work, right?

#productive #Time #lawyers #law #lawsikho
When I was younger, I mostly worked late at night. I found that time to be serene and less distracting. Also, as I didn’t get the work done the entire day, sometimes I was just forced to work hard late at night.
I even got convinced that I am not a morning person, but someone who needs to stay up late and work. I called myself a night owl.

However, entertaining such fantasies while I was in college was easier.
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This video is probably one of the realist videos I have seen and I am glad that Alex pointed this out

Deep down I have always wanted this to be true, I am also introverted and honestly everybody & their dogs are out there with personal brands via @YouTube
Adding to this: I think that building a personal brand around your product e.g. I do #advertising, so I am going to tweet about ads, makes more sense than making it all about me and being a 'celebrity' it's just not practical.
All of the beauty girls on Instagram are all posting about how they do they make up and then selling that makeup - makes sense right? So why would you post about anything else if it's not to promote your #income. Just my 2c on the matter :D
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