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Have you ever thought about how we monitor #wildlife? In this thread🧵 I will explain my #PhDthesis

#CREAF20K #cameratraps #mammals #conservation
Traditional methods of studying wildlife were based on direct observation of animals🧐🔭.
However, the technological boom of recent decades has also changed the way of monitoring wildlife. Do you want to know how?
Keyword is #cameratrap 📸!!
#Cameratraps are remotely activated cameras by an infrared sensor. When an animal passes in front of them, they record photos. Cameras operate with batteries and SD cards, we can place them in remote areas. Finally, animals don't react to them and showed their habitual behaviour
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Thread: As I’ve spent decades conserving the native plants & animals of Britain & Ireland it’s not surprising that they regularly pop up in my art. Here robins & tulips form a vibrant pattern Image
This original ink drawing is on paper & is 29.7 x 42cm [11.7 x 16.5 inches]. A3. Click the link below for detailed specifications. I ship via registered post or courier. It’s just €149/£133

It is available to purchase before June 30th. ImageImage
You can purchase the work in my Etsy store. Click the link below for more details & to buy:

#gardening #flowers #robin #nature #wildlife #bird

The Robin Tree (2021)
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Thread: My favourite early Irish poem (7thC AD, translated by Seamus Heaney)

‘A wall of forest looms above
and sweetly the blackbird sings;
all the birds make melody
over me and my books and things’
This original ink drawing is on paper & is 29.7 x 42cm [11.7 x 16.5 inches]. A3. Click the link below for detailed specifications. I ship via registered post or courier. It’s just €149/£133

It is available to purchase before June 30th.
You can purchase the work in my Etsy store. Click the link below for more details & to buy:

#gardening #flowers #blackbird #nature #wildlife #bird

Irish Blackbird in a Cherry Tree (2021)
Buy here:
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Amazing in many ways, African #wildlife is brought to life in 1024 ways to win Stampede, which draws on the strength of wild multipliers that during the free spins feature multiply to give a huge boost to all prizes. This #gamer is enhanced with a Double Up option where players… Online slot makers seem never to run out of creativity and just when players think they’ve seen it all, software providers come up with one more brilliant idea that gives a new dimension to the world’s most… popular pastime. If you have ever dreamed of a game that keeps changing to create an elated festive mood for every holiday you celebrate, then your dream has finally come true – in the form of a shapeshifter slot!
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1. One of our toughest & longest battles to save #wildlife started on #WorldEnvironmentDay of 2016, when our team mates Suvrajyoti Chatterjee & Meghna Banerjee came to know about the horrific "ritualistic hunting festivals" of South Bengal.
2. We witnessed thousands of slaughtered wild #animals strewn across the railway platforms of Howrah & East Medinipur districts.
We faced both physical as well as verbal abuse from the hunters before we could even grasp the true extent of devastation inflicted by them.
3. Further inquiries revealed it was an annual affair celebrated on the occasion of Faloharini Kali Puja where thousands of armed mobs descend on the #forests & rivers of these two districts & decimate every #wildanimal they can find.
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I want to share a story with you about an infamous American Robin, GG-XY (for green over green on left leg, metal over yellow on right; pictured).

📸@CKaster Image
This bird is a female who literally made the front page news last year, as the photo of her diligently feeding her young while sporting a GPS antenna festooned the feature by @APNews writer @larsonchristina. Image
It was a fantastic shot by @CKaster that showcased this awesome robin doing her annual rhythm of raising young while also showing how she'll be providing us this awesome data about where she spends her time throughout the year. Image
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1.➤Take Action for the Earth and Indigenous Peoples!


PETITIONS by @amazonwatch

Thread 🧵 1/4

#nature #amazon #rainforest #INDIGENOUS #action #petition #MotherEarth #Earth #wildlife #animals Image

2. ➤Action Alerts by @peta :


🧵 2/4

#Animals #AnimalRights #Peta #GoVegan #animallovers #TakeAction #Petitions #Earthlings Image

3. ➤ Petitions for rainforest protection:


by @RainforestResq / @RettetRegenwald / @sauvonslaforet

🧵 3/4

#Rainforest #Amazon #Nature #Earth #Wildlife #petition #TakeAction #animals #GoVegan Image
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Government has published proposals for new #nature targets. It's good to see the 2030 #StateofNature target to halt #wildlife decline recognised as an apex goal. Thanks to all who campaigned with us.

But overall the proposals aren't yet strong enough:…
In particular, on biodiversity, the long-term target for wildlife (10% increase on 2030 baseline by 2042) could see species abundance *lower* in 20 years' time than it is today.

That's not in line with the Government's 25 Year Plan promise to pass on #nature in better condition.
There's no target for the condition of SSSIs, despite the previous promise (below) that 75% will be in good condition by 2042.

The target for 500k hectares of habitat creation/restoration is a gross figure and does not take account of net losses, so we could see overall loss.
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A True Crime documentary in three pics and a video… [Ep 1] Thursday, c1235hs GMT - I put out a little table with a huge pile of mealworms, and set up my camera hoping to capture foxes having supper… 🤓🎥🌳🦊🍃🍂 #TrueCrime #nature #wildlife
[Ep 2] I return 48hrs later to discover an actual crime scene… Who has committed this flagrant breach of the law?! Investigators swing into action. 🧐🌳🍃🍂 #TrueCrime #wildlife #nature #NaturePhotography #CSI #CrimeScene
[Ep 3] The investigation swiftly identifies a prime suspect… 🤨🐈‍⬛🌳🍃🍂 #TrueCrime #nature #wildlife #cats
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My first #dissertation chapter has been published! The paper focuses on #predation of #urban #wildlife by #cats with recommendations for collaborative data-driven management strategies. Main points are summarized in this #infographic, but more info and paper link in this thread!
We spent 3 years surveying #WashingtonDC for #cats using #trailcams. Whenever we saw an image of a cat carrying prey, we noted the species and location, and added it to our predation database.
So what influences predation rates by #urban #feral cats? We found 2 driving factors: access to cat food and distance to forest edge. Why would cat food increase predation? Supplemental food allows cats to occur at greater densities, amplifying population-level predation!
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As always, context matters! This only applies to Australian Humpback whales. Other populations are still listed as #endangered by the USA & all are in @CITES Appendix I. The @IUCNRedList assessed Humpback whales as a Least Concern species for #conservation…
I also find this interesting because I often see people who study #conservation & #WildlifeTrade argue that CITES and US Endangered Species Act listings should all mirror the IUCN Red List assessments. But I doubt the same people would agree when it means removing protections...
Necessary Reminder: Each of these 3 systems are independent processes because each serves a unique purpose. They can overlap & feed into one another, but to assume they should always agree is to misunderstand the policies & processes they represent #WildlifeTrade #ScienceTwitter
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Wildlife friendly allotment site - a thread to share great ideas from practice at Metford Road site in Bristol. Such an informative visit by allotment holders from 3 other nearby sites. group of visitors being shown a dead hedge in community orch
Metford Rd benefits from having long term volunteer site reps who have initiated much of the wildlife friendly action across the site, as well as supporting plot holders and young DofE & Scouts volunteers to take action.
What 'wildife infrastructure' does the site already have? The Cran brook runs between Metford Rd & Redland Green allotment sites. Trees grow either side of the stream and provide nesting, food and shelter for birds and other wildlife
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Complete change of pace… I just made an edible sculpture in my garden… I’m calling this

In the end you will all be destroyed, pt I

☺️🌳🥚 #art #wildlife
Side note: stacking eggs is harder than you might think.
The question now is who eats them - badgers or foxes..? This ⬇️ will let me know over the next few days… 📸🦡🦡🦡🦊
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1. The world's oldest known wild bird is a Laysan Albatros.

She is called Wisdom, because of her age and surviving many current threads like fish-lines, climate change, and plastic pollution. 

This is her. Isn’t she beautiful?

🧵Start of a thread

2. While I work on this thread (with more albatrosses videos), you could subscribe for The Planet newsletter.

You will like it if you are interested in #nature and #wildlife.

🧵This thread continues

3. Wisdom was probably born around 1951. Five years later, in 1956, the young albatross, got a red ankle band with the number Z333.

By now, that albatross, Wisdom, has become famous as the world's oldest known wild bird. 

#birds #nature #wildlife
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#Wildlife | 18 hilarious winners of this year's Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


#wildlifephotography #nature #animals
@ComedyWildlife Highly Commended: Andy Parkinson captured two bear cubs play-fighting in "Let's Dance."


#wildlifephotography #nature #animals
@ComedyWildlife Highly Commended: A mudskipper appears to have an audience in "See Who Jumps High" by Chu Han Lin.


#wildlifephotography #nature #animals
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1. For all readers who don't warm to the idea of future palm-fringed beaches in the Arctic, I wrote an explainer about COP26, climate change, and why we need to do more.

🧵 The start of a thread.

➡️ RT

#COP26 #climate #ClimateCrisis

2/12. Current policies set us on track to about 2.7°C or 2.9°C of warming by the end of this century, a disastrous cause to a world where you don't want your children to live.


#COP26Glasgow #news #environment…

3/12. This graph from Our World in Data shows the global average temperature relative to the average of the period between 1961 and 1990.

These changes are almost all caused by human behavior, especially the burning of fossil fuels and land (ab)use.


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1. Starting COP26 on Halloween, a festival for the dead, doesn't give much hope.

➡️ RT

🧵 The start of a thread on #history, #Halloween, #leadership, #nature, #climate, and #COP26 Image

2. Traditions can alienate you if you don't feel part of it. So in my efforts to blend in with the Canadians, I searched the internet to explain #Halloween and found that we have to go back into history as I so often do in The Planet newsletter.


3. There was not much of #Halloween celebration in colonial New England, where rigid Protestant beliefs prevented frivolously celebrating, especially of traditions with some doubtful pre-Christian fingerprints all over it.

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So this aged seal on a Norfolk beach was humanely put down, but not before police were called because crowds of people had been throwing stones at it and posing for selfies with it in this utter hellscape of a country we’ve become. I am so f**ing angry.
Normally my replies are a bit of a right wing bin fire, but very heartened by the comments on this sad tale.
And, on a happier note, here is a reminder of the beauty of seals and all wildlife when we treat animals with respect. 🦭#nature #wildlife #oceans
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1. I’m fascinated by the beauty of nature and enjoy learning more every day. Look for instance at these mushrooms realising millions of microscopic spores to propagate.

🧵 A thread about the beauty of planet earth, our only home.

#nature #science

2. That’s right, it’s our only home. That means we have to be extra careful, we don’t have a spare.

When it heats up, or loses it’s complex ecosystems, we will all be in trouble.

NASA took this photo of the dark side of the moon from 1 million miles away.



3. If you care about the beauty of nature and follow issues like climate change, read The Planet.

Subscribe, and start your day with this newsletter, it really needs your support. 🙏

🧵This thread continues with more videos.
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1/… Sorry for disturbing you buddy! We’ll leave you alone now! 😂

A thread about spiders. 🧵

➡️ RT

#wildlife #spider #nature #Australia  #animals MT @jodirowley

2. When male jumping spiders flirt with females, they risk losing their lives.

This is a mating dance, but she is not interested and he escapes with his life, because often females will eat their lover after sex.


📹: EstradaWildPhotography


3. Read about nature in The Planet newsletter.

Subscribe to The Planet and start your day with stories about the beauty of nature, or threats like climate change.

➡️ Please subscribe 🙏

🧵thread continues with more spider videos 🕷
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1. Suppose an alien spaceship will land on earth next week.

After many light-years of travel through space, some friendly little green creatures decide to get out and stretch their legs on our planet.

What would they report home?

🧵Thread Image

2. I guess their first description would be ecstatic.

Hidden in the fast, cold, and dark universe, they discovered a blue planet that brims with an incredible diversity of life, aided by ideal living conditions.

🧵 Thread continues

#nature #life…

3. But:

Since the dawn of civilization, humanity has lost 83% of all wild mammals and half of all plants.

Of all the mammals on earth, 96% are livestock and humans, while only 4% are wild mammals.

🧵 Thread

#wildlife #biodiversity #climatecrisis…
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🏳️‍🌈Today is coming out day

Perhaps unknown to some of you, same-sex sexual behavior is not an exclusively human trait, but it has been extensively documented in non-human animals as well. Here are some animals who also show same sex behaviour:

#ComingOutDay #LGBT #wildlife
1) Bonobo

The bonobo is an African ape closely related to humans. Studies suggest 75% of bonobo sex is nonreproductive & that nearly all bonobos are bisexual. Frans de Waal calls the species a "make love, not war" primate. He believes bonobos use sex to resolve conflicts
2) Bottlenose dolphin

These dolphins show one of the highest rates of same-sex sexual behavior documented in any animal. ♂️-♂️ mounting, genital contact & ‘goosing’ appear to strengthen alliances between small groups of males and provide practice for later opposite-sex encounter
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