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@Kevin_McKernan you're aware of these, right?

I went in-n-out of ya'lls mental gymnastics, b/c "for me," it isn't about the science. That's like two firefighters standing outside a burning building and arguing like arson investigators. It's about the crimes. #DebateTheCrimes. ImageImageImageImage
I just feel like what someone said is spot on, they're gonna stop talking about c19, and move on to Central Bank collapses, West Nile Vax, food shortages, more grass fires and we'll have pissed away the entire 3-year war, never once mounting a strategic offensive. RETREAT! Image
You good folks can debate the Fauci, err sorry the Science until the cows come home, but win, lose or draw that is not a winning opposition strategy. There is no timeline for an expected outcome. And so I've lost all faith in our good doctors that refuse to keep an open mind. ImageImageImage
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I have a hard time forgiving you because we're three years into your genocide spree - BUT I do forgive you because this will go on indefinitely if we can't get more of you to speak out. I think I replied to you recently saying there is no such term as #AntiVaxxer we just want saf Image
e products and accountability. If you have to have release of any liability then you don't have a product. What's worse is we have drugs available that could have been used for Phase 1 and 2 in year one under Trump but he is such a sellout he allowed President Fauci to dictate te Image
rms and 500,000 innocent civilians died. That blood will forever be on your hands and people just like you. There's no washing that off. You literally killed people with your stupidity. You had the same evidence as me and the rest of us but refused to look at it. You gotta live w Image
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Another #investing #trading #advice thread for those that care…#stfu if you don’t :)

In the late 90’s I grew confident that we were developing into a historic bubble market that I believed would peak around Y2k and this is what lead me to study markets and trading.
I decided I wanted to get out of the tech industry because I saw a huge glut coming. In the mid 90’s I was on the forefront of upgrading businesses, starting with getting some (for the first time) and on the internet using email, web pages and sales.
I was dabbling in investing in ‘new tech’ with a bit of a greater fool mentality. ‘If they like that they will love this’. Buying into B2B internet stocks before the term was even popularized. But as we approached y2k it became obvious that there will be little to know work soon
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Down to the wire. From what I understand, there will be very few, if any, witnesses called for Depp in rebuttal. Amber will - from what I hear - call witnesses for her countersuit today and closing arguments come tomorrow. Please correct me if I'm wrong via comments an DMs.
Yesterday was a blur for me, almost like I was on Johnny Depp-level meds. But here's some highlights.
Kate Moss was up first to say Amber never heard the rumor many of us in the 90s all heard ourselves: Depp pushed her down some stairs. To set the record straight, she revealed a story none of us had heard before: She slipped on some stairs and hero Johnny Depp rescued her.
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@infinity10 MUST WATCH:-
#TheComingContagion @CNN
10.30 MYT/SGT
#AllHailTheLockdown @AJEnglish 11.30 MYT/SGT
#TheListeningPost @AJEnglish
12.30 MYT/SGT

#TheComingContagion (#CNNSPECIAL), EXPLAINS VIRAL #ZOONOSES like #EBOLA (which emerged from the #RainForest) & the #COVID19Pandemic (the emergence of which is, possibly from #fruitbats, is currently still being analyzed for confirmation).
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The most stomach-churning portion of Trump's #SOTU (which would be better acronymed #STFU) speech was when he began trotting out figures from the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, both victims and heroes. The man's chutzpah is just mind-blowing.
After all, Robert Bowers, the man who went on the rampage that killed 11 people, was fueled by his inchoate rage over the ostensible threat of a caravan of refugees approaching our southern border.…
Of course, other than Fox News (which had been beating this particular drum for the week leading up to the massacre), the No. 1 fearmonger-in-chief on the refugee caravan was none other than Donald Trump.…
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