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31 Oct
@donlemon Absolutely IRRESPONSIBLE of @realDonaldTrump to accuse doctors, risking their lives treating #COVID19usa patients, of putting their deaths down to #COVID19/not their underlying conditions for financial gain - someone should EDUCATE @POTUS about #underlyingconditions!!
@realDonaldTrump FYI I have an underlying condition for Covid19: asthma - if I catch #Covid19Malaysia, I'll die from #COVID19, not asthma!!
#TantrumP2020, Global #COVIDIOT No.1!!
* , for financial gain
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4 Sep
OMG! WTF is happening to America?! Law Enforcement shot dead the man who admitted to shooting dead a right winger in Portland! And @POTUS practically instructed them to!! #USA!!
I find this is heart wrenching although I ain't American and live halfway around the World: at +12.00 hours EST!! 💔
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4 Sep
#AlJazeera's #TheBottomLine guest, Prof. #CornellWest, refers to @realDonaldTrump as "The White Supremacist Fascist"!
Current circumstances might make @JoeBiden "more LBJ-like" ~ #CornellWest
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30 Aug

Foetal cells are used to make the Oxford coronavirus vaccine. But they came from a foetus in 1973 - ABC News…
#293cells have been used for decades, to grow Adenovirus in cell culture.. It's what's called a CONTINUOUS CELL LINE i.e. it can be propagated continuously via cell culture.
You need a cell culture to grow a virus, in this case an Adenovirus-based #SARSCoV2 vaccine candidate for the #COVID19Pandemic.
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28 Aug
"I'm a Blue Collar Kid at the end of the day" ~ @Scaramucci on #TheBottomLine, #AlJazeera: So, am I! So, am I! So, I know exactly where you came from!! 👍👊💪 And I'm impressed!!
You spoke about your father - so, did I! 👊 And your mother - mine gave birth to 10 babies (9 alive)! You're making my eyes tear as I write these tweets after the end of your interview on #TheBottomLine
*truly impressed
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28 Aug
Someone from either #NIAID @NIH or #NCID @CDCgov should educate #TantrumP2020, Global #COVIDIOT No.1, #Virology/#VirusEpidemiology/#SARS_COV_2 #101 to stop the #SHIT that's coming out of his upper orifice!!
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS
1) It ain't #WuhanVirus or #ChinaVirus - it's #SARS_COV_2!
2) #China DIDN'T SEND IT OUT to infect America - Global Travel did! 🙄
3) The DISEASE has been Christened #COVID19 (COronaVIrusDisease2019) by @WHO, for ease of reference!!
Oh?! The TIMING!!
Just my luck to switch on the TV at approximately 11.00 a.m. #MYT, to have it already tuned to #AlJazeera channel LIVE, at the exact moment #TantrumP2020, Global #COVIDIOT No. 1, was uttering his SHIT about #COVID19usa, caused by his SO-CALLED #WuhanVirus!
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27 Aug
Your panel was SPOT ON! RE: APRE
@VP's speech (WHICH I COULDN'T AVOID SINCE EVERY INTERNATIONAL NEWS CHANNEL I get was carrying it): MY FIRST OBSERVATION as a fully trained & qualified Virologist:THE ABSENCE OF # FACEMASKS & #SocialDistancing!
They certainly behaved as if the #COVID19Pandemic was OVER IN THE USA!! Although @POTUS @FLOTUS were socially distanced from the crowd in front of them, the audience wasn't: from one another or even from @VP who gave one of them a fist: both without #facemasks!!
I can't wait for the statistics for #COVID19usa diagnostics, especially amongst the audience (many in the front row appear to be war injury-handicapped #WarVeterans) in the aftermath of today's public health fiasco!
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26 Aug
@CNN Live: @donlemon's interview of #JacobBlake's mother who's with her Lawyer. She doesn't want the burning and destruction in #Kenosha, #Wisconsin to be in her son's name.
29 year old #JacobBlake is partially paralyzed (from waist down).
Mrs. Blake: Other countries are not laughing at yours - we're crying and hurting inside for you, for your son! 😭 For the madness that's the #USA!
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26 Aug
Wow! The #ARSEHOLE spoke from #MOUNTOLIVE, #EASTJERUSALEM (CAPITAL OF THE FUTURE STATE OF PALESTINE) with the #DomeOfThRock of #AlQuds in the background!!
Lovely and moving speech by @FLOTUS! BEAUTIFUL!! 💖 😍
Now we know why @FLOTUS redesigned the #RoseGarden the way she did!! 😎
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25 Aug
@BBCNews News
#PoliovirusFreeContinent Declaration!! 👊💪
TQ, #Nigeria, for helping the African Continent become #POLIOVIRUSFREE!! 🙏😇
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25 Aug
@bernamadotcom #WHODailyBriefing:-
1) There are 9 vaccines under evaluation ~ Dr. Tedros
2) Working with vaccine manufacturers to allow all countries working with #COVAX to obtain the vaccine at the lowest possible price, as soon as there's a safe and effective vaccine.
3) Initial supply of the vaccine roll out would be those at the highest risk: Health care workers and the elderly.
4) If we all DO IT ALL (wear facemasks, practise hand hygiene and practise safe distancing) we can break the chain of transmission.
5) We're learning new things about this virus every day
6) Question about HK reinfection case and implications for herd immunity etc.
Answer: People do develop an immune response. It would be good if sequencing can be done in reinfection cases - in this case 14 nt difference!
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25 Aug
#AlexeiNavalny My question:-
Having been poisoned before & tea having been used as a vehicle for poisoning of dissidents, WHY DRINK TEA PREPARED BY ANYONE ELSE?! @AJENews
I, however, pray for Mr. #AlexeiNavalny's COMPLETE RECOVERY in the #GermanHospital he was flown to, belatedly, from #OMSK, #Siberia! 🙏
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23 Aug
@BorisJohnson Mr. Johnson, I can "name a single country which has a (functional) contact tracing App", unquote via @CGTNOfficial's #GlobalWatch = Malaysia: it's called: #MySejahtera!! @KKMPutrajaya
Translation: MyPeace
My Contact Tracing History in Malaysia's #MinistryOfHealth (MOH) data base (by touching the word "History" on the top left of the previous screenshot):-
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21 Aug
I'm not American and I've NEVER VOTED in my own country's Elections (as a matter of principle - because there never has been anyone I would have voted for)! But, listening to @JoeBiden as a fully trained and qualified Virologist ../2..
2) who has spent time as Guest Researcher at both Globally Renowned US Biomedical Institutions: #NCID, #NIH, Bethesda, where I had personally seen #DrAnthonyFauci, visiting LID, during the Laboratory (I was attached to)'s analysis of the Desert Shield Virus plus @CDCgov, Atlanta
..3) whilst on both Research Leave (Spring/Summer 1990-1992) & Sabbatical (1995 & 2008), resp. (from the Malaysian University where I was an Academic, teaching Virology to B.Sc. (Microbiology) undergraduates at the Faculty of Science for 30 years!
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20 Aug
@KamalaHarris Please stick to what you know, as a fully qualified Virologist, I ask you not to make judgements about this virus you have absolutely no expertise on: FYI #SARSCoV2 is colour blind (it has no eyes and cannot differentiate Black from White or Latino)!!
#Covid19usa Image
The reason your people are disproportionately affected by #Covid19usa has nothing to do with the nature of this virus but the physiology of the host it entered (which it had no prior knowledge of, only deal with once inside)!
Ask yourself what is it about #USA that makes Blacks & Latinos especially susceptible to #SARSCoV2?! I can tell you: it ain't their skin colour! Our blood is the same colour and I suspect our bodies' cells (the surface of which the virus spike protein attaches to) are, too?! 🙄 Image
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20 Aug
@CNN #DNC2020convention
I'm not even American but I broke down into inconsolable tears and a broken heart when #GabriellGiffords (former #USCongressWoman for Arizona, a victim of #USGunViolence) spoke at the podium, at the end of her video clip! 😭 💔
That @realDonaldTrump is called: #EMPATHY!! Something you don't have an iota or ounce of!! 😣
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18 Aug
I EMPATHIZE with you (Remember the word "EMPATHY" ~ @MichelleObama, re: "America's Choice 2020: The Democratic National Convention" or the lack of it?! Re: #TantrumP2020, Global #COVIDIOT No.1). Take care! 👊 Image
I don't know if I can use similar terminology for my post mid-August 2015 21-day hospital admission for severe asthma recovery, complicated by prolonged insomnia, induced by the second component of my asthma medication (changed during the 6 weeks' follow up after discharge)!
Plus Adrenal Insufficiency (caused by the Discharge Medical Officer failing to taper down my 30mg a day Prednisolone, prescribed for 17 of the 21 days I was hospitalised, to bring down the inflammation in my lungs).
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14 Aug
@andrewchappelle Yep! Saw this on @AJENews around noon MYT! Ultimate betrayal of the #PalestinianCause!! I've always asserted that Palestinians are where they've been because of betrayal by their Arab brethren! Now I'm proven, once more! #EmiratiBastards (not brethren): F them!! ✌️(The Reverse)
@andrewchappelle @AJENews So, the #EmiratiBastards had to be bribed by #Tantrum's @jaredkushner with delay of #IsraHELL's annexation of the #WestBank, in order to sign the #PeaceDeal?!
@andrewchappelle @AJENews *11.00 a.m. MYT (my first news of the day)! Almost always @AJENews! Btw I'm your follower on @Twitter
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13 Aug
MUST WATCH: @AJInsideStory
Very interesting and informative! Moscow Participant explains need for registration for Phase III trial and large & scale manufacturing & said the vaccine is not supposed to be offered till 2021!!
Apparently the Russians have been working on the #MERSCoV vaccine and used the same platform for #COVID19 - sounds reasonable to me?!
So, much Western envy about nothing?! #RussianVaccine
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29 Jun
@40_Ronda et al.
This is what you do to help save a malnourished #Yemeni child - send what you can afford toward a financial collection, for the child to be taken to a city (Sanaa, Saadah) hospital's @UNICEF Malnutrition Centre (with his/her family from, perhaps, a village).
This was what @AhmadAlgohbary used to do: Drive from Sana'a to collect the malnourished child with his/her family, from a village outside Saadah, then drive them to the hospital in Saadah (where the child gets treated at the @UNICEF Malnutrition Centre);
The financial collection supports the poor family (from the village)'s stay in Saadah (while the child is being treated)! Otherwise, without the means to support their stay, the poor family would take the child back to the village (after 1 day in the city), where the child dies..
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