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#Information cascade alert!

The US #intelligence agencies are supposed to reveal all information they have with respect to the #OriginOfCovid

I wanted to use the opportunity to explain exactly what you will see happening in the media, no matter the content of those reports
🧵 Image
First, let's talk about expectations.

From the get-go, it is absolutely clear that there is no #smoking gun or similar to be expected.

The intelligence services all had access to the same information and most assessments are low confidence, with 4 agencies favoring #zoonosis. Image
Within the 'manmade' mythology, too many unverified stories are taken as gospel truth.

Overall, the best LLs can hope for is that the IC can verify some #circumstantial evidence that they have spun into their #mythology; but honestly, I highly doubt that.
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🦠🦇#Zoonosis #Bats #Nipah #COVID19 #WomenInSTEM
H/T to @DanCady Excellent article.

1/ “The Reuters jump-zone analysis highlights a global trend that world leaders need to address “for the future of humanity…Nobody is safe-It will take no time MORE…
2/for a disease outbreak to reach anywhere in the world because of international travel & trade.”

The analysis is based on an examination of 95 spillovers in the past 2 decades of viruses found in bats, including Ebola, SARS, Marburg & Nipah. The news agency identified MORE
3/ > 9 million sq km in 113 countries where human alteration of sensitive landscapes has created conditions that closely match those around past spillovers.”
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There are new pathogens in our midst.

My latest article about media #manipulators, velocity #hacking, and the latest Covid origin #controversy.

Maybe some #mainstream journalists & influencers take a good look in the mirror.

Read:… Image
How much should we think about the role of information in society?

In this article, I use the recent media coverage surrounding #lableak versus #zoonosis to point toward a new threat we have not yet wrapped our heads around:

Information pathogens with high #velocity. Image
#Velocity is a metric for the transmission efficacy of information given a particular content payload, its viral packaging, and its host environment.

Basically the R0 of information, a measure of #contagiousness.

Info pathogens with high velocity outcompetes good information. Image
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🚨🚨🚨 NEW EVIDENCE #zoonosis
Chinese researchers (who have had troubles getting data out) finally managed to sneak upload full #sequencing data from environmental swaps at Huanan market.

Show: Co-occurance of #animal sequences with SARS-CoV-2 RNA

Added to the evidence map 🔽
@KatherineJWu 's atlantic article first reported on this new development.

(independent reseachers have been waiting on these data to come out for over a year)

I will give some context in the next few tweets:…
1⃣ Does this prove that SARS-CoV-2 came from racoon dogs?

Not definitively. Co-occurance of sequences could be from chance contamination in theory. Also, even if racoon dogs were indeed infected, they might just have been amplifiers at market, not the original source.

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A 17-YO: a 3-week of dizziness, headache, & weakness of the R leg

MR: ring-enhancing lesions in the frontal lobe & basal ganglia on the L side (A; T1-W) as well as surrounding edema & midline shift (B; T2-W)

DOI: 10.1056/NEJMicm2202196
#neurology #radiology #IDTwitter
IgG ab for Echinococcus multilocularis & E. granulosus: ➖

Surgical excision🔬: necrotic tissue, granulomatous inflammation, echinococcal laminated membrane (C, arrow) & an intact cyst (D, arrow)

RT-PCR: ➕for E. multilocularis

#parasitology #Pathologists #pathology
CT imaging of the chest and abdomen did not show any other sites of disease.


DOI: 10.1056/NEJMicm2202196
#microbiology #MedTwitter #Doctor
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While the #lableak theory is scientifically dead, the lableak conspiracy myth will never die out.

This has everything to do with #asymmetric forces on social media, and the self-serving influencers and information combatants abusing them.

A thread:
1/ Image
How does one go about when trying to find out what is true in a world segmented by echo chambers and fragmented reality perceptions?

I cannot say that there is a formula, but I can share what steps I took.

When I started, I believed lableak likely..

Science is constantly evolving and the scientific literature gets updated when new evidence comes in.

So if you do not want to start out with your intuition, maybe check the status of current scientific literature…

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Let me show you something & explain:

Having lost the battle to sabotage scientific consensus formation for #zoonosis, LLs can only invoke 'research cartel' tropes & target individual scientists.

They hope people will not realize hundreds of scientists produced the evidence.
The emergence of a scientific consensus is dependent on the body of scientific #evidence, and not on who has the loudest microphone.

There are dozens of papers with evidence directly related to the #origins question, and that evidence is created by hundreds of scientists from
all over the world. Talking about a 'research cartel' or 'conspiracy' is a ridiculously stupid idea & should be laughed out of the room.

Unhappy to report that #lableak conspiracism is going down the exact same route as the tobacco industry

They invent conflicts of interest
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/18/2021…
Family spared trial over mummified remains of woman found on mattress…

#MentalCondition #JusticeSystem #UnitedKingdom
Where will the next pandemic begin? The Amazon rainforest offers troubling clues…

#pandemic #viruses #zoonosis #ClimateChange #deforestation #GlobalWarming
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El Virus de la Peste Porcina Africana ha sido detectado en cerdos del noroeste y centro del país. Aquí explico un poco sobre este virus, abro hilo 🧵
El Virus de la Peste Porcina Africana (VPPA) no es una #zoonosis por lo tanto no tiene la capacidad de enlazarse con receptores de nuestras células humanas. Sin embargo es altamente transmisible en #cerdos 🐖 y se ha podido identificar en garrapatas (vectores) (1/n)
El VPPA pertenece a la familia Asfarviridae, de ADN de doble cadena (dsDNA), detectado por primera vez a principios del siglo XX en África, la enfermedad cerdos se ha extendido a países de Asia y Europa. Fue identificada por primera vez en #RD en 1978. (2/n)
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La siguiente pandemia 🦠🤒

La mayoría de las enfermedades infecciosas nuevas surgen por el contacto entre animales y humanos

Es importante conocer la cantidad de patógenos transmitidos por esta vía, especialmente #virus y así poder limitar el contacto con ellos


El probable origen del #SARSCoV2 en un mercado de animales ha puesto al descubierto una vez más, el papel que juega el comercio de #VidaSilvestre sobre posibles zoonosis, es decir, enfermedades transmitidas de animales al ser humano 🦆➡️👵🏻

Otra #pandemia de origen zoonotico es la de #VIH

Este #virus se ha transmitido en múltiples ocasiones desde otros primates hacia el ser humano debido al contacto muy probablemente por la caza para obtener carne y para comerciar como mascotas exóticas 🐒

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The genesis of a pandemic.

The #Corona crisis began with a panopticon of absurd events, improbable coincidences and outright lies.

Time for a review of the impossibilities.

A thread 🧵 Image
1/ At the end of December 2019, Wenliang, an eye doctor from Wuhan, noticed an allegedly unusual incidence of pneumonia. It remains a mystery what is unusual about 44 patients in a city with over 8 million citizens during winter.…
2/ On Jan. 5, WHO informs for the first time about a pneumonia of unknown cause, which it can clarify by 7 January. The virus is believed to be a close relative of SARS. A fish market allegedly is the origin. The #Zoonosis legend, unproven until today, is born. Image
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@infinity10 MUST WATCH:-
#TheComingContagion @CNN
10.30 MYT/SGT
#AllHailTheLockdown @AJEnglish 11.30 MYT/SGT
#TheListeningPost @AJEnglish
12.30 MYT/SGT

#TheComingContagion (#CNNSPECIAL), EXPLAINS VIRAL #ZOONOSES like #EBOLA (which emerged from the #RainForest) & the #COVID19Pandemic (the emergence of which is, possibly from #fruitbats, is currently still being analyzed for confirmation).
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This is a short thread on how some diseases are seen after slaughter.
Please if you encounter any of it during this Sallah, or anytime, properly discard the meat (burying preferably).
This is a case of Tuberculosis, which is highly infectious, and Zoonotic.
When encountered, please use gloves or any means of protection and dispose of it by deep burying.
This is a case of Cysticercosis. Also Zoonotic and affevts humans like it does animals. Usually seen on the heart, muscles of the ribs, rumps and shoulders.
Do not consume. Discard properly.
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La enorme cantidad de data sobre la #COVID19, la forma sesgada y errónea como se presentan recortes de expresiones de expertos, llevan inquietud a la población. Así pasa con cuarentena, inmunidad de rebaño, etc. Abro hilo, desde mi ignorancia, para tratar de aclarar algo.
#inmunidadderebaño o #HerdImmunity es un modelo de acción preventiva que se basa en la "enfermar" a gran parte de una población en forma leve para que el resto quede cubierto probabilísticamente. Así, inmunodeprimidos, bebés o personas sensibles, pueden evitar enfermarse.
Como modelo de acción preventiva solo es posible con #VACUNACIÓN, y en el caso de que por algún motivo se dejen las #vacunas por desaparición de casos, la vigilancia epidemiológica es fundamental para evitar reemergencia (caso típico, el sarampión fomentado por los #antivacunas)
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Les voy a plantear algunos datos curiosos sobre el #COVIDー19mx, no lo saquen de contexto 🙄, sólo son datos que me llamaron la atención, a ver a ustedes qué opinan, todo está basado en evidencia #científica... 🚨🚨🦠🐍🚨🚨 Aquí va. Abro hilo 👇🏻
Los #virus emergentes q se propagan a los humanos desde un huésped animal son comunes y provocan enfermedades ( #zoonosis ), algunas de ellas graves. Analizado el perfil genético del #SARSCoV2 q provoca el #COVID2019, una HIPÓTESIS propone q proviene probablemente de una 🐍 / 🦇.
Existe evidencia de q la #hipertensión arterial PUEDE estar asociada a un ⬆️ del riesgo de #mortalidad en pacientes hospitalizados con COVID-19. Se ha HIPOTETIZADO q los efectos adversos de los #IECA y los #ARA -II tienen relación con esta evolución.
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With the #COVID19 outbreak, it is important to use language responsibly. Here is the first entry of our new #ContagiousWords series, defining the buzzwords and terminology dominating today's conversation. #Pandemic #PandemicsCost
@ilariacapua Language is powerful, so we must be sure and accurate in the ways we communicate science. #Epidemic #ContagiousWords #COVID19
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Cada 28 de setiembre se celebra el #DiaMundialContralaRabia , día de la muerte de Louis Pasteur (1895), químico francés, fundador de la microbiología, que en 1885 creó la vacuna contra esta enfermedad mortal. Hoy es 100% prevenible con vacunación. #abrohilo @institutpasteur Image
Pasteur experimentaba en conejos cuando una madre le llevó a su hijo (Joseph Meister) de 9 años mordido por un perro. Pese a las dudas, Pasteur con dos médicos inyectaron una vacuna hecha con el mismo virus pero atenuado, para que el sistema inmune pudiera combatirlo. Image
Después de inyecciones diarias durante 10 días y algunas semanas de espera, Joseph se curó y fue en el primer humano tratado con la vacuna antirrábica. De adulto y hasta su muerte en 1940, Meister trabajó como vigilante del @institutpasteur que creó Pasteur en 1887 Image
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Comienza la conferencia de prensa en la que se presentan resultados de un proyecto en #leptospirosis bovina conjunto entre @INIA_UY #Dilave de @MGAPUruguay FMed de @Udelaruy e @IPMontevideo, con apoyo de @ANIIuy ImageImageImage
Alejandro Buschiazzo, del @IPMontevideo, comparte los resultados de la primera etapa del proyecto que buscó la creación de un banco de cepas #patógenas de Leptospira spp. Image
Aprender, capacitar recursos humanos, aislar las cepas de Leptospira, tipificarlas y crear banco con las 61 cepas de bacteria que producen enfermedad son objetivos y logros del proyecto que fortalece a todas las instituciones, dice Alejandro Buschiazzo Image
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