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Thank you @IWS_Network for giving me the opportunity to share my #story 💜 ! This a part of Voices Without Frontiers program… #IWS #WomenInSTEM #VoicesIWS #ecology #conservation #biodiversity
I was born in #saopaulo, #Brazil’s largest city, very different from the #Amazon Rainforest & Rio! See me and a #samauma, the most famous Amazon tree 🌳
Also me & @IsabelaHissa in front of Sao Paulo’s #MASP (Modern Art Museum) & me and my mom in #Rio! #VoiceIWS @IWS_Network Image
I can say I lived in a great #rainforest because Sao Paulo & most of the coast of Brazil are in the Atlantic Forest 🌴🌺🐍. It is one of the 34 world’s #hotspots of #biodiversity, with more than 1500 plant species and 90% of original area loss. #VoiceIWS @IWS_Network Source: https://www.e-educa...
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Pernyataan konyol seorang Pejabat Publik ketika banyak Negara berbuat agar Dunia bisa menjadi semakin Hijau dan Indonesia justru memproduksi Karbon dengan cara merusak Hutan ~ Deforestasi #hening @asboedionoid
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@infinity10 MUST WATCH:-
#TheComingContagion @CNN
10.30 MYT/SGT
#AllHailTheLockdown @AJEnglish 11.30 MYT/SGT
#TheListeningPost @AJEnglish
12.30 MYT/SGT

#TheComingContagion (#CNNSPECIAL), EXPLAINS VIRAL #ZOONOSES like #EBOLA (which emerged from the #RainForest) & the #COVID19Pandemic (the emergence of which is, possibly from #fruitbats, is currently still being analyzed for confirmation).
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A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself.
Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air & giving fresh strength to our people.
~Franklin D. Roosevelt

#AmazonRainforest will only be remembered in pictures

We burned our lungs🌎 for #BEEF

#Vegan bc 👇 Image
🌴 #AmazonRainforest Has Lost More Than ▶Ten Million◀ Football Fields of Forest in a Decade
THIS #rainforest is responsible for storing over 180 BILLION tons of carbon
With #deforestation that carbon is released back into the atmosphere

💧 "One-fifth of the world’s fresh #water is in the #AmazonBasin, supplying water to the world by releasing water vapor into the atmosphere that can travel thousands of miles"

Meanwhile governments 🌍🌏🌎 & politicians ignore #AmazonBurning
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A thread: What books can I use across the geography curriculum?

This is not an exhaustive list but hopefully will give you a glimpse into the wide range of great quality books out there to encourage wider reading around geographical issues! I will keep adding to this as I have time. Please tweet with any suggestions!
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A road is being built in the middle of the rainforest in Ecuador in the Yasuni National Park, to prepare for oil exploration drilling
This is a threat to the #RainForest, to the Waorani tribe & close to the Tagaeri Taromenane Intangible Zone protected area Image
A road is being built in the middle of the rainforest in Ecuador in the Yasuni National Park, to prepare for oil exploration drilling
Thanks to @pierrebayle for the cue!
The blog that inspired us (in French):…
FYI @WorldRainforest
Reference information…
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1. The #NorthernLights are seen above the ash plume from the Eyjafjallajӧkull volcano in Iceland, 22 April 2010.
📸: REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/

2. UK’s #PrinceWilliam and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, kiss on the balcony at Buckingham Palace following their wedding in London’s Westminster Abbey, UK, 29 April 2011.
📸: REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

3. #UsainBolt of 🇯🇲 looks at Andre De Grasse of 🇨🇦 as they compete in the 2016 Rio Olympics, Men’s 100m Semi-Finals at the Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 14 August 2016.
📸: REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach
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Hello @ScottMorrisonMP. We wanted to have a holiday this week too. It was paid for long ago before we were financially broken by this #drought, devastated at the death of so many of our beautiful animal companions, heartbroken at the sale of others (for a pittance), exhausted by
The unrelenting #dry and watching the river drop by inches a day. Once that water is gone (the river has stopped flowing for the first time in recorded history) then we, the animals, the #platypus, bass, eels & turtles will all die. We can't afford to truck in water where we are
And then there were the fires. 3 days of frantic preparation before we fought them from the north. We lost all our beautiful ancient #rainforest and native bush. We were on 'watch and act' for over a month as the fire raged to the west, helicopters over us daily. We live in thick
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What's our #beef with beef?

Public interest on #climate, #biodiversity & #diet is rightly growing

#Meat is often at the heart of the debate but it's important we look past headlines & unpick the detail


#EatBetterMeat #EatOrganic #BBCOne 👉
Our #meat comes from different #farm systems

When animals are grazed on grass, as in #organic, this can have positive impacts on #climate & #nature. Intensively produced #grain-fed chicken & pigs can have the opposite effect

#EatBetterMeat #EatOrganic 👉
🐄🐖🐔 Intensively farmed animals are almost always fed on #grain & imported #soya

The production of animal feed can exhaust soils and drive #rainforest clearance

This is devastating for the #climate & #biodiversity

#EatBetterMeat #EatOrganic #Meat 👉
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With #Halloween approaching, what haunts you? I often worry about how quickly #animals are going extinct, and especially #frogs. Here's some of the ways your support can help me prevent then from becoming #environmental ghosts: #FridayFeeling #FrogFriday
Did you know? Many baby #frogs (tadpoles) act as “river lawn mowers” by grazing on algae and plant material that falls into rivers. Their presence helps protect clean water which people and #wildlife both depend on. #FrogFriday
Also, #frogs may help control the spread of human #diseases spread by #insects, like #malaria, dengue & Zika. The tadpoles of some frog species are carnivorous & kill mosquito eggs & larvae. Keeping frogs healthy can help keep people healthy too #OneHealth
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Mengapa bantuan Relawan DKI ditolak, alasannya sederhana #Momentum, Kehadiran Relawan akan mendegradasi pencitraan diRiau, waktunya saja yang tidak tepat. Logika kemampuan menghentikan Kebakaran itu harus Terpadu (Peralatan,Manusia,SDA) @as_boediono #hening
Intinya adalah, tidak boleh ada Kepentingan Lain atau Kelompok Lain datang mendahului Pencitraan, jika itu dilakukan maka Pencitraan tidak Maksimal atau kemungkinan Pencitraan tidak akan melakukan sesuatu didaerah Bencana #BukanUrusanSaya itu #UrusanPemda @as_boediono #hening
Saya adalah bagian dari Masyarakat Kehutanan jadi tahu persis Kemampuan Manusia melakukan Kegiatan ditengah Hutan, tanpa dukungan Peralatan/Logistik,SDM mereka tidak dapat bekerja Maksimal (Kemampuan sangat terbatas) terlebih untuk berhadapan dengan Bencana @as_boediono #hening
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Membuka Lahan untuk Perkebunan dengan cara Land Clearing ( Tebang, Tebas, Rumpuk, Bakar ) merupakan sebuah Cara yang paling effisien dan Murah, dimusim Kemarau adalah moment pas untuk Korporasi memulai Perluasan Kebunnya maka TTRB menjadi Pilihan #Murah @as_boediono #hening
Mengapa saya menulis seperti diatas karena saya membaca Pernyataan Pejabat Tinggi Penegak Hukum “ Api (Kebakaran) sama sekali tidak menyentuh Perkebunan Sawit “ dan saya hanya tersenyum, mereka lebih jago Pak untuk bermain @as_boediono #hening
biaya Land Clearing yang Normal jika menggunakan Alat Berat bisa mencapai Idr, 15 sampai 20 Juta per ha, sementara jika menggunakan Pola TTRB bisa 50% dari harga Normal sekaligus untuk Pemberantasan Hama Tanaman dan sebagai Pupuk Alam sebelum Tanam #hening @as_boediono
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Anthropogenic #CO2 emissions, combined with #deforestation and increased #human-caused ignitions have created the perfect storm for #megafires in the #Amazon #IPCC2014
Warmer temperatures as a result of increased #anthropogenic #CO2, #detorestation and increased #fire activity can cause #positive #feedbacks that push the #Amazon towards a #tippingpoint resulting in a shift from #rainforest to #savanna forests
A shift from #rainforest to #savanna ecosystems will have global consequences. The rainforest creates its own weather by recycling moisture from the jungle. The trees absorb #CO2 and release #oxygen, literally the air we breathe.
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