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The World's most influential and loved couple...

President Donald J Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

Gods Speed to their family and team working tirelessly at Keeping America Great.

The Best Is Yet to Come.


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It’s nice how @Morning_Joe took the issue of the #PowaySynagogueShooting at the Chabad and bent the story’s arc to make themselves the center of the story for 22 minutes while dumping on Trump. Because that’s what sick people do.
No kidding @Morning_Joe follows up that shitty segment by introducing their guest, Deputy Washington Editor of the @nytimes, Jonathan Weisman and author of the absolutely awful book “(((Semitism))) Being Jewish in the Age of Trump”.
Both @Morning_Joe and the @nytimes are mainstream media drivel so the first question wasn’t, “hey editor at the @nytimes, why did your paper run an antisemitic cartoon so vile it made Der Sturmer blush?” Instead it was, please lecture us all on white nationalism because irony
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It’s been said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results.

🔹264 days since the #ParklandShooting
🔹12 days since the #SynagogueShooting
🔹0 days since #ThousandsOaks

🤬 your #ThoughtsAndPrayers

We want #GunControlNOW
@GOP/@NRA talking point: “Gun control doesn’t work”

Except it does in Canada, Australia, Israel, UK, EU, Norway, Iceland, Japan…

The statistics don’t lie.

The US has a sick gun culture—We are literally being held hostage to a GOP Congress & a gun lobby org.

This is heart wrenching.
It doesn’t have to be this way.
NOW is the time to talk about it.


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Today, we remember those whose lives were taken at the Tree of Life Synagogue in a heinous act of hate-fueled gun violence.

We will honor the lives of these victims, and deny the shooter the notoriety he craves. #NoNotoriety #synagogueshooting…
Joyce Fienberg was a 75-year-old widow and grandmother with two sons, who formerly worked as a research specialist at the Univ. of Pittsburgh. A former student said Joyce “lit up a room with her huge personality. We weren't just welcome in the classroom, but into their home."
Dr. Richard Gottfried, 65, shared a dental practice with his wife, Peg. The couple both volunteered at a free dental clinic and provided dental services to the local school district. The district superintendent said Richard was "a fixture in the lives of those in our community.”
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1. This has got to be one of the worst pieces that @TIME has ever printed.

Replacing “white nationalism” with a return to Protestant nationalism is going to solve our polarization problem? Uh...

I’ve already found today’s “Holy shit!” moment. It demands a thread.

2. There’s so much wrong with @yhazony’s argument that it’s difficult to know where to start. But let’s take this notion that nationalism gets a bad rap. It’s true that historians, sociologists, et al. distinguish nationalism from jingoism. But does that mean nationalism is good?
3. Scholars of modern nationalism have often noted it as an empirical phenomenon that becomes a predominant source of identity in modern Europe, particularly in the wake of the French Revolution. More recently some have identified an English nation as early as the 16th century.
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Trump is holding a campaign rally in IL tonight.

He went to great lengths to explain how the NYSE was opened the day after 9/11 to justify holding a campaign rally after the Pittsburgh #synagogueshooting.

NYSE was closed from 9/11-9/17.
By contrast: President Obama was scheduled to hold a campaign event the morning after the shooting in Aurora, CO.

Instead, he held a moment of silence.

"There'll be other days for politics. This is a day for prayer and reflection."

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Donald Trump: 'If they'd had some kind of a protection inside the temple, maybe it could have been a very much different situation'. You ********** WHAT!?!?
#PittsburghShooting "Tree of Life Synagogue"…
Just the President of the United States using a #SynagogueShooting in Pittsburgh to boost sales of guns for the NRA... Nothing to see here.
I mean why not... If we're going to have guns in schools, why not have guns in Churches and Synagogues. #SynagogueShooting
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“It’s a very horrific crime scene," Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich told reporters while choking back tears. “One of the worst that I’ve seen. And I’ve been on some plane crashes.”… #synagogueshooting
The #synagogueshooting comes after anti-Semitic activities in the U.S. spiked in 2017, @ADL_National reported in Feb.

“We’re living in a time where extremists feel emboldened,” @JGreenblattADL told The Post then, "and they’re increasingly taking action."…
Trump, who had considered cancelling tonight's Illinois MAGA rally in wake of #synagogueshooting, now seems to have changed his mind.

"I'll go. Not that I want to go, but I think that I actually, in reverse, have an obligation to go," Trump tells FFA convention in Indianapolis.
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Nazis on DailyStormer not happy with the #synagogueshooting #TreeofLife :
This is really, really not good news.
Unless it’s Moslems."

They're hoping it isn't a "white guy" but it is.
Nazis respond on DailyStormer: "Please Jesus Christ let it be Moslems."
DailyStorm Nazis worried how this will affect their efforts to elect white supremacist friendly candidates in #Midterms2018
#SynagogueShooting #TreeofLife #PittsburghSynagogueShooting
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OMFG AT LEAST 7 DEAD IN PITTSBURGH SYNAGOGUE. This is happening!! My parents survived the Holocaust, and Americans are willfully repeating the hate and demagoguery that led to the worst atrocities in modern history. WAKE TF UP. Trump's far-right extremists are killing our country
Now a Synagogue. What did ppl expect? Demagogue POTUS goes around the country spewing hate every day. Says neo-Nazis are fine people. Attacks Soros, "globalists". Anti-Semitism is NOT BOTH SIDES. Jews must dump Trump & enabling Republican cowards. They are the danger. #Pittsburgh
>>REPUBLICAN leader @kevinomccarthy, California-23, stoking anti-Semitism with a propaganda tweet about Soros, Steyer & Bloomberg? He deleted it after today's horrific shooting at Pittsburgh Synagogue. Guess he knows inciting hate crimes for votes is a bad look. #ENOUGH #VOTEBLUE
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