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#QAlert 6/13/18 This will be my THREAD for all #Q posts for June 13, 2018. Busy Day, Iran Freedom Fighters, and more!

Let’s go!

@POTUS #QArmy #OperationRedPill #MAGA #MPRaccoon #IranDeal
#QAlert 6/13/18 Post 1490 #Q Posts the[2] deleted posts from 6/12 and points us to @PotusSchedule.

Busy day.

@POTUS #QArmy #OperationRedPill #MAGA #MPRaccoon #IranDeal
#QAlert 6/13/18 Post 1491 Another Q+ post! Iran 🇮🇷 Next?

Why are many Iranian resistance (Freedom Fighters) tagging #QAnon on Twitter?
Big things coming folks.

@POTUS #QArmy #OperationRedPill #MAGA #MPRaccoon #IranDeal
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Spanky showing off the kind of business knowledge and acumen that leads a man to 6 bankruptcies, despite being handed everything in life that one could ever want or need to succeed.
Always a great idea to head into a meet and greet, like he's planning with North Korea, while loudly signaling that you've isolated yourself, and do not have the support of your allies.

I just want to note again that he sold himself as the best on trade and negotiating deals.
This picture does not say, "Hey Kim Jong Un, look how unified Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Spanky are!"

It says, "You can't even look Chancellor Angela Merkel in the eyes, you little punk."

Abe has the 1000 yard stare of a man who died inside listening to Spanky's stupidity.
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Le déraillement du #G7Charlevoix par #Trump démontre 1 trait central du président US. Il n'est pas"idiot"OU machiavélique selon le dilemme établi depuis son entrée en politique en juin 2015. Il paraît très cohérent idéologiquement ET fort naïf dans la relation interpersonnelle...
2) #Trump applique 1 doctrine ancienne,déjà exposée en 1987 dans sa fameuse pub au @nytimes:
a) refus de toute régulation de l'ordre international par les #EtatsUnis, trop coûteuse;
b) refus des alliances contraignantes
c) priorité à 1 développement centré sur le territoire US
3) Car reprenons ce texte de #Trump en 1987 qui est son 1er"manifeste"- publicitaire, quel présage- de politique étrangè tout le #G7Charlevoix, ainsi que sa mise en déroute- y est contenu...
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After 500 days in office, U.S. leadership is back on the world stage as the result of @POTUS's policies. Graphic says
.@POTUS withdrew from the flawed #IranDeal because it failed to guarantee the safety of the American people. Graphic reads
.@POTUS is leading the U.S.-#DPRK relationship into a new era of peace, prosperity, and security – with the objective of complete, verifiable, and irreversible denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. graphic says
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In their @WashingtonPost piece, @McFaul & @milaniabbas criticize Trump exiting the #IranDeal based on it not bringing calm & peace.…
We probably have to thank #Obama for signing the deal & allowing #Iran further open the gates of hell across the region.
@McFaul & @milaniabbas claim Trump's new #Iran policy is “vague.”
That is because these Iran apologists know that @SecPompeo’s logical 12 conditions will support the Iranian people & the region, while bringing the regime to its knees.
And the two writers aim to prevent that.
@McFaul & @milaniabbas base their entire piece on the old pretext of anything other than the #IranDeal will lead to war.
They, of course, don't care to raise the fact that #Iran actually used the #JCPOA to further its wars & deadly influence in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon & Iraq.
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🦂1. Know thy enemy - Sun Tzu
#MarkZaid is attacking conservative accounts calling himself a proud member of #TheResistance and defender of Asha Rangappa, both are being praised by the left but Mark is no hero, unless you’re #Iran or the CIA. Meet #JeffreySterling
2. Mark hails himself as a bi-partisan defender of #whistleblowers he defended Sterling against the CIA in a discrimination case (which was lost) and then he snitched on him to the CIA, which Obama’s Justice dept. dusted off to bring charges in 2015.
3. Mark even had two interviews with the FBI about #JeffreySterling he will swing wildly now and tell you 302’s don’t mean anything and that he was subpoenaed by the Grand Jury but facts are facts, Sterling was charged.
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🌿On Precipice!🌿

#Espionage is a capital offense☠️

#TeamTrump engaged foreigners to subvert 2016 Elex: RU, CH, IS, who else?

Trump hired Black Cube (Israeli black ops) to target Obama officials re Iran Deal.😱

Oh Lordy! Spain has tapes!

Does Spain want DonJr’s cojones?
🌿On Precipice!2🌿

Did Spain flip a huge Mob King?🤗

Spain did expose a huge RU mob power network.

Is Blavatnik filling GOP coffers?

Bet FinCEN already examined Ghouliani’s finances.🤗

Ghouliani, Bolton, Chao, & 🐢 = #MEK 💰washers, who else?
🌿On Precipice!3🌿

Abuse of EB-5 visa program under scrutiny

Chinese pay big 💰for access to Trump

Who killed Bobby Kennedy? Case re-opened?🤔

Chinese agents of influence active in AU & US for decades?

We are so close folks‼️
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1) #UraniumOne - Fitting the Pieces Together. Research Thread and Timeline
2) 1950 - #Iran launches it’s nuclear program with the help of the United States.

1979 - Iranian Revolution, the Shah of Iran is toppled and most international nuclear cooperation with Iran comes to a halt.
3) 1981 - Iran begins nuclear negotiations with France and Argentina.

1990 - #Russia forms a joint nuclear research program with Iran, providing them with Russian nuclear experts and technical information.
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The #Iran "plan B strategy" outlined by Pompeo today appears to be an attempt to take the “maximum pressure” approach used against #NorthKorea and apply it to Tehran. There are a number of problems with this thinking, but two big ones stand out. 1/…
First, the Trump admin believes sanctions & military threats brought #NorthKorea back to negotiations. Both were factors in Pyongyang’s decision making, but they were not decisive on their own. The advances in the DPRK’s nuclear & missile programs were the decisive factors. 2/
Second, the approach put forward by Pompeo will require broad cooperation from allies and partners in order to work. The problem is that by violating the #IranDeal, the Trump administration has shattered the hard-won unity we once shared with our allies toward Iran. 3/
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US Secretary of State Pomepo is talking about the #IranDeal right now -…
Pompeo reiterates an often used criticism of the #IranDeal, namely that the agreement expires. This mischaracterization ignores key provisions that remain in place in perpetuity, such as more intrusive monitoring & a prohibition on weaponization activities
Pompeo says the Trump administration will ensure that Iran has no path to a nuclear weapon, by applying “unprecedented financial pressure” & the “strongest sanctions in history.”
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Reading Jake Sullivan’s latest @TheAtlantic piece, I wonder why such individuals & outlets are so alarmed about regime change in #Iran.…
Do they benefit in Tehran's mullahs remaining in power?
They may claim not, yet actions speak louder than words.
Sullivan’s entire argument is based on the fact that sanctions, and more generally a firm policy against #Iran, will bear no fruit. Taking a look at the past 15 months, in contrast to the #Obama years, much of Iran’s malign behavior has taken a nosedive.
Sullivan praises himself (& thus the #Obama team) of negotiating the #IranDeal. What he & others like him refuse to explain is the fact that the people of #Iran, #Syria & other countries across the region are paying the price of their “achievement” with their very lives…
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#Total CEO Patrick Pouyanné: [#Trump's] announcement on #Iran clearly is pushing the price up. And I would not be surprised to see $100 per barrel in the coming months because, clearly, you will have some impacts. 
#Oil #IranDeal…
#Pouyanné: we know we are back to the situation we were before the 2016 agreement, and in the meantime #Iran has grown its exportation by 1 million barrel(s) per day. So this 1 million barrel(s) per day is in question today.
#Total CEO Pouyanné: We have decided to look to that project in Iran because of the #JCPOA, which means end of secondary sanctions. As soon as the U.S. decide to put back in place the secondary sanctions, there is no possibility for us to be a major company, a global company.
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Found this the other day, b4 @realDonaldTrump tweeted about it.
From March 7, 2017
Could be a #Q "breadcrumb" #8ch…

connecting the dots..after computer be continued
What was #ZTE doing? They were installing cellular and landline network infrastructure.....and MOAR...
Were they part of the spy network ?
Did you notice the connection to Beijing?

Something stinks here....
Where did all the $$ go?
Why was the $1.7B really go to "Iran"?
MOAR to come...stay tuned....
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1. #QAnon responds to an anon's rant at @RealAlexJones by reminding us that, when it comes to divisiveness, it's

"Time to move on.
Big week ahead!
2. #QAnon's response to the anon refers to the criticism of Alex Jones "making us all look crazy." But, in the spirit of it being "time to move on", #Q posts a link to the Alex's representation as a "performance artist."…
3. To #QAnon's point, clearly, Alex Jones is a performance artist. A lot us are. Nothing wrong with that!

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Let’s be honest here. Trump’s strategy on pushing back Iran has worked so far.
A.Khameni said “if Trump nixes #IranDeal I will burn it.”But he didn’t dare to withdraw from #JCPOA. Iranian regime may accept whatever Trump asks them to do. Why? 1/1
Many were arguing that IRI will use its proxies in the region to counter US and Israel but as we can see Israel is doing pretty well in defeating IRGC. This has frightened Tehran. At the same time Khamenei&Rouhani are extremely worried about the future of their regime. 1/2
Did you notice that for the first time Khamenei claimed what Rouhani said a night before him on negotiating with Europe?This is the tip of the fear in Tehran which has untied so called hardliners&Moderates for the first time in public[as they are always united behind science].1/3
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Thread: The echo chamber is pursuing a political strategy of laying blame for “nixing” the #IranDeal. I assume it's just lashing out. But since everyone is “setting the record” straight about where they were on the deal, I’ll join for those pitched in the future.
I believed that de-certification of the deal provided the most leverage to “fix” the deal. @foreignpolicy reported on a memo I drafted that was circulating in Washington to support that goal. The threat of an imminent snapback had to be real to fix it.…
To be clear, I wanted a real fix of the deal. Not a watered-down version for press release purposes. And I saw that happening on Capitol Hill:…
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Some quick thoughts: It looks like #Israel initiated military activity against Syrian regime and Iranian assets in Syria last night in order to take advantage of favorable political situation in aftermath of #Trump's withdrawal from #IranDeal, and also... /2
/2 to draw a red line against #Iran/#Hezbollah moves southward toward #GolanHeights now that regime has completed takeover of most Damascus suburbs, freeing up forces. Yet the Iranians don't seem to be responding, Israeli claims to the contrary - .../3
3/ or at least not with the ferocity that would enable an even stronger Israeli riposte. Moreover, Israel is constrained by #Russia's two principal red lines: Syrian regime preservation, and no harm to Russian assets and personnel..../4
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🔴New #QAnon Thread🔴


"Five Most Wanted Leaders of ISIS Captured"

#QArmy #MAGA #WWG1WGA #WeThePeople #ThursdayThoughts #TheGreatAwakening #Trump #DrainTheSwamp #PatriotsFight #POTUS @realDonaldTrump @potus
New #QAnon 1326.

No Name previous meeting(s)?
Discussions of death/funeral?
Medical or escape?
Now comes the pain.

#Q #QArmy #WWG1WGA #WeThePeople #MAGA #QAlert #GreatAwakening #Trump #POTUS #PatriotsFight #ThursdayThoughts @realDonaldTrump
In a tweet this morning, @realDonaldTrump stated "Five most wanted leaders of ISIS just captured!" #Q asks, "Names? No Name previous meeting(s)?" #Qanon is referring to McCain #NoName meeting with ISIS leaders as seen in this pic.

#MAGA #PatriotsFight #WWG1WGA #WeThePeople
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Reuters "Trump approval direction by states". Look at all the red arrows showing his falling approval in so many states
"80%+ of every single demographic says the economy will be extremely or very important to their midterm vote in November via new @CNN poll:"
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Goodbye to the rest of my day. Here are all of the Russian ads.…
One of the first more successful/costly ads, from 2015. Posts promising "updates" (including one about the Charleston shooting) seem to perform better so far. Also notice targeting- Baltimore, Ferguson, and surrounding.
Nothing like some good old patriotism to generate some clicks 🇺🇸

Just like with RT's cat and tsunami videos, this page was looking to draw people in before delivering more divisive content...

#breaking #RussianAds #Facebook #disinformation
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It was not signed!💥BOOM💥 Guess who called it out @SecPompeo 🇺🇸He also mentions two secret parts of the #IranDeal did we ever see those? AND that Iran never considered it legally binding. 🔎 @tracybeanz for catching Pompeo connection!
MSM will tell you that ending #IranDeal will hurt negotiations with #NorthKorea in fact it’s the opposite and Pompeo knew it in 2015 “the countries will learn that misbehavior is tolerated” 🇺🇸 Not anymore🇺🇸…
Dear @JohnBrennan @brhodes @JohnKerry
“The JCPOA is not a treaty or an Executive Agreement and is not a signed document...It reflects a political commitment”
That’s from YOUR department.
So really this is just a break-up.
#IranDeal #ThankYouTrump
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1. #QAnon provides a very timely link for our

"Happy hunting!
#Q"… <-Q

(…) <-ICYMI
2. #QAnon'd told us that, in context of EU leaders getting a 5% cut, begging US to stay in the #IranDeal, President Trump had declassified the Syria/Iran + #UraniumOne connection, #Rosatom now being #U1's parent company, thanks to Hillary, #DeepState, & #ClintonFoundation . #Q
3. In reference to #QAnon's point, we note that #DeepState media tell us #U1 #HRC cxn's been debunked because $145M that went to the Clintons for the deal isn't necessarily related to the deal. Could've been for just let's say goodwill, or world progress, or somesuch likesay. #Q
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**NEW Q DROP** 05/09/18 12:50 Q posts a link to an article in Iran Daily News re. meeting in 2017 with Iranian delegation & Alexey Likhachev, the CEO of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corp. in Moscow and says, “Happy Hunting”!! #WAnon @realDonaldTrump…
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