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Why did we Iranian progressives who have long chafed at our own regime's oppression opposed Trump's exit from #IranDeal?

Hear it from this 2018 piece from legendary musician Kayhan Kalhor.

You might agree or disagree but at least listen to us.…
I should add that there is no easy solution for #Iran; no certainty about how things would have turned out had Trump not quit the #IranDeal; no easy way to put the genie back in the bottle (although I support a return to #IranDeal, supported in paper now by both US and Iran)
Also the criminality and the obscene repression of the Iranian regime didn't change by #IranDeal, obviously. Ali Khamenei didn't stop being one of the worst criminals in power today anywhere in the world and he will never be.
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Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said today that #Iran is ready to enrich up to 60 percent of uranium which might be necessary for technologies like "driving force"

#IranDeal had limited enrichment to less than 4 percent.

BUT he didn't actually change Iran's position
Khamenei did his usual bluster but he also repeated Iran's position which: If the other side does their obligations, Iran will also go back to #IranDeal, i.e. bring down enrichment to below 4 percent.
Khamenei also repeatedly said Iran won't build a nuclear weapon since it sees that as contrary to Islamic teachings. He said Iran won't even "think" of building such a weapon.
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and the DETRIMENT to America 🇺🇸 America Last😢

1) Lara Logan: Biden executive orders have 'rescinded' federal funding for border operations…
and the DETRIMENT to America 🇺🇸 America Last😢

2) Ivanka Trump worked tirelessly to get sex traffickers taken down. Biden cancelled Operation Talon ❗️…
and the DETRIMENT to America 🇺🇸 America Last😢

3) Biden Exec Order just Revoked Trump's Executive Order 13801 New rules to prevent immigration fraud & abuse H-1B visas currently undercutting American workers ❗️
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So diplomacy on how to revive the #IranDeal seems to have hit a roadblock even before it began. Iran & the US are publically dueling about who has to take the first step.

But we have been here before though, so there are good reasons to remain calm.

Here’s why >>
Both the US and Iran have accepted a compliance-for-compliance mechanism. Both sides simply go back into the deal with no preconditions. Then, whatever needs to be renegotiated, will be addressed when both are in compliance.

But that doesn't resolve who should go first. >>
Without providing any particular argument, Biden and Secr of State Blinken have stated that the US will go into full compliance once the Iranians have done the same. That is, Iran has to take the first step. >>
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#BREAKING Moscow, Tehran call for 'rescue' of Iran nuclear deal Image
#UPDATE Moscow and Tehran called for the rescue of the Iran nuclear deal Tuesday, as their top diplomats held their first talks since Joe Biden's election raised hopes of Washington returning to the agreement
#BREAKING France says Iran must comply with nuclear deal before US return: presidency Image
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The announcement by Iran today that they have resumed 20% enrichment is problematic both technically and politically, but need not be a deal breaker. #IranDeal #JCPOA 1/x
This step is an obvious next action for Iran in response to the US withdrawal from the #JCPOA. Like the previous actions, it can be reversed relatively quickly. They will not learn much new since they had significant experience with 20% enrichment before the Iran Deal. 2/x
There would have been no defensible reason for Iran to enrich to 20% if the United States had not withdrawn the nonpro sanctions waivers. Until then, Russia was returning Iran’s own 20% enriched uranium in 5 kg increments and only when the previous material was used. #OwnGoal 3/x
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Diplomats are concerned by steps from Majlis to push #Iran into major new breaches of #IranDeal even though parliament has no real power in this sphere. Rescinding Additional Protocol and building up stock of 120kg of 20% enriched uranium would gut remaining parts of #IranDeal-1-
That number is not randomly chosen either. It's half the 240 kg that formed the Israeli red line for how much 20% material Iran would need for a nuclear weapon. But one diplo most alarmed by a less noticed feature of bill: that Iran start working on uranium metal again...-2-
One diplomat said that is the most brazen signal that #Iran could resume nuclear weapons work (not just nuc;lear activity). Uranium metal is not for civilian purposes. It's used to build a nuclear weapon. That would be a huge step if regime pursued. (Again IF). -3-
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@Heritage @NileGardiner Will Biden, if he gets away with stealing the election, also get away with making an #IranDeal sweetheart a deputy press secretary? Check out this tweet:
@Heritage @NileGardiner A smart young Black woman, right? What could be bad? Plenty!
@Heritage @NileGardiner Progressive values, you wonder… what could that mean? And Ms. Jean-Pierre provides the answer.

[Why 2020 Democrats Skipped AIPAC: Pro-Israel Group Is Often the Antithesis of Progressive Values | Opinion](…)

> In 2015, AIPAC spent tens of millions…
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Earlier this week, @jakejsullivan added edge of detail to @JoeBiden #Iran plans. This comment has got some attention -- that US would return to #IranDeal compliance "if Iran returns to compliance & is prepared to advance good-faith negotiations on these follow-on agreements"-1-
However if you listen to the full recording here (around mins 34-37), he also implies #Iran would need only to commit to follow-on agreements upfront and then carry them out once U.S. & Iran returned to commitments. -2-
"If Iran is prepared to return to compliance with the Iran nuclear deal...then the United States is prepared to return to compliance with its obligations under the nuclear deal AND THEN wld work intensively on follow-on agreements to address a range of different issues" -3-
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Iran enriched uranium stockpile continues to grow, now up to 2443 kg, far over 10 times permitted amount in #IranDeal tho the increase in last 3 months was moderate 338kg. Also Iran installing various advanced centrifuges in nuke facilities though not feeding some with uranium-1-
IAEA, in latest quarterly report, also called Iran explanation for the uranium found at Turquzabad site in 2019 "not technically competent." Said Iran needs to provide a "full and prompt" explanation for material found. -2-
In the report's final footnote, IAEA sneaks in some very interesting info. The "compositions of these isotopically altered particles are similar to particles found in
Iran in the past, originating from imported centrifuge component." Specifically, from #Pakistan.
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Yes, Al-Qaeda was responsible for 9/11. But Al-Qaeda did not act alone. US Federal Courts have repeatedly held that IRAN and its proxy HEZBOLLAH were directly and materially responsible for the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. Here is the rest of the story.

THREAD #NeverForget
The 9/11 Commission report stated “there is strong evidence" implicating Iran and Hezbollah, requiring "further investigation by the US government.” Based on that, in 2004 hundreds of 9/11 families brought the case "Havlish et al v. Bin-Laden, Iran, et al" to Federal court.
After 7 yrs, in 2011 Judge George B. Daniels of the US District Court in Manhattan issued “Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law” that “The Islamic Republic of Iran…engaged in and supported terrorism as an instrument of foreign policy..” including aiding and abetting Al-Qaeda.
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#MikePompeo and #JaredKushner, are embarking on a tour of the #MiddleEast beginning with a stop in #Israel to discuss “regional security issues related to #Iran’s malicious influence” #BenjaminNetanyahu
by @hijodelcuervo #Netanyahu #IranDeal
The normalization of relations between the #UAE and #Israel, facilitated by the #US, serves to prop up three repressive leaders — #Trump, #Netanyahu, and #binZayed... It is both a shame and a sham.
by @medeabenjamin and @ArielElyseGold…
The Mueller investigation is showing how entangled the #UnitedArabEmirates is with #Israel, and how the lobbies of the both, powerfully shape #American #policy.
by Juan Cole… #UAE
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E3 have just circulated letter to UNSC presidency and issued statement rejecting US SnapBack move.
“France, Germany and the United Kingdom (“the E3”) note that the US ceased to be a participant to the JCPoA following their withdrawal from the deal on May 8, 2018.
Our position regarding the effectiveness of the US notification pursuant to resolution 2231 has consequently...”
been very clearly expressed to the Presidency and all UNSC Members.
We cannot therefore support this action which is incompatible with our current efforts to support the JCPOA.” France Germany. Britain #IranDeal SnapBack statement. 3/3
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NEW: "I'm directing Sec of State Mike Pompeo to notify the @UN Security Council that the #UnitedStates intends to restore virtually all of previously suspended United Nations sanction on #Iran" per @POTUS "It's a snapback. Not uncommon"
.@POTUS calls this a result of the "#Obama-#Biden foreign policy failure" re #Iran
"If and when I win the election, within the 1st month, #Iran will come to us and they are going to be asking for a deal so quickly cause they are doing very poorly" predicts @POTUS

Calls #JCPOA "a short-term" deal where US got "nothing"
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President Trump is holding a press conference right now.

Economy Update:

Talking about job growth over the past 3 months

623,000 new manufacturing jobs - the "magic wand" worked!

639,000 new construction jobs
He's still trying to work with Congress on another covid-relief bill. Trump wants to:

Defer payroll tax until the end of the year, retroactive from July 1. May extend it end of year.

Enhance unemployment benefits through end of year.

Defer student loan payments & interest
Extend eviction moratorium
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Alright, I have a different take on this. The NYTimes article dropped and I refuse to use it and since they all use circular reporting anyway? Let's go

Bounties paid by GRU are disclosed as the U.S. plans a troops drawdown and Taliban peace plan… via @WSJ
Am I the only one who noticed NYTimes & Co dropped this when everyone learned of the exculpatory evidence that surfaced showing Obama and Biden targeted Gen Flynn and Judge Sullivan had his gavel rendered impotent and told to dismiss it?
The likelihood House democrats will prevail to keep standing for their SCOTUS case against Trump for the next impeachment (yes really) has all but evaporated .
ICYMI and can read only one thread? 👇
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Me rushing to share all the reasons why ending the nuclear nonproliferation waivers in Iran is not only uncalled for, it directly increases the risk that #Iran will pursue activities that decrease their breakout timeline. #JCPOA #IranDeal
Block Russia from supplying near 20% enriched uranium in small quantities? Iran will start replacing that supply by enriching itself to much higher levels than they are doing now.
Block China and the UK from helping Iran modify its research reactor design? Iran will pursue the original design that produces more, better quality (for weapons) plutonium.
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#Pompeo shows up ignominiously in 2 news items

1. Leaked memo: Pompeo instruction to kick WHO out of loop in aid delivery.

This will cost lives.

2. Pompeo to argue US is still part of Iran deal after saying US quit.

Maybe he'll say he was being sarcastic when we said we quit?
2. Here's the scoop on the State Department's leaked internal memo instructing US officials to cutout the #WHO from aid delivery in developing countries (scoop by @John_Hudson @jdawsey1 @smekhennet)…
3. Good to see a statement like this on #WHO (in WaPo) from an elected Republican.

“I’m reluctant to think that the middle of the fight is the time to eliminate one of the partners in the fight, no matter how many concerns you have about what they’re doing.”

Senator @RoyBlunt
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1) @SecPompeo and his FDD cronies are pushing bad faith and dishonor to new levels.
2) For almost two years, US officials and their so-called "hawkish" advisors persistently and categorically refuted any accusation of illegal conduct regarding the #JCPOA, insisting that the U.S has not "violated" the #IranDeal but only "withdrawn" from it!
3) In fact, from the very first Presidential memoranda (announcing the withdrawal) to every subsequent official statement and position they took, US officials took care to stress that America did not violate the agreement but only "ceased participation"! Image
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While @JosepBorrellF failed to say a word about #HumanRightsViolations &the criminal crackdown on #IranProtesters, disgusting remarks are reported about the outcome of his trip:
Europe to avoid taking #Iran nuclear dispute to U.N., EU's top...
While #Iran continues2 breach the terms of #JCPOA,@JosepBorrellF of @eu_eeas is offering more concessions to the dictatorship ruling #Iran, to avoid taking the regime's dossier to the @UN. What's the position of @Europarl_EN on this?Haven't we seen enough of appeasement?#FreeIran Image
#EU's @JosepBorrellF said he had agreed W/#Berlin,#London& #Paris to“continuously postpone”the15-day limit.He conditioned this only to maintaining the presence of the UN atomic watchdog,#IAEA,in #Iran to monitor its #nuclear activities.Isn't this shameful 4 #Europe?
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New from @CrisisGroup: our annual (maybe final) #IranDeal status report. The JCPOA is hanging by a thread: US has abrogated it, Iran has violated it, & Europe has put it on notice. A US-Iran tactical detente needed for breaking escalatory cycle. [Thread]…
2| We look at the two sides of the JCPOA's implementation record over the past year - nuclear commitments by Iran, and sanctions relief commitments for Iran. These are the two key elements that make up the deal, and they're dying by a thousand cuts.
3| In May 2019, Iran announced it would start curbing its nuclear compliance if the economic normalization expected from the deal doesn’t materialize. It has since carried out 5 steps rolling back its compliance, most recently on 5 Jan.…
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❤️🇺🇸 Just when you think you can't love @BorisJohnson 🇬🇧👑 any more? He pushes for a Trump deal to replace the failed #IranDeal 🇮🇷 #JCPOA.

Thank you with love from across the pond
@BorisJohnson ❤️🇺🇸 Narrator whispers Trump always has had a plan . . .
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What should you fear if the #IranDeal doesn’t end soon? Besides continued legitimacy for Iran’s illicit nuclear program, the “sunsets” are killers. No really, they will kill. Sunsets are terminations on key multilateral restrictions on #Iran that have been in place for years.
Why do these sunsets exist? As if the Iran deal itself wasn’t horrible on it own for letting Iran keep its nuclear capabilities intact, whitewash the regime’s past nuclear weapons program and handing over billions of dollars, John Kerry gave #Iran even more! Sunsets!
The most pressing of those sunsets is the international arms embargo on #Iran. Today, countries can’t transfer key conventional weapons to the regime. Starting this October, if the deal doesn’t end at the Security Council, that embargo lifts. Russia & China standing by to sell.
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#Iran must not be allowed to have its nuclear cake and eat its sunsets too. That is the phrase you’ll hear me use over and over, and it is the reason the snapback of UNSCR 2231 needs to happen as soon as possible. Let me explain in the context of today’s announcement by the E3.
Following the US decision to impose maximum pressure by ending oil sanctions exceptions, #Iran launched multiple lines of effort to push back on US pressure to gain sanctions relief by trying to influence American and European politics without triggering a war.
The one we focus on the most right now is non-attributable violent attacks like limpet mines in the Gulf, the cruise missile attack on Saudi and the more recent activity in Iraq that prompted the kinetic response from @realDonaldTrump to restore deterrence, which he largely has.
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