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Oct. 2018: DACA Recipient Francisco Javier-Rios Covarrubias, 32, Sentenced to 35 Years in Prison Followed by Lifetime Probation for 2 Counts Kidnapping & 3 Counts Attempted Child Abuse▪️

@TraffickStop2⁩ ⁦@POTUS#ChildSexualAbuse…
“At time of arrest Covarrubias,an illegal immigrant, was protected from repatriation by DACA program implemented under previous administration according to US Sen. Judiciary Com.”

“A “tipster” contacted authorities after he was offered the child for sale as a sexual plaything”
“The 3 year old child, a little girl, was found in a closet inside a trash bag with her wrists & ankles bound with duct tape - her mouth was also covered by duct tape & couldn’t stand or speak”

“The “Mother”, Mayra Solis, 25, was also Arrested & faced numerous related charges”
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Peter Newell, 77, UN Children’s Rights Official Sentenced to 6 Years & 8 Months, Pled Guilty to 5 Charges Relating to Rape/Indecent Assault of Child, Molestation of Boy Was 12 When Abuse Began in 1960s▪️

@TraffickStop2⁩ ⁦@POTUS…
“Newell was Co-Coordinator of charity which received hundreds of thousands of dollars in UN & private donor funding every year through children’s charity, APPROACH (Assoc. for Protection of ALL Children) operates through the ‘Children are Unbeatable! Alliance in UK...
& ‘Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children’ - the Charity claims they were unaware of charges against Newell when he was hired.”

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Southern Baptist Churches Embroiled In #ChildSexualAbuse Scandal From FL to CA▪️

380 Leaders & Volunteers Including Pastors, Deacons, Youth Pastors Left Behind More Than 700 Victims▪️

@TraffickStop2⁩ ⁦…
“100 have registered as sex offenders”

“In last 20 years 380 have been convicted of or pled guilty to sexual crimes, credibly accused of #ChildSexualAbuse , successfully sued, confessed or resigned “

“Victims were almost all minors, children, 1 as young as 3 years old.
“The victims were exposed to pornography, photographed nude & some repeatedly raped”

“There were a few adults, men & women who went in for counseling and were sexually molested”
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Bryan James Hogle, 43, Las Vegas, NV, Sentenced to 45 Years in Prison for Conspiracy With Dustin W Kewley, 36, Fargo, ND, Involving Transportation, #ChildSexualAbuse &
#ChildPornography of 1 Year Old Child▪️

@TraffickStop2⁩ ⁦…
Dustin W Kewley was sentenced 1/8/2018 to 35 years in prison.

@FBI Child Exploitation Task Force uncovered the text conversation between the two men planning to transport & meet for purpose of sexually abusing the 1 year old child.…
On 5/22/2017 Kewley transported the 1 year old girl from Fargo, ND, 2 Morehead, MN 2 meet Hogle who traveled frm Las Vegas, NV the previous day. The 2 men met at hotel where together they sexually abused the child.

Hogle had prior conviction for sexual abusing child in NH,2008.
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.@DailyMail, don't use terms like #paedohpile. There are people with paedophilic disorder, & not all abuse children. Help is available, but stigmatizing people makes it less likely they will get help & can increase the risk to children.
Report responsibly.…
Yes it's #paedophile, thank you @SandraSilguero for noticing. There are several reasons why using "paedophile" as a synonym for child sexual abuse offenders, or people who sexually exploit children, is problematic & counterproductive when fighting the crime.
1. It is inaccurate. Although people who commit #ChildSexualAbuse are sometimes #paedophiles, those with a paedophilic disorder have a sustained primary or exclusive sexual interest in pre-pubescent children. i.e. those who abuse teenagers are not necessarily paedophiles.
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Jesuits Sent Abusive Priests to Retire on Gonzaga's Campus Including “Father” James Poole Who Was Accused of Abusing at Least 20 Women & Girls Including a 6 Yr Old & Alaska Native Minor▪️

#TraffickStop@POTUS⁩ ⁦…
“Statement released by Jesuits West Province said that Jesuits with credible allegations (of sexual abuse) are on ‘Safety Plans’ & reside at Sacred Heart Jesuit Center, the Province’s senior healthcare facility in Los Gatos, California.”
“Jesuit priests with credible allegations of #ChildSexualAbuse Are not currently& will not be assigned to Gonzaga University campus in the future.”

“7 priests accused of sexual abuse lived at Cardinal Bea House on Gonzaga University campus.”

“For more than 30 years Cardinal Bea
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“WhatsApp Has An Encrypted #ChildPornography Problem”▪️ “Google Has A Zero Tolerance Approach To #ChildSexualAbuse Material...”▪️ “Zero
Tolerance Doesn’t Mean Zero Illegal Content”

“WhatsApp chat groups are being used to spread illegal #ChildPornography , cloaked by the app’s end-to-end encryption. Without the necessary number of human moderators, the disturbing content is slipping by WhatsApp automated systems. A report by 2 Israeli NGOs reviewed by
TechCrunch details how third-party apps for discovering WhatsApp groups includes “Adult” sections...”
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ICYMI From 2012: Case of John J. Kelley of Hazelwood & St. Louis, Missouri, Former Assistant Scoutmaster, Boy Scouts of America in 1979 Among 1,200 National BSA “Perversion Files”▪️…

1979: John J. Kelley removed from his position as Assistant Scoutmaster with BSA after 14 year old boy reported him for #ChildSexualAbuse

1990: John J. Kelley went on to commit #ChildSexualAbuse against 5 other boys & videotaped them in his basement.
John J. Kelley served time in prison and was released in 2001.

His case is one of 20 BSA confidential “perversion files” in St. Louis.

There are more than 1,200 BSA “perversion files” nationwide which were made public in 2012 Oregon lawsuit.
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#InslawScandal & #FranklinCoverUp :Part 2

“Conspiracy of Silence/The Franklin Cover-Up HQ Version”

May 3, 1994: Set to air on the Discovery Channel; the hour long Documentary on a network of Nebraska businessmen & Washington politicians who flew children

@POTUS @freedomcaucus
who flew children, some as young as 10, to DC for sex orgies.

Film tied to Franklin Cover-Up ties to #ChildSexualAbuse Ring run by Mr. King of Boys Town based around Omaha, Nebraska, to a White House male prostitution scandal investigated by the Washington Times 1989.
Craig Spence, prominant Republican lobbyist was discovered to be giving midnight ‘tours’ to boys in order to service powerful guests of White House when unqualified reporter with unusual access, Jeff Gannon, was discovered to be running male prostitution services in DC.
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We’ve known about @WishShopping selling child sex dolls for some time now.

I guess we’d call this one a child abduction, rape and murder doll?

School uniform, wrists bound, looks unconscious or dead. Brought to you by #wishapp

@AppStore @apple are complicit.
@WishShopping selling replica little girls feet as fetish sex toys for men.

@AppStore @AppleSupport you are complicit while you allow #wishapp on your platform.
Everyone who has retweeted this tweet showing the sickening child sex doll sold by @WishShopping , retweet this twitter moment too. The standard we walk past is the standard we set. Don’t let them get away with it. #wishapp
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