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Dr. Francis Christian's Q&A period was so fascinating that I had to create a thread on it.

Here he is hypothesizing that if the US VAERS system under reports by 90% then the more clunky Canadian system could be closer to 99.999%


Dr. Christian suggests that ivermectin is only one of many inexpensive drugs which would have helped Canadians, citing vitamin D as another one, and claims that the source of their dismissal was greed on the part of corporations.


The commissioner asks Dr. Christian about 'ethics', and Dr. Christian's knows exactly the direction to go in.

Christian: "'Just following orders' has never been an excuse. It wasn't an acceptable excuse at Nuremberg."

@Inquiry_Canada @essaysbyfrancis
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Happy Tartan Day Canada #TartanDay #April6

Celebrate your Scottish Heritage.

Tartan across #Canada

#NovaScotia /1 ImageImage
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As of Jan 21, an estimated 7547 Canadian children have lost a primary or secondary caregiver to Covid-19.
24% of those have been since protections were removed in individual provinces.

Individual provincial impacts are in this thread.
#canpoli #cdnpoli Infographic portraying the figure of a child holding the han
As of Jan 28, an estimated 117 NB children have lost a primary or secondary caregiver to Covid-19.
57% of those have been since protections were removed.
#NewBrunswick #nbpoli Infographic portraying the figure of a child holding the han
As of Jan 21, an estimated 107 NS children have lost a primary or secondary caregiver to Covid-19.
68% of those have been since protections were removed.
#NovaScotia #nspoli Infographic portraying the figure of a child holding the han
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• 1913, you required us to have a permit to carry a handgun.
We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.
• 1920, you required us to have a permit to possess any firearm, regardless of where it was stored.
We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.
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1\ @JohnEThibeau telling the Jeremy Mackenzie #Diagolon story, is allied with Bryan Trottier. Follows him, blocked me in Aug. for sharing screenshots of Bryan's harassment. Mouthpiece of Trottier's fake derad, now miraculously speaks on case where Trottier is the key witness. Image
2\ I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you're all STILL being played and @JohnEThibeau is in a network with those who troll, intimidate and harass leftists. Ocean Cowboy is on comms with Trottier. That's an extended network with Blundell and *you know who* Image
3\ When I tried to have a good faith conversation about how @JohnEThibeau's communications strategy aids a notorious harasser, he respondeded to factual communications by blocking me. That's pretty clearly disingenuous stuff.
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The Saskatchewan First Act is a doozy both in terms of what it purports to do (blatantly unconstitutional) and what it actually does (mostly, generate hot air).

(🧵) #skpoli #cdnpoli #Saskatchewan

Namely, the Act purports to amend the Constitution of Canada, namely the Saskatchewan Act and the Constitution Act, 1867. All well and good, except this can’t be done unilaterally.

Since the amendments would only affect Saskatchewan, section 43 of the Constitution Act, 1982 applies. Under this provision, resolutions of both Houses of Parliament are required in addition to that of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly.

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Great piece in the @starphoenix by Nick Pearce on labor shortage in #Saskatchewan. This applies across North America. All the factors Nick mentioned are correct, and I’d like to add one more: leadership attitude, a 🧵…
I don’t know what you call it, but I see it in opinions like
- “Young workers don’t work as hard as I did.”
- “I did my time, so should they.”
- “I’m not going to let them use my expensive [insert time-saving tool of choice here], until they learn to do it the hard way!”
We see it in how leaders frame the problem.
- “High school should do a better job promoting trades.”
- “The colleges don’t do a good job recruiting students, and the courses don’t meet our needs.”
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#BREAKING Arrest warrants issued in Canada mass stabbing: police
#BREAKING Canada's Trudeau calls mass violence 'too commonplace' after stabbing spree
#BREAKING One of two Canada mass stabbing suspects found dead: police
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#BREAKING 10 dead in stabbing rampage in remote Canada communities: police Image
#UPDATE Ten people were killed and several injured in stabbings in two remote Canadian communities Sunday, police said, as they launched a manhunt for two suspects. Image
#BREAKING Canada mass stabbing 'horrific and heartbreaking': Trudeau Image
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1/10 PM @JustinTrudeau & #NATO @jensstoltenberg just visited #Canada’s biggest fighter jet base, CFB Cold Lake, in #Alberta. Canadians should know that the land for this @RCAF_ARC base & air weapons range was stolen from First Nations 70 years ago. 🧵⬇️
2/From 1952-1960 Liberal govt gave minimal compensation to Dene & Cree peoples for taking land then stopped all payments. Loss of land had devastating consequences: poverty, despair & trauma. They lost traditional hunting grounds & sacred sites that were under Treaties 6, 8 & 10.
3/For 7 decades, all year long, Canada’s #fighterjets conduct loud, low-level flights over reserves & they bomb, strafe and torpedo #ColdLake Air Weapons Range, it's boreal #forest habitat for endangered #caribou. Land contaminated w/ munitions & toxins from military. @IENearth
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Disasters continue to sweep the world. Anthropogenic in nature, exacerbated by #climateCrisis #capitalism and #EcosystemDestruction. The age of disasters is upon us.
#Yellowstone hit by #floods; staff cut off and in short supply.…
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Prompted by a friend and sex educator in rural Illinois, I was curious about how easy it was to access affirming information on sex and gender in the public library system in #Saskatchewan. I thought I'd start off easy, and search simply for the classic "Our Bodies, Ourselves."
Searching through the Parkland Library system (Yorkton), the results shocked me. These were the first three results. The first title is a book on getting sober; the second is a holistic health book, and the third is a book on the big tech hijacking of the mind and body.
The 1984 version of Our Bodies, Ourselves, with one copy in the province, was 10th on the list, and the 2011 version (still 11 years old) was 16th, with 5 copies across the province, and none in the largest urban centres of Regina and Saskatoon. Curious, I decided to search
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#Saskatchewan #COVID19 update from last week:
• hospitalizations set a new high mark with 403 (⬆️49)
• ICU total rises to 25
• 20 more deaths (half under 80, including one 20-39 and two 40-59; total now 1,275)
• test positivity steady at 13 per cent
#skpoli #COVID19SK
The previously reported high for hospitalizations was set on Feb. 3 with 384. That came when we were seeing a daily count. The 403 number is the tally on Wednesday at noon, so the total could have been higher on a different day. One of the flaws of weekly reporting.
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Go get them pierre. Our next prime minister. Thanks to all of the truckers. Without you none of this would of happened @OmarAlghabra… Image
Vaccine passports gone at midnight in Alberta.
La liberté gagne!


Sign my petition to end mandates nationwide. Link in bio
View all 3,503 comments Image
Powerful words from @RaquelDancho.
This government needs to provide solutions. Canadians are running out of hope. @OmarAlghabra… Image
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Private surgery in #saskatchewan will transfer public dollars into private pockets. It will add a layer of costs.

Increasing capacity of our public system would be more efficient. #covid19sk #skpoli @drkyle @ShellyRiffel1 🧵/ 1
Setting up private surgery within public health system is likely a step towards full privatization where patients would pay directly for for-profit surgery in contravention of the Canada Health Act. #covid19sk #skpoli @hinz_tamara / 2
This potentially explains Moe's bizarre flirtation with separation / separatists. It's not about a distinct “Western Canadian” or #SK’s “distinct culture,” it's about defying federal jurisdiction in order to advance their privatization agenda.#covid19sk #skpoli @SUNnurses / 3
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Aug 9 2021: "#Mineral exploration company #KoBold Metals, backed by billionaires including Jeff #Bezos & Bill #Gates, has signed an agreement w/ [] Bluejay Mining to search in #Greenland for critical materials used in electric vehicles."…
Sept 8 2021: "#BHP inks exploration deal w/ #Gates & #Bezos-backed #KoBold Metals"

"The world’s largest miner & the Silicon Valley-based tech firm will jointly fund & operate exploration"

The #greatreset of plunder - under guise of climate mitigation.…
Feb 5 2021: "#KoBold Metals grows global exploration footprint"

"The Gates-Bezos backed firm now has active exploration projects in #Zambia, #Quebec, #Saskatchewan, #Ontario, & Western #Australia."…
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“As Nova Scotia reports *38* new cases of #COVID19–the largest single-day case increase in nearly one year—NS's premier announced tighter restrictions in the #Halifax area...”

**cries in Alberta**

#nspoli #cdnpoli #onpoli…
For the record, “Alberta reported 1,699 new cases of COVID-19 [yesterday]” more than 10x the per capita infection rate of NS.

#ableg #nspoli…
Yesterday, as cases rose again, the Premier tweeted about how great this summer will be.

Over 2,000 Albertans have died from #COVID19AB with just 10 people being allowed at their funerals. #ableg #FiretheUCP

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With the news of Derek Chauvin being found guilty in the murder of #GeorgeFloyd, it’s probably a good time to remember that Canada also has deep-rooted problems in policing. 🧵

#blacklivesmatter #blm Image
This starlit beating took place in Calgary in 2013.

“When the officers left him at a desolate construction site, it was –28 C with the windchill, and Addai-Nyamekye was dressed in only a tracksuit and sneakers.”

“This is where he almost ended my life,” says Addai-Nyamekye in the film, returning to the site where he was tasered and beaten.…
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Apr 2

1 of every 43 #Canadians with #COVID19 has died since Feb 2020

1 in 69 BC
1 in 75 AB
1 in 78 SK
1 in 36 MB
1 in 49 ON
1 in 29 QC

1 of every 5 Cdns w/ C19 in long-term care & retirement homes has died

LAST 28 DAYS: 817 deaths, 1,335 LTC/RH cases, 368 LTC/RH deaths Image
Apr 2

-#COVID19 is in top 4 largest mortality events in #Canadian history

-Last 28 days: 817 Canadians died of C19

-If every week is like this week, 834 Canadians may die in next 28 days Image
Apr 2

#COVID19 #Canada


Wave 1 (to Aug 17)
Wave 2 (to Feb 18)
Wave 3 (Feb 19 to date) Image
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Feb 5

1 of every 39 #Canadians with #COVID19 has died since March 2020

1 in 56 BC
1 in 74 AB
1 in 75 SK
1 in 36 MB
1 in 43 ON
1 in 27 QC

1 of every 5 Cdns w/ C19 in long-term, personal care & retirement homes has died

There are 14,4457 LTC cases in last 28 days ⬇️

I'm simplifying these threads & will now show sliding window views of last 3 months of cumulative data for whole epidemic (except for province-specific summaries at end).

Rate of change graphs are provided for preceding 28 days to give a better sense of most recent dynamics.
Please note that though it's tempting to speculate about recent trends for long-term/personal care & retirement homes, reporting for this sector is VERY delayed & is almost always incomplete for preceding 3-4 weeks. The period of uncertainty is now highlighted in gray in graphs.
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Jan 29

Weekly summary #COVID19 #Canada

Provinces, high income peer countries w/ pop >20M

All deaths, cases, plus focus on long-term care & retirement homes

2-12: Data, whole epidemic
13-23: Wave 2
24-33: Last 28d, next 28d
34: Methods

Jan 29

1 of every 39 #Canadians with #COVID19 has died since Feb

1 in 56 in BC
1 in 76 in AB
1 in 80 in SK
1 in 36 in MB
1 in 44 in ON
1 in 27 in QC

1 of every 5 Cdns w/ C19 in long-term, personal care & retirement homes has died

There are 17,437 LTC cases in last 28 days

Jan 29

More #Canadians have now died of #COVID19 than died each year during the 1918-1920 "Spanish" flu

COVID-19 is in top 10 largest mortality events in Canadian history.

4,179 Canadians died of COVID-19 in the last 28 days.

Nearly 6,200 may die in the next 28 days.

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+232 cases in #Saskatchewan today:

22646 cases (+232 today)
268 deaths (+14 today)
208 hospitalized (+6 today)
33 critical condition (+1 today)
19219 recoveries (+329 today)
495292 tests (+2160 today)

34080 doses administered (+727 today)
The 7-day rolling average in #Saskatchewan is at 253 cases/day and 7 deaths/day:
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