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OK, friends.... I was asked to post some things so here it goes.

Everything is about to be shifted into overdrive! Targets

are locked

on! Rod Rosenstein’s wife Lisa Barsoomian was a shot blocker for the Freedom Of Information Act with regard to the FBI she used...
...a fraudulent e-mail and she never worked for the National Institute Of Health! Lisa Barsoomian has personal and intimate contact with the most sensitive power centers in the country and her interests are clearly “Deep State” orientated...
Like I said this “B!tc&” is more interesting than Rod Rosenstein will ever be... If FBI [CHAIN OF COMMAND] was corrupt what other investigations were corrupted? WHO DID THEY PROVIDE COVER FOR? ...
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I’ve seen angry comments all over the place lately; “@OnEdgeOfWonder says this, @Jordan_Sather_ & @david_wilcock says that” back and forth, forth and back.
Enough already!
What is the number 1 thing they all have taught us over the years?
To👏 think👏 for👏 ourselves👏
...And to form YOUR OWN opinion.
Not just about Corona, about every little thing.
We are not supposed to follow these people blindly, nor are we supposed to take everything they say and just believe in it without hesitation.
...They have ALWAYS encouraged us to do our own research, form our own opinion and to think for ourselves!
So if you feel anger towards any of these people, maybe you should look into yourself a little bit, ask yourself:
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I am w/ MJ12 on this one. JS has been really just putting alot of EGO out there since he was pointed out by MJ that he's been groomed by MJ12. He just doesn't get it. Q is the activated ground grew . So Austin to say that he is Q, is legitimate, bc he's been in the frontline 4
what ever mission he's doing for the GFL. Just that many find his character/personality a little bit odd, but hey we ARE all different in many ways. That is what makes everyone unique & share their wisdom/truth for this transition. 🙏😇 #TrustYourself #EnjoyTheShow
For many avengers to take on this mission, all have been trained (aka groomed by MJ12=12 Galactic light council/tribes of adv races/representative). If any have been blinded to money/lost track of their mission, do get replaced w/ another starseed to be activated.
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The chances are huge that Robin may have been taken in 4 WH protection...why bc in this vid since 2002 he knew already abt RC Pedos. I've mentioned b4 that there's a code in 'paradise' name in cities/st. He lived in a city just outside of SF called Paradise Cay, possibly as 🕵️‍♂️.
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You MUST accept a NEW PARADIGM!!!
What is happening NOW has
But there are those who PERSIST in DEMANDING things be done...

... AS THEY HAVE ALWAYS been done before...
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New to Q?

Q - The Plan to save the World

Q - Dark to Light

Qanon - The Storm is Coming
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Hello, I am Edna Matta. I was born in #Ibague, known as #Colombia’s #CityofMusic. A beautiful place near snow-covered volcanos (Ruiz, Santa Isabel and Tolima), large expanses of paramo forest, lakes and streams where a diverse array of animal and plant species coexist
My story starts with #powerful, #strong #women in my #family. I was the third of 4 children and my mom #firstMentor had to raise us practically alone, since my father had to work in a different city, 20h away by car
My mom is a very #strong #woman that taught me #values, to #workhard and to be #self-sufficient #StrongWomen #StrongFamily
@IWS_Network #VoicesIWS /1
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Q Drops Flor July 26, 2018

Yuge Drop by Q today. Read & re_read crumbs & this pdf file Q gave us.













What was the point of filing impeachment art if Ryan was going to reject?

Known beforehand?


Think logically.

Could Sessions publicly challenge [RR] w/o creating a dilemma?

What events would immediately transpire if Sessions challenged [RR]?
Would it immediately demonstrate that Sessions must be aware of key Mueller facts?

Facts (or failure of duty) that he cannot possibly ‘know’ if recused?

Facts (a case) he is suppose to be recused from?
Think logically.
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