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Saint Germain expresses that our dreams of peace, health and prosperity will come true. Trump rescued more than 500,000 children and #NesaraGesara will be implemented in 209 nations.
Watch for more info on #TheGreatAwakening & the coming #GoldenAge.
-Trump tries to implement #NesaraGesara in the 209 nations that have signed the law
-The #DeepStateCabal is taken down worldwide continuously
-Trump created the American Treasury free from #Rotschild influence that created money by their will
-The new currency is backed by real wealth, a single digital currency which is part of the Quantum Financial System. Quantum computer, free energy and positive #AI technologies will be implemented highly increasing our living conditions.
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I’ve seen angry comments all over the place lately; “@OnEdgeOfWonder says this, @Jordan_Sather_ & @david_wilcock says that” back and forth, forth and back.
Enough already!
What is the number 1 thing they all have taught us over the years?
To👏 think👏 for👏 ourselves👏
...And to form YOUR OWN opinion.
Not just about Corona, about every little thing.
We are not supposed to follow these people blindly, nor are we supposed to take everything they say and just believe in it without hesitation.
...They have ALWAYS encouraged us to do our own research, form our own opinion and to think for ourselves!
So if you feel anger towards any of these people, maybe you should look into yourself a little bit, ask yourself:
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MARCH 27, 2020 | GEORGE.NEWS | San Pedro, CA
The USNS Mercy is escorted through the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, California, March 27, 2020. The Mercy is providing humanitarian support for local hospitals amid the Cornavirus crisis. Earlier this morning.
3/27/20 10AM EDT
USNS Mercy (T-AH 19) pulling into the port of Los Angeles. Mercy deployed in support of the nation's COVID-19 response efforts, and will serve as a referral hospital for non-COVID-19 patients currently admitted to shore-based hospitals.
This allows shore base hospitals to focus their efforts on COVID-19 cases. One of the Department of Defense's missions is Defense Support of Civil Authorities.
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Thread: I’m not going to lie to you, growing up (born 90) last generation where internet wasn’t fully developed, kids played outside, life “seemed” good, great family life, schooling taught stuff, sun was shining. However then hacking came along, not just computers but reality
Society was As$ backwards.. so many questions going on in ones head during the most malleable time.. The TV pushed an image, remember? The American Dream on TV; you’ll be wealthy, loving family, white picket fence, dog.. ya know? Freedom? It wasn’t until I got into security..
You need a permit to fish, can’t collect rain water, tracked as soon as you are born given an itentity & pushed through a system created & barley updated, y? What was [there] agenda? I think we are beginning to see it across the board.. During the #TheGreatAwakening
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#11thICCS Roger Sayle of @nmsoftware on Recent advances in chemical & biological search systems: Evolution vs. revolution
Databases are growing at rates exceeding Moore's Law. Dbs that are twice as big take twice as long. But sublinear methods will not slow down that fast as dbs get bigger. At 1M mol/s searching, ChemEBL in 2s, PubChem 1.5min, Enamine REAL in 10mins.
Looking first at substructure searching. Use of binary fps to prescreen possible matches improves perf for typical queries. However, the use of fps does not affect the worse case, e.g. [X5], will bring many search systems to their knees.
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