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Omg omg omg so I got a call from one of the apartments i had inquired about. They have 1 bedrooms for 587 all utilities except electric paid and that INCLUDES INTERNET. The lady so nice i was honest with her and let her know I was staying at a motel and she was like GURL
That is WAY TO EXPENSIVE. She said she had driven by and saw the 375 a week. And I was like it's actually more than that after tax. She gasped lol. She was like well it says you're looking to move in asap we need to get you in here! If you come in today and your app goes through
We can get you keys by tomorrow!
She said my deposit would depend on my credit. But im guessing it's going to be the highest one which is 500 plus first months. So 1,087? I have 426 because some amazing souls sent me 500 last night. I woke up and just started at my phone
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1) #TwitterPhilanthropy Can we do this better? Let’s see🤔
If you’re really in need of a couple bucks due to a rough patch, contact me on one of the websites in my bio, do it from a throwaway email account. Tell me your story. You don’t need to follow me on twitter or RT me;
2) Don’t provide me your real name and you don’t need to get into all the details. Remember you are a person, with dignity, and that the Internet is forever. Keep your personal email, phone numbers, and online banking private. If I send you some $ I would ask you never reveal it;
3) You don’t need to be a teacher, a veteran, or a Trump supporter. You won’t need to verify your cashapp download. Heck, I’ll send it Western Union to whatever name you pick. Philanthropy isn’t a cash toss to someone in need, that’s called charity. There’s a difference;
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Lots of heartburn the past few weeks among my friends regarding #TwitterPhilanthropy, Bill @pulte, and @ScottAdamsSays.

Bill personally helped raise a ton of money for my close friend’s co-worker after they lost everything in a fire. I’m exceptionally grateful to him for that.
Lots of conspiracy theories about Bill’s motives and goals flying around.

Sorry, but I’m just not buying it.

Bill’s recent actions might not be the way I’d go about it, but I’m withholding judgment. Let the man work it out.

He’s no villain. Quite the opposite, in fact.
Maybe we should all just take a breath and allow these guys to experiment with this new concept, see what works, and sort it out.

In the meantime, let’s be happy for those being helped, and maybe even spread the good cheer by helping those around us.

Crazy talk, I know.
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I was having fun with #TwitterPhilanthropy but it's time to jump.
Ties between Pulte and Soros are confirmed and this is a huge data collection thing.
Plus Jack Dorsey owns the $CashApp -I'm sure it fits in here too…
Bill's daddy misplaced 900 million bucks.…
If #TwitterPhilanthropy was real - you could question it and see answers. Instead, Pulte gets prickly and offended and blocks people.

That should tell you something.
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Mr President @realDonaldTrump In 2017 Gretchen Smith @cov_Gretchen founded @codeofvets in honor of her dad. She has given her blood, sweat & tears for this cause & has not profited 1 cent. Along comes @pulte #TwitterPhilanthropy who donates & helps by sharing his fortune .....
To further assist more veterans in need & expands that into other means of assisting those in need. The reality is he used Gretchen to increase his following & has now blocked @codeofvets accusing her of “unauthorized” use of his Twitter account. It’s not “unauthorized use
When that individual give the information to use as a platform to live stream as in the case of the veteran who received a brand new vehicle that @pulte donated. @DailyMailUK posted an article that is completely inaccurate as @codeofvets is the one who made this happen.
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I want to re-gift 1/3 of the $20,000+ giveaway to #TwitterPhilanthropy #TeamPULTE — and to gift 1/3 to a brave, bright (one-full-year-sober-from-opioid-addiction) woman of 31 years, to upgrade her growing “graphics/video/web design” business with a MacBook Pro setup... 1/
2/ ...properly handles her professional Adobe application suite — and so Lillian can thrive in her career — and stay free of opioids for another year (and many more, ad infinitum). She is so talented at this graphics/video/web design business — and has already built this... /2
@ Ti @pulte 3/ ...and has already built a growing clientele — and is such a smart, loving, warm person — that I’m supercharged to finance the computer equipment that Lillian needs to REALLY grow her business — and fully blossom.
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I’ve been reading a lot of @pulte / #TwitterPhilanthropy and many of the cases are intractable and hard.

One father has a daughter with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Both parents work. The medications are expensive. Medical bills pile one, wages get garnished. Mortgage default.
What’s the solution to rising healthcare costs. “Pay for everything,” isn’t sustainable especially with the demand to pay for everyone who makes it past the border.

Good people are struggling and there’s no discernible solution.
What @pulte’s efforts have shown, and he’s being criticized for doing #TwitterPhilanthropy publicly, is that America’s poor are largely invisible.

Even the left uses the poor as a punchline, calling people “hicks.”
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🔥Thread about #sales #coldcalling and...why I don't recommend books about sales and cold calling.
Let's begin...
I hate books about sales. I am also not so fond of people who write books about sales.
Sales is intuitive. It’s listening more than talking. Its being responsive and no script. Having a fluid structure. The end sometimes is the beginning, sometimes the middle is the end, the start the end.
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