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FLASHBACK: This is going to be a thread about how major liberal news outlets have promoted, rationalized, and glorified the violence Antifa, a left-wing domestic terrorist organization.
Let's start with @NBCNews political director @chucktodd. He first gave Antifa a platform on his weekday show #MTPDaily. He allowed Antifa propagandist and lecturer Mark Bray to lie about the organization's roots and romanticize their violence
Three days later (August 20, 2017), @chucktodd invited Bray onto the set of @MeetThePress to debate the merits of politically motivated violence against anyone the group claimed was a "Nazi".
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This is the 2nd "article" I've seen that said I left anti-abortion activist interviews on "the cutting room floor" because I didn't agree w/ them. This 1 is from @TuckerCarlson's site. (Maybe they're mad I said, "F**k Tucker Carlson." on #UnitedShades😄) Lemme clear this up.
Portions of both of them are online here. I even promoted that you could see them online DURING the #ReproductiveJustice #UnitedShades episode. I'm the 1 who decided to put them online. They could've been gone completely. Like most interviews we cut out.…
On #UnitedShades we always film more than we need. Cutting interviews out rarely means they aren't good. It means we don't have room, or something else resonated, or it felt redundant. The show is only 42 minutes long minus commercials. Every season I've pushed for extras online.
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This is the official #UnitedShades of America livetweet thread. If you have questions about the show (or need a recipe for 2 ingredient pancakes) ask them here. Tonight is the premiere. It is megachurches in Dallas, TX.…
Getting ready for the livetweet of the premiere of season 4 of #UnitedShades. I'll be watching it w/ @pastormykmac & @fhunscripted (He's on the speakerphone.). They're both in the episode & they'll both be livetweeting w/ me. If you have questions respond to this thread.
Do me a favor and follow @pastormykmac & @fhunscripted on Twitter right now! They are both doing the big work. You can read more about them in this piece I wrote for @CNN.… And use the hashtag #UnitedShades as much as you can.
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2. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?

#Hypocrites #DoubleStandards #Liars #Warlords #USRealTerrorists
1. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?
By @RandPaul
April 11
You do not have the permission of Congress to go to war in Iran. If you want a war in Iran, you have to come to us. It's the way the Constitution was written, and it needs to be very clear.…
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*steps up to the bullhorn*

Well here goes...

United Shades of America RETURNS THIS SUNDAY April 28th at 10pm ET / 7pm PT on @CNN!

We. Are. All. The. People. #UnitedShades #WeAreAllThePeople
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It’s really hurtful that some people see turbans and view that as something to be afraid of.

Sikhs wear the turban/have long hair as a way to be publicly identified as in service to others. The idea is if you see someone in a turban, you’d know you could go up and ask for help.
A couple responses to things in my mentions:

1) Just because you didn’t know something doesn’t mean it’s not “widely known” or true. Read a book.
2) Comparing oppression and suffering only helps the oppressor.
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Turn on @CNN now & watch @lurie_john & Anthony Bourdain in the last few minutes of the last new episode of #PartsUnknown & then keep watching & see me with Tony in the 1st episode in the final season. Me & Tony in Kenya. Still can't believe it.
The last few minutes of the final new #PartsUnknown are fucking glorious. Absolutely a masterpiece of editing and style.
And now I'm sucked in to #PartsUnknown. I'm supposed to be working on #UnitedShades, but this experience was so amazing & ultimately sad that I can't turn away. I learned so much & can't stop talking about it to the #UnitedShades crew. But Tony & @ZPZProduction were incredible.
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Watching @PartsUnknownCNN w/ the #UnitedShades crew in the middle of everything awful this week. This behind the scenes episode is beautiful. In this moment I feel lucky. #PartsUnknown
"Lately the making of this TV show has become an impediment to the smooth of this mission." - @Bourdain


"You phoned that in."

"Yea... And I still feel like I'm jacking off a hobo." - Anthony Bourdain


#PartsUnknown #UnitedShades
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Tonight is gonna be hard. But join me as I watch the premiere of the final season of #PartsUnknown. Me & Tony went to Kenya. We spent time in Nairobi & on safari at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Watch w/ me as I livetweet. Let's celebrate him & his amazing life's work. #UnitedShades
I'll be livetweeting #PartsUnknown w/ me & Tony here. If you have any thoughts or questions I'll try to respond. It's a stunning episode. #UnitedShades #ShadesUnknown
Producer @diamondmofallon told me that part of the reason that the #LGBT segment was included in the show was because we cover those issues in #UnitedShades. #PartsUnknown #ShadesUnknown
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I JUST SPENT OUR #INDEPENDENCEDAY re-watching @wkamaubell's #UnitedShades of America's show that visited Canada. Why? Because I needed reminding of how angry I am that the people of the United States are being conned, lied to, and victimized every day. And we're all complicit.
All you have to do is watch this one 4 minute segment of @DocDanielle discussing the Canadian health care system to understand just how Republicans, @FoxNews and the American insurance industry have been bullshitting Americans for years.
Okay, the informed know about the healthcare lie. But what about low crime rates, or humane drug treatment, or that Canadians actually like & respect one another, all while WELCOMING immigrants that REPUBLICANS—ONLY REPUBLICANS—in the U.S. have demonized as marauding invaders?
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This is about to begin... again. #UnitedShades
That white guy next to me works on #UnitedShades. Tommy is THE BEST!!!!
This book was over 30 years overdue from the Mobile public library. (I'm sorry.) Once I knew I had had it out more than 10 years, I dreamed of returning it - & filming it. Dreams come true. I felt compelled to give a donation. Most expensive book I don't own. 🤣🤣🤣#UnitedShades
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It's the incomparable @CJ_the_Actor!! 🙌 #UnitedShades #DeafTalent
My mom is scrambling to find her glasses right now so she can watch #UnitedShades...HILARIOUS
The disability community is not a monolith. There are worlds within worlds each w/ unique identities, languages, practices, and cultures.

We are part of every community.

There's no way to cover everything in a single episode of tv but it’s a start. #UnitedShades
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This is the official #UnitedShades Sikhs in America thread. Respond here if you want to make sure I see your tweet. #SikhsOnTV
I love the opening of this show. It makes a bigger point overall about America and "religious freedom". #UnitedShades

To my Sikh sisters & brothers, I'm sorry. Thanks to @Angadgsingh, these will be fixed for the re-airings. #UnitedShades
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The Simpsons, 1989 - 2018 #RIP 😢
I think the fact that they put this "argument" in the mouth of Lisa's character, the character who usually champions the underdogs and is supposed to be the most thoughtful and liberal, is what makes this the most ridiculous (as in worthy of ridicule) and toothless response.
My friend @harikondabolu made a beautiful & powerful film. It took guts to do it. He knew he was going after a sacred cow. (Pun intended.) He knew many people would just watch the trailer or see the poster or just hear the title & immediately just hate on it & him.
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