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Here's a proposal to solve the serious social and political problems in the #USA: #Partition.

Let's just use the 2020 Presidential Election Results as a basis.

Split the US to create two new countries, one for Blue America and one for Red America.

(1/) Image
The red states can be called URSA, or United Republican States of America, and the blue states can be called United States of Democratic America (USDA).

In blue states (USDA), #abortion would be a fundamental right; in red states (URSA), it would be illegal.

#Evolution would be taught in USDA, #Creationism in URSA.

#Opencarry guns would be a fundamental right in URSA; the #SecondAmendment would be abolished in USDA; no private guns.

In URSA, there would be a flat tax rate of 10%.

In USDA, the #top1percent would pay 99% tax.

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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Washington State's capital gains tax proves we can have nice things; and more!

Archived at:…



1/ The Washington State flag; ...
Today (3/6) at 1:30PM, I'm in #Edinburgh for @CymeraF on a panel with Nina Allen and @iannmcdonald:…

Mon 5/6 at 7:15PM, I'm at the #BritishLibrary with my book *Red Team Blues* for an event hosted by @Marthalanefox:…

2/ Image
Washington State's capital gains tax proves we can have nice things: We just need to tax the rich.

3/ Image
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Starting July 1, LA County's minimum wage will reportedly see an increase for workers in the unincorporated areas of the city. 💵📈 #MinimumWage Image
This change will reportedly apply to businesses with different wage rates based on the number of employees, further impacting the local economy. 🏙️👥 #LosAngeles
The rise is associated with a 2016 county regulation that annually modifies the wage rate in accordance with the Consumer Price Index.
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This is wrong and inaccurate. And, of course, I have a LOT to sat about this. Let's begin a LONG LONG thread --

#MinimumWage #Capitalism #WorkersRights
1 -- First of all, it is a gross misconception that minimum wage jobs are supposed to be practice for high school kids and college kids to earn a little bit of money. FDR straight up said when establishing the Minimum Wage that it was meant to be a "Living Wage"
1a -- "It seems to me to be equally plain that no business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country. ...and by living wages I mean more than a bare subsistence level-I mean the wages of decent living.”
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Despite the benefits to families and businesses, many states have shut down sorely needed #PublicPolicies such as paid leave and minimum wage increases, which could advance health equity across our nation.

A thread. 🧵 1/
#PaidLeave helps families. It offers time to bond with a new child, a key to healthy development; leads to reduced infant hospitalizations and lower infant mortality; and improves rates of on-time vaccinations, with the strongest impact on families below the poverty line. 2/
Paid leave helps business. A study from @NPWF reveals the financial ROI and productivity gains of paid leave across a range of industries. It helps businesses reduce costs while providing workers flexibility to meet their health needs & #caregiving responsibilities. 3/
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Check out our today’s paper edition on…
The United States-China rivalry and growing fears of a new North Korean nuclear test will loom over a meeting this week of Southeast Asian leaders attended by US President Joe Biden. #ASEAN #US #China #NorthKorea

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The former military general has gone so far as to portray himself as a successor to President Jokowi, who some construe to have given a tacit endorsement to Prabowo’s third presidential bid. #Pemilu2024 #Prabowo

Read more:…
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Check out our today’s paper edition on…
Russian President Vladimir Putin may yet attend next week’s Group of 20 Leaders’ Summit – albeit virtually – President Jokowi suggested on Tuesday. #Putin #G20

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Indonesia insisted on working to meet global goals through its own interpretations, refusing to make any rhetorical promises while still emphasizing its commitment to climate action. #COP27 #MarufAmin

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Why I became active in #politics

#civic action #government
via #Memes #PhotoModeMonday

a 🧵
Inspired by @Teri_Kanefield
2/ I was raised Catholic and believe in this (ctto via reddit)

Love thy neighbor.
All neighbors. No exceptions.

If I really hated them then I just did not hang out w them 🤷🏻‍♀️. No hateful speech or hateful laws.
3/ Most of my family in Texas is religious, republican, & single issue voters. Anti abortion, no matter what. Even if M@ga Trumpism breaks all the other 9 commandments.

I hate that I now have to discuss forced-birth issues w beloveds.

I'm a social entrepreneur #feminist
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"Systems Thinking is a must have skill in today’s complex, changing, non-linear world where everything is interconnected as well as interdependent." -- Sahana Chattopadhyay @sahana2802…
Choice Quotes from Bill Gates's New Book ⋆ Brownstone Institute…
#BiologicalVirus, #ComputerVirus, #AbnormalPsychology, #IntellectualError, #BookReview
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/21/2022…
Predicting the Next Big Thing: Success as a Signal of Poor Judgment by Jerker Denrell, Christina Fang…
#PredictionAccuracy, #ForecastingAbility, #ManagerialForesight
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The #CostOfLivingCrisis is hitting people of all ages and backgrounds. We and Brighton's Emergency Food Network have had enough. We have sent a letter to national gov with 12 emergency action points


Read our full statement here:…
🚨 1 - The uplift in benefits that is tabled for the Spring Budget is in line with the true cost of #inflation

We need an increase of 7% or higher, not the outdated 3.1% tabled from data produced last September
🚨 2 - the £20 #UniversalCredit uplift is removed

Household costs have not reduced since the pandemic, in fact they are increasing. The Universal Credit uplift being removed is leaving families with LESS than before.
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What the Child Tax Credit fight says about America - @DrRichBesser & @DAcevedoGarcia - The Hill

#ChildTaxCredit #InvestInKids #CutChildPoverty (1)
On Child Tax Credit expiration:

“no help came this past week because we let the expanded credit expire during an unprecedented surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, and with prices rising on everything from groceries to utility bills.” - @DrRichBesser @DAcevedoGarcia (2)
“The expanded credit kept at least 3 million children out of poverty every month between July and November, leading to a 30 percent decline in child poverty rates overall.” - @DrRichBesser @DAcevedoGarcia

#CutChildPoverty (3)
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Believe it or not, I am also #French. Proud of #EU2022FR. Too many debats about the presence of 🇪🇺 at #ArcDeTriomphe. Something valid in "noblesse oblige" To annoy Ms #LePen, I illustrate my thread below with a #photo taken during my visit of the largest heros cemetery in #EU 1/1 Image
Nobless oblige! #EU2022FR Almost 400 events relating to #France’s presidency will take place across the next six months...political meetings, cultural programmes and citizens’ events. Thematic summits will also be organised in various #French cities. 1/2
#EU presidency will be an opportunity for #France to “boost its influence in #Europe”. #EU2022FR 1/3
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We all ♥️ #Paris where were it took place 1st presentation of incoming French Presidency to @EESC_PRESS! #PFUE2022 @CBeaune underlined this rare & precious opportunity, highlighting France's ambition to mark progress on #EU legislation, #climate #digitalisation #socialpolicy 1/1
The red thread of #PFUE2022 would be "Recovery, Power, Belonging" (“Relance, puissance, appartenance”). France would not impose an agenda, but would serve as an accelerator for the way forward on ideas and dossiers. #EU #Europe 1/2
#Recovery”- in economic terms, after the Covid pandemic; "#Power" - in terms of #security, external relations, #defence, #migratory policy, climate; and "#Belonging" - feeling of being part of the common #European political project. 1/3
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This was what I worried would happen with @Booker4KY. Not be on the offensive with @RandPaul, who's an abysmal, but only on the defensive when need to. Just like the @KyDems always do, which is a losing strategy. But Booker's running on policies that are materially popular!!!
Here's a fun fact about running in an election... If you run as an Aggressive & Offensive Candidate with Policies that help the People & their Material Well-being, then you win.
Here's how I know; In the 2015 Midterms, @AlanGrayson of the @FlaDems, he won with no problem. He was unapologetic when being a "#Progressive", stands up with his Principles & goes for the Jugular in Political Ads at his Opponents on how their Policies are Wrong, Evil & Bad &...
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He @Booker4KY, want any ammo to go after @RandPaul for stuff that's useless? Because this can help.
I mean from a Self-declared "#Libertarian", who seriously isn't he's #SocialConservative at best, it's not hard to dig up dirt on @RandPaul of his Voting Records. Like the 2016 Tax Bill that gave more money to the #Rich, Supports Banning #Abortion (which isn't Libertarian),...
Opposes #LGBTQIA Rights like Same Sex Marriage & wanted it to be banned, Rand is inconsistent on #MilitarySpending of sometimes leaning to not for it or for it in offensive wars (which many Libertarians call that out & believe in Defense of a Direct Threat of an Attack)...
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/02/2021…
CEO Ridiculed for Raising Minimum Wage to $70K Has the Last Laugh…

#IncomeDisparity #MinimumWage #FinancialPerformance
Cross-reactive CD4+ T cells enhance SARS-CoV-2 immune responses upon infection and vaccination…

#SARSCoV2 #ImmuneResponses #infections #vaccinations #antibodies
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y'all ready to learn about inequality?

Unc @wkamaubell, @CNNOriginals and @ZPZProduction take us to South Carolina to see what decades of inequality can do to communities and show us some folks doing the hard work to protect those who need it.

"Only in America do you have the opportunity to go broke from healthcare bills or getting educated."
-- @wkamaubell
"If the #minimumwage had kept up pace with the American economy since 1968, it would be 24.00 now."

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The #First100Days of a president’s term are historically their best chance to enact their agenda. What has Biden done?
Biden and Harris promised to implement a public option and lower the age of Medicare to 60, policies that fail to cover the 92 million Americans who are uninsured or underinsured and save the 68,000 who die every year from a lack of insurance. #MedicareForAll
But Biden and the Democrats didn’t even live up to these moderate pledges. Instead, they expanded COBRA subsidies, funneling tens of billions of dollars to health insurance corporations that are already making record profits as they jack up premiums and increasingly deny claims.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/18/2021…
Resolving catastrophic error bursts from cosmic rays in large arrays of superconducting qubits

#CosmicRays #QubitCoherence #QuantumComputing #ErrorCorrection
Probable Causation Podcasts, Episode 49: Michael Makowsky…

The Minimum Wage, EITC, and Criminal Recidivism…

#MinimumWage #CriminalRecidivism #EarnedIncomeTaxCredits
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For nearly a decade, the Roosevelt Institute has called on policymakers to rewrite the rules of our economy—to make it fairer, more inclusive, and more productive.

The #AmericanJobsAct is a major step toward doing that.
For generations, policymakers used the power of the state to redistribute income upward and remove economic decisions from the democratic process.
This market-oriented approach failed to generate sustainable livelihoods for most Americans, especially for communities of color and those globalization abandoned.
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Gonna bring out my @katieporteroc #whiteboard.
Just so people realize...what an #income of $15 an hour looks like.
$15/hour @ 40hrs = $600/week
#RaiseTheWage #MinimumWage thread! 👇👇
Single person budget with/ 1 bed apartment located in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Rent - $1,600/month
Car - $300
H Ins - $150
Car Ins - $100
Util - $200
Gas - $100
Cellphone - $50
Food - $200
Clothing - $50
Ttl = $2750 🚨
If parent ADD...
Daycare - $400
Ttl $3150🚨
So now I ask you... Who could survive on less than $15/hour?? #RaiseTheWage
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To those who support #FightFor15, increasing the #MinimumWage and reducing #IncomeInequality: By 2025, the wage would have to be ~$20 to equal the $15 asked for when this began.

That's why we need to stop talking about a "minimum" wage and start talking about an #AmericanWage.
An #AmericanWage is the wage needed to provide for the basic needs of American life.

It clarifies to people of any political alignment or value system, that wages are meant to provide a standard of living adequate to all Americans.
Yes, cost of living varies by state. But the purpose of the #AmericanWage is to establish a baseline for what your wage buys, not an arbitrary number lacking the consideration of determining what that wage buys.

Yes, a worker in West Virginia needs less than someone in New York.
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