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BREAKING: we just sued a mob of Trump supporters-alongside @protctdemocracy & @WillkieFarr-who tried to drive a Biden campaign bus off the road in TX last fall. We must take action to deter this kind of #PoliticalViolence before it destroys our democracy… Image
The mob attempt to drive a Biden campaign bus off the road last year was *illegal*. #VoterIntimidation #TrumpTrainTXAttack Image
A mob of Trump supporters in TX used fear, intimidation, and threat of violence to silence their political opponents last fall, but this is not an isolated incident. #VoterIntimidation #TrumpTrainTXAttack Image
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“The [Georgia] secretary of state will no longer chair the State Election Board, becoming instead a non-voting ex-officio member. The new chair would be nonpartisan but appointed by a majority of the [Republican-led] state House and Senate.” #gapol 1/
2/ “The State Election Board, county commissions or a certain number of state House and Senate members that represent a county could request an independent group to conduct a performance review of their appointed elections board or...
3/ ..probate judge that supervises elections, defined in Georgia law as the "superintendent."

😳SB 202 “would allow the State Election Board to suspend the multi-person elections board or probate judge and replace them with a single individual for at least nine months.”
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@USATODAY #VoterIntimidation #TheGOPisEvil #VoterSuppression

State lawmakers across the US have filed over 100 bills since the NOV election aimed at reforming election procedure & limiting voter access, according to a report from the Brennan Center for Justice.…
@USATODAY #VoterIntimidation #TheGOPisEvil #VoterSuppression

Republican legislators across the country are preparing a slew of new voting restrictions in the wake of former President Donald Trump’s defeat.…
@USATODAY #VoterIntimidation #TheGOPisEvil #VoterSuppression

Withholding funds for voting security
Delaying, labeling mail voting illegal
Voting registration rolls purged
Removing sorting machines
Voting machine errors
Polling stations closed

GOP attacking the vote Image
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Who can challenge voters at the polls? What counts as
#voterintimidation? Are private #militias allowed outside the polls? Mary McCord of Georgetown Law's Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection (@GeorgetownICAP) explains the law.
If you experience voter intimidation during #Election2020, report it to your election officials, call 9-1-1 if in danger, and call the nonpartisan Election Protection coalition hotline for legal assistance: 1-866-OUR-VOTE.
.@GeorgetownICAP provides a fact sheet on #voterintimidation laws, detailing what kinds of conduct could constitute it, and what to do if you experience it:…
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THREAD | To prepare voters for potential voter intimidation in #Election2020, @GeorgetownICAP has created a set of resources voters can utilize to identify unauthorized private militias and #voterintimidation as they head to the polls on #ElectionDay.
Every state bans private militias. @GeorgetownICAP created fact sheets for all 50 states on illegal militias and what to do if voters encounter them.

Find your state’s fact sheet here:
Voter intimidation is illegal in all 50 states. @GeorgetownICAP provides a fact sheet on #voterintimidation laws, detailing what kinds of conduct could constitute it, and what to do if you experience it.

View the fact sheet here:…
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Federal law prohibits acts that “intimidate, threaten, coerce ... any other person for the purpose of interfering with the right of [that] person to vote or to vote as he may choose."

The @VA_GOP thinks it’s funny. Image
Voter intimidation is specifically prohibited in Virgina law as well, @VA_GOP (GOP is law-and-order party ONLY for the laws it thinks should be enforced)… Image
VA law prohibits anyone from acting in “noisy or riotous manner at or about the polls so as to disturb the election” and provides for 24 hours in jail @VA_GOP.

The election officials had to move the line of voters. That’s clearly a “disturbance.”… Image
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"#VoterSuppression is a myth. It is a term made up to smear perfectly legal activities — like #VoterID laws — by suggesting it is illegal," @PILFoundation's J. Christian Adams. #2020Election
All of this brings us to a teaching moment about language and the law of elections. The correct terms for suppression are “#VoterIntimidation” or “#VoteDenial.” Both are illegal.
@PILFoundation's J. Christian Adams. #2020Election
"Some forms of alleged voter suppression are actually the fix for other forms. #VoterID speeds lines #ElectionOfficials can swiftly check in voters. States without voter ID have a slower, more cumbersome check-in. "@PILFoundation's J. Christian Adams.
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BREAKING: @Demos_Org and @protctdemocracy file suit against the Board of Elections of Rensselaer County, New York for unlawfully and unconstitutionally sharing voter registration information with ICE. More Here:
@Demos_Org As @protctdemocracy's Cameron Kistler said, the County’s plan to share voter registration information with ICE is a "transparent attempt to scare lawful voters-particularly those in the Latinx community-from registering to vote. Such lawless conduct has no place in our democracy"
This sends a clear signal that #VoterIntimidation will not be tolerated, as emphasized in this @HuffPost piece by @srl:…
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Voters who were falsely accused of voter fraud in VA have reached a settlement in their lawsuit against J. Christian Adams and his organization, the Public Interest Legal Foundation. This sends a clear signal that #VoterIntimidation will not be tolerated.…
Adams/PILF published 2 reports that falsely accused citizens of felony voter fraud. The reports used the provocative title “Alien Invasion” to stoke fear and outrage about a supposed wave of non-citizens voting illegally in U.S. elections.…
Worse yet, the reports published the personal information of the citizens being falsely accused. These tactics are a modern form of #voterintimidation that target and disproportionately impact certain groups of people.
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Hey @VoteWithMeApp thanks for getting me bullied at work today about how I vote, fortunately I’m not subject to intimidation but you’ve set up one hell of a platform for progressives to do just that. Super lame. How is it legal to share my voting history @GOPChairwoman?
Would suggest this app only share registered Democrats, I don’t need former Obama employees hanging me out to dry.
Hey @FBI @AjitPaiFCC @FEC can you help get me out of this crazy apps database? I didn’t agree to thier terms but someone with my phone number did.
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