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Cement की life मात्र 28 दिन होती हैं , उसके बाद उसमे 70% 80% ताकत बचती हैं। 3 महीने बाद cement की expiry होती हैं और वो बेकार हो जाती हैं ।

ग्रामीण इलाक़ों में लोग इस बात पर ध्यान नही देते इसलिय अधिकतम लोगों को खराब cement मिलता हैं और निर्माण कार्य कमज़ोर हो जाता हैं।
कोलम और लेंटेर में 28 दिन से पहले की फ्रेश Cement प्रयोग करें ।। plaster में भी फ्रेश का प्रयोग करें । 3 महीने की Expiry होती हैं और उसके बाद cement राख हो जाती हैं उससे बचें। । यही कारन हैं कि दीवारों से प्लास्टर गिरने लगता हैं ना पेंट रुकता हैं ।
Cement बैग पर Expiry date देखकर ले - एक साथ पूरे घर के निर्माण के लिए cement खरीद कर ना डाले ।।

फ्रेश Cement का प्रयोग करें ज़िस्से आपका निर्माण मजबूत और शानदार बनेगा ।।

#awareness #solutions #awake #safe #architecture #housedesign #cement
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THREAD: #Virology: Unmasking a 100+ Year Old Lie

Everything You Think You Know About Disease Is Likely Wrong.

#vaccinegenocide #vaccines #vaccinedeath #PfizerLiedPeopleDied #thread…
We Need To Base Our Understanding of Reality Upon Reality, Not Manipulation.

Everything You Think You Know About Disease Is Likely Wrong....
In order to understand the world around us as the truth about it is emerging from a 100+ year slumber, it’s going to be important to challenge ideas that have absolutely zero basis in reality.

I will start off by saying that we have been duped - ALL OF US.
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🚨#BREAKING UPDATE: Mass shooting with 9 people shot at start of the July 4th parade in #HighlandPark #IL. Reports that the suspect is barricaded inside of a Sunset Foods grocery with hostages.
Update: Police are looking at a White flatbed pickup truck from Iowa that was abandoned, police are tagging it. #HighlandPark
Update: Central and Green Bay, 8 people were found on the roof. #HighlandPark
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17 Mini TV series to watch which are not available in Netflix - Ranked

(A Thread) Personal Opinion
#TopTen2blue Image
17. #TheCapture (8epi)
CCTV footage from a night out in London comes to light, Shaun's life takes a shocking turn
Crazy ending... Image
16. #11.22.63 (8epi)
Travel against time to prevent death of John F kennedy Image
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A continuación les doy mis comentarios sobre recientes películas de Netflix que vi, por si a alguien le interesa:

1. #Disomnia (#Awake) Buena historia, actuaciones regulares y final malo. Aunque tiene algunas escenas de acción buenas, faltó mucho que explicar de la trama 6.5/10.
2. #DescuidaYoTeCuido Excelente. Muestra las miserias del ser humano y lo que la gente es capaz de hacer por dinero y poder. El final es de lo mejor, porque el mensaje no podía ser de otra manera. 100% recomendada. 8,5/10.
3. #Rebeca Historia no tan original y un poco predecible, pero tiene buenas actuaciones y la fotografía también es destacable. Se puede recomendar porque va mejorando a medida que avanza la historia. 7/10
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The Rothschild Surrealist Ball of 1972 featured imagery that was meant to look “Satanic”(psyop) but to a more discerning eye, actually is mocking all religion. It features many sick examples of the infamous banking family mocking the rest of humankind #truth #SaturnDeathCult
more, do you see the Saturnian symbolism?
Why are the #Illuminati so obsessed with symbolism? Especially regarding horned gods, black cubes and the planet Saturn? #truth #SaturnDeathCults #NWO #awake #woke
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#GLAMISCALLING january 2020 post from if you do not know about it do some research. Some say it is a larp but far to many coincidences. Will post link to video in comments. Be careful with hashtags. #qanon #awake #itsbiggerthanyouthink #dontsayhername
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1/ Dear #SocialJustice warrior,

You are #woke but you're not awake.

Since the beginning of time there have been those who seek to gain power or maintain power. This is a sad fact of life. There is truth to the #GameOfThrones
2/ For those of you who are #woke yet asleep-

There are those who powerless & become bitter.
There are those who are powerful & become greedy.
There are those who fight for the powerless & become caught in the powerful's web.
3/ You say you're #woke because you fight for #SocialJustice -causes that seem fair and equitable

-against inequality, rich vs. poor, white vs. black, male vs. female...

That sounds great.

Until the light filters beneath your lids & you begin to ask questions...
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@0cd8bef6f7af48f @MistressCnLA Amen brother!!😍🤗

#BlackHistoryMonth is like a breadcrumb, to follow our #Clues, that as another proverb hashtag called #AmericanDOS is used, leading more #ISRAELITES to #Awake from #Christianity paganism and sorcery. #Religion has never been our friend. #WakeUp 911. #REPENT
@0cd8bef6f7af48f @MistressCnLA Understanding: #Hosea 4:6. #Christianity never told us the #Messiah whom is called #Jesus is #blackface as in naturally #Dark. Never told us that #Moses is #Dark. #Job, #Abraham #Isaac and #JACOB all are #BlackLikeUs.

#Churches teach #paganism and doesn't keep #Sabbath Day holy
@0cd8bef6f7af48f @MistressCnLA #Understanding: WE are the #descendants of #Abraham #Isaac and #JACOB and were cursed because of #Disobedience and gross #Trangression of the #Laws that He gave us. #Genesis begins our #BlackHistory. We are the children of #JACOB, called the #ISRAELITES. We must #REPENT for our
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