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#Elxn44 Thread - #yegvote ppl please consider voting for the following humans.

#EdmontonCentre - please cast your ballot in this riding for my SC PO 101/102 prof and overall wonderful human @R_Boissonnault and the @liberal_party! Have a voice in the Trudeau Cabinet! #yegvote #Elxn44 #CanadaVotes
#EdmontonGriesbach - please vote for @DesjarlaisBlake and the @NDP - he has worked tirelessly and would be a tremendous representative.

Also remember that if you vote for @KerryDiotte, you’re out of the family! #MakeGoodChoices #Elxn44 #yegvote #CanadaVotes
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My first job was as a cashier at Bateman's IGA. I was 16, had to wear a smock & stockings & started at 5.25/hr. Stock clerks (male) made 5.75 & when I argued with one about it, he told me it was because they had to lift heavy things. 🙄#yegCC #yegVote #LabourDay
A few yrs ago I received a (very) small settlement from a gender discrimination class action suit against Stats Can. I had worked on Census helpline & doing health & household phone surveys. I had no idea I'd been paid less for the same work. #yegCC #yegVote #LabourDay 2/
My husband's work became less flexible right when our eldest was born. Suddenly continuing my career would mean most of my income going to childcare if I was paid as a PT highschool teacher, so I could work *only* full-time, with prep & marking. #yegCC #yegVote #LabourDay 3/
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Hey #yegcc folks: I’m a visual person so I made a crude map with visuals to represent the stories behind how each new ward got its Indigenous name.

Do you know your ward’s story? I learned some cool stuff doing this!

#yeg #yegvote Image
Nakota Isga / na-koh-tah ee-ska  / Sioux  / “The people”

The people of the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation
Anirniq  /  a-nirk-niq  /  Inuktun  /  “Breath of life”

The Inuit are the northernmost Indigenous people in Canada. In the 1950s and 60s, about ⅓ of Inuit people were infected with tuberculosis. Most were flown south for treatment in sanitariums like the
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"The first debate of Edmonton’s mayoral election was a spirited affair, featuring a current of combativeness, a no-show candidate and plenty of ideas on how to invigorate the city’s beleaguered economy. "

& it was a secret.

#yeg #yegcc #yegvotes…
The secret event was presented by @kv_capital, and sponsored by @lloydsadd + @NavacordInc, and moderated by @EdmontonChamber president, @JeffreySundquis.

How very business....

archive of the event page here:…

#yeg #yegcc
"To their credit, the company did eventually provide Postmedia a link to a video recording of the debate...."

I wonder if the link to the video will be made available to the general public?

An article about the video is here:…
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Mike Nickel's campaign paid for a billboard attacking Aaron Paquette and Andrew Knack for not being anti-maskers.

#yeg #yegcc #abpoli…
Posted to reddit about @scotiasinger's tweet asking about the billboard.

Looks like @CrystalGlassLTD donated $5000 to Mike Nickel's election campaign.

disclosure here:…🔗

I wonder if they donate to the #UCP too.

#yeg #yegcc Image
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🧵 If Kenney can put forward a Referendum on equalization at #ableg, #epsb can request referendum on:

1) education equalization (the weighted moving average) &
2) the draft K-6 curriculum.

Edmonton City Council can add the questions to #yegvote. I'll propose this tomorrow.
We’re not asking for a special deal, just a fair deal. Jason Kenney's equalization program is not fair for Children.

Despite their promise to maintain or increase funding for education, they have instead introduced a new formula that punishes growing Edmonton Schools.
We expect 2700 new students next year without one additional dollar to educate them.

School boards across Alberta have refused to pilot the draft K-6 curriculum, but the Minister remains intent on implementation.

Edmontonians will finally have the opportunity to be heard.
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As an #EPSB Trustee and a #yegvote #yegcc candidate, I can't convey how incredibly frustrating this stupid, pointless, powerless referendum on equalization question is: a pointless distraction from Kenney's failures on jobs, economy, pipelines.
#EPSB and #CBE students receive fewer dollars per capita than any other school board in Alberta because of the failed #WMA brought in by the UCP.

Where's the fair deal for Calgary and Edmonton children?…
Similarly, Edmonton and Calgary pay more in taxes, bear many more of the costs and yet receive fewer dollars in return.

Where's the fair deal for Calgary and Edmonton taxpayers?…
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Minister Madu is setting a dangerous precedent by dictating what municipalities spend their money. If Edmontonians want to defund the police then it should happen. To be clear, this isn't an autocracy and the minister doesn't get to rule Edmonton with a iron fist. 1/3
We aren't radical activists. I am not a radical activist. The Taskforce, Edmontonians and myself are saying lets send the proper response to situations. Sending the police has been proven to not work in every circumstance. These aren't dangerous social experiments rather 2/3
they are strategic movements to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone.

The policing system is broken in this province and city. It's time for a change, Minister. The status quo no longer works in the 21st century. 3/3

#yegcc #yegvote #yeg
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Edmonton has been a city for 126 years. Today, over 40% of Edmontonians are a BIPOC or minority. In the last 126, only 4 BIPOC have served #YEGCC.

Speaking of history let’s also remember:
Dan Knott was an Edmonton mayor who the Ku Klux Klan campaigned for. They burned a cross in his honor when he won. He has a school named after him called Dan Knott School and he has a neighbourhood named after him called Knotwood. (1)
Malcolm MacCrimmon was was an accountant and bureaucrat with the Canadian government who made it his life’s work to disenfranchise as many Indigenous people as possible so that the government would pay less money in Treaty annuities. He has a park named after him in Ermineskin (2
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Bill 29 (Local Authorities Election Amendment Act) are being debated right now. The bill is a huge step backwards and will only advantage incumbents and those that who are connected to wealthy donors. It also reduces transparency. #ableg #abpoli #yegcc #yyccc #yegvote
A friendly reminder: the extremely short public survey has never been released publicly so no one actually knows what Albertans wanted to see for changes. #ableg #abpoli #yegcc #yyccc #yegvote
Premier @jkenney is speaking in the Legislature right now and suggesting that Bill 29 will somehow encourage more people to run and get involved even though this Bill is a return to the old system with less transparency. #ableg #abpoli #yegcc #yyccc #yegvote
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Last year, I did an interview with @MikeTheJourno about the GSA battle in the 2017 school board election. You can read that article here:… #ableg #abvote #abed
At the end of the article, I mused: Will the UCP [United Conservative Party] include a repeal of the bill in their platform, or have we finally moved past this?”

It's quite clear now that we haven't.
And I don't really know why any party wants to re-fight this battle again during the provincial election, especially with how decisive the results were in #yegvote and how badly their proxy candidates lost on the issue.
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