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Amended Alberta Education Act comes in effect today.
Here's how #UCP have expanded religious privilege, while rolling back protections against vulnerable #LGBTQ youth in particular.
Also note how ridiculously unfair the Catholic system is to non Catholics.
#abed #abpoli
2/ To recap;
Non-Catholics over-pay for Catholic schools.
Not only do non-Catholics pay for them ($2,000,000,000 yr), they also have to subsidise shortfall in directed Catholic property taxes ($450,000,000 yr) & inefficiency of running two systems ($200,000,000 yr).
Despite this>
3/ Non-Catholic students & families can & are turned away from Catholic schools, even if it is their closest school.
Non-Catholic parents can't vote in board elections.
Non-Catholics can't run as trustees (although Catholics can in Public schools).
and >
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Some are justifiably wondering why the #UCP's 2019 interim supply bill for libraries is drawing so much more criticism than the #NDP's in 2015 #abpoli #ableg

Here's what's different (1)
The #NDP's interim supply bill was tabled in June, to start July 1 (…). Folks who work for libraries in southern Alberta confirm they received 75% of their grant then, and the remaining 25% in early Sept thru special approval of the Minister of the day (2)
The #UCP's interim supply bill has come, literally, months later and is giving libraries 50% of their operating grant with about 6 weeks left in the fiscal year (3)
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/1 Con free speech warriors are the most ironic free speech warriors.

#UCP #abpoli #CPC #pcpo #cdnpoli #onpoli
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Each additional conviction from Elections AB it becomes more obvious @jkenney only acquired leadership of the party through fraud, manipulation, and once the RCMP are done, likely identity fraud. Not fairly elected party leader he is now an #illegitimatePremier #abpoli #cdnpoli
The fact that the Board of the #UCP was made aware of these problems and took no action, and now see an independent investigation revealing these problems with the leadership election indicates how deep the corruption goes within the Conservative #UCP party #cdnpoli #abpoli
Similar complaints were made during the vote to merge Wild Rose & PC parties calls into question the validity of #UCP as a party. Also regarding the election of DoFo & merger of CAP & Consevatives. This illustrates the contempt shown for fair electoral process #cdnpoli #abpoli
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Over half way through the year and, at long last, Alberta Q1 2019 opioid reporting is made available. Let’s have a look at the stats shall we?

#abpoli #AbLeg…
“There continues to be a high number of accidental fentanyl related poisoning deaths in the province,
however, the number in the most recent quarter is comparatively less than the previous.”

Sounds like the harm reduction and overdose response initiatives are helping.
This begs the question, if we are in fact seeing a decline in overdose deaths, why are we pausing these services in communities that clearly still need them?

Now is not the time defund, delay, or discontinue supervised consumption services.
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I have concerns about this. We had a recent case at University of Lethbridge where we had a prof who held anti-Semitic views & published them, in addition to vicious conspiracy theories. This #ucp policy would likely give that prof another way to continue his hate speech. #ableg
The University was finally able to get rid of that prof, and I was grateful for that. It’s possible - actually, probable - that this #ucp policy would make it more difficult for the University to terminate someone who is publishing and teaching demonstrably anti-Semitic content.
We have hate speech laws in this country. We don’t need any confusion about this just so the #ucp can invite the incel army or the white supremacist hordes on to campuses across Alberta and give them free reign.
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In light of the #UCP hitting pause on plans for supervised injection services in Red Deer, Medicine Hat, and Calgary, I asked McCauley Community League president Greg Lane about the existing facility in his neighbourhood. I didn't expect him to say what he did... (1/3)
"I don't think anyone's going to argue the value of saving lives. The data's there in the proof of how many lives they've saved. It's an intervention opportunity. This is a thing that's been stigmatized. There's been an issue with needles in the community for a while..." (2/3)
"Overall, the data I've seen from EPS re: disturbances and unrest, those numbers have not gone up. It's not had a negative impact in that regard." MCL president Greg Lane's comments re: supervised injection sites begin at 8:00 mark:… #yeg #ableg #PWUD (3/3)
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"Inside Jason Kenney's plan to kickstart Alberta's economy — and heal the province's divisions"

fascinating insight into Kenney's campaign approach and plans for AB.…

"It may seem eccentric to stake the farm on a massive corporate tax cut... but Kenney believed he had an ace up his sleeve: The party’s internal polling on the issue was absolutely off the charts."

it's worrisome that this decision was based on popular opinion more than wisdom.
"The new government will be working off a “Mountain West” strategy....
For all the attention paid to the pipeline file, the UCP is also focused on highly mobile companies, like tech and banking firms, that could move their headquarters without blinking an eye"

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OK. Let’s connect dots and take a look at an old movie. @jkenney is threatening to punish Canadian environmental NGOs and their funders for working on climate change and advocating a transition to a low carbon future. The #UCP hosted Rebel Media at his election party last night.
Rebel Media was launched by Ezra Levant, who also founded Ethical Oil, a phoney grass roots group that vilified environmental opposition to unfettered resource development and the dismantling of Canadian environmental laws under Stephen Harper.
Ethical Oil’s website was hosted on a server owned in part by Hamish Marshall, a longtime conservative strategist. Marshall’s wife, Kathryn Marshall, was an Ethical Oil spokesperson. Marshall’s server also hosted the site of anti-environment Harper henchman Joe Oliver.
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It's election day. I'm not going to post a photo of my ballot (illegal), but I will share some of my thoughts. (thread) #ableg #ucp #abparty #abndp
If you are voting for a pipeline, please recall that the Federal government determines the pipeline outcome. I think it highly likely that a Kenney government, by undoing the climate leadership plan, kills that possibility.
If you are voting against equalization, please think of all taxation as equalization. Those who make more, pay more taxes but we all get the same services. Equal.
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1) Where do people get the idea that Jason Kenney and the UCP are the strongest ballot choice in terms of Alberta’s economic future? A thread. #abpoli #vote2019
2) World price of oil has swung up / down from US$28 to more than $110/barrel in recent yrs, yet Kenney pins oil-producing AB economic struggles squarely on Notley. That’s an easy claim to make, & convenient that he need not prove how he or his Party would have done any better.
3) @jkenney has promised to kill the carbon tax, reduce corporate taxes, and still somehow balance the budget by saving money through efficiencies. And printing money, I suppose. #abvote #abpoli
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After looking at the platforms, additional information and the leaders debate this is what I am let with. ALL parties will be running a deficit. Oil revenue paid for a lot of things which allowed us to have low taxes 1/ 18
#abvote #abpoli #shpk #yeg #yyc #strathco
Oil prices crash, we have been through this often. And every time it happens it is the same. Jobs are lost, people's lives go off the rails and the Alberta economy crashes. This time is no different than the last time or the time before. We have some hard choices to make 2/18
Just looking at the top 2 parties. At the end of the next 4 year term #UCP will have us at 86 bill in debt and #abndp will have us at 95 bill in debt. This is a difference of 9 bill over a 4 year term or 2.25 bill per year. So what does each plan get us? 3/18
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Big Jason just gave a h*ckuva speech down here at #UCP #ableg campaign HQ.

I'll be honest, after getting his clock cleaned by Adler and Jespersen, and then cleaned again just by Adler, it's possible our morale flagged a bit... but then... BUT THEN BY G*SH

oh wait, I'm not saying ol' Vic's morale flagged, oh no, I hitched my wagon to the back of Big Jason's bicycle and I'm so power hungry I don't care what he does.

But you know not _all_ our candidates are as devoted as ol' Vic.

Anyhoo, where was I?
Oh right, we're sitting around HQ, wondering if maybe it's time to start returning Derek's calls, when we hear this almighty roaring outside, getting louder and louder
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Hilarious. Also, this morning I read through the entire #UCP platform, and it is full of dogwhistles, pandering to business, and deeply troubling policy "ideas" (a word I'm using rather charitably here).

A thread will be forthcoming in the next little while. #ableg
As promised: deconstructing the #UCP platform.

Kenney continues to be leader of three parties, and we should all remember his astroturfing of social media accounts, like Unite Alberta. It's in this spirit, of course, that the platform isn't actually on the UCP website. #ableg
It's fine to have election-specific pages, but it's interesting to have an entire website dedicated to this campaign that, really, operates as yet another Kenney front, which was registered in 2016, a year and a half before the UCP even existed. #ableg
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In response to popular demand, I'll take another crack at the series of chronological tweets about the kamikaze controversy I posted this morning. #ableg
@jKenney and Jeff Callaway have denied Kenney’s campaign ran Callaway as a so-called “kamikaze” candidate. And Kenney says he only learned Callaway was resigning to endorse him night before it happened. What does the chronology of events show? 1/ #ableg
Around early July 2017: This is when former UCP MLA Derek Fildebrandt says Kenney asks him to be a stalking horse candidate. Kenney denies this. 2/ #ableg
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Another day, another education-related announcement that shows the #UCP didn't do their homework and didn't listen to what we shared with them about the work school districts are already doing on career education and skilled trades. #abed #ableg #abvote
The NAIT Collegiate project was initiated through an agreement between #EPSB, #ECSD, and #NAIT in 2014. We've been waiting for Blatchford redevelopment and also have had to prioritize high school construction in south #yeg because space needs there are dire.
Our district, #EPSB, also already offers the Career Pathways model to all students to help them begin thinking about life after high school from day 1. At this stage, they use My Blueprint to imagine their futures.
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Albertans have some decisions to make regarding what direction they want our province to go. I am hearing a lot about track records and taxes on all sides of the fence so I wanted to throw my 2 cents out into the internet universe. #ableg #abpoli #abvote 1/
Society pays taxes for a reason. Those dollars collected are designed to go to needed infrastructure, repair & maintenance as well as programs that save us money in the long run and make our society a better place to live. It's literally the governments JOB to spend those $$ 2/
Both sides have a track record. Albertans need to decide which track record they like and which track record they want to see for Alberta's future. I have chosen my view and my side and I would like to tell you why I think we are #BetterOffWithRachel 3/
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the Canadian Freedom Institute (@CanFreedomInst) Twitter account has been jumping into my conversations to challenge my views on Alberta's carbon tax and my criticisms of the #UCP.

it's a registered charity, so i looked into it...
here's a link to its listing in the CRA charitable database. its most recent filing dates back to Dec 2017.…
its stated program: "Canadian Freedom Institute is committed to improving public knowledge in the principles of free market economies. The organization conducts research to provide information or topics from health care, taxation, democratic reform."
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I have some words to say regarding a lowered wage for people under the age of 18. I have real life experience and some pretty harsh opinions on why this isn't a good idea and why this isn't a fair idea.
#ableg #abpoli #abvote #FightFor15 #abndp #UCP
Point #1. I was on my own paying rent, utilities, food, clothing & transportation when I was 16. My rent, utilities, food, clothing and transportation was NOT at reduced cost because of my age so why should my wage have been reduced because of my age?
Unless we don't care about putting vulnerable people in poverty and holding them there? Unless we don't care about all people in society and if they have the ability to meet their basic needs?
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Ooookay, @jkenney just said male candidates “understand tactical politics a little better than women”. He must be talking about voter fraud, intimidation, and creepy video recordings. 1/8 #ableg #abpoli #tacticalwoman
Let’s unpack: he went on to say that rather than racking up years of “tactical political experience” women are doing “more useful things like professions and running businesses and helping with families”. 2/8 #abpoli #ableg #tacticalwoman
That’s flat out patronizing. Low representation of women and gender diverse folks in politics is a long standing issue. Nothing to do with aptitude, or skill. We don’t need to take lessons from people like @jkenney on how to do politics. 3/8 #abpoli #ableg #tacticalwoman
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1/ If after reading all the accusations and evidence surrounding @jkenney's illegal activities, you still want to vote for him, you aren't looking out for Alberta's best interests. You're buying into lies, cheating, and deviant behavior at Alberta's cost #ableg #abpoli #yeg
2/ @jkenney has proven time and time again that his interests come before Alberta's. He came here campaigning to be the #pcaa leader while still receiving his MP pay from Ottawa. He's paid others to run suicide campaigns to dirty up his rivals to ensure a win. #ableg #abpoli #yeg
3/ @jkenney promised Albertans that he would stay humble and earn every vote, but we're learned he's done just the opposite. He's cheated, lied, paid people off, ran illegal campaigns, and took illegal donations. #ableg #abpoli #yeg
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Just regular folks. Dude on the left. See Q Anon sign. I invite you to google that one if you don’t already know. Fine people these yellow vest protesters. Endorsed by a UCP MLA don’t you know. #ableg
Let's check the yellow vest Facebook site. What do we have there? #Ableg
And another one from the yellow vest Facebook site. @DrewBarnesMLA are you really sure that you should be endorsing this movement? #Ableg
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THREAD: 1/x Some context on this short audio. In 1989, San Fransisco passed a quasi civil union ordnance. It was later reversed by voters in a plebiscite (yes, it failed in SAN FRANCISCO!). @jkenney was a 20 yer old student in SF at time. #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #UCP #CPC
2/x Societal norms have evolved a great deal since. For example, Liberal stalwart Dianne Feinstein, while SF mayor earlier, vetoed a similar ordnance. Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton both opposed same-sex marriage up until quite recently. #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #UCP #CPC
3/x NDP icon Tommy Douglas viewed homosexuality as a "mental illness." In 2005, 29 LIBERAL MPs voted against same-sex marriage. #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #UCP #CPC
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"Rhodesia n00b" & employee at white supremacist store Fireforce Ventures is exposed by @ricochet_en as current Rebel Media reporter @3conomic #cdnpoli…
I am shocked -- SHOCKED -- that the media outlet pushing apologia for apartheid South Africa (in the guise of 'white genocide' myths) is also hiring apologists for minority rule in Rhodesia #cdnpoli
I'd love to hear from @3conomic on how being a "Freedom Enthusiast" is compatible with his nostalgia for white minority rule in Southern Africa #cdnpoli
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