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This is the most terrifying thing the UCP has done so far.

I was upset when I read this article, angry when I read this thread.

Then I read the actual documents.


This isn't just a step backwards. This is indoctrination.

Here are some of the choice bits. 👇 1/21
Here, they are saying that the "Holy Ghost" is as important to your life as WATER.

This is indoctrination and demonstrates a clear Christian religious bias.
More religious indoctrination.

Here they would like your children to MEMORIZE and be able RETELL Christian creation story.
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Ok, it's thread time. I want to hit this while I've got the energy and some fire.

Lets start with Kenney coming and demanding 6.5 billion from PM Trudeau for, equalization payback? First off, Kenney knows how the equalization formula works. Secondly, he knows Trudeau won't
be strong armed by the little angry man pretending to govern Alberta. And what, Jason thought threatening to engage in a "war" if it's denied? Has he fallen completely off his fucking rocker?

So let me see if I have this straight. This is the idiot who keeps digging more and
more debt and is not contemplating bringing in a PST (which some see as some type of bold move). Bold? Not bold. Convenient. The province is sitting at 39% approval of this cretin. His name is already shit. What is a PST going to do aside from continue the fall down down down
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Hey twitterinos! It's thread time!!!

To start off, Kenney removing speech therapy in Alberta schools. Really? He truly is a grade A piece of shit. He should be black marked in the event that he ever, I don't know, thought of adopting children and some poor souls got stuck with
him. This is one of the most repulsive things he's done. I really do wonder sometimes if he's naturally this vile, or if he strives to be hated by everyone.

Something else that I've been thinking about, does anyone else think that Kenney has an alternate angle to appointing a
black MLA as a Justice Minister in the height of the BLM movement?

Another point to ponder. I spoke to a couple people tonight while at work and, what is the real beef that Conservatives have with PM Trudeau? Truly?

Is it the name? Is it that he's very confident in himself and
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It's time for a thread, and I've got fire in the belly tonight.

To start, a bit of a blurb on the Flames game today. To be fair I never watched the game but what I gathered from my Flames followers it sounded like there may have been some questionable calls, but don't quote me.
I have to say considering how strong of a team Dallas has, and then to add in that the Flames are missing Tkachuk, I think they're doing well. They have talent, and when they play their game they can be a threat. I thought Dallas had a fair
edge when the series started but this has been a good series so far. I can see this series going the distance and if Calgary's goaltending can stay strong, and they can get Tkachuk back I give them a real fighters chance to win.

Now onto some other things.

Can someone explain
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Okay, so here’s a little story about protesting at @prasadpandayyc constituency office. Showed up just a bit before 12, and lo and behold there are two security guards chatting with him out front. Walked over and naturally he went inside and left them to “deal” #ableg #abpoli
With us. There was also a woman there who said she was the property manager and she didn’t want any of the surrounding businesses disturbed by us (🙄). So they said we could go over on the lawn by the road on public property. Ok, fine, but we requested he come out #ableg #abpoli
To talk to us, which, surprisingly he did. Basically the first word out of his mouth, hilariously, was to ask why we would protest in front of his office , because he wouldn’t come to our house 😂 sorry dude, but @shandro has already proven that to be incorrect. #ableg #abpoli
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Under Kenney’s UCP, Alberta is on the way to becoming Canada’s Kansas. The only difference might be that our steaming crater of wreckage might be bigger. #AbLeg #abpoli #cdnpoli #FiretheUCP
Iowa and Oklahoma followed Kansas down the Trickledown madness road...with the same devastating results. That’s where we’re heading here in Alberta, folks. Jason Kenney wants to turn Alberta into a copy of a failed Republican State. #CautionaryTales
This also sounds eerily familiar.
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I have been chatting with people about the embarrassing excuse of a conference by @AdrianaLaGrange this morning. In response to a friend on FB, I ended up writing an unintentionally lengthy response and thought it might serve well as a Twitter thread.

#abed #abpoli #ableg
This press conference, in my opinion, was a pledge to indoctrinate Albertans with the conservative ideology that school is to produce workers, period. Any inability to work or failure to meet expectations means that you are not a good, hard-working person.
This is very black and white, simplistic thinking that is typical of alt-right groups who want to maintain white privilege (systemic racism) and socioeconomic gaps. It doesn't account for the many factors that go into developing a full grown adult like-
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Dear @AdrianaLaGrange and @jkenney Feeling more than a little frustrated about how Covid risks are being handled and prioritized. I will give you a couple examples:
For my mom’s birthday we can only have a table of 6, not 7, at a restaurant. NO room for negotiation. /1
Mandated by the government and restaurants must adhere. (We have no problem following these rules though as they are in place to keep people safe and allow businesses to remain open. We made alternate plans) /2
People are ready to lynch large groups for having get togethers and consequently causing outbreaks that endanger the rest of the population. (I feel the same way as it’s selfish and reckless to knowingly endanger the rest of the population and potentially cause a complete shut /3
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No one is buying your B.S., Bateson. Bill 32 is a law written by unscrupulous politicians for unscrupulous employers. It’s about suppressing wages; reducing worker bargaining power; and silencing worker voices. The UCP is a corrupt stain on our province. #FiretheUCP #abpoli
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A thread about the latest way the UCP is making it harder by the day to stay and fight for my patients, our health care system, and my province.

I recently sold my farm, b/c it looked like I wouldn't be able to afford the upkeep under the current circumstances. 1/
Luckily, it sold not long after COVID hit, before many of the economic effects had shown themselves (I doubt I would easily find a buyer now if I had waited). But sold for a lot less than I paid for it.

My plan was to buy a house in the town where my clinic is located, and... 2/
... where I do hospital work. Moved into a rental temporarily while looking for a suitable house.

Have just heard from the mortgage broker that I didn't get approved for the house I put an offer on. Asked him if I could get approved for a smaller amount, like $195K for a... 3/
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"Sorry Logan, I know you have no lunch because your mom was laid off due to covid and CERB isn't covering the bills, but we can't afford the school lunch program anymore because hand sanitizer. Also, we had to lay off the remedial reading coach due to cuts"

#FiretheUCP #abed
"Yes, we know there's black mold growing in the second hall bathroom, and the ice outside the backdoor is extremely unsafe, but custodial is busy sanitizing doorknobs and we can't afford to hire more. We have wiggle room in our budget for choices like these"
"Mrs. K is home waiting on test results. So is Ms. P, and Mr. D is off with his sick child. We have maxed out out subbing budget for the year so the principal will be teaching 60 children from k-2 in the gym. Today's art lesson is build your own face mask using found materials!"
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This week we found out:

Alberta doctors agreed to meet the government’s demand to cap physician spending at 4.57B. That offer has been sitting on Shandro’s desk for 19 days.

Why didn’t Shandro accept it or at least offer a counter proposal?

Alberta doctors started negotiating in November, but has had 6 proposal shot down by Shandro. Before negotiations began, Shandro introduced legislation to tear up the contract with Alberta doctors should negotiations fail.…
The legislation allowed Shandro to terminate @Albertadoctors’ contract and bypass the constitutional right to binding arbitration.

Section 40.2 From Bill 21:
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Ok, this isn't going to break into a long thread likely but I have a few things to request of the females who follow me or lay eyes on this tweet now or at any time in the future. The Conservatives believe you belong, and I apologize this isn't word for word, but "barefoot and
tending to the home" or "pregnant and in the kitchen" or any other way to communicate how demeaning and how completely outdated their thinking is. Now just a small tidbit about me. My mom is a pharmacist and I have a sister who is a dietitian. THAT'S where they belong. Oh and,
let's steady ourselves, they had/have families! Women don't BELONG shuttered up in the home. If they choose to embrace that lifestyle, awesome good on them! And here comes out my feminism, men SHOULD NOT DICTATE THEIR "ROLES". I'm a man and I fully stand behind this thinking.
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#Alberta, Did you know that every since the UCP tore up the doctors contract....with the new rules they unilaterally decided how many patients doctors see in any given day....
And if during that day they had an emergency come in to their office....they can’t treat their patient because they are already at their daily limit.....the dr then has to tell their patient that they can’t see them and that they have to go to the emergency room to be seen....
Sure they are now allowed to phone their patients but how do you do a phone call appointment with someone who needs stitches or has an earache?
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@InsiderOilers Well Done Insider. I was born into a left leaning family in Saskatchewan and was fortunate to learn the importance of labour unions and by extension NDP. In my late teens I was converted to a full blown right winger because of my dislike - at the time - of gun control 1/x
@InsiderOilers And because I worked for one of the biggest grain farmers in Southern Saskatchewan. I was nearly a true believer. The interest that “saved” me was political geography. The riding I lived in always voted conservative. I was perplexed why the one geographic area 2/x
@InsiderOilers Near Briarcrest College… voted overwhelmingly conservative. Usually 90+%. I took a human geography course circa 1995 and wrote a paper. My hypothesis was that the voters in the area were voting based for a religious reason. 3/x
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I just had an amazing talk with a delivery guy who came by my place of employment to pick something up and I need to share. So a bit of background, he's a Poli-Sci graduate and is interested in studying law. I talked to him for about 40 minutes and I took a couple things that
were very promising. He is originally from a town in southern Alberta, and his parents are, or should I say WERE Kenney supporters but are now downright pissed off. He is, of our ilk, a progressive. We were talking about all kinds of political agendas and he agreed that he
sees a huge wave of progressiveness coming. This time with Kenney has been, and is rough, but far brighter times are ahead. He thinks that Keystone is dead, and after hearing his argument it's impossible to disagree. He thinks that along with the economical struggle, as well
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This is a story about Tyler and Undrea Shambro, their friend Jason and their adventure into politics.

📗a thread📗…
Before we begin this epic tale: a disclaimer:

*Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.*
One day, Tyler (a lawyer by trade) became a Health Minister. He was in charge of a health crisis. One that was in the works for years: #Privatization

Then a deadly virus, Corona, came along that and a president drink bleach.

But that wouldn't stop Tyler from doing his job.
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1/Concerned ALBERTAN,
I’m 🇨🇦born & raised in Alberta. My birthday certificate, drivers licence, tax return, AB bc & taxes say so
UCP isn’t on any Document! They don’t own squat not Us our land,oil,business,prairies,Drs healthcare,parks,laws,AMA, teachers,mountains,resources,
2/social media. The UCP speaks for no one but themselves. Kenney calls Abertans trolls, over paid staffers name call & block citizens & free speech, cherry pick data, falsify stats, write own laws against the charter & our civil rights, they wrote Bill 1,10,12 & created war room
3/spend $100,000 on trips, make deals without Ottawa, drained our economy, waste money on pr ops, claim they are broke & are only govt. asking Trudeau for their salary bail out, & ignores any input from Albertans UCP Ripped up Drs contract, makes deals without AMA or Drs of Ab
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