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1/ Charlie says don’t worry about the potential lack of food, medicine and fuel. 🤪
2/ @CharlieElphicke says all we need to do is invest so that we are ready from day 1 post Brexit. We also need an agreement on international rules Charlie. Eurostar know this and have said so
3/ Charlie knows this and that leaving with no deal or a bad deal is going to fuck up his constituency. His house will also be demolished to become a lorry park 🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛
4/But how do we know Charlie is bricking himself? A short glance at his timeline will show his pleas are increasing in frequency #despiteBrexit
5/ The operation at @Port_of_Dover needs to be seen in operation. Fast frictionless trade with the EU. Brexit risks this and Charlie knows this
6/ Charlie wants investment in Dover so that we ready on day one. But there is no investment is there just a plan to make part of the M20 a lorry park.
7/ @CharlieElphicke really wants investment because he knows what will happen if we get it wrong. That is why he voted remain
8/ @CharlieElphicke really really wants investment to ensure the free flow of trade. Which is funny because now he is part of the ERG he has had the ReesMogg lobotomy that will make trade less free
9/ @CharlieElphicke really really wants investment at Dover but if that does not happen there is no need for any checks at the border
10/ So that either means @CharlieElphicke is advocating staying in the single market and a customs union or....
11/ Brexit is about having open borders so that no checks are made on goods coming in to make sure they are safe or are not illegal or even checking in case dodgy foreign types are being smuggled in 🤪🤪🤪
12/ @CharlieElphicke cannot seriously mean the scenario in tweet 11 but Brexiter MPs don’t do logic. The small bit of his brain that survived the ERG lobotomy knows there is trouble ahead which is why he can only tweet about investment
13/ Almost every day @CharlieElphicke tweets about needing to be ready. But no-one is listening who needs to listen
14/ Well that is unfair - Minister of Doom @SuellaBraverman came to visit nearly 2 years after the referendum and over a year after the article 50 notice was given🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️
15/ Global @LiamFox admitted the Uk is STILL modelling its customs options. You know the ones that the EU rejected already and will not work
16/ @CharlieElphicke knows Brexit is a shambles and says dealing with Brexit is a national priority. Remember for him Brexit could mean 🚚🚚🚚🚚🚚🚚where his home stands
17/ @CharlieElphicke is getting desperate because a solution needs to be found this month. So desperate is he he has now started driving up and down the M20 showing how shitty traffic can be now and that is before we have even left
18/ @CharlieElphicke is right to tweet we should think again. What future do we have if MPs have to spend their weekends taking photos of bad traffic jams saying how bad things are?
19/ @CharlieElphicke is worried about the realities of Project Fear 🤪👻👻👻 which is why he keeps tweeting about the need for investment and planning. So there you go even ERG members don’t really like the look of Brexit.
20/ Charlie says think again. I agree if only to free up @CharlieElphicke from driving up and down the M20 dribbling to himself about all the lorries and how he did warn everyone. Think of him like the Noah of Twitter 😂
21/ Unbelievably @CharlieElphicke is still tweeting about needing investment.
22/ @CharlieElphicke Brexit is a national shambles - why don’t you stop bleating about investment that is not coming and start voting for Lords Amendments that will not ruin the country
23/ @CharlieElphicke is ratcheting up his campaign for investment with tweets coming faster. Who mentioned the need for any such investment during the referendum campaign? 🤔
24/ @CharlieElphicke says forget Project Fear, he is now on to Project Shit Your Pants 💩
25/ @CharlieElphicke is still worried about Brexit - look at all the trade he is risking
26/ Why will no one listen to @CharlieElphicke about being ready for Brexit
27/ @CharlieElphicke says we must be ready but where will the money come from when @PhilipHammondUK says it has all gone on the NHS?
28/ @CharlieElphicke is adamant we must invest in the ports - but it is not happening is it @CharlieElphicke - you were right to have voted remain - the chaos is coming
29/ Charlie is fed up with no one investing in Dover. Now he is arguing for modern technology in the hope the Brexit mess will go away and hide in the cloud
30/ When Charlie learned that the cloud is still hanging over the UK he went back to urging investment ahead of Brexit
31/ Charlie is worried about the front line. A bit Project Fear eh?
32/ No Charlie. Brexit does not mean you get more lorry parks because that takes years and March 2019 is not years away
33/ Now Charlie is relying on the arguments of forriners that we need to be prepared. Why is that @CharlieElphicke
34/ Now Charlie’s is trying to bluff it out even if that means stockpiling food and medicine
35/ @CharlieElphicke Brexit will either be seamless (so no lorry parks) or not (so lorry parks). You regularly tweet for lorry parks so you know it will not be seamless. That is why you voted remain after all.
36/ We know you are worried because you are desperate for more lorry parks. Why not be honest?
37/ Oh @CharlieElphicke is this what you meant by ready from day 1?
38/ Why does @CharlieElphicke keep tweeting the same concerns but then say Project Fear is just Project Fear? Weird huh?
39/ Why do we need to keep trade moving @CharlieElphicke? Is it because leaving the single market and customs union means trade will move less freely or is that Project Fear?
40/ Charlie admits we are underprepared so presumably the best solution is not to pursue a clean Brexit but stay in the single market and a customs union. Surely as an MP acting in the national interest that is what he should be lobbying for at this late stage?
42/ @CharlieElphicke has been calling for investment for ages and it is not happening. Time to be pragmatic @CharlieElphicke and stay in the single market and a customs union - it is too late for anything else and you know it
43/ Why do we need resilient roads and lorry parking - is it because you @CharlieElphicke are about to fuck up our current trading system?
44/ @CharlieElphicke do you care about increased air pollution for your constituents? You never mention this issue when you call for more roads and lorry parks. Do you care?
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