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Via dit draadje zullen wij live verslag doen van het #HogerBeroep van #DavidIcke. Image
De zitting is begonnen.
De advocaat van de tegenpartij geeft aan de stukken van 12 juni niet ontvangen te hebben. De Rechter laat de stukken kopiëren.
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🔴 L'eurodéputé Cristian Terheș @CristianTerhes a signalé un tweet intéressant qui est une réponse de l'Autriche à la nécessité pour la #Roumanie de rejoindre l'espace #Schengen. Commentant le sujet, Terheș soutient que la Roumanie est témoin d'un autre "coup de massue" de 🔽
l'UE. Nous reproduisons ci-dessous son post, qui est devenu viral sur les médias sociaux :

"Porte-parole autrichien et représentant du PPE : l'Autriche lèvera son veto à l'entrée de la Roumanie dans l'espace Schengen lorsque celle-ci reconnaîtra le #Kosovo !". C'est ce 🔽
que Gunther Fehlinger, une personne très influente à Vienne, a écrit sur Twitter le 20 février 2023. Ce n'est pas son premier message sur le sujet.
Son message est important dans le contexte extérieur actuel, qui est influencé par de nombreux facteurs, mais que la Roumanie 🔽
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Amalgames, complotisme et discriminations… via @Réseau International
Non ricordiamo più che l'ospite d'onore alla Fiera del libro di Parigi nel 2018 è stata la Russia. Per l'occasione
Le Monde del 16 marzo 2018 ha dipinto il ritratto dello scrittore Zakhar Prilepine, un ex militante nazional-bolscevico che aveva appena affiancato i

combattenti per l'indipendenza del Donbass.

Un articolo del genere sarebbe ancora possibile oggi ? Image
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#Austria vetoed, in the European Council, the accession of #Romania and #Bulgaria into the #Schengen area. This is odd because it runs against the views of all other member states bar the #Netherlands and against the recommendation of the European Commission.

The Austrians complain they're experiencing a surge in arrivals of people who are, de facto, economic migrants, from multiple origins, who then claim political asylum.
It is true there has been a surge. But Romania and Bulgaria appear to have very little to do with it.

Instead it appears it is #Serbia that serves as a new massive point of arrival for migrants who then make it to AUT. This seems to be mainly through HUN:
AUT voted for Croatia's entry into Schengen, and I don't see complaints about Slovenia.…
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Thread -

All eyes on tomorrow’s vote in JHA’a agenda concerning Romania’s 🇹🇩 accession to #Schengen. Here in 🇹🇩 it’s a big deal. It seems like all Romanians are eagerly waiting to see if Austria will truly block this vote, as announced. If so, this would be a huge mistake. ⤵️
In past months/weeks, #Romania responded to all concerns & proved that we deserve to be in Schengen. Not only Romania did so, but the EU Commission 🇪🇺/ EU Parliament voted recently in favor⤵️
ℹ️ Let me be clear: Romania 🇹🇩protects its borders better than ever, fight against corruption continues very well. We’re it! We have implemented and respected all requirements. And not this year, it has been the case for a few years now. It’s all been political so far⤵️
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Already on the 2nd train of the day: TGV Montbard - Paris. All being well I’ll be in Denmark tonight… but that feels a long way off just now! #EGPCongress #crossborderrail
Across Paris RER Gare de Lyon to Gare du Nord, walk to Gare de l’Est (faster than changing into a Métro to Est) and it’s onto the TGV to Mannheim. So far so good, but I banked on this bit working 🙂 #EGPCongress #CrossBorderRail
Franco-German train service. Very French prices! And no, it’s too early (and expensive) for #beerontrains 😉
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My today message to #EU Leaders in @EUCouncil: in a Union of equals, there can be no second class citizens! Just follow the #EuropeanParliament which is united in supporting #Romania & #Bulgaria’s full accession to Schengen! #Mythread 1/1
#Romania and #Bulgaria have committed to implementing the #Schengen acquis and already proved themselves in the way they addressed the challenges and managed their borders in the face of refugees fleeing the war in #Ukraine. 1/2
#Council unnecessarily denied a right to Romania & Bulgaria, for 11 years. #Romania has proved that it could manage an external border when over 1 million of refugees crossed their borders fleeing the war in #Ukraine 1/3
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2 days ago I spent the day at Frankfurt (Oder) and documented how German Bundespolizei are systematically checking passports of passengers on *every single train* arriving from Poland, a clear contravention of the #Schengen borders code 👇…
Most of the reactions have been “but when I crossed [some other border] police were discriminatory towards ethnic minorities”

This is no doubt the case - we have masses of eyewitness reports! - but misses a key point
The way of stopping controls at Frankfurt (Oder) and indeed anywhere at the 🇩🇪 🇵🇱 or 🇩🇪 🇨🇿 borders probably ISN’T by proving discriminatory behaviour

Proving checks are systematic and hence illegal because contrary to Schengen borders code MIGHT work better
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My blog post about what I learned at Frankfurt (Oder) yesterday is now up 👇…


Summary in the 🧵
EVERY TRAIN arriving at Frankfurt (Oder) from Poland yesterday was controlled by the Bundespolizei

That meant EVERY one of these trains onwards towards Berlin was delayed
As Schengen is NOT suspended at the Germany-Poland border (see… ), and as these controls are clearly systematic (as every train is controlled), then this is obviously a contravention of Article 23 of the Schengen Borders Code (my emphasis) Image
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I support this #Schengen 'tourist' #visaban for Russians🇷🇺.

There are good arguments for & against - & neither option is perfect - but deciding between imperfect options is often the essence of politics.

After much careful consideration here's why I support the visa ban🧵
I've worked on borders, visa, migration & mobility issues for the #EU & done a lot of research, policy advice & public engagement work on those topics
- notably in the context of their connections to geopolitics & 🇪🇺 foreign & security policy.
I've esp worked on this re #Ukraine & its relations with the #EU since 2004 - that's what my book (out '23) is about. I'm well aware of how these issues affect belonging (e.g. for 🇺🇦s in Europe), approximation (to EU standards & practices)- & the spread of EU order & values
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Auch gestern galt: #Schengen gilt in Dänemark🇩🇰 nur auf dem Papier.
Man beachte, wie wir legal ohne Grenzkontrolle nach Deutschland🇩🇪 einreisen konnten. Auf der anderen Seite ein Kilometer langer Stau wegen illegaler Kontrollen ALLER Einreisender.
(Video von meiner Frau gemacht)
Da ich hier „witzige“ Kommentare bekomme: Wie aus meinen Tweets der letzten Jahre zu entnehmen, ist dies ein Dauerphänomen, das ich bei Familienbesuchen immer wieder antreffe.
Das hat nichts mit einer „zeitweiligen Aussetzung“ von Schengen zu tun.
Zudem bin ich ein großer 🇪🇺-Fan.
Terror, Kriminalität und der Krieg in der Ukraine sind - aktuell - die offiziellen Gründe für die Grenzkontrollen.
Seit 2016 denken sich viele dänische Regierungen viele Gründe für diesen konstanten Rechtsbruch aus.
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Germany has a #Schengen suspension on its border to Austria

And Bavarian police are delaying trains by controlling passports at the border

@PRO_BAHN_by @bladewing678 ask the police do these controls on moving trains

NO! End the Schengen suspension!…
And all this is just placebo-security anyway, as someone from Austria could easily cross into Czechia and then Germany, or Czechia then Poland then Germany, or into Slovakia then Poland then Germany.
And here’s the list of current suspensions. France still has one *because of COVID*

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🔴 Clément Beaune (@CBeaune), secrétaire d'État aux Affaires européennes, est l'invité du @LeGrandJury

➡ À suivre en direct sur

#LeGrandJury Image
@CBeaune @LeGrandJury #Ukraine #Russie «Il y a une dérive anti-démocratique très claire en Russie. En France, certains sont fascinés par le modèle russe, il y a une sorte de génuflexion.» @CBeaune

#LeGrandJury Image
@CBeaune @LeGrandJury #Brexit #Pêche «Nous avons obtenu 95% des licences que nous avons demandées. Le dialogue fonctionne.» @CBeaune

#LeGrandJury Image
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The European Commission will today propose a revision to the #Schengen Border Code - the system of passport-free travel within the EU.

We can expect some media coverage portraying this as an erosion of free movement. But that's missing the point. A thread (🧵1/7)
It's often been said that the euro currency was only done halfway: monetary union without fiscal union.

The Schengen code, developed at the same time, was also done only halfway: open internal borders without common management of external borders. (🧵2/7)
When people hear Schengen they first and foremost think of passport-free travel within the EU.

But the other part of the agreement, not very well followed through on, was the new common EU external border. (🧵3/7)…
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The free flow of people, goods and services is at the heart of the EU. It is also key for our #COVID19 recovery.

A new strategy sets out a path forward for Schengen, ensuring security and mobility while boosting its resilience to new challenges. #Schengen
The #Schengen area in numbers:

📍 26 European countries
🏠 420 million residents
🧳 3.5 million people crossing between Schengen countries every day
💼 1.7 million people living in one Schengen county and working in another
The new Strategy aims to:

1️⃣ Manage effectively the EU’s external borders
2️⃣ Reinforce the Schengen area internally in the absence of internal border controls
3️⃣ Improve preparedness and governance
4️⃣ Enlarge the Schengen area

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Commission VP @MargSchinas announcing now a plan to restore full #Schengen free movement in the EU after being eroded during the pandemic.

He notes the migratory crisis in 2016 also put pressure on the Schengen system.
"This led to uncoordinated, sometimes blanket closures, and restrictions of free movement and the reintroduction of internal border controls that frankly I don't think helped a lot," Schinas says of national decisions during pandemic. "On the contrary they harmed our way of life"
EC is calling on member states not to jeapordise “one of the biggest achievements of European integration”

But to make #Schengen more resilient to acute crises, more central coordination is needed. Objective is to "integrate into Schengen code lessons learned from the pandemic"
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Our DiCE Townhall: "Differentiated Integration and Migration: The Perception of Reality and Policy" is starting soon! Be sure to join us online via #Zoom or follow along here for the highlights!

#InDivEU @tepsaeu @IdeaEu @IAIonline #EU3D @arena_uio @FDVLjubljana #H2020


Maja Bucar from @FDVLjubljana is giving the opening welcome to our townhall


#InDivEU @tepsaeu @IdeaEu @IAIonline #EU3D @arena_uio #H2020
From the @tepsaeu side, @gbonacquisti gives her own welcome, introducing DiCE as a project, and kicking off the programme

We bring together three excellent projects on #Differentiation: #InDivEU @IdeaEu and @EU3Dh2020

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Proclamation on the #Suspension of #Entry as Immigrants and Non-Immigrants of Certain Additional Persons Who Pose a Risk of Transmitting #Coronavirus #Disease:…
"Furthermore, a third variant strain, which is known as B. and may impact the potential for re-infection, has been identified in #Brazil🇧🇷. Based on developments with respect to the variants and the continued spread of the #disease, @CDCgov has reexamined its policies on
international travel and, after reviewing the public health situations within the #Schengen🇪🇺 Area, the #UnitedKingdom🇬🇧 (excluding overseas territories outside of Europe), the Republic of #Ireland🇮🇪, the Federative Republic of #Brazil🇧🇷, and the Republic of #SouthAfrica🇿🇦,
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#OneYearAgo a "coronavirus #genome from a case of a respiratory disease from the #Wuhan outbreak" was published on #GenBank... 🧐#SARSCoV2
#OneYearAgo "The cluster of infections had raised fears of a potential epidemic after China said last week that the virus causing it was a previously unknown type but came from the same family of viruses that caused the #SARS and #MERS epidemics".🧐…
#OneYearAgo It was suddenly clear that the virus was travelling fast... any bell ringing?🧐#covid19…
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#Spain will require international passengers arriving from high-risk countries to present a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to their arrival to 🇪🇸.

👉 This measure will be included in the Health Control Form.
Passengers may at any time be requested to certify the result of this PCR through the Health Control Form.

➡ It may be presented in paper or electronic format.

🔗 Access to the form:
How are the high-risk zones or countries determined from which a PCR test will be required?

👉 #EU countries and other #Schengen countries:

👉 Third countries.

⬇ Check out our infographic ⬇
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🟢 What is the State of the European Union #SOTEU debate? It's an important moment of #EU #democracy, when MEPs hold the @EU_Commission to account, checking on work done & the #FutureofEurope.

🎞️by @Europarl_EN

#NextGenerationEU #EUGreenDeal @boell_stiftung @boell_EU_USA
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These pieces about how #Coronavirus has wrecked a borderless Europe annoy me - especially when they quote Macron about opening again. France has been the biggest hypocrite on #Schengen since 2015, with DE close behind during the refugee crisis!…
Also the basic issue is this: does restriction on the movement of people make sense during #Coronavirus - yes, it does. Because it can stop transmission. The problem is closing borders is about the only mechanism states have, not least because 2015 broke that taboo.
Germany has suffered this a bit less perhaps, as with 16 Länder local restrictions for health reasons are easier to do. But elsewhere in Europe that's not so much of an issue.
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New 🇫🇷🇩🇪 proposal for 🇪🇺 #COVID19 recovery published yesterday: This is an important & long-awaited step w/ several important proposals on #health, Recovery Fund, #GreenDeal & #Digital. This will help COM have political backing for ambitious proposal. /1…
Some first thoughts:🇫🇷🇩🇪understanding is necessary, but not sufficient for European Council compromise. And it won't be a walk in the park: Expect opposition from "Frugals" (e.g. 🇦🇹 opposed to an increased #MFF & wants loans.) But positive signs: 🇮🇹 &🇪🇸 on board. /2
On #MFF: question whether 500 bn will be sufficient & how the fund will be used (who gets what, how & when?) - Devil is in the details. Interesting link between #GreenDeal & #Digital. Strong emphasis on #strategicautonomy & #sovereignty in #health is rather positive. /3
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Within the framework of the in the neighbourhood dialogue, I will be holding a video conference next week with all of Germany's neighbouring countries to discuss how border controls can be lifted and to clarify other related issues. - Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas 1/4 Image
In the 2nd round of the neighbourhood dialogue, I will sit down with countries that are the important European travel destinations for Germans. We want to talk about how it will be possible to visit these countries again - f.e. for summer vacation. - FM @HeikoMaas 2/4
We want to reach arrangements with these countries that make clear where it is possible to go and under which circumstances. We want to ensure the greatest possible safety for the citizens when deciding where to go on vacation. - Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas 3/4
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