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Waiting for the start of the Brexit What's The Deal event at Bracknell Open Learning Centre organised by Berkshire for Europe.
We'll be live tweeting the event, so watch this space.
If you are at the event, use the hashtag #WhatsTheDealBracknell on social media.
It promises to be an interesting evening, particularly with the news this afternoon that Railways Minister @JoJohnsonUK has resigned from the government and spoken out in favour of a #PeoplesVote on Brexit rather than the choice of no deal or a bad deal.
Our speakers this evening are:
Bracknell MP @DrPhillipLeeMP who was one of the early MPs to resign their ministerial post over Brexit (for the right reasons)
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So #VoteLeave chair @GiselaStuart (who I note quit as an MP in 2017 rather than try and make brexit work) apparently said on @talkRADIO this morning that she believed there were no leave voters on the #PeoplesVoteMarch a couple of weeks ago.

Let's examine that.


So @GiselaStuart maybe you do not believe that #RemainerNow @Will_DryOFOC was at the #PeoplesVoteMarch. In fact he now works full time fighting #brexit with @OFOCBrexit & was one of the thousands of young people leading the march. Here he explains why

Or @GiselaStuart do you not 'believe' this little collage of evidence of leave voters @damidude @CharlesGallahe2, his brother, @hughnorris, @damidude @snoozette1 @MrsEmmaJK @andrewhardie3 all of whom are #RemainerNow &were at the #PeoplesVoteMarch on 20th Oct?


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A year ago today this was my view from the path up to Stac Pollaidh. Today I find myself in the reality that I’ve just left hospital after treatment for something that could quite easily have ended in my death had it not been discovered. What a difference a year makes ... 1/
And I cannot even begin to tell you how it felt that, by pure coincidence, that should happen right after this message the other day ... 2/
But as I’ve discovered, the impact of such a scare isn’t automatically all negative: it does help focus the mind! So I want to do a little bit of that here too because I know how many of you are currently struggling with exactly that loss of focus. 3/
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Beware: rather long thread, sorry!

Last Saturday, I marched alongside 700 000 people for a #PeoplesVote with a Final Say and an option to remain. It was such an incredible experience that I was still smiling the next day. And now I joined the @LibDems /1
Coming from a working class family, I'd always been Labour, whether in Germany or here in the UK didn't matter. Until I realised that @jeremycorbyn had done exactly what I'd been raging about concerning the prominent Brexit campaigners. /2
.@jeremycorbyn had been lying and @UKLabour did and still does nothing. There are still a lot of Labour MPs I consider decent, not to mention the over 80% of Labour members who also want a #PeoplesVote. I say decent on purpose because #Brexit is a deeply indecent concept. /3
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Alright - I am going to really take a look at this. It is of course more than 2 bits of advice. Probably it is 4 - all from someone not fighting for what I am fighting for, who has changed sides twice in 2.5 years.
#PeoplesVoteMarch #stopbrexit (Thread) 1/
To begin with, the tone. You will not reach many seasoned #remain campaigers by talking to them as if they are stupid or dupes.
#peoplesVoteMarch #FinalSayForAll 2/
Take your own advice Owen - we've been doing this for 2+ years - we are making headway - whilst the Labour party are erm -3 again in the polls.
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A busy afternoon in the Chamber with 2 Urgent Questions and a Statement from @therea_may. It’s clear after today that we won’t be having anything like a “meaningful vote”, as was promised.
I asked @theresa_may what she had to say to the thousands of young people that took part in the #PeoplesVoteMarch, who didn’t get a say in the referendum. Her answer won’t provide any solace to the next generation.
I asked @DominicRaab how he can reconcile Gov preventing MPs from amending the motion on the final deal with the Leave’s campaign’s promise that Brexit would allow us to ‘take back control.’ He had no answer.
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1. @campbellclaret: 'The Brexit elite seek to portray the campaign as the establishment trying to thwart the will of the people. Nice try. '1.…
2. 'The #PeoplesVoteMarch drew people from all backgrounds, all parts of the country, young & old, rich and poor, black and white.'
3. Yes it did @campbellclaret. A very good piece but PLEASE don't forget the Brits who came from all over Europe - as far as the Canary Islands - for it. Brexit is going to have a direct impact on our future & many couldn't vote in 2016. We need to be included in any franchise.
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Some of the lovely people and banners at yesterday’s #PeopesVoteMarch. A thread of indeterminate length. Please use theses pictures for any purpose associated with the cause to #StopBrexit. Higher resolutions available on request.
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Here's some of the feedback from MPs coming off of of the People's March. Unfortunately Twitter only lets you go back so far, so you'd have to check every single MP's individual accounts to find more...
#PeoplesVoteMarch #PeoplesVote #PeoplesMarch
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Hallo Frau @linn_la_s, da bin ich mal wieder über einen Tweet gestolpert, der mich, ehrlich gesagt, überrascht. Insbesondere, wenn man bedenkt, dass dieser von einer Person kommt, die als Vorstand des @NetzwerkEBD agiert. /1
Ich habe Herrn Fleischhauer auf die vielen Punkte, die er nicht berücksichtigt hat, aufmerksam gemacht. Nicht, dass er sich dazu herablassen würde, diese zu kommentieren. Wollen Sie den thread mal sehen? /2

Wie Sie sehen können, habe ich die vielen vernachlässigten Punkte beschrieben. Ich bestreite gar nicht, dass es eine gewisse Arroganz in Teilen dieser Gesellschaft gibt. Und es läge mir fern, diese Ihnen vorzuenthalten. /3

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Yesterday there was a lot of righteous anger over just one anti-brexit poster from the #PeoplesVoteMarch.
This anger was aimed at just one person.
What had this person done?
They had simply posted a photo, on twitter, of a small sign, on the side of a bus!

The sign said:

"UK now in so much trouble government appointed Suicide Minister!
Don't top yourself...
Demand a Peoples Vote"

Now OK to some this may seen to be in poor taste.
But did the sign really deserve the ire it got?
Actually I don't think it did for a couple of reasons.
The first is that Jackie Doyle-Price MP was recently appointed (on or around 10/10/18) as the minister for mental health, inequalities and suicide prevention. Now from what I can tell this is a brand new ministerial post. ...
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Let's put the #PeoplesVoteMarch and Raab's no deal backstop comments in the context of the economy. Because today the @cbitweets quantifies the impact of Brexit uncertainty and the risk of a cliff edge in a new survey. And it's a big deal. Buckle up (1/)
The big headline:
80% of firms say Brexit has meant they've cancelled or delayed investments.
This time last year it was 36-40%. That's a HUGE spike. And it's because it's not just pre-referendum plans shelved, but the UK being left out when new decisions are being made (2/)
We hear this endlessly.
An East Mids medical tech firm told me they'd wanted to launch a new product line but they'd lost £1m of contracts because their customers want EU firms now.
A company making drills told me they've got a total investment freeze barring maintenance (3/)
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@IanDunt @BBCNews Just watched the 17.10 News Bulletin and now the 22.10. The piece about the #PeoplesVoteMarch opened with a statement saying that it was ‘THOUGHT to be the largest Brexit demonstration to date’. Face slap. Also time was given to #Farage's 'much smaller demonstration
@IanDunt @BBCNews but one of a series' and further time given 10? Leave supporters who were on the march. In 17.10 2 mins was given to the March, 1 min to Leave / Ukip events. Ridiculous. Also an interview with Farage but no i'view with anyone from #PeoplesVote. Or from Labour or Cons hierarchy
@IanDunt @BBCNews reacting to the March. This is abysmal reporting. Totally missing the real story - which is the size of the march, so large it is almost without historical precedent, despite lacking the organising power of a political party or major charity. Also no assessment of its potential
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Remarkably even-handed coverage of today’s #PeoplesVoteMarch in The Sun (apart from one instance of “Remoaner”).

Perhaps they found themselves unable to dismiss the sea change running through the electorate following such a show of strength?…
The same applies to the Daily Mail coverage. Lengthy top story, sticking closely to fact, without provocative language.…
Whereas the Express manage to put a negative spin on the march, highlighting a “SMOKEBOMB” in the headline, and leading with comments from the Leave side...…
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I am so proud of the 700k people who marched at #PeoplesVoteMarch today. All of #The5Million of us who marched together shoulder to shoulder say that #WeAreThePeopleToo — and deserve a #FinalSayForAll. We all, like @antoni_Uk and I, wore white today. 1/
White because it signifies a new beginning — and that is exactly what we need for #citizensrights! These must be ringfenced now so that #The5Million of us @BritishInEurope & @The3Million can finally come out of the limbo we have been in — 848 days today. 2/
Finally, I would like to thank @antoni_UK for marching with me today. I told you all yesterday that I would struggle to march today. I could not have done it without my friend who has been such a fab “bodyguard” to me since the incident in London earlier in the year. 3/3
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I hope it will make politicians think again. I hope it will push some to take a stand. But even if it does nothing else, #PeoplesVoteMarch has shown the rest of Europe that Britain is more than Brexist Leavers - we are European, we are your brothers and sisters, we need you. 🇪🇺
Were people watching today? You’d better believe they were watching! #PeoplesVoteMarch
Top story in El Pais #PeoplesVoteMarch
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Europe is watching the #PeoplesVoteMarch. To succeed, we’re going to need their help, understanding and patience. I hope we’re showing them that it will be worth it.…
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The scale of this march is something else! Crowds were packed down Park Lane from about 1130am, we have only just reached Trafalgar Square. The sunshine helped lift moods & fire up legs. It’s been an incredible celebration of another face of Britain. #PeoplesVoteMarch
Our section of the #PeoplesMarchVote was big on 80s soundtracks. There was a welcome return of #whitneybrexit (Lancaster House anyone?) & Rick Astley was having a revival moment. #peoplesvotelyrics
Can’t have a British march without some brilliant banners #PeoplesVoteBanners
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Brexit as football metaphor: the UK's a Premiership club, playing very decent football, sometimes evenly matched against the clubs at the top of the league. Brexit is like the owners selling all the star players after a good season, and rebuilding from scratch.
Eventually, we might emerge with a team that's stronger than it ever was. But only at the cost of a huge amount of time, energy, heartache and pain. And if it takes half a century for us to reap the rewards and lift the trophy, that's of no practical use to anyone alive today.
Am I a trend-setter? (answer: almost certainly not, it's an obvious comparison)...…
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Here's the truth about Brexit, the horrific consequences of "no deal", the "punishment" some people claim the EU is trying to inflict on us, trade on WTO terms, and the dangers lurking even if we reach a deal.
#PeoplesVoteMarch #PeoplesVote #PeoplesMarch…
And here's a PDF version for easy sharing or offline reading...…
Finally, here's the original 47-tweet thread in its natural Twitter habitat, in case you want to dip into any of the hundreds of mini discussions that are now hanging off of it...
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Here's the truth about Brexit, the horrific consequences of "no deal", and the dangers lurking even if we get a deal... (available as PDF download)
#PeoplesMarch #PeoplesVoteMarch #PeoplesVote…
Here's an alternate source of the PDF if you have problems with the link above...…
And here's the original 47-tweet thread that inspired the document (there are hundreds of mini-discussions hanging off it if you want to go dipping...)
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‘If they can sell out 1.2mn @BritishInEurope what makes you think they won’t do it to all Brits in the U.K.?’

Why I’m marching in the #PeopleVoteMarch tomorrow.

Me, shaggy haired, pre-second coffee waiting for a delayed Eurostar from Brussels.

@peoplesvote_uk @peoplesvote_hq
Is the sound awful on this? I can’t tell.
And here we are. Still waiting for our delayed Eurostar to take us to London for the #PeoplesVoteMarch.

Broken down trains will not stop the democratic process - the younger generations will not be denied their say. We will swim the Channel if we have to.

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Why should you join #peoplesvotemarch tomorrow? Why bother?

This is maybe the last chance left to make our voices heard. The Prime Minister hasn’t listened to many of us, hasn’t engaged with the majority of us & won’t bring us back the promises made by Leave in 2016. /1
Fed up to the back teeth as we might all be with the breaking news, volatility & vitriol, it’s not going to end in March 2019.

Closing our eyes and ears to the noise won’t make it go away.

We have potentially years of this ahead of us as trade deals are fought & wrangled. /2
Whether you voted Leave or Remain, it should be in all of our interests that massive constitutional, economic & social change has a real mandate, based on a better set of facts, a closer reality check. /3
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With 3 days to go until the #PeoplesVoteMarch, I just want to thank everyone for their strength, solidarity, inspiration, courage and warmth in all they do every day x

For me, a #PeoplesVote has become more than that. It's a way to show our bonds, unity and hearts x
There are millions of people & many places my vote to leave has put in limbo - I never wanted that. Brexit is personal & people come 1st.

I am so moved by all we know & want to march for them & with them now & always. Its not too late & I wont give up. #PeoplesVoteMarch
The amazing @operabinoculars taught me that we all give each other strength x Thank you, Erika x #PeoplesVoteMarch
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