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#Breaking: Just in - Horrific video has been taken in #Barcelona, of a Spanish riot police vehicle driving over a protestor in the streets when trying to bust through barricades, in this 3de night of heavy clashes and violence with police officers. #Spain #Catalonia
#Update: Correction - Looks like this video has been captured in the city of #Tarragona in #Catalonie #Spain...
I have deleted a Tweet that said that the protestor died in #Tarragona, in #Catalonia. Reports now says that it was a 17 year old guy, who was in a state of trauma and was rushed to the hospital in the region. Doctors now say he is in stable condition. Sorry for the confusion.
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#NewsAlert: Big heavy violent clashes with riot police and protestors enters the 2nd day in #Barcelona, after #Spain prosecutors sentenced 13 politicians up to a +120 years in Prison. #Catalonia
#Update: Total shocking anarchy in the city of #Barcelona in #Spain as it enters it's second day with heavy clashes and violence, with protestors and riot police violently fighting each other.
#Breaking: Just in - Spanish Riot police reportedly shooting with live round bullets on protestors in #Barcelona in #Spain, Shooting them in the leg to avoiding life treating conditions... This is a bloody European country shooting them with live bullets? #EU
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#NewsAlert: Meanwhile in #Barcelona in #Spain, heavy clashes with riot police officers, after Spanish prosecutors sentenced 12 politicians all together to a prison sentence of up 120 years, or approx 10 years each. Making this the first Political prisoners in #Europe. #EU
#Update: Also due to the heavy clashes and protests hundreds of flight needed to be cancelled today towards #Barcelona, because protestors occupied the main airport in the City for hours, tempting riot police officers to go and get them out of there. #Spain #Catalonia
#Update: This is a air picture of drone showing thousands of protestors occupying the airport in #Barcelona in #Spain, protesting against Spanish prosecutors sentencing the 12 politicians up to 120 years all combined, resulting in heavy clashed at the airport. #Catalonia
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Aquest és el poema recitat per la nostra estimada Carme Sansa:

Desconfiaré sempre de qui no respecti la meva llengua. Perquè, en fer-ho, demostra que no em respecta a mi, i alhora que no respecta un bé cultural essencial.
Desconfiaré sempre de qui no trobi normal el seu ús institucional i simbòlic, perquè no troba normal la meva realitat cultural i perquè a sobre es pensa que té dret a decidir què és la normalitat, i curiosament la normalitat és ell, i no jo.
Desconfiaré sempre de qui digui que el meu problema no és real, perquè em menysté a mi i perquè es creu amb el poder de decidir què és real, i casualment també ho és ell, i no jo.
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No-show of #Spanish police and intelligence officials - Trapote, Gonzalo, Pérez de los Cobos - before commission investigating terror attacks #Catalonia, Aug '17. Disrespect of #Catalan institutions and still no news of what they knew.

Ex-chief of CNP Cat, Sebastián Trapote
Dir. CNI, Félix Sanz Roldán
Ex-chief of Civil Guard Cat, Ángel Gonzalo
Interior Ministry rep. to Security Commission Cat, Diego Pérez de los Cobos
Dir. of CITCO, José Luis Olivera Serrano
Ex-DG of CNP, Germán López Iglesias

#Spain’s secret service (#CNI) admitted “contacts” with Abdelbaki Es Satty, the mastermind behind the terror cell but didn't clarify their frequency, duration or remuneration, only that they were within the “protocol established for convicts” 17/11/2017

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Yesterday a severe diplomatic incident happened at university Augsburg/Bavaria.
A representative of the junta in Spain was met with criminal offense during public meeting. His expelling might be required.
1/7 =>
The spanish individual was acknowledged on Aug. 16, 2017 by Bavaria as authorized representative in charge with Spanish embassy in Berlin, serving as consul general, office in Munich.
Ref. 1240-3187-4
University Augsburg invited vice-president of parliament @josepcosta for a lecture to the #Catalonia conflict, 5 Jun 19, 18:00 with faculty of juridics.
As consulter prof. Rensmann, international law.
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So we've got a general election in #Spain today. Socialist PM Pedro Sánchez is the frontrunner, although it's not certain that he will be able to put up a ruling majority. Here's a thread with a few thoughts on #28A:

What's new?

a) The Socialists are set to win, a first since 2008
b) Five national parties will get over 10% of the vote
c) The far-right will enter parliament, a first since 1982
d) The conservative PP faces an assault on the right not seen since the UCD collapsed in the 80s

The campaign has been heavily polarized between left and right.

The right (PP + Ciudadanos + Vox) has focused on #Catalonia, hammering Sánchez's credibility and accusing him of being ready to cut the country into pieces for the sake of remaining in office.

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⚫It's the 2nd time #Spain's "SECRET CESSPIT" (#cloacas) has confirmed #PP's ex-PM #Rajoy knew about anti #Podemos & #Catalunya operations

⚫In recordings made in his office revealed by ⁦@publico_es⁩, then Interior Minister, #FernándezDíaz says: "The President knows"
Audio from @Moncloa_com shows that #PP interior minister Fernández Díaz sent officers to NY to investigate allegations #Podemos received funding from Venezuelan govt. Hugo Chavez' ex-finance minister was offered #Spanish nationality and new ID for info.
Insp. Fuentes Gago, attaché to #Spanish embassy in the Netherlands, & top fraud squad officers secretly recorded Isea & his lawyer at the meeting in the #Spanish consulate.
Chavez's ex-confidant had fled to the US & was concerned for his family's safety.
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#CatalanTrial: PP - the Perjury Party 1
"A witness who doesn't tell the truth in his deposition in court shall be punished with imprisonment of 6 months to 2 yrs and a fine of 3-6 months"
Sáenz de Santamaría couldn't remember/lied
The PP can never remember/always lies
#CatalanTrial: PP - the Perjury Party 2
"A witness who doesn't tell the truth in his deposition in a court case shall be punished with imprisonment of 6 months to 2 yrs and a fine of 3-6 months"
M. Rajoy couldn't remember/lied
The PP can never remember/always lies
#CatalanTrial: PP - the Perjury Party 3
"A witness who doesn't tell the truth in his deposition in a court case shall be punished with imprisonment of 6 months to 2 years and a fine of 3-6 months"
Zoido couldn't remember/lied
The PP can never remember/always lies
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Putting aside the trial of the separatist leaders, there is much else to clarify, especially re foreign perception of events in #Catalonia and #Spain and the class divide. A few thoughts - thread begins here / abro hilo (en inglés).
As the generations that lived through WW2 and the post-war reconstruction begin to disappear forever, Europe is once again at something of a turning point, socially and politically.
The last thing a forward-looking Europe needs now is a resurgence of petty regionalisms and ethno-nationalisms. It has too much else to deal with, what with an immigration crisis, a decaying America, a disoriented and departing UK, and a resurgent Russia.
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"Catalonia and the trial on the referendum: a challenge for the EU". Conferència conjunta amb el president @QuimTorraiPla a Brussel·les

📲 Pots seguir-la en directe aquí ➡️

Last Tuesday, a political trial against members of the previous @govern, against social leaders of the main civil organizations of #Catalonia and against the former president of the @parlamentcat began in Spain #CatalanEU
The simple fact that this trial could take place brings #ShametoSpain and, therefore, to the entire #EuropeanUnion, whose main institutions have chosen to remain silent, when facing such a disgraceful situation where democracy is at stake #CatalanEU
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#Breaking: Just in - Activists are protesting and occupying the European Commission, building and the square in #Barcelona right now to protest for the captive political prisoners, demanding for their immediate release in #Madrid. Video Credit; @catalannews
#Update: Smoke, flares and Fireworks, is being thrown and launched at the small European Commission building in #Barcelona right now to protest for the captive political prisoners, and the unjust treatment of #Catalonia independence movement of #Spain.
#Update: Lots of people in front of the European Commission office in #Barcelona right now protesting and occupying the streets around the building. For protest of the captive political prisoners, and the unjust treatment of #Catalonia independence movement of #Spain.
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Do you remember this video of during the #Catalunya independent protests, during the voting referendum! Where Spanish police officers wounded 900 protestors and used extensive police force? The EU condemned Spain after 1 week, where is the #EU now for the French police violence?
Article of the EU condemning #Spain for the police violence towards the protestors during the #Catalonia 2017 Referendum voting day!…
Tweet of former Belgian Prime minister "Charles Michel"
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(Pel·lícula Completa) UNA FORÇA MÉS PODEROSA
@civilresistance International Center on Nonviolent Conflict




"No eren els favorits, però van desafiar un imperi.
Van guanyar els seus drets i això va canviar el destí de les Nacions.
No eren violents però no eren passius."



"Lamentablement, el concepte de la no-violència per a moltes persones és que
si et copegen en una galta, posis l’altra.
I no facis res més."

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Desde el col·lectiu
defensem des del principi la #NoViolència
en la lluita per la #RepúblicaCatalana

Instem a tota la ciutadania Catalana a
formar-se en la #ResistènciaCivilNoViolenta
Les seves tècniques ens ajuden a afrontar
el moment que vivim
Al nostre web trobareu una categoria
dedicada a la #ResistènciaCivilNoViolenta


Una estratègia defensada per professionals reconeguts arreu de mon
Amb resultats comprobats a moltes lluites per la democràcia
Una #ViaCatalana Real
De la dictadura a la democràcia
Un marc conceptual per a l’alliberament



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Two things that I'm thinking about as very serious issues this weekend:

1. Do you remember how quickly the Soviet Bloc collapsed? We're all thinking about life post-#Brexit as sort of muddling through, business as usual, but I think that's unlikely. >>>
If there's no deal, if the borders clog up - both looking virtually certain just now - there will be a sudden, long lasting, critical shortage of fresh food. Britain isn't used to that. I believe there will be civil disorder. >>>
It means there will be less food in the shops. It means the prices will rise. It means the poor will go without. It means there will be hunger. It means that social inequity will become even more stark. >>>
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Hola @latinosxRep !
Nos tenéis a vuestro lado
Estáis haciendo un trabajo enorme, os damos las gracias y os animamos a seguir !!
En este hilo os dejamos nuestros últimos artículos para quien necesite argumentos Reales.
Molta Força Companys !!
Salut i #RepúblicaCatalana !
"En este artículo queremos exponer los argumentos favorables a que podemos acogernos como pueblo para ejercer este derecho universal y democrático. Definimos y mostramos cuáles pueden ser los argumentos a debatir."
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Meet @Garexit, the official Twitter account of the Gary, Indiana secession campaign. If you live in Gary (or anywhere else) and have never heard of this movement, that's not surprising, as we made it up in early April.
We decided to use @Garexit to test a couple of the social media automation services we've seen used by other bots, and simultaneously gauge the online activity around various secession movements.
We started with This service is a search-based news aggregator. We configured it to gather articles based on the search terms "Indiana secession movements" and "Texas secession", and to link the articles on Twitter.
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Spain’s new FM, Josep Borrell, had this to say in mid-December in the run-up to the Catalan election, with @KRLS Puigdemont already in exile & Oriol @junqueras in prison in Madrid:👇
On @KRLS Puigdemont: "In Belgium he’s got his friends from the Flemish nationalist party, which is the nearest thing to fascism that exists in Europe."…
On disinfecting #Catalonia:
"Stitching up wounds is all well and good… wounds have to be stitched up, it’s true. But before wounds are closed they must disinfected [laughter and applause]...
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OK, some context on #Spain: last week, a court found that the ruling #PP had been using irregular funds for years. The Socialist party (#PSOE) launched a motion of non confidence, which is being discussed today in Parliament (opens thread)
Initially,nobody in #Europe cared much:after all, this was to be the second time #Rajoy was questioned by the Parliament (last year, on an initiative by #Podemos) and Socialist leader #Sanchez (who is not an MP, as he lost his seat last year) did not seem to have too much support
Mainly because he needs 176 votes, which he can only get if MOST regional parties (including heavily pro-indy forces in #Catalonia and #basquecountry) support him, as #Ciudadanos has said they would not support the motion, because they want new elections.
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O relato pró-Espanha é, na maioria das vezes, fascista. É a de uma Espanha com um passado glorioso e de conquistas (se esquecem que perderam todas as colonias nas Américas, África e Ásia) e, mesmo dizendo que a "Cataluña es España", tratam os catalães como "eles", como inimigos.
É um argumento construído pela ditadura franquista a base de muita censura, assassinatos e repressão que acabou moldando a política e virando o modus operandi mesmo depois da morte do ditador fascista Francisco Franco. Os bascos que o digam! #Espanha #Catalunha
Está tão enraizada na cultura espanhola que até a esquerda do país é incapaz de se sensibilizar com a repressão contra o povo catalão, já que a Catalunha quer a independência e desmembrar o Estado é "ilegal”, digno de "traidores" #Espanha #Spain #Catalonia
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Catalanes, no, NO ESTAMOS SOLOS, la que está cada vez más sola y cuestionada en el mundo es España y su política represiva. He recopilado todas las criticas al estado español y apoyo a Cataluña en todo el mundo… abstenerse de leerlo fachas a caballo
Hilo muy largo 👇👇✌️✌️
El Comité de Derechos Humanos de la ONU admite la demanda de Puigdemont por "vulneración" de sus derechos políticos…
El redactor de discursos del secretario gen de la ONU Ban Ki Moon, sobre @KRLS "Si un líder político puede ser arrestado en cualquier lugar de Europa por razones que parecen ser esencialmente políticas, este es un desarrollo profundamente preocupante."
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Why #CataloniaRise
@fem_historia Thread [EN] ⬇

[1] Catalunya developed and published the first international maritime law book 🌐
[2] The ✍ #CatalanParliament and the Catalan constitution were some of the oldest in Europe 🇪🇺
[3] According to UNESCO, the Catalan peasants made the first modern social #revolution in human history ✊
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To all those angered by latest developments on #Catalonia, please read @scotgov statement below. Our support for Catalan self determination and strong opposition to Spain’s decision to seek the arrest and imprisonment of independence supporting politicians is well established 1/
2/ Under Extradition Act 2003, Scottish Ministers have no power to intervene in the process and our police and courts are legally obliged to follow due process. This does not change @scotgov political view...
3/ Importantly, the legal process includes the right of an individual subject to proceedings under the 2003 Act to oppose extradition in the courts - it is important that @scotgov says nothing to prejudice the integrity of that process.
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