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Inside at the Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux event. Will keep all thoughts on this thread.
First thing I noticed was how many people of colour were working on tickets and security for the event. All smiling and doing an amazing job. Rather awkward really.
The venue is packed though. Hundreds of people here. #laurensouthern
And it has started. Some host: "the people who forgot their tickets were the protesters".
Okay Stefan Molyneux walked in to Queen's We Will Rock You. That is awkward....
Molyneux starting by attacking the Australian mainstream media.
The theatre is packed, and everyone is laughing and cheering a lot. It is unnerving me a little.
Molyneux: "we're going to talk about Aborigines." Here we go...
Molyneux says that he looked into 'Aborigines' and saw the myth of the 'nobel savage', but when he looked into aboriginal ethics things were very "different"
Says that aboriginal religion is the most conservative in the world. Can see where this is going in terms of a justification of colonisation.
Molyneux says that Aboriginal culture refuses to learn and grow. Is "absolutely certain and absolutely wrong." Compared to western cultures that are uncertain but willing to try.
Western culture being based on reason and and a willingness to learn results in others wanting to invade and pillage, apparently.
Molyneux tells a story of being on a train in Melbourne and suddenly the train was full of Chinese people. "What are you doing?" He says, to the cheers of many.
Sorry folks, am tweeting some epic racist stuff here.
Now Molyneux is mocking Aboriginal origin myths, and everyone is laughing along.

Because all the western Christian myths make total sense....
Not of course that there is any excuse for mocking those myths.
Molyneux is talking about punishments in aboriginal culture -- going through details of rape and infanticide.

"They say that your ancestors tried to steal the land. I say they were trying to stop infanticide and mass rape...I will not honour this culture."
Apparently western culture has never included rape, murder or infanticide.
"The aborigines had Australia for 40,000 years. You have had it for a tiny fraction of that time. And look at what You have done. And you are supposed to feel guilty about this?"
This is really rather awful stuff.
Molyneux seems now to be claiming that Aboriginal people killed off intelligent people and that's why their culture "never moved on". Different to Western culture apparently.
Molyneux talking about how Aboriginal people used to punish young girls by putting their fingers in ants nests and someone yells out "stop it I'm getting aroused".
Holy shit.
Molyneux talks about how in Aboriginal communities people killed off those who didn't belong or broke the rules and somehow claims that doesn't happen in the West...
Molyneux says that in aboriginal religion it was forbidden to alter nature, which is why they didn't have agriculture. Which is absolutely wrong (They did have agriculture).
"In the west we're all about altering nature, because nature sucks."
Molyneux says that the left and Noel savages are just the same. And that is why the left is so dangerous. Because the left kills of our free thinkers...
"The aborigine culture is very violent", says Molyneux. Again, apparently the west has never had any violence.
Molyneux says that Australia is the only place that doesn't have a treaty with indigenous people because you couldn't because aboriginal people were at the lowest rung of civilisation.
Molyneux now starting to discredit the history of the massacres of Aboriginal people. I was not expecting Australian history wars tonight.

Comparing the Australian example to the Islamic takeover of India, saying that was much worse (as an apparent excuse of colonisation here).
Now Molyneux is attacking Marxists and I'm feeling a little more awkward in this room...
"I want you you remember that great evils were halted with the advent of whites to Australia as great evils were halted with the advent of whites to South Africa"
"I don't like the idea of racial pride" Molyneux says after talking about how amazing it was when whites came to Australia
"We in the west have extended ethics beyond the in group. That's why we have human rights, that's why we ended slavery, that's why we extended rights to minority group's. We are the only culture to have done that. Other cultures are not Universalist but we are."
I'm trying to keep up with every awful thing being said but I just can't
Molyneux is done and Lauren Southern is now up.
Southern is starting off by attacking Melbourne. Too many lefties there apparently.
"As much as I've liked my time in Australia I've never been lied about so much in my life. If you read the press you'd think we're just sitting in two hours here shouting racist slurs like we have racist Tourettes"
Southern going through newspaper headlines of her tour. Saying all the claims about her are simply slander.
Southern is now talking about her visit to Lakemba. Check the video on YouTube. It is something....
Southern complains about the media following her, as if she isn't here for the attention...
Southern slagging off The Daily Telegraph. And people boo the newspaper. Fascinating.
"The media have spent so much time attacking caricatures of nationalists that they have forgotten that they need to find out why so many people are turning to the right."

This is one thing I may almost agree with...
"So what should the media be doing instead of continually convincing us that journalism degrees are simply barista certificates"
Southern says that globalisation has raised serious questions about what our identity is.

Brings up Australia's statement on multiculturalism, which says Australia's values should not be based on race or culture. People boo.
Southern says multiculturalism is one answer to the question of globalisation. But just because it is one answer doesn't mean there aren't other potential answers out there.
Southern says that she gets annoyed when people look back on the past and say we are so enlightened now (talking about persecution of Galileo). Says we are still persecuting, we're just persecuting people asking different questions.
Southern attacking protesters of the event. Says that they are attacking a desire for inquiry itself.
Southern is no where near as charismatic as Molyneux (which is weird to say as she's also not, yet, being anywhere near as gross). Is not getting the same response from crowd yet.
Southern basing her entire argument in relation to fear about globalisation. It is strong framing.
"The Australian government says that your identity should be based on values, not culture".

"But aren't values based on culture? And the values the government talk about are all based on one culture...Western culture."
Southern says freedom of speech is based in western ideas. Same with democracy and the rule of law. Our values she says are therefore inherently western.
"What about the cultures that do not agree with western freedoms. What about cultures that want to destroy other cultures?"
Multiculturalism does not allow us to answer these questions, Southern says.
"If we are going to really have multiculturalism, does that mean we're going to have witch doctors at our medical conferences?"
"Rather than saying that Australia is a multicultural country, why not say Australia is a western country based on western values." Big applause to that.
"Multiculturalism and the changes it will reek are not simply cosmetic. It will uproot everything we stand for:

To multiculuraliss your space is to relinquish your autonomy and authority."
"Multiculturalism should be lut to a referendum after an informed and public debate."

What does that actually mean?
Most people don't even know what multiculturalism means. Multiculturalism means that people will come to Australia and will not assimilate.
Lauren says that people think multiculturalism means people will assimilate, but that's not the case.
Southern brings up Donald Trump and there's a big cheer.
"The wester world didn't decide to be multicultural. It was imposed on us without out consent."
Southern talking about the oppression of free speech. As she speaks to hundreds of people who all paid lots of money at the convention centre in central Sydney.
Southern says "the first rule of multiculturalism is that you cannot talk about multiculturalism. Multiculturalism values any idea and concept except for critique of multiculturalism."
Southern says that we have to do something until we are "outnumbered in our own country." Then we will lose our autonomy and it will be too late.
More cheers for Trump.
The reason people feared Trump is that he actually challenged the multicultural ideology.
"Trump was the first person to speak the words other Americans were too afraid to udder."
Trumps slogan Make America Great Again not only said that America wasn't great but also acknoweledged that something had gone very wrong.
Southern says that the last US election was unique in that it was dominated by the question of identity.

I agree, and I don't...
Southern says we "are living off the fumes of a once great civilisation." Lots of looking back to the good old times.
More complaints about freedom of speech...
Southern says that if we let multiculturalism continue then the most authoritarian and dominant culture will win. And then we will be a monoculture. This is what she said about Lakemba in that video.
Southern is done now. She was rather tame compared to Molyneux.
Now it's QandA time.
Lots of people wanting to ask questions.
First questioner asks Lauren about how she feels about being called alt right or far right, and what should we do about that.

Southern: we can't ask the media to stop as they just lie. She doesn't use these labels as they change so often. "I am a truth seeker, that is all."
Southern defends Trump's response to charlottesville. Says that he rightfully refused to condemn all the alt right, because the term is so broad.
Second question is about the money system.

Molyneux says that multiculturalism is all based on money from central banking. Blames immigrants for rising house prices. Says that if had payers were given a bill for multiculturalism it would stop tomorrow.
Next question is about third world immigration and the fact that third world people "breed a lot more and will soon outnumber us."

Molyneux says we should learn from South Africa and the demographics there, where black people have 'bred more to outnumber whites'.
Lots of attacks about South Africa now and the genocide there.
Next question about the political spectrum. "If nazis are socialists then what is the far right."

Molyneux says not too use those labels. There is volunturism and violence. We want volunturism not violence.
Southern says the best bit about the us was election breaking down the left/right divide to one of nationalism vs globalisation.
So many questions! Struggling to keep up.
Now Molyneux is talking about "race and IQ". "I will not let my daughter be called racist for the simple fact that a person in the sub-sahara has an average IQ of 70."
An immigrant now asking a question. Asking "why is it better for me to stay in my country and be crushed than to come here?"

Molyneux says "why should the west care about you"
Next question: "it seems to me that multiculturalism is a religion that fills the void that Christianity left. Can we get rid of multiculturalism without going back to religion?"
Southern says that everyone is looking for a purpose. Is talking about Nietsczhe now. Say multiculturalism is like a religion and that she is seen as the Satan within this religion.
QandA time
Molyneux says that multiculturalism is not a religion it is a cult. Is not like Christianity, which you can leave and no one will attack you (unlike Islam where apostasy is punished by death).
Next question: if multiculturalism is such a good thing, then why does Yugoslavia no longer exist?

Southern says that we're creating balkanisation like what happened in Yugoslavia.
Question: what do you think about getting involved in the political realm.

Southern says she used to be sceptical of all politicians, which is why she got into politics. Says the left have done a great job of conquering all our institutions, so the right had to take them back.
There's a running joke tonight of people telling out "cunt" at random times to describe things we apparently don't like. Molyneux says "I think we've found Australia's national flower."
Someone brings up Jordan Peterson to cheers in the room.
A questioner asks, what comes after liberalism?

Southern says liberalism has major issues, and says she also criticises capitalism. But that doesn't mean abandoning these ideas. We just need to work to fix the problems of it.
Southern says we have to be willing to critique our own ideas (liberalism) to move forward.
Molyneux talks about the value of acting and how Christianity is so good as it encourages people to do good in their community.
An "old lady" says she is concerned about people who want to make "women and men equal." "We are different and we are beautifully different." This brings the biggest cheer of the night.
This woman says she thinks we can deal with multiculturalism, but is really concerned about gender ideology.
Southern: "anyone who loves their daughter will not tell their daugther they are the exact same as a man." How would your daughter feel when she goes into the man's space and she fails. She'll think she just sucks. Same for men.
Southern says women and men are not unequal, we are just different.

Says feminists have made life shit for women. Says it was much better for women when they were put on pedestals and loved for the things we do well.
Molyneux says that leftist men are terrible, so no wonder leftist women hate men.
Good to see that people ranting instead of asking questions is an issue at right wing events as much as it is at left wing events.
Molyneux says that he's going to publish an essay on the history of Aboriginal culture based on his talk tonight. Woooooo how exciting.
Someone asks what is the 'solution' to the 'problem' of Aboriginal people not pulling their weight in the market.

Molyneux says the solution is always freedom.
Molyneux talking about how awful aboriginal communities are. He says we have to get these people out of the grip of the government. Government relies on their dependence to survive.
Molyneux getting all the questions tonight.
Final question (I think): will things get ugly. Molyneux says the odds of getting out of this peacefully are very low.
Oh wait, one more question....
Question: is there one thing that stands out in this tour that you can take back to Canada. People tell out "cunt".

Southern says that there are so many more people here who are fired up compared to Canada. Australia has the numbers to change things.
Southern talking about how good Australia's immigration system is and that Canada should learn from that.

Says Australia should get rid of the human rights Commission like Canada.
Molyneux says these are the best crowds he's ever had. That's a worry.
And we're done and I am done too!
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